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My name: Carol Bacon
Surname: Clancy,
Email: c-a-b@c-a-b.net
My Location: Illinois/Wisconsin

I am looking for any and all info on Dennis Clancy born 1883 in Ida Co. Married Margaret C. Ungrue born 1889 had children Dennis A. Clancy- 1921, Martin J. Clancy- 1921, Mary F. Clancy-1923, Christina C. Clancy 1929.

Christina was baptized at Immaculate Conception in Sioux City so my guess is that they lived in Sioux City then. I have no idea when the parents died or what happened to any of the children. Dennis was the son of Martin Clancy and Hellena (Lena) Smith. All help appreciated.

Name:  Sandi Wilson
Email:   artteck@columbia-center.org 
My Location: Oregon
Date: October 5, 2004 3:38:28 PM

Looking for information on the William Clinton. The Chilton family from the Sloan area of Woodbury County. He married Lois Marion Van Kirk from Nebraska. They had several children including a pair of twin girls who may be buried in the Climbing Hill area. Have found the family in Sloan, Woodbury County Iowa in the 1930 census. Any other information would be greatly appreciated.

Name:  Chris and Roger Guida
Email:   cguida@djam.com
My Location:  ??????
Date: Thu 7/29/2004 11:14 AM
I am looking for information on Haakon Christenson who is on the Lakeport Twp, Woodbury Co 1930 census. He is listed as 47, wife Helga is 40. Children are Harry, 14; Palma 10; Esther 7; Arthur 4 and Helen 1. Also living with them is his mother in law Nickolina Margrete. Haakon's name is also spelled Christianson/ Crestensen. Nickolina was called Nicolina Lorntson on the 1920 when she was also with Haakon and family at Fairview Twp, Monono County. I would like to find Haakon, Helga and Nickolina's death and burial place. Thank you for any help

Name:  Gayleen Greer
Email:  GGreer1111@aol.com
My Location:  Illinois
Date: Mon 5/17/2004 9:06 PM
I am looking for information on the Connolly / Conley / Connell / Connally family who lived in Sioux City, Woodbury, IA. around 1918  to the present. The family includes Maggie, Mayme, Naomi, Kitty, Jim and Andy. The parents were from Ireland. Maggie was married to a Fire Chief in Sioux City. Jim married a Sioux City girl named Gladys about 1924.  They had 2 daughters. . Jim & Andy moved to Enid, Ok. about 1923 to work for an Uncle who was in the oil business. Jim died in Enid, OK in 1959. I would love to find the spelling of the name or any info

Name:  Duane Olson
Email: dgolson@wi-net.com
My Location:  Amherst Junction, WI
Date: Wed 11/12/2003 10:51 PM
I am looking for information about Levi James Cooper who lived in the Sioux City, IA area and died about 1929. I would like to know his date of death and where he is buried. Also, If there is an obituary available that would be very helpful. Any help with this information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Name:  Charles Hinson
Email: chinson@sfwater.org
My Location: San Francisco, CA
Date: Tue 10/7/2003 4:02 PM
I'm looking for any information on Mary Camerer and Joe McLaughlin. They were married on April 7, 1898 in Woodbury County. I think they are my great grandparents. They had a daughter, Naomi, my grandmother on June 27, 1904. It says on Naomi's death certificate that Mary was born in France and Joe was born in Indiana.

Name:  Rose Mueller
Email: rmueller@pressenter.com 
My Location: 
Date: Mon 1/14/02 9:42 PM
I am searching for information regarding Ellen A Crosby married to a Howell and residing in Sioux City, IA in 1887 according to her fathers will. She would have been aprox. 50 years old at the time. She was born in Illinois to Edward Crosby and Susan Spalding next to the youngest of five siblings. Any information would be helpful. I do not know if she had children.

Name:  Nancy V. Capron
Email: ncapron@MassMutual.com 
My Location: belchertown ma
Date: Fri 1/18/02 8:55 AM
My grandfather John Everett Clemens was born in Sioux City Iowa in 1902. His mother' name was Bertha Welch and his father's name was John either J or G. They moved to Minnesota at some point. He had two brothers Ralph anh Earl i am not sure if they were born in Sioux City, I know they grew up in MN. I am wondering anput my great grandfather what his middle initial is and if he was from sioux city he would be John G or J Clemens. I am also wondering about his ethnicity as he was supposed to be english but my grandafather and his brother's were dark skinned and my grandfather had really high cheek bones my Name is nancy capron i live in Belchertown MA thank-you nancy

Name:  Gail Dooley
Email: GailDooley@juno.com 
My Location: Sioux City
Date: Tue 6/26/01 11:38 PM
I am looking for any information on an ISAIAH CLARK who owned 640 acres of what came to be called Pierce's Addition. He bought the property at auction in or before 1870 and was foreclosed in 1875. Thank you.

Name:  Sarah Casey
Email: B612downs@prodigy.net
My Location: Southern California
Date: Mon 4/16/01 4:33 PM
Hi, I would like to put in a request for information. The person I am looking for is Charles Casey, he would have been born around 1888, probably before. His wife was Naemie Casey (Tuschoff), and she died in February of 1990. Among his children were John and James, there were more, but these I know of. The family lived in Correctionville, Iowa. Please let me know if you'll help me, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks

Name:  Roy Whyman
Email: rfleprechauns@worldnet.att.net 
My Location: Boulder, CO
Date: Tue 3/13/01 9:35 PM
Seeking any information on John R. Conrad and his wife, Minnie who lived somewhere in Woodbury County in the 1880's. He is the brother of my grandmother, Elizabeth "Libbie" Conrad Whyman, wife of Horatio "Pete" Whyman of Norfolk, NE. We are trying to learn who the parents of Elizabeth and John R. Conrad were and any other information available. Thanks for your help.

Name:  Sarah Casey:
Email: B612downs@prodigy.net 
My Location:  Huntington Beach, Ca
Date: Mon 3/12/01 11:25 PM
Hi, My name is Sarah Casey, and I am looking for information on: Charles Casey, who lived in Woodbury County. He had a son, John Casey. He was married to Naomi Tuschoff(?). He would have been born in the late 1800's, his son, John, was born around 1926. His wife Naomi died around 1990, and a very old age. If you can give me any information, I would really appreciate it.

Name:  Steve Cox
Email: secox@pionet.net 
My Location: 
Date: Wed 2/28/01 2:17 PM
Just starting (both genealogy and computer use). I am looking for history of William Leander Cox of Holly Springs, IA. 

Name:  Dennis Johnson
Email: djohnson@bmtc.net
My Location: SD
Date: Fri 2/16/01 4:42 AM
Am interested in tracing the whereabouts of Charles E. Crane, who started the Crane Sign Company in Sioux City.  Today, it is known as the Avery Brothers Sign Company. The Crane lineage is from Wm. S. Crane (1830-1899, birthplace unknown, died Centerville, SD.) and Salome Collins (1834-1912, birthplace Ohio, died Centerville, SD). The family lived in Ohio in 1850, where my g/grandfather was born (Toledo) and Johnson Co., Iowa in 1860, where his sister, Adeline was born.  The family moved to Vermillion, SD, in 1866 and to Centerville, SD, in 1870/71.  Charles was born in Lincoln County. He operated a sign painting company in Centerville into the 1890's, when he moved to Vermillion.  At some point he started the sign company in Sioux City.  He is listed in the Polk City Directory's (in the city library) until 1937, where he was listed as living in Lake Crystal, Nebraska (which is five miles from SC). Charles had several children, which I can obtain, but do not have at my disposal as I write this. Thank you, dj 

Name: Virginia Borkowski 
Email: virbork@yahoo.com 
Place: Elliott, Iowa
Date: Fri 1/26/01 5:28 AM
April 14, 1904 Olive Irene collins was married in Woodbury co. Her Father was John Wesly collins. I could use any additional information about this family. Is anyone working on this family?

