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Name:  Don Day
Email: dead email
My Location:  ??????
Date: Thursday, June 10, 2004 9:27:32 PM
Looking for info on Estel Day ( from Woodbury City.) Who married Leland Owen Day about 1920, moved to Mc Kinney, Collin Cty., Texas where Donna Day was born in 1920. Believed to return to Woodbury City in 1925 or 1926. Also need info on Donna Day. , 952-835-7391, 9321 Briar Ln., Mpls., Mn 55437



Name: Timothy S. McGee


My Location: Troy, MI

Date: Tue 12/16/2003 11:11 AM

I am looking for information on my maternal grandfather, Max E. Duckworth, son of John Carleton Duckworth and Emma B. ?, born approximately 1899-1901. Married Dorothy Patricia Tinley and had one child,  Dorothy Patricia Duckworth McGee, born 23 August 1926 in Sioux City, IA...possibly christened at St. Mary's Catholic Church. Max's mother (Emma Duckworth) is recorded as living in Sioux City on the 1930 US Census. Max E. Duckworth is cited in the Iowa City Press Citizen in 1921 and twice in 1925 as being from Sioux City. He graduated from the University of Iowa and was admitted to the Iowa Bar in 1925. Family oral history tells us that he and my grandmother moved to Sioux City where he set-up practice as an attorney. My mother remembers attending a Catholic grade school in Sioux City. Sometime in the 1930s, Max E. Duckworth was sentenced in either State or Federal court for perjury. It is reported that he was the attorney of  record for syndicated crime in the Sioux City area and that he took a fall  for them. My grandmother and mother retreated to Council Bluffs, IA to return to her family home and live with her parents, Judge John Patrick  Tinley, Sr. This was done reluctantly on my grandmother's part, but she was  admonished by her father to come home or never come back again. Shortly  thereafter, she divorced Max and she, herself was admitted to the Iowa Bar  in Council Bluffs where she practiced until her death in 1983. They never saw Max again although there was written communication from Max  to my grandmother and she was informed of his death in 1957...we believe in  Texas or Missouri. The problem I am having is that I cannot find Max, my grandmother or my mother on any 1930 census and I know they were living in Sioux City then. Additionally, except for the 1880 Census, I cannot find Max's father, John Carleton Duckworth, on any further censuses. I hope that you can research the Sioux City papers at the time of his trial or have better access to the 1930 US Census that would shed some light.


Name: Carl Adcock


My Location: Warren, Vermont

Date: Sun 11/30/2003 2:46 PM

I am searching for information on family of LeRoy and Vira Davis family. I  think three of their children, Betty, Ellen, and George, were born in Woodbury County between 1918-1925. Is there any information on this family? Thanks for your cooperation.


Name: Shirley Hickert


My Location: Kansas

Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2003 09:41:55 -0500


Searching for info on Virginia Dowd and her siblings-Minnie, Nancy, Pearl, Emma, Bertha, Eugene and "Bud".  Know mother's first name was Cora, but no other info on parents' names.  Virginia was born 20 Jan. 1909 in Freedom, Woods County, Oklahoma and died 13 May 1948 in Sioux City, Ia.  Married Alfred Bertram Cole. Virg & Bert died within a year of each other leaving their children orphans.  Have info on most of her descendants, would like info on parents & siblings. Doing search at request of  Virg & Bert's daughters.  I have a computer, they don't. Bert is my grandmother's twin brother.   Thank you.


Name: John E. Bartos


My Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Date: Thu 5/29/2003 8:32 PM


DAHLIN / ANDREEN Families:  Seeking information on families of Nils Johanneson DAHLIN and Charles Augustus DAHLIN.

