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December 6, 2008 5:20:35 PM

Looking for information about the family of BROWN, Giles W. b: 2/1858 in Rome New York; d: 1936 Florida. m: abt 1888 Joy, Helen Francis. They had several children: Giles W., Leonard, Helen Louise, Arthur, and Joy Stone, Giles is my great-grandfather. I am looking for Gile’s children brother(s), and sister(s). I wish to correspond with others researching the BROWN line.

Also researching the Joy, Stone, Skeels,


Larry Cruce



Name: Ronald M. Upton
Email: curly80013@hotmail.com

My Location: ??????????? 

Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2006 14:24:54 -0500


I am looking for information on James Burgett who married Amy Amelia Shufelt Aaron, in Sioux City, Iowa . They are listed on the 1920 census as living at 111 S. Jennings. She is my great grandmother. Any information on her would be appreciated.



Name: Thomas Burke

Email: Thomas.e.burke@earthlink.net

My Location: ??????????? 

Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2005 15:28:46 -0400


Seeking information about Sylvester BURKE, born about 1881 in Missouri. Married to Loretta (nee ?) BURKE. Lived in Sioux City during 1920 US Census. Thank you.



Name: Shannon Buum

Email: sford@usd.edu

My Location: Vermillion, SD 

Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 20:30:47 -0500


Seek information on BEAVERS, Heather Lynn. Born in Sioux City, IA in the 1970's, not sure of exact birth date. Heather was given up for adoption at birth, but given name at that time was Heather Lynn Beavers. The last known area of where she lived is GA. Heather has a full blooded sister named Beaver, Tiffany and 5 other step siblings. If you have any information on Heather Lynn, born to Daniel James and Cindy Beavers of North Sioux City, SD please contact me at sford@usd.edu or Shannon Buum 1029 W. Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069


Name: Mary Lou Gage Tkach

Email:  marylouint@mindspring.com

My Location: Sumner, WA

Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 20:54:12 -0700


 I would appreciate any information on Agatha (Agotti or Agath) Benoist (Benoit). She is a full blooded Indian from Minnesota and married Louis Benoist (Benoit). She was born around 1830. I would like information on her parents or siblings. She and Louis lived in Minn than moved to Woodbury County, Iowa. Thank you.


Name: Al Buchrucker

Email: Albuchrucker@sbcglobal.net

My Location:  ??????

Date: Wed 5/19/2004 12:27 PM


I am trying to locate a Fred or Fredrick Buchrucker who lived in Sioux City Iowa and had a son by the same name born there around 1859-1860. 

In the Floyd Cemetary there is a Fred Buchracker in block 54 who died Sept 15, 1859.

Is there any way to get a picture of the headstone to determine if the name was incorrectly spelled in the online records, or is there another way to determine if Fred Buchracker is really Fred Buchrucker?

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.


Name: Kim Jeffery Torgler

Email: HQ11thovc@zoominternet.net

My Location:  HQ, 11th OVC

Date: Sun 5/2/2004 5:14 PM


Searching for Burial Location of Henry Bartlett, who died in Sioux City, Iowa on I believe 8 December 1918.  Henry Bartlett served in Company F, 11th Ohio Cavalry (USA) and previously in Co K, Valentine's Tennessee Cavalry (CSA). Thanks



Name: Diane Brennan

Email: brp@netins.net.

My Location:  Deep River, Iowa

Date: Wed 11/12/2003 2:23 PM


I looking for any information on Brennan from Danbury, Iowa. I believe his first name was William and he passed away in 1902. His wife died 7 months later, they are both buried at Danbury, Iowa. I don't know her first name. I know 2 of their children's names: Ralph William Brennan and Coe Brennan. What I'm looking for is all of their children's names and any estate records that you have. This is probably more than you have, but I thought I would try. I would appreciate anything you have. (There could be newspaper articles on his death, he was struck by lightening.) I'm not sure where to look for estate records, so I'm starting here. The reason I'm looking is, their children were all given to different families when their parents died and I would like to know where and who they were raised by. Also there was a large estate and none of the children received any and I would like to know who received it.



Name:  Susan Drumel

Email:    drumels@msn.com

My Location:  ?

Date: Wed 10/29/2003 3:56 PM

I am searching for any information on Julius and Minnie Bunning and their family. They farmed in Concord and Banner townships. Some of their children including my Grandmother are buried in Arlington Cemetery, at Moville. I know both Julius and Minnie were still living in 1930, but there is nothing on them after that. My family is pretty tight lipped so having to rely on my own research. My Grandmother (1902-2000) married (8-12-1921) a Knapp (1897-1967) and his parents were a Soule (Lida) and Knapp (Jesse). This side has been rather easy, as research goes to follow. My grandparents lived on a farm off old Highway 20 between Moville and Correctionville. My brother is also buried beside my grandparents at Arlington Cemetery. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


Name:  Tim West

Email:    fitzmurr2003@aol.com

My Location:  Wichita, KS

Date: Thu 10/16/2003 3:29 PM

I am searching for a death record for Margaret Agnes Barron. born 11-18-1857  died 1-1-1943. in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., Iowa. I am trying to find out where her and her husband Sylvester John Barron are buried. I am having no luck. I did find them in the 1925 city directory. so I do know they were there. I am certain they are buried there somewhere. Thank you.


Name:  Susan Larson

Email:   susanlarson@swedishcouncil.org

My Location:  ????????

Date: Thu 9/25/2003 6:48 PM

We are writing to see what information you have about the Bigelow family who farmed near Salix, IA. Their spread was called a ranch and it was along the ever changing  course of the Missouri River. In fact, the land known as Bigelow Park  remained in our family because of my great-great grandfather Ariel  Tinkham Bigelow's craftiness in figuring out the shift of the river  (based on his former knowledge as a surveyor). He came to Iowa as a  "surveyor for the railroad". He also brought the first short horned  cattle to the Northwest Territory. He also brought the first Percheron  horses to that territory. He went to Scotland, purchased the  livestock and traveled in steerage with the animals to bring them to  the US. He was quite a character and lived to be 94 years old.  Somewhere we have a copy of the news article that ran in the Sioux  City paper, but we know little of what happened to the rest of the  family. We think they are buried in Graceland Cemetery in Sioux City. Any information you can give would be of help, Thanks.