Name:  Leigh Woolhiser 
Email: gallimore@sisna.com 
Place: Salt Lake City, UT
Date: January 04, 2001 9:54 PM
Seeking info. on Llewellyn M. L. CUNNINGHAM, b. 1879 in IA.   Md. Maude Woolhiser, 1905 in Woodbury Co, IA. He died  in same Co. in 1943.  Who were parents and sibs?  Have lots of  WOOLHISER info to share.

Name:  Roy G. Whyman
Email: rfleprechauns@worldnet.att.net 
Place: Boulder, CO
Date: December 27, 2000 6:12 PM
John Conrad bought land in Nebraska in the 1880's and stated he was from Woodbury County, Iowa.  He is the brother of my grandmother, Elizabeth Conrad Whyman born July 1856 in Indiana, parents unknown.  She was married 14 July 1880 in Lincoln, NE to Horatio O. Whyman, my grandfather.  Any information will be greatly appreciated. 

Name:  Jan
Email: SIVAPD@aol.com 
Place: ?
Date: Wed 12/27/00 11:05 AM
I am looking for possible descendants of William McCauley. William was born around 1859, probably in Wellington County, Ontario, Canada. In October 1881, William wrote to his family stating that he was working in Sioux City and St. James, making two trips a week between the two places. All mail to William could be directed to either place and he would receive it. William died around 1894. Where he is buried, and whether or not he had any descendants is unknown. Any help would be appreciated.  

Name:  Corrine Spring
Email: corrinespring@peoplepc.com 
Place: ?
Date: Wed 11/29/00 9:39 AM
I 'd like to find some information about my grandparent who lived in Sioux City IA, there name were William Collins and Effie Mae Collins

Name:  Jackie Doeden
Email: jdoehhbl@rconnect.com
Place: ?
Date: Saturday, November 11, 2000 3:19
Casey, Ross, Johnson, Bookhardt 1870s-current
Rebecca , John Casey, Byron , Paulina Johnson, Any Ross, James, Rebecca Bookhardt, Eugene Margeson- all in Woodbury county. Please contact me.

Name: Raymond Coon
Location: Gresham, Oregon
Date: Sun 9/24/00 12:15 PM
I have several Coon's that I cannot connect with anyone. All of these Coons are from (buried in) the Correctionville and Anthon area. They are: Marion, Olive, Reece, James, Musetta, Cora, Perry, and Elmer J. Coon. Many of these Coons are from or descended from Coons from the Arena, Iowa County, Wisconsin and the Spring Green, Sauk County, Wisconsin area. Also looking for more information on _any_ Coons from Woodbury and Cherokee Counties. Also there are a lot of connections between the Coon and Anderson family in this area.  

Name: Lauri Deninger
E-Mail:  LDENINGE@avalon.net 
Location: Iowa City, Iowa
Date: Tue 9/19/00 5:12 PM
Looking to exchange info on family of John Thomas CHESLEY (1851-1915) and Betsy Mariah OSBORN (1857-1929).  Children Henrietta, John, Edith, Albert, Eldora, Edward, Charlotte.  Son John b. 1880 in Correctionville, census lists and son Edward b. 1890 Oto Twp, Woodbury Co.  Lived in South Dakota during other 1880s and 1890s.  Will gladly share pix and family history.  THANKS!

Name: Marcella
E-Mail:  alpmmp@AOL.com 
Location: Salem, OR
Date: Tue 9/12/00 5:30 PM
Lovisa, my great grandmother, Born 1841 in Illinois. Marriage to Charles A. Cobb Dec 1855 in Smithland, Iowa. She was daughter of Orrin Boyington Smith and Ceclia Bragg . Buried at Smithland Cemetery. Does anyone have information on Cobb or Smith family in Smithland? Appreciate any information. Thank you. 

Name: Dave Jackson
E-Mail:  DRJ517@aol.com 
Location: Omaha, NE
Date: Wed 8/30/00 4:31 PM
I am researching my grandparents, Gerald Henry WELTE b 27 Feb 1900 d 15 Jun 1988 and Laura Ann COLLINS b 6 Dec 1908 d 26 Jul 1985. Lived in Danbury, IA and raised 11 children. He started Welte Vault Company, still operated by my 2 uncles. Any help would be appreciated.

Name: Micheal Roam
E-Mail:  micheal@pernet.net 
Date: Mon 8/28/00 10:28 PM
I'm looking for any one that may know any info. about my Great-grandmother Cora Belle Case. She was born July 1,1857 in Sioux City. Her mother's name was Adeline (Atwood) Case. I know that she have one brother by the name of Frank. I do not know her Father's name. Thank you for your help

Name: Meredith
E-Mail: mlcram@unlimited.net 
Location:  California
Date: Sat 8/12/00 5:46 PM
I would like to find information on James Weston Cram. James was a rural mail carrier out of Danbury in Woodbury county, Ia. I believe he was born around 1875 to 1880. He married Mary Jacques of shelby. James died April 19th, 1920. He and Mary had four children Eleanor, Ralph, William, and Pyllis. William was born Oct15, 1907. James is my Great Grandfather.  Thank you.

Name:  Laurane Nash
E-Mail: familyties@rttinc.com 
Location:  ?
Date: Sun 8/6/00 10:43 PM
William COE b 1879 d. 1966 in Sioux City IA after leaving Monona Co., IA....after his wife died in Mapleton. Some of his children lived in Monona Co. until they moved to California in the 1930's.  Maybe William was in hospital in the city when he died??  Any clues out there, thanks.

Name:  William Carbaugh 
E-Mail:  w.carbaugh@worldnet.att.net 
Date: Thu 7/20/00 8:08 PM
 Looking for any information on Daniel Carbaugh and family who lived in Sioux City, Woodbury County, IA from at least 1900 to 1920.  Daniel was born about June 1865 in Illinois and died sometime about 1910.  His wife was named Sarah, b. in England, and they had three sons:  Dan, Clyde and William and were living at 703 Court Street in 1920.

Name:  ?
E-Mail:  Bobbiraec@aol.com 
Location:  ?
Date: Thu 7/13/00 5:03 PM
 I'm the Grandaughter of William and Delia Cooley. Was in Iowa in June and saw that someone had been maintaining several of the Cooley relative graves in the Sergeant Buff Cemetery, Woodbury County. Have genealogy information on the Cooley's would like to share with relatives and maybe obtain some.

Name: Mary K. Feeney 
E-Mail: Dead email
Location:  ?
Date: Wed 7/12/00 11:05 PM
Surnames: CROSSON, FINNERAN, LIVERMORE, LYLE, MEAD, TURMAN. Researching family of Charles CROSSON: m. Irene FINNERAN in 1898. The typed index of Woodbury Co. marriage records has their names spelled Charles CRASSAN and Irene TURMAN. Crosson is correct for Charles; now, not sure of spelling of Irene's last name. Also listed in same marriage index: Charles TURMAN m. Betsey LIVERMORE in 1894. Would appreciate hearing from persons researching any of these names to see if there is a connection.

Name: Rose Vosburgh
E-Mail:   rwhyde@locallink.net 
Location:  ?
Date: Sat 5/27/00 11:29 PM
I am looking for any family connection  to  a James Crooker married to Cora Northrop 5-26-1903 in Onawa Iowa and had children in Bronson Iowa. Margaret Crooker born 09-11-1904. Mildred Crooker b.02-25-1906, Helen Crooker b.09-10-1907, Leo Crooker b.03-13-1908. I will be very thankful for any information.

