Seniors, 1944 Central High School, Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa, USA

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Last Name First Name Page Class
Abraham Nono Mae 38 Mid-Year Grad
Abraham Bonnie 50 June Grad
Agranoff Joanne 50 June Grad
Ahlquist Mary 50 June Grad
Albert Mary 50 June Grad
Allen Audrey 38 Mid-Year Grad
Andersen Beverly 50 June Grad
Andersen Helen 50 June Grad
Andersen Marian 50 June Grad
Anderson June 38 Mid-Year Grad
Anderson Phyllis 38 Mid-Year Grad
Anderson Betty 50 June Grad
Anderson David 50 June Grad
Anderson Eleanor 50 June Grad
Anderson Herbert 50 June Grad
Anderson Maxine 50 June Grad
Anderson Ray 51 June Grad
Archer Maxine 51 June Grad
Attrill Evelyn 51 June Grad
Atz Mary Jane 38 Mid-Year Grad
Austin June 51 June Grad
Baity June 51 June Grad
Baker Dorothy A 38 Mid-Year Grad
Baker Roland Albert 38 Mid-Year Grad
Baker Bruce 51 June Grad
Baker Burton 51 June Grad
Baker Shirley 51 June Grad
Bankson Russell 51 June Grad
Barber Elaine 38 Mid-Year Grad
Barclay Janet 51 June Grad
Barkley Richard 51 June Grad
Barrett Phyllis Marie 38 Mid-Year Grad
Bastedo Kenneth 51 June Grad
Bauerly Darlene 51 June Grad
Be Ver La Vonne 38 Mid-Year Grad
Beckman Shirley 38 Mid-Year Grad
Beckwith Mary Jean 51 June Grad
Bennett Jean 51 June Grad
Benson Helen 38 Mid-Year Grad
Benson Helen 41 Mid-Year Grad
Bergsmith Delton 51 June Grad
Bern Vera 51 June Grad
Bettis Lucille 51 June Grad
Bierwirth Robert 52 June Grad
Bovis Magdaline 52 June Grad
Bovis Sylvia 52 June Grad
Boyd Robert 39 Mid-Year Grad
Bradley Mary 39 Mid-Year Grad
Bradley Newell 52 June Grad
Bristow Barbara 39 Mid-Year Grad
Bristow Clayton 39 Mid-Year Grad
Bristow Clayton 42 Mid-Year Grad
Britton Ruth Ann 39 Mid-Year Grad
Brodie James 47 Mid-Year Grad
Brookins Robert 39 Mid-Year Grad
Brown William 52 June Grad
Browning Katharine 52 June Grad
Bruning William 52 June Grad
Burdick Margaret 39 Mid-Year Grad
Burke Donald 52 June Grad
Burnett Beverly 52 June Grad
Byers David 52 June Grad
Byrne Dorothy 52 June Grad
Cale Jeanne 52 June Grad
Cannon Roy 39 Mid-Year Grad
Carlson Darlene 39 Mid-Year Grad
Carlson Faye Elaine 39 Mid-Year Grad
Carlson Marjorie Jane 39 Mid-Year Grad
Carlson Keith 53 June Grad
Carlson Kenneth 53 June Grad
Chambers Jean 53 June Grad
Chleborad Jack 53 June Grad
Clopper Lee 53 June Grad
Cochran Edward 39 Mid-Year Grad
Colt Evelyn 40 Mid-Year Grad
Connolly Kathleen 53 June Grad
Coons Carolyn 53 June Grad
Corkhill Harold 40 Mid-Year Grad
Cowden Charleen Cecelia 40 Mid-Year Grad
Crumrine Patricia Ruth 40 Mid-Year Grad
Curtis Maxine Grace 53 June Grad
Dahl Betty 40 Mid-Year Grad
Dahl Helen 53 June Grad
Dale Malvina 40 Mid-Year Grad
Daley Robert 53 June Grad
Deaton Gwendolyn 53 June Grad
Dewitt Rosanna 53 June Grad
Dodson Yvonne 40 Mid-Year Grad
Dubes George R 40 Mid-Year Grad
Duling Dienne 52 June Grad
