Woodbury County
Marriages 1881 - 1899

Groom and Bride - Z


Submitted by Barbara Lane Hug

Groom Bride Date
Zabel, William F. Paulsen, Maggie 21 Jun 1888
Zeglin, Frederick Jacobs, Annie H. Connor 31 Jan 1888
Zeigler, Francis M. Camp, Cora A. 25 Oct 1888
Zeigler, Henry Wilder, Minnie 15 Nov 1883
Zerr, Francis Wilcut, Parthena E. 14 Jan 1886
Ziegler, Charles F. Hohendstein, Minnie 25 Nov 1889
Ziegler, Charles Z. Redmond, Kittie 29 Nov 1883
Zulauf, Matthew Heath, Nellie L. 30 Sep 1889
Zumbach, John Stetter, Mena 2 Jan 1884
Bride Groom Date
Zeka, Rose Lukson, James 7 Apr 1888
Zerfing, Abbie Furgason, Fred 25 Aug 1892
Ziglin, Annie H. K. Lafflam, Edward 21 Nov 1896
Zinke, Ida Kromshinsky, Louis 8 Jul 1888
Zuike, Lena Lorenz, William 20 Nov 1893

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