Seniors, 1945 Central High School, Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa, USA

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Last Name First Name Page Class
Aagard Gloris 34 June Grad
Ahrendt Mary Lou 34 June Grad
Alford Gene 34 June Grad
Allard Maxine 34 June Grad
Allen Anita 34 June Grad
Alt Peggy 34 June Grad
Anderson Carley Jean 22 Mid-Year Grad
Anderson Claire 34 June Grad
Andresen Jean 34 June Grad
Armstrong James 22 Mid-Year Grad
Ashcroft Lillian 34 June Grad
Baron Arnold 34 June Grad
Baugh Lenora 22 Mid-Year Grad
Beals Ivan 34 June Grad
Beebe Shirley 34 June Grad
Benson Robert 35 June Grad
Berger Mabelle 35 June Grad
Bjordal Earle 22 Mid-Year Grad
Bock Darlene Dorothy 35 June Grad
Bohner Allen 23 Mid-Year Grad
Bolton Edith 23 Mid-Year Grad
Bolton Patti 23 Mid-Year Grad
Borman Barbara 35 June Grad
Bradley Edna May 35 June Grad
Brady Coleen 35 June Grad
Brake Jack 35 June Grad
Branch Eileen 23 Mid-Year Grad
Bridge Phyllis 35 June Grad
Britton Peggy Joyce 23 Mid-Year Grad
Brodner Minna Helene 23 Mid-Year Grad
Bryan Margaret 23 Mid-Year Grad
Buchann Darlene 35 June Grad
Bunday Keith 35 June Grad
Burke Jay 35 June Grad
Burtness Warren 35 June Grad
Bush Clyde 23 Mid-Year Grad
Cale Arlene 36 June Grad
Carlson Robert 23 Mid-Year Grad
Carlson Merritt, jr 23 Mid-Year Grad
Carlson Delores 36 June Grad
Case Ray 36 June Grad
Chamberlain Gloria 36 June Grad
Chester Helen 36 June Grad
Christensen Richard 36 June Grad
Christy Joyce 23 Mid-Year Grad
Coe Helen 23 Mid-Year Grad
Compton Audrey Lou 24 Mid-Year Grad
Coplen Marilyn 36 June Grad
Corrigan Barbara 36 June Grad
Cownie Vernon 24 Mid-Year Grad
Crahan Jack La Verne 36 June Grad
Crahan Jack 38 June Grad
Craighead Coleen 36 June Grad
Crary Bruce 24 Mid-Year Grad
Cullen Norma Jean 36 June Grad
Curtis Carolyn 24 Mid-Year Grad
Curtis Carolyn 24 Mid-Year Grad
Dahlstrom Frances 36 June Grad
Daley Shirley 37 June Grad
Dam Jack 37 June Grad
Day Eleanor 24 Mid-Year Grad
De Witt Mary Ellen 37 June Grad
Delfs Jim 24 Mid-Year Grad
Detlefs Dale Ralph 24 Mid-Year Grad
Dolbow Geraldine 37 June Grad
Donohue Joanne 37 June Grad
Donovan Betty 37 June Grad
Doran Paul 40 June Grad
Dornbusch Maxine 37 June Grad
Dorr Loraine 24 Mid-Year Grad
Douglas Wilma 24 Mid-Year Grad
Downing Lucille 24 Mid-Year Grad
Drayton Dolores 24 Mid-Year Grad
Duman Dorothy 37 June Grad
Dunham Keith 24 Mid-Year Grad
Dunn Patti 25 Mid-Year Grad
Dunn Don 37 June Grad
Dunn Donald 37 June Grad
Dunsworth Willis 25 Mid-Year Grad
Ebel Audrey 37 June Grad
Eilers Le Mae 37 June Grad
Ellison Gene 37 June Grad
Everett Eleanor 25 Mid-Year Grad
Fish Morton 25 Mid-Year Grad
Floyd Bill 25 Mid-Year Grad
Foreman Jean 38 June Grad
Forney Fred 38 June Grad
Forsberg Bob 38 June Grad
Fox Catherine 38 June Grad
Freese Louise Julien 25 Mid-Year Grad
Frenchick Robert 25 Mid-Year Grad
Fuglemsmo Einar 25 Mid-Year Grad
Gapp Margaret 38 June Grad
Gibbons Shirley 25 Mid-Year Grad
Gibson Don L. 38 June Grad
Gibson Kenneth 38 June Grad
Glasell Don 38 June Grad
Graham Ruth Ellen 38 June Grad
Graning Carleton 38 June Grad
Grant Bethene 38 June Grad
Greiner Evelyn 38 June Grad
Griffin Mary Frances 39 June Grad
Grigsby Shirley 25 Mid-Year Grad
Grimm Delores 39 June Grad
Hagen Daniel 25 Mid-Year Grad
Haggerty Cecil 25 Mid-Year Grad
Haligman Edward 39 June Grad
Hall Betty 26 Mid-Year Grad