Nils, born in 1858 in Sweden and died on 2 June 1943 in Sioux City, Iowa married Amanda J. [DAHLIN] (she died 4 April 1951 in Sioux City).  Charles, a brother of Nils, was born in Sweden in 1864 and died in February 1936 in Sioux City. Charles married Alma (ANDREEN) DAHLIN, born 1871 and died in Glendale, Los Angeles County, California in 1941.  All are buried at Graceland Park Cemetery in Sioux City.  Also, buried in an adjacent plot is an Edith BURCH, whose relationship to the DAHLIN families is unknown. Edith died on 30 March 1939 and was buried at Graceland Park on 3 April 1939.  Perhaps Edith was a daughter of Nils and Amanda DAHLIN????  Any help on these folks will be greatly appreciated.


Name: Carolyn Hansen-Gotelli


My Location:

Date: Mon 1/28/02 11:39 PM


Looking for info on Dierking family - about 1890-1930, Moville, Ia. Related to Oehlerking family and Hansen Family. Also Lahrs, and Busch families. Woolworth and Gano families.


Name:  Dyann Durst 

E-Mail: dead email

My Location: ?

Date: Thu 4/19/01 9:12 AM

My father Wilber James Durst was born on 1/9/1914 in Sioux City, IA to a Harry and Sally Durst. I would appreciate anything that you can supply to verify the above. I'm having trouble finding any information on my great great grand-folks Frank Peter and Martha (Wright) Durst. I know that they are buried in Colome, S. D., but I believe that they came from Iowa. She was born in 1865 and is reportedly related to Orville and Wilbur Wright. Thanks


Name:  John Davis


My Location: 

Date: Sun 2/11/01 11:27 AM

John Clifford (Cliff) Davis

Looking for information on John Clifford Davis, he was born in Correctionville but my information is limited.  My Dad John C. Jr. was born in 1927 in San Miguel County Colorado.

Name: Julie Shepard 


My Location: 

Date: Thu 2/15/01 3:07 PM

Looking for information re: EMMA DAHLENBURG or her sister IDA DAHLENBURG. I understand that my gg aunt Emma lived in Sioux City. I believe it would have been sometime in the early 1900s. Ida was my g grandmother. My aunt Emma never married but have 3 friends that she traveled with. I have some old photos which may have been taken in Sioux City. 

Name: Paul Denny 


My Location: ?

Date: Mon 1/29/01 10:48 PM

Burial site of James G. Denny, died 9 nov 1904 in Anthon (Woodbury Co.) Iowa


Name: Marilyn 


Location: Salem, OR

Date: Thu 12/7/00 11:07 PM

Looking for descendants of John Dillon born abt 185? in Glasgow Scotland. Came to the States in 1869 with parents John and Ann Birnie Dillon and siblings Patrick McNulty, Ann marr a Cooney, 2nd a Aberly or Eberley, Charles marr Bertha, Thomas Joseph marr Rose McGee, and Eliza Jane marr a John Hennis or Hinnes 2nd a Taylor. On a 1920 obit for Bertha it mentions some nieces who were in Sioux City.  One being a Mrs Walters and one a Mrs Brennan.  John appears to be deceased by this time although his widow is still living. I would very much like to contact this branch of the family.

Name:  Kris Bradbury


Location: ?

Date: Sun 10/22/00 11:04 PM

DEVORE / DEBOOR and DAHL SURNAMES. Looking for my friends ancestors. His mother's maiden name is Carol Ann DEVORE, her parents were Louis Eugene DEVORE b. 1900 in Spencer, IA, died 1929 in Kalispell, Montana but was buried in Sioux City, IA or near there. His wife was Alice M. DAHMS who was born in Sioux City, IA. Louis may have a brother named Edward. His grandparents are Menno DEVORE and Fannie BROWN. Their name may have been changed from DEBOOR. Alice DAHMS parents are Max DAHMS and IDA whose surname is unknown. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Name: Marilyn


Location: Salem, OR

Date: Thu 8/17/00 6:12 PM

Looking for descendants of John DILLON b abt 1860 Glasgow, Scotland. Came to the US with parents and siblings to Dubuque, IA in 1869. Last found on 1885 census living with brother Charles' family. Later married and was last known to be living in Sioux City, Woodbury Co, IA. Supposedly had 8 children of whom Mary and MIchael were known names. Parents were, John and Ann SMITH DILLON siblings were 1/2 brother Patrick McNulty, Charles, Ann, Thomas Joseph, Eliza Jane (Liza). Sisters married names were Cooney, Eberley, Hennis and Taylor. brothers wives maiden names were Eberly, McGee. All lived in the Dubuque area for most part. May have lived later in IL.