Duling Dienne 53 June Grad
Duryea Catherine 53 June Grad
Eberhard Evelyn 53 June Grad
Egeskog Helen 53 June Grad
Elder Phyllis 53 June Grad
Ellis Joyce 40 Mid-Year Grad
Ellis Gordon 53 June Grad
Ellis Gordon 64 June Grad
Erickson Doris 40 Mid-Year Grad
Erickson Wayne 50 June Grad
Erickson Wayne 54 June Grad
Evans Elizabeth 54 June Grad
Evans Glen Edward 54 June Grad
Fagner J Logan 40 Mid-Year Grad
Fehrman Richard 40 Mid-Year Grad
Fein Irene 41 Mid-Year Grad
Felton Margaret Ruth 54 June Grad
Fetterman Joyce 41 Mid-Year Grad
Fick Kenneth 54 June Grad
Fitzpatrick Jack 41 Mid-Year Grad
Fosnaugh Patricia Louise 54 June Grad
Foss Gerald 54 June Grad
Fouts Alma Mae 54 June Grad
Gallagher Patricia 54 June Grad
Gardner Patricia Ruth 41 Mid-Year Grad
Garrett James 41 Mid-Year Grad
Gaskins Winford 54 June Grad
Gebran Oscar 41 Mid-Year Grad
Gelfand Edith 54 June Grad
Givens merlin 54 June Grad
Glodberg Alan 65 June Grad
Goldblatt Leroy 55 June Grad
Gray Shirley M 41 Mid-Year Grad
Greenough Darlene 55 June Grad
Gregovich Robert 41 Mid-Year Grad
Gregovich Robert 43 Mid-Year Grad
Griffen Betty Mae 55 June Grad
Grindberg Thomas 55 June Grad
Groves Varnell 41 Mid-Year Grad
Hagan Jim 55 June Grad
Haller Phyllis 55 June Grad
Hansen Donald H 41 Mid-Year Grad
Hansen Darleen 55 June Grad
Hansen Jack thomas 55 June Grad
Hanshaw Susan 55 June Grad
Harrison Marilyn 55 June Grad
Harstad Richard Milton 41 Mid-Year Grad
Hart Wayne 55 June Grad
Hathaway William Stoddard 41 Mid-Year Grad
Hazard Grace 55 June Grad
Hedlund Dawn 55 June Grad
Heeger Maita 42 Mid-Year Grad
Heeger William 55 June Grad
Heidberg Lola 42 Mid-Year Grad
Henson Betty Rae 55 June Grad
Hickman Fred 55 June Grad
Hine Gertrude Jean 42 Mid-Year Grad
Hirsch Wesley 55 June Grad
Hoefer Marilyn 55 June Grad
Holdowsky Minnie 56 June Grad
Holloway Douglas 42 Mid-Year Grad
Holmberg Corinne 42 Mid-Year Grad
Holmes Harold 42 Mid-Year Grad
Howe Marga 42 Mid-Year Grad
Huber Robert 56 June Grad
Hurd Winifred 56 June Grad
Huxtable Lucile 54 June Grad
Huxtable Lucile 56 June Grad
Jacobsen Harold 42 Mid-Year Grad
Jamgotch Jack 56 June Grad
Jenkins Barbara Jo 56 June Grad
Johnson Constance 56 June Grad
Johnson Donald Wayne 56 June Grad
Johnson Lois Joyce 56 June Grad
Johnson Robert 56 June Grad
Jones Marlin E 56 June Grad
Jones Maurice 56 June Grad
Jorgenson John 57 June Grad
Kaiser Joy 57 June Grad
Kammerer Robert 57 June Grad
Karr Phyllis 57 June Grad
Kass Tom 42 Mid-Year Grad
Kellogg Verna 57 June Grad
Killion Helen 42 Mid-Year Grad
Kinney Beatrice 42 Mid-Year Grad
Kinney Lois 57 June Grad
Kirkegaard Dale 42 Mid-Year Grad
Krall Lyle 57 June Grad
Kroger Wayne 57 June Grad
Krueger Robert 43 Mid-Year Grad
Kuhlman Henry 43 Mid-Year Grad
Kutil Jean 43 Mid-Year Grad
Kvidahl Reinert 43 Mid-Year Grad
Lamb Donald Edward 57 June Grad
Lange Dale 43 Mid-Year Grad