Name: Ann Piotrowski
Email: annpiotrowski136@hotmail.com
My Place: Rice, Minnesota
Date: Wed 9/24/2003 10:46 AM
Names --Nicholas Bauer and family. John, Catherine, Math, Margaret, Rose.  Their mom Catherine Bauer died in 1882 in Shelby Co IA. I'm trying to find  information on her from that county.
Dates --They started in Shelby co IA in 1881 or 1882. I have the ship  records when they came over and they are listed as 1881 April 1. and they  moved to Shelby Co IA. and purchased 40 acres of prairie land and in 1892  sold it and moved to 120 acres farm in Danbury, Woodbury Co IA.
Locations --Danbury IA and Correctionville. Margaret the daughter married a  Peter Hayes and they had like 10 or 11 children. I'm also looking for  information on this family as well.
Spouse -- Nicholas and Catherine Bauer. Daughter Margaret married a Peter  Hayes. In Nicholas' obit it says Maggie Hayes of Correctionville.
Parents --
Children -- John, Catherine, Math, Margaret, and Rose
Migration (from/to) --The Bauer family came from Germany in 1881 Nicholas Bauer from what I've also read had a brother by the name of Math/Matt who also came over and settled in Iowa.


Name:  Kay McPhilliamy

Email:    jrmcp@earthlink.net  or jmcphilliamy@kc.rr.com.

My Location:  Leawood, Kansas

Date: Mon 7/21/2003 6:30 PM


  Researching George W. Brown , who died in Anthon, Iowa on Oct. 21, 1904.  He had come there with his daughter, Winnie, and his wife, Emma Conant, in 1896.  ( In the 1900 census Winnie is 19 and is listed a teacher.)  They had previously lived in Wakefield, Nebraska and Walworth county, Wisconsin.  They migrated to Wisconsin from "Schoharie county, New York in 1844.  George W. Brown's parents were William B. Brown and Mary H. Brown (her maiden name also).  I believe he and his wife are buried in a Correctionville cemetery.  I am hoping to find an obituary for George W. Brown and also what cemetery he is buried in and any additional information that might be available.  Thanks for this help!  , 

NAME:          Leah Hubbard
EMAIL:          scrapbooker1158@aol.com
PLACE:         Omaha, Nebraska
Date: Mon 6/16/2003 5:45 PM


I am looking for any information on the following CAPITALIZED names: 

My parents live in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., Iowa.  They are Warren S. Kern, Sr. and Lorraine Francis BOETGER (maiden name).  They were married on 1 Dec 1946.  They had 5 children.   

Parents of WarrenFRED KERN b. 1894, d. 10  May 1922 and FAY HOLLOWAY (maiden name), b. 25 June 1896, d. Nov. 1978.  They had 2 children. 

Fay remarried to a RAYMOND DODGE, they had one son.

Parents of LorraineFRED E. BOETGER b. 18 May 1892  Married to a CLARA PETERSON  b. 9 May 1891.  They married on 20 June 1911 in Spink, South Dakota.  They had 7 children.  Most stayed in Sioux City, Iowa to live.

Parents of Fred BoetgerHEINRICK "Henry" FREDRICK BOETGER  born in 1868 in Germany.  Married EMMA ANDERSON born in 1872 in Germany.  Married:  19 Apr 1890 in South Dakota.

Parents of Clara PetersonEMIL PEDERSEN (note spelling of last name is different than child's) b. 1861 in Norway.  Married to ELVA KEAGLE b. 24 May 1857.  Don't know when they were married.

Parents of Fred Kern:   EMIL BRUNO KERN, born:  4 Feb 1862 in Germany.  Died:  12 Nov 1913 in Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa.  .  Married MARY (MARIA) N. AMMAN (maiden name).   born:  1870, died: 20 Aug 1959.   Both buried in Floyd Cemetery in Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa.  They had 7 children.

Parents of Fay HollowayED HOLLOWAY b. 14 Feb 1853, d. 25 Apr 1909 in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., Iowa.  Married SARAH _____________ (maiden name unknown)  b. 29 Dec 1865 in England, d. 28 Nov 1941 in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., Iowa.  Possibly 3-4 children.

If anyone has information on the people above, please e-mail me. 

Thank you very much.

Name:  Jan

Email:  Jdurst1998@aol.com

My Location: ?

Date: Sun 6/15/2003 3:36 PM


My grandmother's cousins were raised in the Sloan, Woodbury Co., IA area.  Their last names are Buser, Jeffrey, Thackaberry and are descendants of Harriet Hamaker Jeffrey, Harriet Wray Buser, and Maude Wray Thackaberry.  I would like to know where these former Sloan residents are buried and I would like to find the Hamaker family Bible.  Thank you.


Name: Deborah Ann (McFarland) Kroll

Email:  dead email

My Location: 

Date: Sat 11/30/2002 12:38 PM


Hello I Need help finding A. L. BARKER born in Ind., and at the time of Marrying DORA COPENHAVER Feb.,1,1906. On the Marriage License he was a Medical Student. His father name on Marriage is LEWIS and mother ANGUSTIS ( FREGERSON ) BAKER. Can any one help me with these Surnames; BAKER and FERGERSON. I also heard he was a undertaker in Sioux City, Iowa. Thanks for any HELP.


Name: Deborah Ann (McFarland) Kroll

Email:  dead email

My Location: 

Date: Thu 11/28/2002 10:22 PM

 I'm trying to find info on a Beryle BISHOP who lived in Sioux City, Iowa. Beryle had two families. My Grandma Gladys Opal COPENHAVER and another woman. They both had children Gladys had John Franklin and Rose Marie and Dorothy. And the other woman I was told had five children one I know his name is Beryle BISHOP Jr. Plus was told later he moved to California were he died. And he also had a sister name Marie who lives or lived out there still.



Name: Robert Bergman

Email: Dead email address

My Location: ?

Date: Mon 5/28/01 4:06 PM

 Researching: Frank M. Bergman & Mabel M. Fleitz. (Great Grandparents). Info Found: Marriage License & Social Security application for Mabel. They were married on April 2, 1898 in Woodbury County, Iowa. He was 23 years old, and she was 17 years old. It appears that Mabel had a stepfather, as the marriage license had the name of a Frank Murdock as giving permission for his daughter to wed. The Social Security application for Mabel provided the following: District Office: Sioux City, Iowa. Date Issued: 1/8/1966. DOB: 5/22/1881. P B: Dubuque, Iowa. MN: Margaret Miester. FN: Robert Fleitz.