Name: Dorothy Rasmussen


Location: ?

Date: Mon 5/29/00 11:51 PM

I have information that the Jackson Deihl family moved to Sioux City, Iowa from Black Hawk, South Dakota in about 1899, they lived there for about 6 years (My Mother, Edna G. Deihl and her sister Gladys  were born there on January 18, 1901 and in July of 1904 respectively.  They moved from there to a farm at Lawton, Iowa in about 1907 and lived there until they moved to Ladysmith, Wisconsin in about 1912.  How can I go about obtaining copies of birth certificates, etc.  I will appreciate any information that you can give me.

Name:  Michael Henderson


Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Date: Tue 5/16/00 2:27 PM

I am looking for information on John Will Daugherty.  He was originally from Bath County, Kentucky, born around 1878.  His father was James Daugherty and his mother was Fenton Emmons Daugherty.  I believe John Will is buried in Sioux City, Iowa but I don't have a death date or cemetary location. I am going on information given recently to me by his neice Agnes Daugherty Stone.  John Will had a son named James Demery Daugherty and a daughter named Pauline.  I believe his wife's name was Babe, but I don't know her maiden name.  John Will Daughtery was an older brother to my great-grandfather Samuel Daugherty, the father of Agnes Daugherty Stone.  I would greatly appreciate any information on John Will Daugherty and his descendants.

Name:  Dana Page-Melvin

E-Mail: dead email 

Location: Eatontown, New Jersey

Date: Mon 4/10/00 3:02 PM

Good afternoon. I am looking for info on my Great-grandfather and Great-grandmother, William Page and Verda Davis (maiden name). They had a daughter named Nonella Page (my Grandmother). Nonella was born October 2 1929. I have a copy of her birth certificate, which states she was born in Sioux City, Woodbury County Iowa. Nonella had a brother who died young; am not sure if he was born before or after Grandmother. Verda Page died between 1930 and 1940. Is there a possible way that you can find out how the mother and the son died? I have a picture of Verda Page, and she looks tired around the eyes from her illness. William Page was born in Waskom, Texas, Dec 1904 to Charles Page and Sally Wright (Great-Great grandparents). I am not sure if Charles and Sally migrated to Iowa. Thanks.

Name:  Tim Retzlaff


Location:  ?

Date: Mon 3/27/00 11:45 PM

We are trying to find Reno Lewis Wilbert Retzlaff death, he died in a car accident in 1950. We heard he died in Council Bluffs, or Sioux City. If anyone could be of any help it would be very helpful, as we are at a dead end. He is my grandfather, he left my grandmother, in Wi. and moved to Iowa and remarried to a Delia. He was born 11/5/1900 in Wi. His children born to him by Delia are Carol Lee Ann, Larry Dean Retzlaff. We believe his two children still live in Iowa, last heard Sioux City. Thanks.

Name: Kristi Bergman Lam

E-Mail: OR

Location: Olathe, KS

Date: Mon 12/6/99 4:35 PM

I am looking for information on the parents of the following individual: Walter Henry DRESDEN b. Apr 5, 1886 pb Danbury, Woodbury Co, IA. His father's name was Henry and his mother's name was Margaret, but don't have dates for them. Walter then moved to NE, where he was married in 1914. Any chance there is an 1890 census for Woodbury Co? Thank you!

Name: Patrick Montgomery


Location: Hagerstown, Maryland

Date: Mon 11/15/99 2:39 PM

Looking for information concerning my aunt, Rosella Mary Desmond born in Sioux City, Woodbury county 20 Feb 1920 and died in Mexico, Missouri 17 Feb 1989. She was the daughter of Leo Desmond and Emma Belle Wenzel Hogensen Williams. Rosella married a Mr Hart at age 16 and divorced him several years later. Looking for a marriage certificate, identity of any children and date of divorce. Later married to a Mr Alex Said. Her parents and Rosella were active during the prohibition era in Sioux City and later in city bars and social clubs. Some association with the New Oxford Tap and the Tin Tin. Telephone: 301-619-6421. I live in Hagerstown, Maryland and any help would be appreciated as I am trying to determine family history.

