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Faculty, 1946 Central High School, Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa, USA

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Last Name
First Name
Page No.
Allen Ray A. 14A Faculty
Asmussen Herrold 14A Faculty
Baldwin Dora E. 14A Faculty
Banks Vera L. 14A Faculty
Banks Madge 14A Faculty
barnes Nellie 14A Faculty
Beck Emma 14A Faculty
Blake Bernice 14A Faculty
Block Louis E. 14A Faculty
Boe Mabel 14A Faculty
Brandenburg Clara 15A Faculty
Brauer Christine N. 15A Faculty
Buck Harold T. 15A Faculty
Croston Hazel 15A Faculty
Curry Edith 15A Faculty
Dayton Clarence 15A Faculty
deBooy Mildred 15A Faculty
DeForce Ray 15A Faculty
Erckman Ruth 15A Faculty
Fischer E.W. 15A Faculty
Fowler Forest E. 16A Faculty
Fratt Gretchen 13A Faculty
Greenen Rose L. 16A Faculty
Greenen Lena 16A Faculty
Haskins Jewell 16A Faculty
Hedenbergh Ethyl 16A Faculty
Heltman A.G. 12A Faculty (principal)
Hissong R.D. 16A Faculty
Hodge Bessie 16A Faculty
Hoff LaVerne 16A Faculty
Jacobi H.R. 16A Faculty
Johnson Wiert 16A Faculty
Jordan Kathleen 17A Faculty
Kessler Lillian M. 17A Faculty
Klein Nelle 17A Faculty
Knolle   17A Faculty
Knudson O.S. 17A Faculty
Kriege Caroline 17A Faculty
Kyle Wayne 17A Faculty
Luge Elizabeth 17A Faculty
Mahany John 17A Faculty
McCracken D.W. 17A Faculty
McLarnan Mark 18A Faculty
McNellis Helen 18A Faculty
Middleton George W. 18A Faculty
Miller Walter 18A Faculty
Mosher Mary 18A Faculty
Mourning Katherine 12A Faculty
Nelson G.E. 18A Faculty
Olney Sue 18A Faculty
Paquin Lois 13A Faculty
Parker Gladys 18A Faculty
Perkins Louise 18A Faculty
Pratt Merna 18A Faculty
Racker F.O. 19A Faculty
Ray G.R. 19A Faculty
Redmon Mona 19A Faculty
Scheuermann Erma M. 19A Faculty
Schmidt John F. 12A Faculty
Scott Helen 19A Faculty
Shatz A.H. 19A Faculty
Stevens Harold 19A Faculty
Storman Shirley 13A Faculty
Sullivan Loretta 19A Faculty
Traxler Bina Mae 19A Faculty
Waechter Harriet 19A Faculty
Wedgwood Ruth 20A Faculty
Wellhausen Bertha 20A Faculty
Yahr Mayme L. 20A Faculty


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