Lange Marcella Anna 57 June Grad
Lange Shirley 57 June Grad
Latham Kenneth 57 June Grad
Laughtenbaugh Norma Jean 57 June Grad
Lavine Herbert 57 June Grad
Leake Truitt 57 June Grad
Lebeck Donna 43 Mid-Year Grad
Lebowich Howard 57 June Grad
Lehan Dan 57 June Grad
Leland Jack 57 June Grad
Leonard Frances 58 June Grad
Lerch Joan 58 June Grad
Levine Aaron 58 June Grad
Levitan Florence 43 Mid-Year Grad
Lewis Claude E 43 Mid-Year Grad
Lippon Frank E 43 Mid-Year Grad
List Dolores 58 June Grad
Longbottom Nadine 58 June Grad
Lowndes Thomas H 58 June Grad
Lyon Maile 58 June Grad
Maklebust Dorothy 43 Mid-Year Grad
Mann Patricia 43 Mid-Year Grad
Marksbury James 58 June Grad
Marolf La Vonne 58 June Grad
Marshall Ralph 58 June Grad
Martin Georgeen 58 June Grad
Martin Lugene Bruce 58 June Grad
Martin Lugene Bruce 58 June Grad
Martin Virginia Rose 59 June Grad
Mathwig Juanita Irene 59 June Grad
Mattison Virginia 43 Mid-Year Grad
McAllister Pauline 59 June Grad
McGee Lila Lee 59 June Grad
McKenna Shirley 59 June Grad
McMullen Marjorie 59 June Grad
Meyers Sylvester 59 June Grad
Miller Marilyn 59 June Grad
Mirkin Margaret Ann 59 June Grad
Mitchell Thomas Lloyd 44 Mid-Year Grad
Morse Robert 59 June Grad
Mousel Clarine 59 June Grad
Mulhall Florence 59 June Grad
Myron Donald Dean 44 Mid-Year Grad
Nelson Jean 38 Mid-Year Grad
Nelson Arlene 44 Mid-Year Grad
Nelson Jean 44 Mid-Year Grad
Nelson Shirley Jean 44 Mid-Year Grad
Nelson Clarence 59 June Grad
Nelson Helen 59 June Grad
Nelson Jack 59 June Grad
Nelson Marjorie 59 June Grad
Nero Frankie 44 Mid-Year Grad
Newsom Norma Ruth 44 Mid-Year Grad
Niebaum Donald 59 June Grad
Noonan Pat 59 June Grad
O'Connor Pat 60 June Grad
Olson Betty 44 Mid-Year Grad
Olson Robert 44 Mid-Year Grad
Olson William 44 Mid-Year Grad
Olson Gladys 60 June Grad
Ostling Dick 60 June Grad
Otto Lois 60 June Grad
Pack Jack Dean 44 Mid-Year Grad
Pappas Bessie N 60 June Grad
Pavlik Jean 60 June Grad
Peck June 60 June Grad
Pedersen Russell 44 Mid-Year Grad
Pedersen Beverly 60 June Grad
Peebles Harriet 45 Mid-Year Grad
Peete Mary Ann 45 Mid-Year Grad
Perasso Mary La Rayne 60 June Grad
Peterson Betty 45 Mid-Year Grad
Peterson Arlene 60 June Grad
Peterson Joyce 60 June Grad
Phillips Bonnie Lou 60 June Grad
Phillips Dalene J 61 June Grad
Pickus Elaine Sally 61 June Grad
Pipes Maxine 45 Mid-Year Grad
Polkinghorn Dolores 45 Mid-Year Grad
Polley Ray 61 June Grad
Post Frank 61 June Grad
Randall June 61 June Grad
Raskin Ethel 45 Mid-Year Grad
Rasmussen Betty Iola 61 June Grad
Redick Constance 45 Mid-Year Grad
Rich Arleen 45 Mid-Year Grad
Rickard Margie 45 Mid-Year Grad
Roberts William 61 June Grad
Robertson Kenneth 61 June Grad
Robinson Barbara 61 June Grad
Robinson Patricia 61 June Grad
Rocky Doris 61 June Grad
Rodin Sydney 61 June Grad
Romanchuk Annie 45 Mid-Year Grad
Rowley Rosemary 61 June Grad
Ruthroff Beatrice 61 June Grad