Hansen Virginia 39 June Grad
Hanson Bill 35 June Grad
Hanson William 39 June Grad
Harbeck Shirley 39 June Grad
Hardie John 39 June Grad
Harris Ruby 26 Mid-Year Grad
Harris Shirley 26 Mid-Year Grad
Harris Ruth 39 June Grad
Harter Ellen Kay 39 June Grad
Hawkins Veronica 26 Mid-Year Grad
Hayslip Arlene 26 Mid-Year Grad
Heckathorn Norma Jean 39 June Grad
Hedlund Carolyn 26 Mid-Year Grad
Heitritter Edwin 26 Mid-Year Grad
Henderson Barbara 26 Mid-Year Grad
Henry Marguerite 39 June Grad
Henseick Doris 39 June Grad
Hindman Kathryn 40 June Grad
Hinds Duane 40 June Grad
Hoberg Jack 40 June Grad
Hoefer Robert 26 Mid-Year Grad
Hofstad Gayle 26 Mid-Year Grad
Holdsberg Delores Mae 26 Mid-Year Grad
Holland Harriet 26 Mid-Year Grad
Holland Margaret 27 Mid-Year Grad
Holley Norma 40 June Grad
Holloway Craig 40 June Grad
Hoover Sidney 40 June Grad
Horan William 40 June Grad
Hutchinson John 27 Mid-Year Grad
Jacobsen Bill 40 June Grad
James Mark 40 June Grad
Jandt Bette 27 Mid-Year Grad
Jensen Valerie 27 Mid-Year Grad
Johnson El Vera 27 Mid-Year Grad
Johnson Bob 27 Mid-Year Grad
Johnson Shirley 27 Mid-Year Grad
Johnson Margaret 39 June Grad
Johnson Margaret 40 June Grad
Johnson Marjorie 40 June Grad
Johnstone Catherine 40 June Grad
Jordan Joan 41 June Grad
Junck Phylliss 27 Mid-Year Grad
Kahoun Charles 27 Mid-Year Grad
Kasey Marilyn 41 June Grad
Katherman Mary 41 June Grad
Kendrick Helen 27 Mid-Year Grad
Kimberly Helen 27 Mid-Year Grad
King Bert 41 June Grad
Kirkendall Betty 41 June Grad
Knudsen Lois 41 June Grad
Krone Richard 27 Mid-Year Grad
Landsberg Earl 41 June Grad
Langford Jean 27 Mid-Year Grad
Larsen Ty Roy 41 June Grad
Larson Henry 27 Mid-Year Grad
Larson Madelon 41 June Grad
Lester Roberta 27 Mid-Year Grad
Levin Helen 41 June Grad
Lewis Maurice 41 June Grad
Lindenmeyer Robert 27 Mid-Year Grad
Lindgren Walter William 41 June Grad
Liston Mary 42 June Grad
Loubert Donald 27 Mid-Year Grad
Lynn Arlene 27 Mid-Year Grad
Lyons Bernadette 42 June Grad
Macfarlane Dick 42 June Grad
Macfarlane Bob 42 June Grad
Mackaplow Bryon 28 Mid-Year Grad
Malone Gene 28 Mid-Year Grad
Malone Marion 42 June Grad
Manaker Marcia 42 June Grad
Marcum Jack 28 Mid-Year Grad
Matthews Douglas 42 June Grad
Mattson June 28 Mid-Year Grad
MC Bride Barbara 42 June Grad
MC Connell Bill 42 June Grad
MC Connell Nane 42 June Grad
MC Corkindale James 42 June Grad
MC Kercher Lyle 42 June Grad
MC Pherson Joyce 42 June Grad
McCallister Wayne 28 Mid-Year Grad
McDowell George 28 Mid-Year Grad
Meis Don 41 June Grad
Meis Don 42 June Grad
Mendenhall John 42 June Grad
Meyers Sally Joanne 42 June Grad
Mickey Betty 42 June Grad
Mickey Joanne 42 June Grad
Milbrodt Shirley 28 Mid-Year Grad
Miller Merlin 43 June Grad
Milligan Joyce 28 Mid-Year Grad
Muff Kenneth 28 Mid-Year Grad
Mummert Robert 28 Mid-Year Grad
Murphy Thomas 43 June Grad
Nadler Gertrude 43 June Grad
Naughton Gordon 43 June Grad
Nelson Leola 28 Mid-Year Grad
Nelson Lorna 28 Mid-Year Grad
Neuwoehner Susan 28 Mid-Year Grad
Newcomb Grace 43 June Grad
Nielsen Victor 43 June Grad
Norton Norma 28 Mid-Year Grad
Olson Stan 23 Mid-Year Grad
Olson Leslie 28 Mid-Year Grad
Olson Stanley 28 Mid-Year Grad
Olson Opal 43 June Grad
Osborne Alice 43 June Grad
Otto Irma 43 June Grad
Pauley Joan 43 June Grad
Paulos Katherine 28 Mid-Year Grad
Paustian John 43 June Grad
Perley Marilyn 43 June Grad
Perrin Phyllis 43 June Grad