Name:  Ken Mosman
E-Mail: kfmwnc@aol.com 
Location:  ?
Date: Sun 5/14/00 6:09 AM
I am researching the surname CAIN found frequently in Woodbury County records after 1850.

Name:  Marsha Bybee
E-Mail: dead email
Location:  Soda Springs, ID
Date: Wed 4/12/00 8:59 PM
Looking for Cornell family lived in Correctionville Woodbury Co 1880- 1910 also connection with Coolbaugh family lived in Rock Twp 1880's -  Please contact with any names. 

Name:  Christine Martin
E-Mail: christinesoffemartin@hotmail.com
Date: Tue 4/4/00 10:24 PM
I am searching for the descendants of James COOK and Mary STEVENS.  They were married c. 1865 in Wisc. Chn: 1.Rosa b. 1866 Wi, m. ? PARKER, living in Sioux City, IA in 1936, 2. Dora b. 1868 Wi, m. ? COX living in Missouri in 1936 3. Edward b. 1870 IA, living in Sioux City, Iowa in 1936, 4. Blanche L. b. 1873 IA m. Walter S. RATEKIN he died in Sioux City, IA in 1934, she still there in 1936.  their daughter Myrtle died 1982 in Sioux City. 5. Sylvia E. b. 1876 Holt co, NE m. Erwin DAVIS in Powekshiek co Iowa in 1936 m. 2 Edmound O'BRIEN. 6. Walter Ernest b. 1879 Holt co, NE, m. Mattie FARBER in Marshall county, Iowa died 1936. 7. Charles W. b. 1881 Holt co, NE living in Minnesota in 1936. 8. Albert b. 1884 NE living in Marshalltown IA in 1936. Walter and Mattie (FARBER) COOK lived in Jasper and Marshall county, Iowa.  their chn: Walter Jr lived in Mahaska county, IA, Garland E. lived in Sioux City, IA and Ralph (not sure about him). Sylvia COOK and Erwin DAVIS had chn Rosa b. IA, Cecil b IA, Winnifred b. Illinois, James b. IL and Mae b. IL. Winnifred DAVIS b. 1896 Illinois m. 1913 to Oscar Lorn SNYDER probably in Dakota City, NE.  All three of their chn were born in Dakota City, NE.  Oscar Jr, Berneice and Earl.  Winnifred (DAVIS) SNYDER married 2nd her first cousin Garland COOK (son of Walter and Mattie COOK).  They lived in Sioux City and possilby in Elk Point, SD.  Garland died in Sioux City, IA in 1984 and was buried in Dakota City, NE and Winnie died and buried in Sioux City 1962.
Edward CO (s/o James and Mary STEVENS COOK) was living in Sioux City, Iowa in 1936.  I am desperately looking for any information about him or his siblings Rosa (COOK) PARKER and Blanche (COOK) RATEKIN.  Since this family was living in the area so recently, I am hoping that someone will recognize them. Mary (STEVENS) COOK wife of James) married second in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie county, Iowa on 3/9/1887 to Samuel GRAY. They are found in the 1900 Newburg twp, Jasper county, Iowa census with three of her chn: Walter, Charles and Albert.  In 1910 I found Walter in Jasper county and Albert living with his sister Sylvia (COOK) DAVIS in Marshall county.  We think that Mary may have married for a third time.  We have been unable to locate her and Samuel GRAY in the 1910 and 1920 census for the area.  We have a bible notation for a Mary STONE d. 1931 and I have a picture of her which looks a lot like the known picture of Mary STEVENS.  She may have moved to this area before her death. please, anyone with information contact me you can see more detail about this family.

Name:  Lea Miller
E-Mail: dead email
Location: Antioch, CA
Date: Mon 3/27/00 11:10 PM
I am looking for information on my ggrandfather's sister Mary Ida Miller, also known as "Ida". Born Aug 27, 1878 in Lake City, Calhoun Co, IA. Husband was C. H. Chingren. Can place couple in Sioux City IA in 1902 and 1912.

Name:  Karen Lynne {King} Johnson
E-Mail: dougskaren@aol.com
Location:  Seattle, WA
Date: Sat 2/26/00 11:05 AM
Am Looking for info on KING, KILLION, McGRAIN, CALDWELL, FITZPATRICK, REIMERS. Wendell King b:10-17-26 in Germany married Rosa Kaeshemier b:8-1-1834 in Germany. Married in 1854 near Cinn. Ohio. They had Michael born Sept 29,1855 Married Kate Mc Gloine Dec 30,1884 had a daughter Rosa Anna King b:Oct 3,1887 she married John Reimer June 25,1906 at St. Mary's in Danbury. Rosa's mother died when she was 2, Michael may have remarried in Denison and had 4 more children. He died at Maplton ___. Lewis King married Mary Warren they had eight children William, Bertha m:Bybee, Blanche m:Butler  Raymond, Clarence, Irvin, Grace m:Wessel, Eugene. Emma King married Peter A. Killion they had 3 children George,Luke and Louis. Mary King married George Mc Grain they had 3 children Helen, Leo, and Lawrence. Kate King married E. J. Fitzpatrick they had 7 children Ruth, Alice, Dan, James, Lucy, Charles and Leo. Rosa King married a Caldwell. This is all the information I have and am searching to fill in the blanks.

Name:  Rebecca Coffman
E-Mail: CRAZYGIRL51105@aol.com
Location: ?
Date: Wed 2/2/00 1:33 AM
I am looking for information on Debra Sue Coffman. I would like all the information about her death from the papers and records that you could find for me. Thank you.

Name:  Rhonda Buffington
E-Mail: rhondab@cyberhighway.net
Location: ?
Date: Sun 1/30/00 1:52 PM
Looking for information on Robert Carver Born Jan 19 1904 Son of William Orland and Annis (Hubbard) Carver. Robert Died November 12 1992 at Wolf Memorial Good Samaritan Center in Albion. He married Mildred Louis Beyer October 9 1928 in Sioux City, Iowa. Know children are Betty carver Olnes Kathleen Carver Krier Robert Carver Jr Donald Carver and Richard (Dick) Carver. Can anyone be of help with this family. Thank you.  

Name: Ariel Bloom
E-Mail: Ariel7826@aol.com
Location: Iowa 
Date: Wed 1/12/00 1:06 PM
My mothers parents are buried at the Morningside Cemetery in Sioux City, Iowa., Woodbury County. As a little girl I remember going their on Memorial Day. Am trying to find family connection to these grandparents. Mason Warren SEVY b 11-17-1873 d 1-2-1952 Annie Lydia (AMICK) HAYNES b 9-15-1879 d 1-22-1936 not sure where their parents are buried and would like to solve that mystery too. They are: Hueston W. HAYNES b 1-18-1848 d 1926 m Catherine AMICK b 1848 (?) d 6-1930 believe they are both buried in Russellville, WVA but would like to know for sure. My grandfathers memorial book says the service was at the Christy Funeral Home in Sioux City, Ia. Laid to rest on 1-5-1952 In the memorial book some of the visitors were: Mrs. G L HAYNES , G C HAYNES, Mr. and Mrs. Dave COPENHAVER, Mr. William AMICK and Mr Harley AMICK If you recognize any of these names please let me know. My These would have been cousins or Aunts and Uncles I assume. A Mrs. Bert ANDERSON also signed the book. Family? I am not sure. The rest of the names in the book I either recognize or cannot place to a family connection. Any help in connecting with family would be so appreciated. Thanks for any help. 