Name: Larry Gray 

Email: larryl@bloomnet.com 

My Location:  Brunswick, NE

Date: Tue 5/22/01 3:42 PM


My name is Larry Gray. I live in Brunswick, NE. I am looking for any info on two daughters of Clarence and Alvina Gray. One was married to Lloyd Ellsworth and lived in Sioux City, IA. in the 1930's. The other married Henry Butenhoff and lived in Wausa NE. At the same time. Anything on this family would be very helpful.  Thank You!


Name: Judy Good

Email: dead email 

My Location:  Oklahoma 

Date: Mon 5/21/01 3:30 PM

Looking for information on the family of Benjamin Franklin BROWN and his wife Sidna Louisa Watson BROWN. Benjamin Franklin died Nov 30, 1917 and Sidna died Aug 17, 1898. We believe they are buried in Lucky Valley Cemetery SW of Correctionville. One of their daughters Clara Marie Brown married Abraham Good on Dec. 25, 1885 in Woodbury County. Believe she had a brother Maynard Brown, possibly a Nathan Brown and others. Any help with this family would be greatly appreciated. Also if you have a cemetery book would appreciate a lookup in this book for Benjamin and Sidna Louisa. Thanks.



Name: Karen Sorensen

Email: Dead Email address

My Location: Sacramento, California

Date: Mon 4/9/01 10:58 PM

Bridget Marie Brady died in Sioux City, probably around the early 1900's.  Her husband was Patrick Brady.  I am hoping someone might have a cemetery index listing her. Thank you.


Name: Douglas W. Burke  

Email: dburke@webbworks.com

My Location: Kennewick, WA

Date: Wed 3/28/01 9:14 PM

George W. Benner, my GGgrandfather, b. 1800 in PA. lived with his family in Sioux City vicinity in 1856 IA census. After that time we have been unable to locate him, his sons David and William nor daughters Harriet and Caroline.  George's wife Nancy and young son, Daniel, we found in Vernon Co MO with daughter Maria E Benner who married Chapman McDonald in 1859.   Nancy and Daniel remained with the McDonald family in Vernon Co and then Henry Co MO until after 1880, according to the census.  Did choosing sides in the civil war, or the war itself, divide this family?  Can anyone tell me what happened to George W. and his 2 sons and 2 daughters?  We are anxious to know.


Name: Barry Beaulac

Email: bbeau@telus.net

My Location: Cranbrook, British Columbia

Date: Tue 3/20/01 12:56 PM

Searching for great aunt Mary Bolack born 1 Feb 1852 Palham, MA. Married: Hezikiah Stuller, Morning Side, Woodbury, IA (1870's). Mary died 29 Nov 28 Ralls Co. MO. Hezikiah died 8 Feb 1934 Ralls Co. MO


Name: ??

Email: LLRENNISON@cs.com 

My Location: 

Date: Fri 3/16/01 8:45 AM

Looking for info on Harvey and Carrie (Davis) Beckner Harvey born March 21, 1890 in Nehawka, Cass Co. NE but lived and died in Sioux City. buried in Graceland Cemetery or Graceland Park? not sure m. Carrie Davis. probably came sometime around 1915. They were married Aug 11 th , 1908, in Cass co. NE


Name: Jennifer Zunker

Email: JJZunker@msn.com

My Location: 

Date: Sun 3/11/01 9:46 AM

I'm searching for Aesoph Warren Bennett.  He was born April 22, 1844 and died December 23, 1910.  He was married to Mary Elizabeth (Wilke).  They are both buried in Fairfield Cemetery, Wolf Creek, Woodbury County, Iowa.  Any information on his siblings and parents would be most appreciated.  Thank you.

Name: Douglas W. Burke

Email:  dburke@webbworks.com

My Location: Kennewick, WA

Date: Sun 3/4/01 10:58 AM

George W. and Nancy Hager Benner and family moved from Appanoose County to the Sioux City area about 1855/56.  Their children were David b. 1825 OH, Christian G. b. 1828 OH, William b. 1832 OH, Harriett b. 1835 OH, Maria E. b. 1837 IN, Caroline b. 1840 IN, and Daniel b. 1846 IA.  Sons C. G. and William were proprietors of a hotel in Sioux City.  They and their families are found in that hotel in the 1856 Iowa census.  The father, George W. with his wife Nancy and the rest of the family were apparently on a farm in the Sergeant Bluff locality.  The only member of the family for whom we have much further information is Christian George, my progenitor.  We know that the mother Nancy and youngest son Daniel lived with daughter Maria E. who married Chapman H. McDonald 1859 in Vernon County MO.  Nancy and Daniel were still with the McDonalds in Henry County MO in 1870, 1880, and 1880, as indicated by the censuses of those years.  We know nothing definite about George W. Benner and the rest of his family, after 1856.  We would treasure any information about any of them. 


Name: Dennis Johnson

Email: djohnson@bmtc.net 

My Location: SD

Date: Fri 2/16/01 4:53 AM

Am doing this for a friend, whose great-grandmother is/was Sadie E. Burright.  Sadie's parents were Wesley Brock Burright, born 2/10/1843, and Julia Anzonette Wilson, born 7/19/1849.  They were married on 6/14/1867. Sadie was born 7/26/1871, and was one of seven children.  Two others were Fred Wesley, born ?/15/1878 and Ida M. Burright, born 2/28/1880. Sadie was married to a Fred O. Watson, in Pierson, Woodbury Co., on 2/24/1890, and many years later to someone else.  She is buried in Sioux Falls, SD.  She and Fred had two sons, Lynn E. (Everett?), and Fern S.  Fern drowned as a young adult so the only descendants of Fred and Sadie is Lynn. There is a newspaper clipping, sans date and place, that states that Fred and Sadie were operating a restaurant when a gas stove exploded, pelting Sadie with shrapnel.  She was fairly seriously injured but recovered. That is what I know about this woman.  Any information would be appreciated. Thank you, dj

Name:  Roger Larose 

Email:  zgordo@webtv.net 

Place: ?

Date: Sun 1/21/01 6:26 AM

looking for Donald Dean Blatchford and wife Marilyn. There are Blatchford's in nearby SD and NE.

Name:  Ronald W. Becker

Email: dead email 

Place: ?

