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Walnut Grove Cemetery  1939, when the following records were compiled by W. P. A. workers.  Walnut Grove is in Lakeport township, near the town of Salix.(a note on the W.P.A)

Mary P. Altinus
1871--October 12, 1889
wife of N. A.; daughter of J. A. and M. McFeatters

James Arveson
October 4, 1825--November 13, 1896

--- Arveson
no dates

Name:---  Arveson
no dates
infant of James

Jessie D. Carroll
November 23, 1855--June 5, 1901

--- Carroll
no dates
infant daughter of: H. and Jessie

Claus Erickson
May 17, 1862--March 27, 1898

Angie I. Gibbs
May 13, 1891--December 16, 1895
daughter of George and Rose

Hans Haakinson

Almira Houver
November 14, 1828--March 11, 1900
wife of S.

Samuel Houver
July 18, 1835--November 30, 1909

Betsy Ann Inlay

Annie S. Johnson
October 27, 1896--June 28, 1898
daughter of P. and L.

Annie J. Johnson
January 2, 1899--September 21, 1899
daughter of P. and L.

Sterling P. Linkswiler
April 19, 1862--December 10, 1909

Infant Linkswiler
no dates

John D. Markell
November 28, 1894--October 25, 1895
infant son of R. D. and B. M.

--- Markell
February 5, 1904--February 22, 1904
infant of R. D. and Belle

Lucinda Oakley
born 18th of April, 1827

Robert Oakley
March 10, 1825--June 8, 1903

Edmond Ogg
1840--September 9, 1907

Mary Emily Ogg
April 1894--October 12, 1895
daughter of E. and B.

Rhoda Eleanor Ogg
1881--June 2, 1902
daughter of E. and  B.

Etta Petty
April 17, 1884--December 9, 1889
daughter of: A. H. and E. A.

Hiram Scott
December 3, 1833--August 4, 1896

Sarah A. Scott
November 11, 1843--April 11, 1900
wife of Hiram

Ralph Wight
born 12th of April, 1901
son of A. J. and E. J.

Transcribed by Sheryl McClure
for Woodbury Co. IAGenWeb



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