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Souvenir 1911

Though lost to sight to memory dear

    Thou ever wilt remain

One only hope my heart can cheer

The hope to meet again


My Dear Pupil:

This booklet small. Artistic. Neat

    To you a gift I make.

And hope for you "Twill be a treat"

    In which we both partake


And oft as on its leaves you look.

   You'll think of me, I know

And all the care and time I took

   To help you  upward go


And when your name therein I read

   I'll fondly think of you.

And wish success may be your meed

   In all you strive to do.


And now farewell, my dear young friend.

   We separate to day;

May God your footsteps watch and tend.

   And guide you in life's way.


Sincerely, Your Teacher.

(Page 3)


Lum Hollow

Public School

Independent District

Woodbury Co., Iowa.

Emma Chrestensen, Teacher

School Board

Chas. Chilton    George Kelsey

Monroe Yockey




Cecile Chilton        Ruth Weber

Charles Kelsey        Gertrude Weber

Bruce Kelsey        Elise Weber

Mable Kelsey        Mildred Yockey

Alfred Weber        Berniece Moose

Josie Kelsey        Hazel Chilton

Lizzie Weber        Herman Snyder

Elmer Moose

(Page 4)


Life is what we make it.


Lets oftener talk of noble deeds,

    And rarer of the bad ones.

And sing about our happy days.

    And not about the sad ones.

We were not made to fret and sigh

    And when grief sleeps to wake it

Bright happiness is standing by

    This life is what we make it.


Lets find the sunny side of men

    Or be believers in it.

A light there is in any soul.

    That takes the pain to win it.

Oh! there's a slumbering good in all.

    And we perchance may wake it.

Our hands contain the magic wand.

    This life is what we make it.


Then here's to those whose loving hearts

    Shed light and joy about them !

Thanks be to them for countless gems

    We neer had known without them

Oh! this should be a happy world

    To all who may partake it.

The faults our own if it is not - 

    This life is what we make it.

(Page 5)



If we work upon marble

    it will perish

if we work upon brass

    time will efface it.

if we rear temples

    they will crumble into dust

but if we work upon immortal minds

    if we imbue them with principles.

with a just fear of God.

    and love of our fellow men

we engrave on these tablets

    something which will brighten

to all eternity


(Page 6)


A traveler through a dusty road

    Strewed acorns on the lea.

And one took root, and sprouted up

    And grew into a tree.

Love sought its shade at evening time.

    To breathe its early vows

And age was pleased, at heat of noon.

    To bask beneath its boughs

The dormouse loved its dangling twigs.

    The birds sweet music bore

It stood a glory in its place

    A blessing evermore

(Page 7)




The night has a thousand eyes.

    And the day but one.

Yet the light of the bright world dies

    With the setting sun


The mind has a thousand eyes

    And the heart but one

Yet the light of a whole life dies.

    When love is done

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