Date: Sun 12/31/00 6:01 PM

I am looking for information on my grandfather, Arthur Becker. He was born on February 11, 1892 in Minnesota. He reportedly died on December 14, 1950 in Sioux City, Iowa. Any information you have will be appreciated.

Name:  Jackie Doeden

Email: jdoehhbl@rconnect.com

Place: ?

Date: Saturday, November 11, 2000 3:19

Casey, Ross, Johnson, Bookhardt 1870s-current.Rebecca , John Casey, Byron , Paulina Johnson, Any Ross, James, Rebecca Bookhardt, Eugene Margeson all in Woodbury county. Please contact me.

Name:  Brandy Burmeister

Email: Brandooner@aol.com

Place: Elm Springs, SD

Date: Wed 9/20/00 1:13 PM

I am searching For information on Gustus "Gustave" H. Burmeister(1862-1929) and Wife Maggie madden name Unknown (1876-1936). They moved from Sioux City, Iowa in April 1909, to Meade County, SD area. Where they had a farm. Hoping to find out Maggie's madden name, and who their parents were. Any information would greatly appreciated.


Email: l.paxton@worldnet.att.net 

Place: ?

Date: Sat 9/2/00 10:22 AM

I am looking for information on the Boggess surname at Woodbury Co, Iowa. My grandfather was Bernard Boggess and he was married to Florence Wallace (daughter of John Wallace and Mary E. Bridge). Bernard's parents were William H. Boggess and Mary Ellen Hobson. Other children of William and Mary were: Arrcher( Archie), Earnest, Oliver, Alber, Blance and Ethel.

Name: Sandra Rice

Email:  sandylayne@worldnet.att.net 

Place: Council Bluffs, IA

Date: Sun 8/27/00 3:39 PM

I am looking for marriage date and any other family info on back, for Edmund Robert Black who married Annie Drakes Ogg about 1909 at Salix, IA. Perhaps, in the Methodist Church. I am looking for this in behalf of one of their daughters, Eva Jean Black Root at Council Bluffs, IA. Thank you.

Name: Linda BLOOD Donnici

Email:  CheyGrama@aol.com 

Place: KC, MO

Date: Tue 8/22/00 11:54 PM

I have found a marriage license for Albert BLOOD and Minnie KLIBANSKY. They were married in Woodbury Co IA in 1907. They went back to Cleveland OH by 1910. Albert BLOOD's parents were divorced in 1885 and I suspect that he went to IA to see his father James Monroe BLOOD. Any one having or finding info on James BLOOD, marriage, death, census ect. PLEASE let me know. I have been trying to learn abt this man for more than 25yrs. Thank You.

Name: Kathie Harrison

Email: NelliBlu28@aol.com 

Place: Lincoln, Nebraska

Date: Mon 8/14/00 11:02 AM

I am researching the Burgess family that was in Woodbury Co., IA late 1890s-1940s, primarily in the Sioux City, IA area. They came from Dixon Co., NE. Thanks! Have a great day. 

Name: Robert Bergman

Email: BobHobbitt@aol.com 

Place: Kent, WA. 98042

Date: Tue 5/16/00 10:52 PM

Researching: Frank M. Bergman & Mabel M. Fleitz. (Great Grandparents). Info Found: Marriage License & Social Security application for Mabel. They were married on April 4, 1898 in Woodbury County, Iowa. He was 23 years old, and she was 17 years old. It appears that Mabel had a stepfather, as the marriage license had the name of a Frank Murdock as giving permission for his daughter to wed. The Social Security application for Mabel provided the following: District Office: Sioux City, Iowa. Date Issued: 1/8/1966. DOB: 5/22/1881. PB: Dubuque, Iowa. MN: Margaret Miester. FN: Robert Fleitz.

Name:  Joleene Duff

E-Mail: duff@willinet.net 

Location:  Onawa, Iowa.

Date: Tue 5/16/00 2:58 PM

I am trying to find info on May Amelia Krumvieda born 1879 in Harrison Co., Iowa She married Harold Maaske in 1903 in Harrison Co. Iowa and later was married to Charlie Burke. An obituary for her Mother stated that in 1945 May was living in Woodbury co. Iowa--Sioux City--as Mrs. Charlie Burke. Would like to hear from anyone having any info for me. Thanks a bunch.


Name: Larry Bosler

E-Mail: dead email 

Location: Sugarcreek, Ohio

Date: Sat 5/13/00 5:55 PM

Seeking 1860 census information on James W. Bosler, I believe living in Sioux City, Woodbury County at the time. He had migrated from Carlisle, Cumberland Co., Pa.


Name: Doris Guarino

E-Mail: annieg27@mindspring.com 

Location: ?

Date: Thu 4/27/00 6:21 AM

I am researching my grandfather, Matthew William Baldwin. He was a livestock commissioner in Sioux City for several years. He formed a livestock exchange company called Baldwin, Ketselman and Timmel, back in probably early 1900's. He was married to Ann Steel and they had five children: Annette, Matthew, Charles, William and Robert. Robert was my father and was raised by his grandparents, William and Annie Campbell, formerly Annie McKenzie Steel, mother of Ann. Ann died in 1901, and Matthew remarried Caroline Dennis who ran the animal shelter in Sioux City. She also had a bunch of Persian cats that she took to shows, etc. Matthew also played cello and bassoon with the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra, was a Master Mason, and director of the Morningside Country Club. He died in 1925, either suicide or murder. I am mist interested in finding out about Ann Steel Baldwin, his first wife...while he seemed to be quite illustrious in the city, his wife was not. Any help at all would be most appreciated. Thank-you.

Name:  Ellen Baum

E-Mail: pmomb@viaccess.net mills987@yahoo.com

Location: ?

Date: Fri 4/21/00 11:14 AM

I am looking for the ancestors of Andrew Baum. He was born1860 and died 1931. He was born in Sioux City. This is all the information that I have. I am looking for the parents and possibly the grandparents of Laura Buam. Born 1859 and died 1947. She married Andrew Baum but I don't know her maiden name. She was born in Sioux City, Iowa. Thank you

Name:  Dave Fellows

E-Mail: Teamoamigo2@aol.com 

Location: Lake Park, MN

Date:  Mon 4/17/00 8:02 AM

I am seeking information on Mortica Hastings and his spouse Sarah Bell Burgess and more specifically the son that they adopted in 1898. I know only that the son was described as 'baby Meyers' in a letter dated 1942. I have not been able to provide a valid genealogical line for that baby, my spouses grandfather. I know that family tradition says that the orphanage in Sioux City burned and the records with it and that the Hastings Family lived in the area. Any help appreciated. 

