Woodbury County
Marriages 1881 - 1899

Groom and Bride - Y


Submitted by Barbara Lane Hug

Groom Bride Date
Yderstad, H. Nerison, Caroline 12 Jul 1888
Yeaton, W. S. Robinson, Ida 18 Oct 1883
Yeigh, Stephen Dean, Lila 18 Oct 1883
Yoemans, James A. Andrews, Blanche 25 Sep 1888
York, Peter J. McConnell, Agnes 17 Nov 1888
Youll, James Potter, Cynthia Tyler 17 Dec 1889
Young, James Doan, Edith V. 20 Nov 1883
Younglove, C. O. Armatage, Clara Leah 10 Mar 1885
Yutzy, Elmer E. Jordan, Jessie E. 20 Nov 1888
Bride Groom Date
Yakobson, Katherine J. Koster, Henrich W. C. 27 Nov 1897
Yogt, Annie K. Kolling, Charles J. 2 Mar 1899
Young, Beth Lamoureaux, William 20 Nov 1897
Young, Jennie Wilson Magill, Francis A. 7 Jun 1892
Youngren, Wilhelmina C. Akerman, Herman 18 Sep 1897

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