Name:  Robert P. (Gil) Gililland
E-Mail:  rgilill369@aol.com
Location: Newport News, Virginia.
Date: Fri 1/7/00 6:27 PM
 I am Searching for information with regard to William Joseph Slocum Cremin who was born around 1881 in New Haven, Connecticut and migrated to Sioux City. He was, I believe, a physician and married a nurse from Winnepeg, Canada by the name of Kathleen Storey. Appreciate any and all help I can get. I'm relatively new to this genealogy game. It's fascinating.
Name: Raymond Coon
E-Mail: jeramo@teleport.com
Location: Gresham, Oregon
Date: Sun 12/19/99 4:39 PM
Edward Coon lived in Correctionville Possibly born there. Possibly died in Sioux City Any information about his death, birth, progeny, parents, origins. Father of Merlin, Lynn, Marjorie, Duane Coon
Name: Clara Rees
E-Mail: dead email
Location:  Longview Washington
Date: Fri 12/10/99 9:47 AM
I am searching for any information on the HORACE EMORY CROFOOT family. Horace married AMELIA MATILDA HAYWARD, they had at least seven children, GEORGE R., ELSIE MAY, CHARLES H., SUZE E., BERT E., IDA P. (my grandmother) and MYRTLE F.  anything on this family is appreciated.   Thank you 
Name: Patty Flemming
E-Mail: justme@schallertel.net
Location: Correctionville
Date: Wed 11/10/99 12:36 PM
I have extensive information regarding.... Flemming and Callaghan name in Woodbury County. My married named is Flemming and my Husbands Mothers name was Callaghan. So If you wish to add me to the list Thanks.
Name: rob crawford
E-Mail: rob88scps@yahoo.com
Location: ?
Date: Sun 11/7/99 12:11 PM
Looking for information about ancestors of Lively CALHOUN, born 1 Oct 1873 in Argenta, Illinois. He married Myrtle May WOODLE in April 1897 in Luverne, Rock County, Minnesota. Died 17 Jan 1901 in Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa. 
Name:  Roy G. Whyman 
E-Mail:  rfleprechauns@worldnet.att.net
Location: Boulder, Colorado.
Date: Thu 11/4/99 10:33 PM
Seeking any information on John R. Conrad and wife, Minnie F. Conrad. Lived in Woodbury County, Iowa in 1890. He is the brother of Elizabeth Conrad, born 1856 in Indiana. Elizabeth Conrad married Horatio O. Whyman in Lincoln, Nebraska 14 July 1880. I am the grandson of Elizabeth Conrad but have not been able to find any other information on my grandmother, Elizabeth Conrad. John R. Conrad bought property in Norfolk, Nebraska in 1890 and stated he was from Woodbury County, Iowa. Would appreciate any help. Thanks 
Name: Bernard Cote
E-Mail: Irishcuzin@AOL.com
Location: ?
Date: Mon 11/1/99 11:45 PM
I would like to have some confirming information on possible cemetery location in Sioux City of Raphael Cote who died there in 1977. This 1st cousin, once removed, was born in Midland, Mi. in 1904. Reportedly moved to Ill >Ind > IA. I would be appreciative of any confirming info.  
Name:  Tricia Miller-Kale 
E-Mail: dead email
Date: Mon 10/25/99 10:31 PM
I am interested in any information regarding a Herman Edwin Carlson (Karllson). He was born in Sweden (March 24th 1891). He came to the US from Sweden at the age of 17. He lived in Minnesota for several years before settling in Iowa. He resided in the Sioux City area (Woodbury county).  He was married on Feb 28th 1925 in Sioux City Iowa in the Swedish Lutheran Church. to Myrtle Daisy Johnson (born Feb 28th, 1898 in Bronson Iowa). Together they had 3 girls and 2 boys. 2 daughters still living and one son. If you have any ideas on how to find out any  information in regards to this I would very much like to know.
Name: Roy G. Whyman 
E-Mail:  rfleprechauns@worldnet.att.net
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Date: Tue 10/19/99 3:55 PM
Seeking any information on John R. Conrad and his wife, Minnie who lived in Woodbury County, Iowa in the 1880's. He is believed to be the brother of Elizabeth Conrad Whyman, wife of H. O. Whyman of Norfolk, NE. We are trying to learn who parents of John R. Conrad were and any other information available. 
Name: M Rapp 
E-Mail:  RAppm@Aol.com 
Location: ?
Date: Wed 10/13/99 2:06 AM
Searching for Nancy Anne Giffin nee Cody who gave birth to a son in Sioux City on 9-16-58, was attended by a physician in a hospital, probably not an Iowa resident, said to have been married, other children and from Pennsylvania. Need to find any information from Iowa vital stats that would help me find her; need medical information. Thank you
Name: Christi CARTER Kilduff
E-Mail:  kilduffons@aol.com
Location: Martinez, CA
Date: Sun 10/10/99 1:00 PM
I am totally stumped in my research and am hoping to touch bases with anyone who might be researching or have a connection to my CARTER line. My grandfather was Lewis Napoleon CARTER, b. 25 Oct 1877 in Sergeant Bluff, IA, married 3 Nov 1917, Sioux City, to Fanny May (Marianne) BOWYER, b. 23 Sept 1893 in Yankton, SD. He died 4 April 1957 in Sioux City. I am trying to trace his line backwards and am encountering a great deal of difficulty.......all I know so far about his father is that his name was William W. CARTER, b. circa Jan/Feb 1840 in NY, married Hattie SMITH (m. date unknown) b. circa 1851/52 in NY/NJ. William died a widower on 26 Feb 1903 in Sergeant Bluff. Can anyone lead me in the right direction to acquire further data? Many thanks in advance! 
Name:   Linda (Cady) Grannis
E-Mail: winnysuppy@aol.com 
Location: ?
Date: Fri 9/10/99 12:59 AM
I am looking for any descendants of my gr-grandfathers' brother's family. Alpheus Bowman Cady moved to Iowa 1866. He lived there till 1874, he returned to his home state of PA. for 6 yrs and returned in 1880 where he died in Sloan, Woodbury Co, Iowa on 2-26-1912 (buried in Sloan Cemetery) His wife was Henriette Snyder and they had 5 children: Zella b. 1865 in PA. - mrd. James Lamb Harvey b. 1869 Woodbury, IA - mrd. Nellie Wellington James b. 1875 - PA. - mrd. 1-Tillie Brown 2-Maggie McClure Sarah b. 1877-PA. mrd. George Harper William b. 1881 -Iowa mrd. Marian Weir Anyone having information on any of the above people and their descendants, please e-mail  thank you.
Name:  Jennifer Johnson
E-Mail: jennjohnson@msn.com 
Location: ?
Date: Fri 9/10/99 12:59 AM
ADAMS/ANDERSON surname query I am looking for information on Matthew Thompson Adams and his wife Anna Amelia Anderson. They were married in March 1893, at the time she was only 17 years old. They migrated to South Dakota, then to Niobrara, Nebraska in 1903. They had a total of 10 children together. From a previous marriage, Matthew had six other children (3 boys and 3 girls). I believe that his first wife was named Belle Coatch or Isabelle Coats. Any information on the family would be greatly appreciated.
Name:  Julie Nissen
E-Mail: NISSEN6@aol.com
Location: ?
Date: Sat 9/4/99 12:57 PM
I am looking for the birth place of my great grandfather in Ireland. His name is James Augustine Cunnigham. He lived around Anthon and Danbury. He was born 8/3/1876 in Ireland and came to Iowa approximately 1900-10. He married Mary Elizabeth Helen Maquire on 2/8/1910. He passed away on 5/6/1957. Thanks in advance for any help or guidance in the right direction!
Name:  Marjorie Ferris
E-Mail: MBFerris@aol.com
Location: Rialto, CA
Date: Tue 8/31/99 3:29 PM
Would like to find any descendants of Johnson FARRIS (1829-1907) & Chlorinda Ann WARHUBB (1834-1911). Re their children, Amanda Jane FARRIS (1854-?) & Francis Frank FARRIS (1849-?) had 3 children born in Sioux City; Lavice FARRIS (1856-1937) & William CASSMAN (1849-1926) had 9 of their 10 children born in Sioux City; Vernum Hardin FARRIS (1859-1945) & Mary Louise ROE (1859-1932) had 4 of their 9 children born in Woodbury County and 2 others who died in Sioux City, as did Vernum; Sarah Emory FARRIS (1876-1945) & Samuel MARINE (1865-?) had 2 of their 9 children born in Sioux City. Any information appreciated.