Name:  Linda A. Stoner Wright

E-Mail: dead email


Date: Tue 2/29/00 11:25 AM

I am looking for information on my grandfather Irvin C. BROWN.  He married my grandmother Anna A. LOEB on Sept. 17, 1919 in Hornick, IA.  His father's name listed on their marriage certificate was George W. BROWN and his mother as Julia MANN.  My grandmother's parents were Adolph J. LOEB and Anna M. HIRCHART, all who lived in the Hornick area.  Any information on the BROWN, LOEB, HIRCHART, or MANN families would be greatly appreciated.

Name:  Sue Babcock

E-Mail: sbabcock@uswest.net

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Date: Sat 2/26/00 2:51 PM

I am looking for information regarding the death of Henry BABCOCK who is believed to have died near Sioux City, IA (probably Moville) in 1911. He was born in 1843 in NY, married Jane Martha Baldwin in NY in 1863. They moved to the Baker twp, Osceola Co, IA after the Civil War and moved to Moville, Woodbury Co, IA in 1891. His children were Clarence, Benjamin, Charles, Mattie, Nellie, Annie, Hattie and Carrie. Thank you for any information you can provide. 

Name:  Joanne Johnsrud

E-Mail: jmjohns@smig.net

Location: Minnesota 

Date: Thu 2/3/00 8:43 PM

Searching for information on BROWN, Kizzie M., of Woodbury Co.  In 1896 he filed an affidavit stating he was  the guardian of  Viola Vancourn and gave his consent for her marriage to William Slattery at Climbing Hill.  Was Brown from Kansas?  Viola's mother died at her birth and her father remarried and did not raise her.  Am hoping someone might have information on this situation.

Name: Jim Sparks 

E-Mail: dsparks@rmi.net

Location: ?

Date: Sun 1/23/00 8:58 AM

Looking for information on BALK family living in Woodbury County early 1950s. 

Name: Deanna Baker

E-Mail: bakerose@gte.net


Date: Wed 1/19/00 4:41 PM

I am looking for anyone who might have info on Daniel Madison BUTLER  9-18-1849 m. Eunice Ann ALLEN in Monona Co., IA on 1-31-1872.  They had 3 children in Woodbury, County :  They are Julia Butler b. 6-14-1874, Arthur Butler b. 7-18-1878 and Margaret B. Butler b. 2-10-1878 all in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA.    Daniel Madison Butler's  father was: William BUTLER b. ?  and  mother was:  Nancy Richmon(d)?  b. ?  Eunice Ann ALLEN's  father was: John ALLEN b. ?  mother:  ? I haven't been able to get pass Eunice and Daniel.  If anyone might have info or can help me find a way to get through this brick wall I would be very grateful.  I do know that Daniel Madison BUTLER was born in Jasper Co., ILL and that Eunice Ann ALLEN  was b. in Elk Point, Dakota territory on 1-8-1857. Thank you for your time and any help. 

Name: ?

E-Mail:  suzrory@stormnet.com

Location: ?

Date: Wed 1/19/00 12:15 PM

My Bicknell family moved from Kentucky to Indiana and then to Iowa.  My grandfathers name was Charles Bertram Bicknell and he married Ruby Elizabeth. Lampman in Iowa.  Charles parents were William T. Bicknell and Sarah Chandler. This information I found on Charles' marriage register.  William T. Bicknell's parents were Johathan Bicknell and Suzanna Masters.  I found them on a marriage bond in Madison County, Kentucky.  I know that Johathan was probably from Kentucky and died in Heckonville, Illinois abt 1870.  Johathan and Suzanna had several other children:  Susan Jane Bicknell married Charles Mowers,  Martha A., Sidney and Mary E.  These children I'm still trying to verify and find more information about.

Name:  Tim kilroy 

E-Mail: kilroy1948@aol.com

Location: ?

Date: Mon 12/6/99 4:20 PM

I am looking for information about my mother and her parents. My mother name was mariam l buxton born on July 21,1913 in Sioux city, Iowa. Her father's name was carey buxton, and her mother's name was Mary greiner. Any information you can find would be most appreciated. thank you.

Name: Lisa (Billings) 

E-Mail: Ljbdoan@aol.com

Location: NY

Date: Sun 12/5/99 6:55 PM

Searching for records of ancestors Clarence & Minnie Billings. Clarence was in Sioux City before returning to NY to marry Minnie in 1892. Both may have returned to Iowa. How can I find this out? If they had children there?...etc. Any help appreciated!...Thanks


BILLINGS - Update - My great uncle Clarence BILLINGS was born approx. 1863 in upstate NY (his father Burns BILLINGS, gf Abiathar in Canada, ggf Elkanah, gggf Dr. Elkanah Billings born in Ware, MA traveling through VT to Ontario, Canada in 1792). Clarence's name was in NY newspaper stating that he was back from Sioux City and married Minnie Kenyon from Hammond, NY in 1892. I can't find any record of either of them, or children, etc. Does anyone have any connections to my family, or any suggestions? It would be greatly appreciated!...Thanks, Lisa (Billings)

Name:  Dick (Fred) Richard Benton

E-Mail: DBenton560@aol.com

Location: ?

Date: Sat 11/27/99 4:36 PM

Fred Benton Sioux City, IA d.1957, son of: Harrison Benton Sioux City, IA d.3/13/1913 Born 2 May 1845 NY Looking for Harrison's Ancestors. Thanks

Name:  Leona Bolton,

E-Mail: LeonaBolton@ancestry.com

Location:  Portland, Oregon

Date: Tue 10/26/99 5:42 PM

Looking for death dates/interment info (Catholic cemetery)/obituaries for William H. and Johanna (Mullen) Burns. Lived in Sioux City until at least 1920. She was born September c.1854 in McHenry Co., IL. Listed in father's biography (1903) as Mrs. Wm. H. Burns of Sioux City, IA. Listed in brother's obit (Mar 1920) as coming from her home in Sioux City, IA to care for him during his illness. No Illinois record of their marriage (c.1874), so may have married in Iowa. Any info. would be appreciated.


Name:  Andree Swanson

E-Mail: BarngroverBook@aol.com

Location:  ?

