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Listed of Service persons buried in Calvary Cemetery, Sioux City

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Peggy Mayberry Powell, compiler

Buckley, Jeremiah: Private, Co B 8th Ohio Infantry
Burns, George H: Recruit, 13th U.S. Infantry (Regular Army)
Bushrar, George, 1838-Seot 25m 1901; not found under that spelling
Cartier, Leander: Private, Co B 1st Battalion Dakota Cavalry
Chester, Henry: U.S.S. Seminole Navy
Cody, William: Co F 58th Missouri Militia
Coleman, Stephen: Private, Co I & L 7th Iowa Cavalry
Condron, Andrew W: Corporal, Co K 10th Minnesota Infantry
Cornwall, Patrick M: 5th Sergeant, Co D 26th Infantry
Craft, Daniel: Private, Co B 2nd Iowa Cavalry
Cunningham, Thomas Patrick: Private, Co F 145th Ohio Infantry (National Guard)
Devine, Anthony: Private, Co I 14th Maine Infantry
Dormandy, James: Private, Co B 1st Dakota Cavalry Battalion
Dreves, Frederick: Co G, 2nd Battalion, 16th U.S. Infantry; pension
Fachman, Henry: Private, Co L 2nd Ohio Cavalry
Fahey, Joseph: Private, Co G 21st Iowa Infantry; Tr to Col L 34th Iowa Infantry
Fisher, John T: Private, Co A 7th Missouri Cavalry
Fitzgibbon, John: Wagoner, Co B 1st Dakota Cavalry, serving Dakota Territory
Foley, Patrick K: Private, Co H 1st Dragoons Cavalry Regular Army
Frink, Thomas Leeds: Private, Co H 15th Maine Infantry: Albert Dawley, pension index
Frisbie, David C: Private, Co K, 8th Iowa Cavalry
Gibbons, John J: Private, Co H 141st Illinois Infantry
Gilmore, Patrick William: Private, Co K 31st Iowa Infantry
Godfrey, William: Sargent, Co L 7th Iowa Cavalry
Green, Thomas Private, Co B 3rd U.S. Vol Inf; former confederate; Galvanized Yankee?
Harty, Michael Private, Co G 8th Illinois Cavalry
Hess, Alexander S: (See below)
Hinchey, Martin: Private Co C 6th Iowa Infantry
Hines/Himey, Charley: Private, Co C 1st Vermont Heavy Artillery
Irwin, James Edward: Private, Co K 7th Iowa Cavalry
Junk, James: Private, Co A 14th Iowa Infantry; Co A 14th Iowa Infantry Battalion; Tr to Co K K 7th Iowa Inf
Kelley, Daniel: Private, Co B 1st Cavalry Dakota Territory; served Dakota Territory
Lee, William: Private, Co I 100th Illinois Infantry
Leonard, Charles: Private, Co B 1st Cavalry Dakota Territory; served Dakota Territory
Leonnais, Joseph: Private, Co B 1st Battalion Dakota Cavalry; pension
Looney, Andrew W: Private, Co C 13th Iowa Infantry; Luney
Lowrie, William: Private, Co A 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry
Luchsinger, Casper: Private, Co A 18th Iowa Infantry
McCarty, Laurence: (Linn’s: enlisted Dubuque, served as Q.M. for his unit; got pneumonia, was unable to serve; VA graves Reg shows him a veteran
McCormick, David: Private, Co B 90th Illinois Infantry; Co B 90th Illinois Infantry
M’Cormick, Patrick J: Private, Co E 153rd Illinois Infantry
McDonough, John: Private, Co B 1st Cavalry Dakota Territory, served Dakota Territory
McNamara, Cornelius: Private, Co B 1st Dakota Territory Cavalry, served Dakota Territory
McQuillen, Patrick: Private, Com M 6th Iowa Cavalry
Mohan, Barnard ‘Barney’ L: Wagoner, Co B 6th Iowa Cavalry
Mullen, John: Sergeant, Co B 67th Illinois Infantry
Murphy, Michael W: Capt, Co B 90th Illinois Infantry
O’Brien, John: Sargent, Co D 7th California Infantry
O’Leary, Michael: Private, Co A 53rd Illinois Infantry
Ryan, John P: Captain, Co F 14th Wisconsin Infantry
Shea, Jack H: Private, Co I 61st Illinois Infantry
St Onge, Louis: Private, Co B 1st Cavalry Dakota Territory, served Dakota Territory
Troy, John G: Sargent, Co D 5th Wisconsin Infantry

Hess, Alexander S: perhaps Private, Co G 166th Penn Infantry; born 1834, died 10/11/1871
Marcoux, Daniel: Linn’s have Daniel, died May 1914; original VA office list 2002 had George
Shanley, Lawrence: born in 1857, he is too young to have served in the American Civil War.

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