Name: Edward C. Clarey
E-Mail: dead email
Location: ?
Date: Mon 7/5/99 11:30 AM
Thank you in advanced for the opportunity to discover a little more of my family history. Looking for information on : Edward Clifford Clarey, born in Woodbury county around 1901-1905, reside in Akron Iowa all his life. Sons: Thomas, Clifford, James, Clarence, Robert Daughters: Lavonne. Mary, Irene, Phyllis Thanks again, Edward C. Clarey

Name: ?
E-Mail: mailto:Bobbiraec@aol.com
Location: ?
Date: Wed 6/23/99 12:19 AM
I'm looking for a Selina Chadwick.It is believed that she married Ruben Cooley prior to 1879 in Woodbury County, Iowa.She gave birth to a Son named William Cooley in late (November) 1979.It is believed that she died giving birth to William since Ruben Cooley then married a Mary Miller in 1880.† 

Name: ?
E-Mail: mailto:C36U@aol.com
Location: ?
Date: Wed 6/16/99 10:16 PM
Looking for info on Anastasia or Hannah Coyle. Have no info on her other than her maiden name of Gauthier (Gothier) and that she married Thomas Coyle July 6, 1857 at Sinsinawa Mound, WI. The only info I have on her is from a Woodbury County Census for 1900 showing her widowed with 3 son's, Joseph, Charles and Walter. Any further info would be appreciated.† 

Name: Doris Morley
E-Mail: mailto:ddacres@directcon.net
Location: ?
Date: Sat 5/29/99 9:40 PM
"We are researching the CASE line in and around Woodbury, IA.  WILLIAM CASE and his wife ELIZABETH (WILKIE) CASE had three children, Homer, Anna, and George Francis who was born 9 Mar 1874.  Elizabeth died in childbirth with George Francis.  William was a stagecoach driver and could not care for the children, who were taken in by relatives.  George was ultimately adopted by Daniel Morley and his wife in 1885.  Homer CASE lived in Council Bluffs and Anna lived in Glenwood.  Searching for more info on this family."

Name: Jack Starry
E-Mail: mailto:starry1@prodigy.net
Location: Surprise, AZ
Date: Mon 5/10/99 12:40 PM
I am looking for the marriage information, including record ID, for Miles P. CHUMLEA married in Sioux City ca 1907. Thank you for your help

Name: Ruth Mathieu
E-Mail: mailto:RUPEMAT@aol.com
Location: Sun City, Az
Date: Tue 4/27/99 10:47 AM
David James Craite, d 1/19/1959, buried Sioux City, Iowa. Married 2x, to Naomi Zoerb, and then, Myrtle Resing. I believe his mother lived with him in later years, and died in 1912 in Sioux City, but was buried in Mishicot, Wisconsin. Anyone know of this family?

Name: Mary Feeney
E-Mail: Dead Email 
Location: ?
Date: Fri 4/16/99 2:05 PM
Surnames: CONNOR, Thomas, (CROSSAN/ON), Charles (Johnson County, Iowa > Sioux City, Iowa), FINNERAN, Irene. Would appreciate hearing from descendants or relatives of the Charles and Irene (Finneran) CROSSAN/ON family and from the Thomas CONNOR family, residents of Sioux City late 1890s to early 1900s. Charles was brother of my grandfather.

Name: Marian
Email: eepedersen@msn.com
Location: ?
Time: Wed 4/7/99 10:07 PM
I would like information on the following: Levi GULLIFORD, Father of Samuel, Samuel K. GULLIFORD. Father of Lillian , born: 26 July 1842, Chautauqua, Chautauqua Co., NY . He lived in Correctionville, Woodbury, Iowa. Lavinia L. CAVE GULLIFORD, Mother of Lillian, born: 20 Oct 1848, Coral, McHenry, Illinois . She lived in Correctionville, Woodbury, Iowa . Lillian Opal GULLIFORD , born: 18 Dec 1873, Correctionville, Woodbury, Iowa, married: 8 April 1896, Correctionville, Woodbury, Iowa. spouse: George Alexander FERNEY, Nellie GULLIFORD , born: 19 Mar 1871, Richville, Woodbury, Iowa . William Henry GULLIFORD, born: 28 Sep 1868, Waverly, Bremer, Iowa . He lived in Correctionville, Woodbury, Iowa, Lottie GULLIFORD, born: 4 Feb 1876, Correctionville, Woodbury, Iowa, married: 8 Oct 1902, L. E. Crain. baby GULLIFORD, born: 5 Feb 1883, Correctionville, Woodbury, Iowa, died: 1 Feb 1884, Correctionville, Woodbury, Iowa. George Alexander FERNEY, born: 17 Aug 1871, Independence, Behrn, Iowa. married: Lillian Gulliford, 8 Apr 1896, Correctionville, Woodbury, Iowa. (I have a copy of the Marriage Record "K" Woodbury Co., Iowa. The number at the top, left hand side is #204.) Clifford Lynn FERNEY, born: 10 Sept 1899, Correctionville, Woodbury, Iowa. Opal Lillian FERNEY, born: Idaho, Lyle Carl FERNEY, born: 30 Aug 1901, Winterset, Madison, Iowa . Leland Henry FERNEY , born in Idaho , Merlin George FERNEY, born: 26 Sept 1897, Correctionville, Woodbury, Iowa, Lavinia Cave GULLIFORD, had a brother, Edson Cave and his family, wife: Lillie Everts, daughter of George Everts (pioneer)and their children were: Harley CAVE, Pearl CAVE, Forrest CAVE, Goldie CAVE, and Hazel CAVE, also living in Correctionville, Woodbury, Iowa. at the time also. I have a copy of a newspaper clipping from the Sioux City Journal dated Aug 28, 1901 about J. Harley Cave. I understand that the Gulliford's had deeded land in Correctionville. And that part of the town is now on part of the land that they had. At the Correctionville cemetery the following are buried. Marie, wife of W.H. GULLIFORD born July 31, 1874 died Dec 28, 1919. (I don't know how this one connects but I know they are related.) Levi Gulliford died: July 16, 1900. 84y's 3m's 8 d's. G/GULLIFORD on stone in cemetery. Baby GULLIFORD daughter of SK & LL Gulliford born Feb 5, 1883 died Feb 1, 1884. Pearl M. CAVE, died: Feb 25, 1884. I would like to have a copy of the Homesteading Deed, Tax Records, Census Records, city directories, etc. I would like to find and have copies of the newspaper items of all these people's deaths And anything else you can think of that would give me a history of these people. How they lived, where they lived and etc. I am the granddaughter of Opal Lillian Gulliford Ferney. I can't seem to get any more information of their relatives. Thanks so much for the consideration.