Date: Mon 10/25/99 1:22 AM

I am researching the Barngrover surname in Woodbury County


Name:  Dorothy Diller

E-Mail:  ddiller@webtv.net 

Location: Grand Junction, Co. 

Date: Sat 10/23/99 12:57 PM

I was born in Sioux City,  IA. on Dec. 8 1929 To Florence Elizabeth (maiden name of Bonner) and Kenneth Earl Diller. I am looking for any info on these families. Also am attempting to obtain any info of my aunt Gertrude Bonner Swanson. I am especially interested in date of her death and information regards her daughter Marilyn or her husband Fred. He worked for the Post Office and was with the National Guard. My grandmother was Jessie Billings on my dad's side. Any info on that family will be greatly appreciated. I believe my father was from Le Mars and around that area. We moved to Calif. after my dads discharge from the Navy after WW2. 

Name:  ?

E-Mail:  LISALYNNHL@aol.com

Location: ?

Date: Tue 10/12/99 12:09 PM

We would like to know where George Boyd is buried. And date of death.. he was last known to be in Sioux City, Iowa. thank you. 

Name:  Deanna Baker

E-Mail:  bakerose@gte.net

Location: Washington State.

Date: Fri 10/1/99 12:38 PM

I am looking for info on Daniel Madison Butler  b. 9-1851 in ILL. m Eunice Ann Allen b. 1-1857 IA.  They lived in Sioux City, Iowa, Woodbury County in 1878, where they had a child, Margaret B. Butler 2-10-1878 there.  I know that they eventually moved to John Day, Grants County, Oregon (Canyon City)  by 1882 where they had 5 more children.  Augusta 1880-1902, Nathan 1882-1962, Elva 1888-1889, Della 1890-1933, Nervie 1898-?, and Hazel A. Butler 1916-1916.  All of these five were born in Oregon.  I am looking for Daniel or Eunice's parents or any info on them that any one may have.  Thank you for your time.  Daniel m. Eunice in 1872 in IA.

Name:  Doris Guarino

E-Mail: annieg27@ix.netcom.com

Location: San Pablo, CA

Date: Sun 9/12/99 9:14 AM

I am looking for grandfather, Matthew William Baldwin. He lived in Sioux City, in the late 1800's to probably late 20's. He was cellist for the Union Orch. and also the livestock commissioner. I have no DOB or DOD for him. He was married to Ann McKenzie Steel. 

Name:  ?

E-Mail: dtrem27140@aol.com

Location: Spokane, Washington

Date: Thu 8/26/99 9:51 PM

I  have found my Grandparents marriage license. It says they were both residents of Sioux city. I am looking for census info for either ELLA BUBB or EDWIN F. JACKSON. They were married in 1917. They were both married before so spouses may be different. Grandmas first husband was Albert BUBB. I am trying to locate children from any of these unions. I would be so grateful for any Help.  

Name: Dan Batman 

E-Mail: danbatman@earthlink.net

Location:  ?

Date: Thu 8/19/99 11:45 PM

Would you post a request for any Batman in Hornick,  IA 1903. My father Ted R Batman was born April 16,1903.  He had  a brother and 2 sisters. Dan Gurite and Mildred that I am aware of. Thanks

Name: Steve Melton

E-Mail: shannara@inreach.com

Location:  ?

Date: Sun 8/1/99 11:37 AM

I am trying to locate any information on my Great grandfather Matthew William BALDWIN.  He married Ann (Annie) Steel and they had at least two children, Matthew and Robert.  I know they lived in Sioux City and that Matthew William Baldwin played cello in the Sioux City Symphony.  He was either murdered or committed suicide at some point.  I can only guess at a date of birth somewhere between 1865 and 1880.  ANY information at all would be more than I've been able to find.  Thanks.

Name: Lisa Langholz

E-Mail: langholz@frontiernet.net

Location: Denison, IA 

Date: Sat 7/31/99 11:46 PM

Looking for George C. Belz Born 7-23-1868, and Charles Eddy Belz born 7-21-1872.  Both are reported to have lived in Woodbury County at the turn of the century, specifically 1905.Any information you may have would be appreciated

Name: Jessica Frost,

E-Mail: nobodys_frog@hotmail.com

Location: Chicago, IL

Date: Sat 7/17/99 9:00 PM

I'm looking for info. on Elizabeth Beaumont, b. 1865 in England. She married William E. REYNOLDS. She died on 7 Sep 1922 in Sioux City, Woodbury Co, IA. Any info would be appreciated!

Name: Mary F Kelley

E-Mail: mfk@tcia.net

Location: Virginia

Date: Tue 6/29/99 3:12 PM

I am looking for information about John S Boyer who I believe died in Sloan, Woodbury Co. ,IA in July 1875. I would like to determine if he is the same person as John Boyer, b. circa 1834-35 in Clark Co, IN, the son of Jacob and Jane Kelly Boyer. I am trying to trace the descendants of Jacob and Jane. John S Boyer was a Civil War Veteran. Thank you for your assistance.


E-Mail: . mailto:MPKINAZ@aol.com

Location: ?

Date: Wed 6/16/99 10:14 PM

My name is Myron Kissinger. My mom's name was Mabel Ellen Bennett. She died in Anthon, IA ? She was born Dec. 24, (year ?). Any help you could give me would be appreciated. She married Ike Kissinger.

Name: Louise Treat

E-Mail: . cvcsgrt1@penn.com

Location: ?

Date: Tue 5/11/99 12:57 AM

Hestina Riggs born Nov. 6, 1843 in New York state, daughter of Minvera Lucila Metcalf & James Riggs, Hestina Riggs married Sylvanus W Brown from Steuben Co. NY they settled in Bronson Woodbury Co Iowa. She is buried at Floyd Twp cemetery in Bronson, Woodbury Co. Iowa. I am looking for information on Sylvanus. W BROWN. Thank you

Name: Kathie Harrison

E-Mail: mailto:NelliBlu28@aol.com

Location: ?