Rye Shirley 45 Mid-Year Grad
Salisbury Shirley 45 Mid-Year Grad
Sampson Patricia 61 June Grad
Sands Shirley 61 June Grad
Sass Thyra 61 June Grad
Schmidt Betty Lou 61 June Grad
Schulenberger Maxine 62 June Grad
Scott Gloria 62 June Grad
Semple Shirley 46 Mid-Year Grad
Sharp Virginia Florine 62 June Grad
Shereos Nick 62 June Grad
Sherman Irving 62 June Grad
Sherman Patricia 62 June Grad
Shove Lois 46 Mid-Year Grad
Shuminsky Rose 62 June Grad
Singer Sydney 62 June Grad
Sites June Marian 46 Mid-Year Grad
Skalovsky Earl 62 June Grad
Slothower Donald 62 June Grad
Slotsky Louise Ruth 46 Mid-Year Grad
Small Richard Leo 46 Mid-Year Grad
Smith Carolyn 46 Mid-Year Grad
Smith Edward 62 June Grad
Smith Frances 62 June Grad
Smith Marilyn 63 June Grad
Sobol Geraldine 46 Mid-Year Grad
Spencer Arlyne 63 June Grad
Spindler Helen 63 June Grad
Stageman Richard F 46 Mid-Year Grad
Stepin Sofie Lorraine 63 June Grad
Sterling Hope 46 Mid-Year Grad
Stern Gerald 39 Mid-Year Grad
Stern Gerald 46 Mid-Year Grad
Stevens Rosemary 63 June Grad
Stickels Janice 63 June Grad
Stienstra Robert Gordon 46 Mid-Year Grad
Stone Everett H 63 June Grad
Stough Dorothy 46 Mid-Year Grad
Stoup Rosemary 63 June Grad
Strifert Jacquetta jean 46 Mid-Year Grad
Strong Shirley 46 Mid-Year Grad
Strunk Betty Ann 46 Mid-Year Grad
Sullivan Sue 46 Mid-Year Grad
Swanson Raymond 63 June Grad
Swanson Walter 63 June Grad
Tagg Berton 60 June Grad
Tagg Berton 63 June Grad
Tedford Mary 63 June Grad
Thistlewood Elaine 46 Mid-Year Grad
Thompson Adelle 63 June Grad
Thompson Marjorie Helen 63 June Grad
Tott Violet 46 Mid-Year Grad
Tramontina Alvin 47 Mid-Year Grad
Traver Douglas 63 June Grad
Tronsrue Joyce 63 June Grad
Trosper Harriet 63 June Grad
Tweeton Gerald 63 June Grad
Van Dyke Arthur 64 June Grad
Van Meter Lester 64 June Grad
Varnes St. Claire 64 June Grad
Vaughan Tom 56 June Grad
Vaughan Thomas F 64 June Grad
Vigen Arla Mae 64 June Grad
Voss Walter 47 Mid-Year Grad
Voss Wendell 64 June Grad
Wacker Charles 64 June Grad
Waddell Phil F 64 June Grad
Ward Bonnie 64 June Grad
Ward Mary Ann 64 June Grad
Warfield Richard L 47 Mid-Year Grad
Warner Bonnie Mae 64 June Grad
Watson Beverly 47 Mid-Year Grad
Weinstein Rosalie 64 June Grad
Wells Warren F 47 Mid-Year Grad
White Donna Lee 65 June Grad
Whitfield Jeane 47 Mid-Year Grad
Whitfield Mary Lou 65 June Grad
Wik Deloris 62 June Grad
Wik Deloris 65 June Grad
Wilken William J 65 June Grad
Williams Fern 65 June Grad
Wingert Orezalle 65 June Grad
Wingler Evelyn 47 Mid-Year Grad
Wittsche Betty 65 June Grad
Wolle Carolyn 47 Mid-Year Grad
Wright Olive Mae 44 Mid-Year Grad
Wright Barbara 47 Mid-Year Grad
Wright Richard 47 Mid-Year Grad
Wright Olive Maye 47 Mid-Year Grad
Zahnley Fern L 65 June Grad
Zimmerman Dorothy 45 Mid-Year Grad
Zimmerman Dorothy 47 Mid-Year Grad


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