 Name: Christine Martin
E-mail: dead email
Location: ?
Date: Mon 4/5/99 9:46 PM
Looking for information about Edward COOK b. c. 1870 IA, son of James and Mary Stevens Cook. According to his brothers obituary in 1936 Edward Cook was living in Sioux City at the time. I believe his sisters Rosa Cook Parker and Dora Cook Cox or Blanche Cook Ratekin were also living in Sioux City. I do not know if he married or when he died. I am hoping to contact any descendants of this Cook family. Edward's siblings are Rosa b. 1866 Wisc. Dora b. 1868 Wisc, Blanche b. 1873 IA, Sylvia b. 1876 NE, Walter b. 1879 NE, Charles b. 1881 NE and Albert b. 1884 NE. I believe there was one other sibling but not sure. Thanks 

Name: Reavil Hankins
E-mail: reavilh@yahoo.com
Location: ?
Date: Sat 4/3/99 8:41 PM
Seeking desendants of Henry JANDT and Rhoda CARROLL, married in Bond Co., Il and moved to Sioux City. Two known children Edward, and W.R. 

Name: Allen J. Peterson
E-mail: ajpeterson@compuserve.com
Date: Thus 4/1/99 6:01 PM
We are looking for info on great-grandparents in the 1860s-1870s. Charles TRIPP married Edith (Unknown), 4 daughters (no sons), Clara (born Sioux City 1875?), Caroline, Alice, Edith, Family lore has it that Charles was a stage-coach driver on the Deadwood City run, participated in a few Indian fights, and knew both Wild Bill Hickok and Buffalo Bill. Since daughter Clara was born in Sioux City, they may have been married there as well. We don't know if she was the oldest, youngest, or in the middle. Daughter Clara married George Franklin CROWE from Boone Co. IA. He was a railroad brakeman. There is no knowledge about where they married, but they had 3 older boys in the 1890-1900 timeframe (Fredrick Arthur, Charles Kenneth, and Raymond Edward), and a younger son Harry Franklin born 1/9/1913 in Albert Lea MN. Clara's sister Caroline was reportedly married to a wealthy drug store owner during the 1920s'. Clara's son Harry told us he stayed with them for a few years after his mother died (1920-1925 range?). If they still lived in Sioux City, he probably went to school there. He did describe formal dinners every night, dressing up in a suit, with cooks and maids waiting on them. Harry's full name was Harry Franklin CROWE. He is buried in St. Paul MN. Can you give us any help or suggestions as to how to proceed? We have a nephew within a hundred miles of Sioux City who would be happy to help in any way he can. Thanks.

 Name: ?
E-Mail: reavilh@yahoo.com
Location:. ?
Date: Thu 4/1/99 7:19 AM
Searching for descendants of Henry JANDT and Rhoda CARROLL, married in Bond co., ILL and moved to Woodbury Co., IA. Henry was born abt 1830, and Rhoda was born 1835. Known children are Edward and W. H. JANDT. Would like to share info.

Name: Marsha Bybee
E-Mail: bybewill@isu.edu
Location:. Soda springs, ID
Date: Wed 3/31/99 9:41 AM
Looking for Corydon & Ellis (Holmes) Coolbaugh lived 1870-1885 at Rock Twp, Woodbury Co- Ellis died here 27 Jan 1882 buried at Correctionville. 

 Name: Ginny Garczynski
E-Mail: ginnygar@fast.net
Location:. Norristown, PA
Date: Wed 3/24/99 10:58 AM
Seeking whereabouts of Richard/William and Susan COKER. I have not been able to track them after their appearance in the 1870 Sioux City, Iowa Census. They migrated from Luzerne County, PA (1850 Census) to Lee County, Illinois (1860 Census) to Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa (1870 Census) Info on Coker Family in 1870 Sioux City Census: Coker, Richard, age 54, Birhtplace: PA, Coker, Susan, age 47, Birhtplace: PA, Coker, Louis, age 17, Birhtplace: PA, Coker, Amanda, age 13, Birthplace: Illinois, Coker, Ellsworth, age 10, Birthplace: Illinois, Coker, Lucy A., age 4, Birthplace: Illinois, Mills, Ella, age 32, Birthplace: PA, Mills, Robert, age 36,Birthplace:Ohio, Mills, Frank, age 6,Birthplace:Illinois, Mills, Emma, age 3,Birthplace:Iowa, Any info about this family would be really appreciated. Thank you

Name: Janet Chilton Aunan
E-Mail: jea@netins.net
Date: Tue 2/23/99 10:27 AM
I would like to contact a member of the family of Baltazar Castro b 1935 m 1955 San Diego Doris Marie Baker b 1936 Sioux City daughter of Jackson L Baker and Dorothea Byers. they had three children: Deborah Castro b 1956 m 1941 Stan Eilers, Diane Castro b 1957 m Randall Peter, Darla Castro b 1961 m Korey Evers. ( I checked the White Pages on internet, but didn't come up with an address.) I have questions about the family of Dorothea Marie Byers She was dau. Charles A Byers and Marian Lucille McNeill b 1918 l 3318 Jones She is a Mormons. (possibly deceased) Her Mom died in Sioux City and would like a date. (Marian Byers) Where is she buried. (An Obit?) My grandfather was Charles Mack Cook d Sioux City 1930's.(an Obit?) He was the brother of Marian's Mother Mary Magdalene Cook who married Edwin McNeill. Charlie had two brothers I would like to find more on them:. Benjamin Franklin Cook (who visited Sioux City when the folks lived on Garretson) Robert Cook who lived Ky - so would like to get in touch with this family , and see if someone might have some answers. I need to get some deeds and wills fm Elk Point - do they have an Internet ads?  

Name: Mark P Bennet
E-Mail: MPBennett1@aol.com
Date: Tue 2/23/99 1:27 AM
I am trying to gather info regarding the family of Thams A CHRISTY who lived in Sioux City for some time in the mid 1870's. His Wife Mary Elizabeth DUNTON taught as a private tutor for many years in the area where she met Thomas one of her Adult Students. I have the following children listed through this marriage: Elmer G Christy b. 1864, Effie S Christy b. 1869, Harriet M Chrsity b. 1873, Ross S Christy b. 1877, Erma I Christy b. 1879, Jessie A Chrsity b. 1886, Mary also had a son from her first marriage, Orlo M Munger, Does anyone recognize any of these folks? Thank you -. 

 Name: Jackie Nielson 
E-Mail: jackierubn@hubwest.com
Date: Wed 2/17/99 3:26 PM
I am looking for info on the Daniel COOPER/Francis Augusta KAMINSKY family. They lived in Woodbury Co in the 1920's. They had one daughter Anna who married Charles HULING, and lived in Sioux City in 1925. They are also related my marriage to the VAUGHN family of Correctionville.

Name: Sondra Peterson
E-Mail: ms42son@aol.com
Date: Sun 2/7/99 7:28 PM
Looking for any info on CONLIN, Charles Franklin b. 16Jan1885 IA d. Jan1968 Sioux City, Woodbury Co. IA m. BISHOP, Edna Parents of Charles F. CONLIN were John T. CONLIN and Mary Augusta DILL. Grandparents were James Thomas CONLIN B. ABT 1790 Ireland and Bridgett unknown. Would like any info on his children and ancestors that anyone could share I believe some relatives must have lived in Woodbury Co IA as his parents lived in KS after 1878 but Charles went back to IA. If anyone has access to OBITS maybe some clue there. Thanks in advance.