Date: Mon 4/26/99 7:17 PM

I am looking for information on Peter Burgess and his wife Anna Comaskeri  who came from Dixon county in Nebraska to Sioux City, IA circa 1890. Peter was brother to my Ggrandmother Ellen Burgess McDonald of Dixon county. Peter had another sister who was Catherine >Katie> Burgess married to Charles Wilbur and they lived in Sioux City ,IA also. Katie died there but was buried next to her parents in Dixon county. I am trying to find out if either Peter or his sister had children, & if so what were their names, births, etc.? Ellen Burgess was married to Barney J McDonald, my paternal grandmother's parents. The surnames that I am researching are: HARRISON, MCDONALD, BURGESS, BRICE, BOONE, CONNELL, OSBORN, OWEN, FOX, MORGAN. The first 3 surnames are what I am focused on at this time.  Please e-mail me directly if there is a link to my Burgess & McDonald  families. Thank you .

Name: Michelle Hobson

E-Mail: khobson@ix.netcom.com

Location: ?

Date: Sun 4/11/99 10:14 PM

Looking for any information on Charles J. Benson 1889-1955 or his wife Martha E. (Fry or Frye) Benson 1903-1973. They both died in Sioux City. That's the only information I have on my granparents any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. 

Name: Leo a fleury 

E-Mail LFLEURY@prodigy.net

Location: ?

Date: Sun 4/4/99 9:26 AM

seeking exact date of death in 1889 & place (prob Anthon) of MARTHA GRATTON BERNARD (wife of Joseph Alfred Bernard) and her parentage. Both buried St Joseph Cemetery. Thanks, Leo F.

Name: ?????????

E-Mail: Lesevans@aol.com

Location: ?

Date: Sun 3/14/99 9:50 PM

My grandparents met and were married in Sioux City, Iowa on February 10, 1909. My grandfather was Charles Lewis BARTH, born at Hastings, NE on July 10,1890. His family moved from Hastings, NE to Sioux City in 1898. He had six siblings including William J. Barth who still lived in Salix, Iowa in the 1920s. My grandmother was Verna E. ABY who was born on September 21, 1889. I would be interested in any information on my grandfather's parents, Henry and Elizabeth Barth; or on my grandmother's parents whose names I do not know. 

Name: Barb

E-Mail: Darmyster@aol.com

Location: ?

Date: Thu 2/18/99 6:15 PM

Hello I am looking for any info on Leo John Miles Burke b.Nov.29,1904 d.Mar.22,1955 in Sioux City Iowa. His wife's name Nina Mae (Heyl) Burke b.Jan.5,1901 d.Mar.18,1964. Nina's father was Henry Christopher Heyl. I have no info on siblings all though I do have their children's name's John, Roger & Bonnie. Anything will be helpful Thank you Barb

Name: Clark Pickard

E-Mail: thepickard@webtv.net

Location: ?

Date: Sun 2/7/99 9:17 PM

I am currently in possession of a family Bible that originally belonged to Joseph & Eliza Jane (Humphrey) Buchwalter's family. This Bible was later in the possession of one of their daughters, Florence Buchwalter who later married a Miller. She attended Davenport, IA. Public schools. Other Buchwalter children included: Mary Jane, Christian, Edwin Humprey, and Ella Josephine. Birth dates range from Mary in 1847 to Ella in 1854. Joseph married Eliza in 1846 and he died in 1854 before Ella was born. The Miller family included: Effie, Charles, Lizzie, William, and Fannie who lived in and around Moville. This Bible also has a photo section in the back and one of the photos could possible be Joseph and some of the children, because they are old tin-type pictures. If you can help me find the rightful owners of this valuable family heirloom, I would appreciate it very much.

 Name: Barbara S. Burke

E-Mail: Darmyster@aol.com

Location: ?

Date: Thu 2/4/99 9:50 AM

I am looking for information on Leo Burke b.11/29/1904 d.3/22/1955 married to Nina Mae Heyl b.1/5/1901 d.3/18/1964.They had three children John W.; Roger; Bonnie. Thank you 

Name: Curtis E. Fritz

E-Mail: cfritz@ix.netcom.com

Location: Houston, TX

Date: Sun 1/31/99 2:49 PM

Am searching for information on Christian BAKER (aka BECKER) b. 3 Nov 1863 in Oberasphe, Hessen, Germany. Son of Ludwig BECKER and his wife, Catharina DONGES. Came to US in 1866 and settled in Grant County, Wisconsin. Christian moved to Sioux City in the 1880's and married Theresa HAGEY on 14 May 1894. This couple may have had 15 children. In birth order Frank b. 1895; Clara b. 1896; Charley b. 1898; Mary b. 1901; Louis b. 1903; Albert b. 1904; Harry b. 1907; Jimmie b. 1907; William b. 1908; Clarence b. 1910; Peter b. 1913; Violet b. 1916; Vincent b. 1917; John b. 1919 and Henry b. 1919. I am attempting to compile the descendants of Ludwig BECKER and Cahtarine DONGES and this particular branch of the family needs completing. Any help would be appreciated. 6443 Kentwick Drive, Houston, TX 77084

Name: Richard Beach

E-Mail: SBeer5050@aol.com

Location: ?

Date: Sun 1/3/99 6:07 AM

I am looking for information on Baldice BEACH and Catharine his wife. Baldice was born abt. 1838 in Lycoming County, PA. He moved to Woodbury Co. Iowa.

Name: Diann

E-Mail: dead email

Location: ?

Date: Tue 12/8/98 9:43 AM

Am searching for family of John BECK born 1833. Moved to Sioux City in 1857 with his wife Nancy from Somerset County, PA. Father was Nicholas BECK. His children from the 1860 census were Iva born about 1858 and Franklin G. born about December 1859. His brother Henry BECK also arrived with him. Married a Martha Bates 27 July 1862. They later moved to Washington State. Any and all info appreciated.

Name: Judith Good 

E-Mail: dead email

Location: ?

Date: Thu 12/3/98 4:22 PM

BROWN, Clara M. b. Aug 13, 1866 Winnebago Co., IL; d. Rhodes IA; m. Dec 25, 1885 Woodbury Co., IA to GOOD, Abraham. She was the daughter of Benjamin Franklin BROWN and Louisa S. WATSON. Any information on this family greatly appreciated. Willing to share information. Marriage license says this Abraham Good's 3rd marriage and Clare M. Brown's first.

Name: Mell

Email: retropez@earthlink.net

Location: ?

Time: Tue 11/10/98 9:18 PM

I am looking for a John Beadz. He came to Sioux City in approximately 1910 and died in approximately 1923. He is listed in the 1923 Polk directory with his wife Mary Beadz, but in the 1924 directory, she is listed as Mary Beadz (widow). I have written to vital statistics and the county office, neither of them finds a record of his death. Any information or guidance would be helpful.