Perschy Roy 28 Mid-Year Grad
Peterson Beverly 29 Mid-Year Grad
Peterson Robert 29 Mid-Year Grad
Peterson Mabelle 29 Mid-Year Grad
Phillips Mildred Kimball 43 June Grad
Plummer Robert 43 June Grad
Poling Kathleen 29 Mid-Year Grad
Pollock Earl 29 Mid-Year Grad
Porepp Paul 43 June Grad
Port Connie 43 June Grad
Prostok Estelle 43 June Grad
Putrite Norman 44 June Grad
Ralph Donna 44 June Grad
Rasmussen Betty 44 June Grad
Raun Doris 29 Mid-Year Grad
Reinhold Richard 29 Mid-Year Grad
Remington Tom 44 June Grad
Reninger Robert 44 June Grad
Ring Rodney 44 June Grad
Rividal John 44 June Grad
Rivin Doris 29 Mid-Year Grad
Roether Leroy 29 Mid-Year Grad
Rugg Robert E. 44 June Grad
Ruisch Dudley Eugene 44 June Grad
Sachen Lola 44 June Grad
Sacks Alvin 44 June Grad
Sadler Phyllis Jean 44 June Grad
Sanderson John 44 June Grad
Schatz Alan Herman 44 June Grad
Schmidt Norma Jean 44 June Grad
Schott Richard George 44 June Grad
Scott Lovice 29 Mid-Year Grad
Searls Barbara 29 Mid-Year Grad
Semple Leatrice 29 Mid-Year Grad
Seville Bill 45 June Grad
Sewell Joyce 44 June Grad
Sharp Irving 29 Mid-Year Grad
Sheehan Lenice 44 June Grad
Sherman Elaine 45 June Grad
Shindler Lorraine 45 June Grad
Shook Clair 45 June Grad
Shubb Eileen 29 Mid-Year Grad
Shull Joan 45 June Grad
Shupe Betty Lou 29 Mid-Year Grad
Siganos Spero 26 Mid-Year Grad
Siganos Spero 29 Mid-Year Grad
Sloan Ruth Marie 45 June Grad
Slothower Janice 45 June Grad
Smith Beverly Jean 45 June Grad
Smith Marguerite 45 June Grad
Smith Richard 45 June Grad
Smith Virginia Lee 45 June Grad
Spoercke Lorraine 45 June Grad
Staszewsky Georgia 29 Mid-Year Grad
Steele Jane 29 Mid-Year Grad
Stein Bertha 45 June Grad
Stephens Virginia 45 June Grad
Sterling Dorothy 45 June Grad
Stewart Robert 30 Mid-Year Grad
Stewart William Wallace 45 June Grad
Stillman Shirley 30 Mid-Year Grad
Stinton Virginia 45 June Grad
Strange Kathryn 45 June Grad
Strassel Connie 30 Mid-Year Grad
Strong Jimmie 46 June Grad
Sullivan Constance 46 June Grad
Surmack Lena 46 June Grad
Syverson Noelene 46 June Grad
Talcott Shirley 30 Mid-Year Grad
Tarrant Robert 46 June Grad
Taylor Beatrice 30 Mid-Year Grad
Thistlewood Geneice 46 June Grad
Tieck Duane 30 Mid-Year Grad
Todd Kenneth 46 June Grad
Trang Judith 30 Mid-Year Grad
Truby Helen 46 June Grad
Voiland Robert 30 Mid-Year Grad
Wagner Angnes 46 June Grad
Walker Phyllis 30 Mid-Year Grad
Walsh Juliana 46 June Grad
Warnholtz Marylou 25 Mid-Year Grad
Warnholtz Marylou 30 Mid-Year Grad
Watland Dean 30 Mid-Year Grad
Watson Joyce 46 June Grad
Webb Donna Lee 46 June Grad
Weber Dorothy 46 June Grad
Weddle Margie 30 Mid-Year Grad
Weinstein Harry 46 June Grad
Welch Eugene W. 46 June Grad
Wells Patricia 30 Mid-Year Grad
Wendt Ilene 30 Mid-Year Grad
Westman Maxine 46 June Grad
Whitney Arlene 46 June Grad
Whitten Dale 46 June Grad
Williamson Bob 36 June Grad
Williamson Wayne 47 June Grad
Williamson Robert 47 June Grad
Wilson Rosamond 47 June Grad
Wolle William 30 Mid-Year Grad
Wood Charles 30 Mid-Year Grad
Wood Constance 30 Mid-Year Grad
Work Robert 30 Mid-Year Grad
Wynkoop Forest 34 June Grad
Wynkoop Forest 47 June Grad
Yokubatis Betty 31 Mid-Year Grad
Young Lorraine 31 Mid-Year Grad
Young Thomas 31 Mid-Year Grad
Youngstrom Betty 31 Mid-Year Grad
Zimmer Donna 47 June Grad
Zuparn Marian 31 Mid-Year Grad




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