Name: The Thompsons 
E-Mail: hthompson@netutah.com
Date Sat 2/6/99 1:28 AM
I am looking for information on Samuel Cummins and his family. He was born in 1867 in Ireland. He married Anna Coughlin in Atlantic Iowa. There children were born in Sioux City, Woodbury county. The children names are: W.J, born April 4, 1893; Lucille, born aug. 10 1894; Charles Ray, born aug.13 ,1897; Edward F., born March 7 1902; Agnella, born Sept. 29, 1904 and there could be a daughter Eleanor. Charles was sometimes called Ray. He married Gretha Ennis Miller. They are my grandparents. They had two children William Neil, my father, and Betty Ann. Betty Ann only lived four months.

Name: Denise Kay Robinson
E-Mail: denisekay711@yahoo.com
Location: Odenton, Md.
Date: Wed 1/27/99 12:33 PM
I am searching for any information on Beresford Robinson and his wife Elizabeth Stucker. Beresford Robinson was born in Kentucky abt 1798/1799. His family moved to Indiana, where in Washington County, Indiana on November 29, 1819 he married Elizabeth Stucker. From Washington County, they moved to Putnam County, Indiana. They had at least one son, Elijah Kennedy Robinson born about1823. Around 1846 they headed to Iowa. Elijah Kennedy Robinson married Lydia Colver on March 28, 1848 in Van Buren, County Iowa. In 1850 the family is living in Lucas County Iowa. Family notes and an old family written history state that Beresford Robinson and his family moved to Sioux City, Woodberry County, Iowa. I have been unable to find any information on Beresford Robinson's family after the 1850 census. I would appreciate any information or help you might be able to give me. I am willing to share all my Robinson family information. Thank you! Denise Kay Robinson, e-mail: denisekay711@yahoo.com, 583 Rita Drive, Odenton, Md.,21113, phone:410-551-7092, 410-674-2551

Name: Tom Walsh 
E-Mail: tomw2_@excite.com 
Location: Santa Cruz, CA
Date: Tue 1/19/99 12:41 PM
I am looking for any information on my Grandmother, Mary A. Chapman Walsh. She lived in Sioux City in 1909 to 1916, I believe.. Married Thomas Walsh of Detroit Michigan in 1910 or 1911. Had two children, Thomas and Mary Elizabeth. Also had a sister come live with her from Texas, Mrs. Rip Parker. Please contract me if you have any information. Thank you. 
Update 3/30/01 

Name: Jeff Haakinson
E-Mail: Jhaaki8509@aol.com
Location: ?
Date: Wed 12/16/98 7:50 PM
I am looking for any information for my GGF Enos Joseph CARR born about 13 Jan 1869 in Ida Grove Iowa. He died in Jun 1949 in Woodbury IA. He was married to Sadie Ellen (Listenburger) CARR, born about 1871, died in Nov 1944 in Woodbury Co Iowa. I am looking for any information on the CARR family or persons who might be related. 

Name: Ron Flynn
E-Mail: rflynn@hayburn.com
Location: Holland, Michigan
Date: Fri 12/11/98 9:15 AM
I am looking for information and living ancestors of the CROIX family who came from France and settled in Sioux City in 1893. The CROIX's had at least one child, Irma CROIX, born in France in 1880. In 1902-3 Irma CROIX married Theodore Flynn of Winnetka, Illinois and moved there.

Email: jona@trib.com
Location: ?
Time: Tue 10/27/98 2:23 PM
Looking for info on a James J. ARNOLD and his Louisa lived near Sloan, Ia. in late 1800's Their last daughter Nina ARNOLD went to high school there. Melissa Jane Arnold KELSO and her husband William C KELSO also lived there for a time. James and Louisa are supposed to be buried there. William Benjamin ARNOLD married a Etta BEAVER in Woodbury Co. Etta BEAVER ARNOLD is supposedly buried in Sloan. Their kids Suel O. ARNOLD, Lyman ARNOLD, Samuel ARNOLD, and Mattie ARNOLD may have gone to school there. Any info on these families or if you are a descendant of one of these people, please email info. Thank you 

Name: Ray Graham 
Email: annab123@webtv.net
Location: Sunnyvale, Ca., US
Time: Saturday, October 17, 1998 at 01:01:48
Comments: Looking for any information about the Crane family. They had daughter named JoAnn all from Woodbury.

Name: Pat Wahl
Location: Salem, OR
Email: wahlhood@aol.com
Time: Thu 10/15/98 9:28 PM
I am looking for the family of R. E. CASE and wife, Grace Edith (STREAN) CASE who were living in 1915 at 818 Plymouth Street in Sioux City. They had 4 children by 1915, two boys and two girls. R. E. CASE was a RR engineer. Any help greatly appreciated.

Name: Pat Wahl
Email: Wahlhood@aol.com
Location: Salem, OR
Time: Fri 10/2/98 2:51 PM
I am looking for GRACE EDITH STREAN who was born in 1886 in S.D. Married R. E. CASE by 1915 and was living at 818 Plymouth St., in Sioux City. She had 4 children by 1915, two boys and two girls, and R. E. CASE was a RR engineer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

Name: ?
Location:. ?
Email: tmuggs@minn.net
Time: Sun 9/20/98 11:09 AM
I am looking for information about JAMES MAYCLIN who married EVA COON in Correctionville in 1892. Four children, Victor, Lee, Golda, Harry, were born in Correctionville. They are both buried in Correctionville as are his parents JAMES AND ANNIE HOWARD MAYCLIN. WILLIAM WILEY COON and ELIZABETH ANDERSON COON both died in Leeds and 8 of their 11 children were born in Correctionville. They were there approximately from 1880 to 1900 when they moved to Leeds.

Name: Carole Jean Anderson Whitten
My Location: ROCK FARM in Martin County, TX
Email: Cwhitten@midland.edu
Time: Fri 9/11/98 3:12 PM [updated: Tuesday, March 16, 2004 6:15:27 PM]
My great grandmother was Nancy Jane Edwards Crowl. She left her husband and went to Washington / Idaho about 1897 and married Albert O. Trudell. Albert and Nancy are buried in the Spokane Cemetery, Spokane, WA.

Orson Fremont Crowl lived in Correctionville. He was my great grandfather. His eldest daughter Celestie (Lesta) Jeanettie Crowl Ritts Watson lived in Correctionville, IA; Anthon, IA; Algonquin, IL; and Sioux City, IA.


Name: Gary Pratt
Email: butch1@netins.net
Location: West Union, IA, USA
Time: Sat, 5 Sep 1998 19:22:04 -0500 (CDT)
Looking for information on Lloyd CARDWELL, born Concord Twp, Woodbury County, sometime in 1878. Married my grandmother, Gilka "A" (Gail) BUSS, in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co, on 17 Jan 1907. Had 2 daughters, Grace and Helen, born 1908 and 1909 in Deuel County, NE. Lloyd and grandma then divorced. No idea where Lloyd went from there. Parents were Albert CARDWELL and Cora SMITH married 10 Nov 1877 in Lincoln, Plymouth County, IA

Name: Roxanne Cole
Email: MamaRedd@aol.com
Location: Eugene, Or
Time: Tue 9/1/98 11:45 PM
I am researching my CLINGENPEEL line and have a couple of great aunt, uncles that were born in Danbury, Woodbury, Iowa in the late1870-80's. Would like to find out more about them if possible. Also a possibility is their mother might have been born there DICKERSON, Olive Anne Elizabeth born December 25, 1863. John CLINGENPEEL and Olive DICKERSON were married around the late 1870's and had a total of 13 children in their life time. I have only been able to find a little information about 6, one being my grandfather. 