Name: Marilyn Campbell

Email: dead email


Time: Sun 2/1/98 7:59 PM

Albert Blackburn born ca 1867 Mauston, WI married to Lowdena (Dena) Smothers born ca 1880 WI children Helen, Violet, Minnie, Elsie. Family listed on 1925 Iowa State Census, Sioux City. Children placed in orphanage in Davenport in 1927.

Name: Kristi Bergman Lam

Email klam@pdq.net

Location: Houston, TX

Time: Wed 10/28/98 4:17 PM

I would appreciate any assistance you could give me in my genealogical search. DRESDEN, Walter Henry My relation: Paternal great-grandfather DOB: April 5, 1886 POB: Danbury, Woodbury Co., Iowa FATHER: Henry Dresden MOTHER: Margaret Burns, POB: Little Rock, Lyon Co., Iowa I would like to locate birth information on Walter Henry Dresden in an attempt to find the birth date of his mother. Again, any assistance you can provide, or guidance on where I might locate his birth record would be very much appreciated. Thank you most sincerely,  


Email: jona@trib.com


Time: Tue 10/27/98 2:23 PM

Looking for info on a James J. ARNOLD and his Louisa lived near Sloan, IA. in late 1800's Their last daughter Nina ARNOLD went to high school there. Melissa Jane Arnold KELSO and her husband William C KELSO also lived there for a time. James and Louisa are supposed to be buried there. William Benjamin ARNOLD married an Etta BEAVER in Woodbury Co. Etta BEAVER ARNOLD is supposedly buried in Sloan. Their kids Suel O. ARNOLD, Lyman ARNOLD, Samuel ARNOLD, and Mattie ARNOLD may have gone to school there. Any info on these families or if you are a descendant of one of these people, please email info. Thank you 

Name: Peggy Mayberry Powell

Email: pegpowel@wiatel.net

Location: Hornick, IA, USA

Time: Saturday, December 27, 1997 at 10:45:25

Comments: My Woodbury county surnames are: Bolte married a Ranniger, lived Climbing Hill Bolte married a Powell lived Climbing Hill Boltes married a Sands, (Carlson and Van Laningham, Houck, ( Schink, Jensen, Layton ), and Serviss Mayberry married a Powell, lived SC, rural Hornick. I have been doing research on actively on these families over 20 years, will share information. Powells married a (Bieler, Mooney), Livermore, and Kelsheimer Shepard, George and Lydia McGlothlen/McLaughlin. Shepard married a Powell. Sweisberger married a Powell. Other Sweisbergers married (Quisenberry, Gill), Boyle, Boyle, (Boyle, DeRoin), Boulden, Schumacher, and Prescott Cemeteries, Climbing Hill, Sioux City - Graceland, Logan, Memorial.

Name: Ray Bassett

Email: raylou@usmo.com

Location: Sunrise Beach, MO

Time: Saturday, December 13, 1997 at 22:00:40

Comments: My father's obit, Burnice Clark Bassett, indicated that he was born in Woodbury Co., IA. He always had said that he was born in LeMars, but we have no proof. His parents were Clarence William Basset and Cora Mary Wadsworth and were married at Le Mars (Plymouth Co.) on January 21, 1884. We are not sure whether or not they lived in Woodbury Co. but did have 4 children: Elmer Ensign Basset, b. June 10, 1885, Burnoose Clark Basset, b. November 25, 1886, Pearl b & d between 1887-90, and Cora Mary Basset, b April 11, 1891. Cora Wadsworth Bassett died April 12, 1891. We do not know which Co. she died or where she is buried. Any info would be a great help.

Name: Jari Sinnwell
Email: Dead Email Address
Location: Garner, IA, USA
Date: Friday, November 14, 1997 at 08:54:36
Comments: Seeking information on the family of Henry BIERSNER, born in 1856 in Sioux City, IA. Married Mary BARNSON in 1883. They moved to Washington State for a time, eventually returning to Iowa. 

Name: Alison Vigil

Email: Vigilno@ipa.net

Location: Carthage, MO, us

Time: Thursday, October 30, 1997 at 16:59:41

Comments: I'm searching info. on my Great Grandfather Jules Alfred BLONDEL who left Switzerland around 1882 and settled in Sioux City, Iowa. I believe he had siblings that also came to Iowa. Also seeking info. on his wife Emma Belle CONNIFF and her family.

Name: Carol Glynn
Location: TX
Date: Wednesday, October 15, 1997 at 16:32:46
Comments: I am researching the BEHRENDSEN Family originally from Germany. Johannes and Frederica lived in Woodbury County between 1890 and 1900. They had 9 children and moved to Colorado after the last was born. Would love to share info. 

Name: Janet Blackford Peters
Location: Sioux City, IA, US
Date: Sunday, August 10, 1997 at 00:47:37
Comments: Doing research on my fathers family. Need info: Gt. parents: William / Alice E. Brown Kinkaid? Gt. Gt. parents: Charles Henry / Hannah W. Cody Brown? sibs? Any info for BROWN / CODY / KINKAID / BLACKFORD would be very helpful. Thank You Janet Blackford Peters 5309 Hwy. 75 N. lot 119 Sioux City, IA. 51108 

Name: Donna L. Fischer
Email: donnafisch@aol.com
Location: Newberg, OR, USA
Date: Thursday, July 3, 1997 at 16:48:50
Comments: HOPKINS/BURDETTE: Loyal Burdette Hopkins, Sr. (b: Sioux City, IA 7 Jun 1898; d. Portland, OR 13 Mar 1953), s/o Albert Leslie and Elizabeth Almira (Burdette) HOPKINS. Loyal m. Blanche Fern Basom c1925 in Pendleton, Umatilla Co., OR. Any info regarding this family is greatly appreciated. 

Name: Sheri Yates
Email: JYates@bellsouth.net
Location: Orlando, FL, USA
Date: Monday, June 23, 1997 at 16:56:48
Comments: Looking for information on Delbert BROWNING, born in Iowa, was a lawyer in Sioux city Iowa in 1921. His office was located at: 318-19 Davidson building Sioux City Iowa. His father's name was Gilbert Browning who at that time was living in Castana Iowa. Does anyone know about these two men? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank-you in advance, Sheri Yates 



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