Name: Joanna Black
Email: jcblack@prodigy.net
Location: Mukilteo, WA
Time: Tue 8/25/98 2:31 PM
I am researching the Benjamin F. COOK family ... Benjamin and his first wife Mary (Andre) moved to Sioux City, Woodbury County about 1886 from eastern Iowa (Cedar, Scott Counties). Mary died in 1894 and is buried at Floyd Cemetery. Benjamin (B. 1843) and Mary had the following children: Benjamin A. (drowned at McCook Lake), Willard, Nathan L., Jettie Pearl, and Bessie Lucille. Benjamin married Synthia Caroline WIDNER (born 1863) in 1895 in Sioux City. She was the daughter of John G. WIDNER and Sarah MORRELL. I believe some of the WIDNER family may have moved to South Dakota. Synthia's brothers and sisters were: Mary, William, John Ransom, George M., Sarah Jane, Sonora and Nancy.I do not have any information on what happened to Benjamin COOK, Synthia and family after the 1900 Sioux City census. Perhaps they even had children. Benjamin's son, Nathan L. COOK (born 1880), married in Sioux City, 1901,to Edith GOTHAM the daughter of Gilbert and Amanda GOTHAM. In the late1920's the Gothamís were in Minnesota and Edith is listed as a Mrs. Miller. Did Nathan die young or were they divorced? Information on any of these families to assist in the location of my ancestor, Benjamin and children, would be much appreciated.

Name: Roxanne Cole
Email: MamaRedd@aol.com
Location: Eugene, OR.
Time: Sat 8/22/98 7:55 PM
I am researching the Clingenpeel line... The info I have is on John and Oive Anne Elizabeth (Dickerson) Clingenpeel lived in Danbury, Woodbury, Iowa during the 1880's. I am not sure where Olive Ann was born; date of birth December 25 1863. They had at least one child born in Danbury, Woodbury Iowa-- Maude Elymrtia Clingenpeel. I do not know when they left Iowa but the next child that I have found the place of birth for was my grandfather Howard in 1892. He was born in Nebraska. There are at least 2 other children in between Maude and Howard: Harry and Olive Lucinda Clingenpeel, with most information unknown. Any information would be appreciated 

Name: Alana Bauman
Email: sbauman@netnitco.net
Location: DeMotte, IN
Time: Thu 8/6/98 4:43 AM
Does anyone know what happened to William Robert CRITSER? He was b. 1828 IN, son of Wm Critser & Hannah Robertson. He m. Mary Jane McDaniel in 1850 Decatur Co., IN. He then m. Mary J Murphy in 1870 Appanoose Co., IA. He was last found in 1880 Lakeport twp., Woodbury Co., IA. Among his children were George W. m. TX & d. in Neveda;Sarah C m. Wm Harvey Strunk & d. in Idaho; John A d.1857 age 1 in Appanoose Co; Mary E Mildred m. John James Cain 1880 Salix, Woodbury Co., IA & d. Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA. Thomas J d. Neveda; Joseph Hastings d. Idaho; Andrew Robinson d. Idaho.

Name: Phyllis Moulton
E-mail: xmoulton@bellsouth.net
Location: Sioux City, IA
Time: 12:45 pm 7/25/98
Comments: I am searching for information regarding William J. COGHLAN born 1884 in Iowa. Supposedly from Sioux City area and had something to do with newspapers. Married Bertha WIRF, daughter Lucille born in Yankton, SD 1912. Any info on Coghlan or connections would be greatly appreciated.

Email: shortycooper@tri-lakes.net
Location: ?
Time: Sat 7/18/98 3:19 PM
I am looking for info on Frank D. Payne who was married to Clara Crowther in Woodbury co. Iowa between 1880 to 1885. He was my mother's father. Your assistance is appreciated.

Name: Robert Shepherd
Email: rshepherd@shastalink.k12.ca.us
Location: Cottonwood, CA, USA
Time: Monday, July 6, 1998 at 03:19:07
Comments: I need to obtain obituary information on Hannah Henrietta SMITH, who died 10 Mar 1908 Place: Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa. She was the widow of Truman Comstock SMITH. I believe her maiden name was CONRAD. Is there an address of where I can obtain death records for 1908? Thanks very much.

Name: Jim Fleeney
Email: Dead email.
Location: ?
Time: Wed 7/1/98 10:07 AM
Grandparents, James P. and Mary Tess Fitzgerald CROSSON, lived in the Sioux City area approximately 1904-1908. They were en-route from Johnson County, Iowa, to South Dakota. Their fourth child was born in Sioux City in 1905. Brother to James, Charles CROSSON (sometimes spelled CRISSON/CRASSAN), may have settled in Woodbury County.

Name: Jeff Clemens 
Email: jclemens@dodgenet.com
Location: ?
Time: Wed 6/24/98 9:50 AM
I was born Sept 30, 1958 in Sioux City at Saint Joseph's Hospital and put up for adoption shortly there after. My mother was 23 years old at the time of my birth and had red hair. She was from an area farm near Sioux City. My father was in the army and had an interest in golf .I was adopted through the Catholic Charities Adoption Agency and can't get any information from them. Would like to find birth mother for medical reasons. Thanks! 515-573-7288

Name: Frances Taber
Email: taber@net-magic.net
Date: Tuesday, June 02, 1998 3:30 AM
Researching, in Woodbury County, Iowa: COPENHAVER--descendants of both Samuel and David, following 1865. Frances Wentz Taber, Fernandina Beach, Florida.

Name: Dale Ice
Email: daleice@mcn.org
Location: Point Arena, CA, USA
Time: Wednesday, December 17, 1997 at 01:04:58
I am looking for descendants of Nimrod & Dorcas Conway (Conaway) who lived near Oto, Iowa appox. 1870.My great grandfather, Emery Camwell Ice, lived with them at that time. I believe he was a cousin to Nimrod. They were all from Marion Co. WV.

Name: Joanne Grauwen
Location: Eatonville, WA
Date: Monday, November 24, 1997 at 16:14:43
Margaret ANDERSON COPENHAVER married Samuel COPENHAVER in Benton Co. IA and moved to Woodbury Co. Samuel died in 1902 and was buried in the Floyd Township Cemetery, Bronson, IA. When did Margaret die and where is she buried?

Name: Alison Vigil
Email: dead mail
Location: Carthage, MO, USA
Date: Monday, November 24, 1997 at 10:31:39
Seeking info. on Thomas CONNIFF (1816-1885) and wife Sarah McSPADDEN who moved to Sioux City around 1869. He had 9 children and of interest is Emma, but interested in all . 

Name: Alison Vigil
Email: Vigilno@ipa.net
Location: Carthage, MO, USA
Time: Thursday, October 30, 1997 at 16:59:41
I'm searching info. on my Great Grandfather Jules Alfred BLONDEL who left Switzerland around 1882 and settled in Sioux City, Iowa. I believe he had siblings that also came to Iowa. Also seeking info. on his wife Emma Belle CONNIFF and her family.

Name: Howard Harvey
Email: hharvey@texoma.net
Location: Sherman, TX, US
Time: Friday, August 22, 1997 at 15:21:10
Looking for information on William Cameron & wife, Martha Spurlock Cameron-both are in the 1900 census of Woodbury Co IA-she died in Sept of 1900.He moved to Lincoln Co OK with son, Issac Cameron. 

Name: Janet Blackford Peters
Location: Sioux City, IA, US
Date: Sunday, August 10, 1997 at 00:47:37
Doing research on my fathers family. Need info: Gt. parents: William / Alice E. Brown Kinkaid? Gt. Gt. parents: Charles Henry / Hannah W. Cody Brown? sibs? Any info for BROWN / CODY / KINKAID / BLACKFORD would be very helpful. Thank You Janet Blackford Peters 5309 Hwy. 75 N. lot 119 Sioux City, IA. 51108 

If you know of any corrections or missing information please contact me.
Woodbury County Coordinator

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