Name:  Dorothy Diller


Location: Grand Junction, Co. 

Date: Sat 10/23/99 12:57 PM

I was born in Sioux City Ia. on Dec. 8 1929 To Florence Elizabeth (maiden name of Bonner) and Kenneth Earl Diller.I am looking for any info on these families. Also am attempting to obtain any info of my aunt Gertrude Bonner Swanson. I am especially interested in date of her death and information regards her daughter Marilyn or her husband Fred. He worked for the Post Office and was with the National Guard. My grandmother was Jessie Billings on my dad's side. Any info on that family will be greatly appreciated. I believe my father was from Le Mars and around that area. We moved to Calif. after my dads discharge from the Navy after WW2.

Name: Gilles Days


Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Date: Thu 8/19/99 10:50 PM

DESY One of my ancestor was coming from Canada around 1850 His name was Louis Hercules Desy and he married Josephine Jiggar (French name Giguere) He was married in April 1855 at Hamburg, Fremont county. Do you have any more information on him He was a soldier in the first cavalry in Dakota and clerk in a store in Sioux City Information's of the first Dakota Cavalry or anything's that might help me and will be appreciate.

Name: Shannon Reuss


Location: Illinois

Date: Sat 8/7/99 11:29 AM

I am looking for the obituary of Laura Olive Doyle, b. 1866, d. 12 Nov 1965 in Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa of a stroke.  Husband's name was Mike.  Laura was originally from Ohio. I am trying to find out what her maiden name was so that I can track down her mother's side of the family back in Ohio.  I would be so appreciative of any information anyone could find.  Thank you! 

Name: David Flick


Location: Omaha, NE

Date: Thu 7/1/99 1:34 PM

I am looking for any information on James DILLON, who lived in or near Sioux City at the time of his death in the late 60's. I want to know any information on him, siblings or his parents. He and his wife, Violet DILLON (FLICK) had no children, but they raised Charlotte FLICK (aka DILLON) for a while (she attended Heelan High School in Sioux City), she was the daughter of Patrick FLICK. Any information on any of these people or their relatives would be greatly appreciated.

Name: ?


Location: ?

Date: Tue 6/1/99 9:18 PM

ALLING, Edward b. Nov 26, 1822  d. Apr 8 1899, m. 1851, Smithland, Woodbury, IA to DEAN, Elizabeth Jane. b. Dec 26, 1822 d. ,  28 July 1904. Their family (Marinda / Minirva) b. 19 Aug 1852 Smithland, Woodbury m. 1851 Osborne, KS, Solomon Fletcher Weathermon. Flora Anna b. 9 Feb 1856 Smithland, Woodbury m. Edwin Martin Newman Cordella b. Oct 3 1857, Smithland, Woodbury m. Peter McDonald Laura Charlotte b. 28 Feb  1859, Smithland Woodbury m. James W. Torreyson Josephine Marya b. 28 May 1863 Smithland, Woodbury m. George Berky Edward Almond Alling b. 10 Feb 1870 Smithland, Woodbury m. Elizabeth?? Any clues to the Alling family in Smithland, Woodbury, IA????

Name: ?


Location: ?

Time: Wed 5/26/99 10:45 PM

Looking for death and possibly birth date and place for Ida Mae (Gitchell) Michael. Died in Woodbury county, Sioux City, Iowa, at St. Vincent hospital. She was previously married to Emmett Dyer. She died in the early 1940's. Her husbands name at the time of her death was Harry Michael.  I believe she was about 75 yr. old when she died. she is buried in Cherokee, Iowa cemetery.  I think emmet dyer is buried there too and I sure would like to get his birth dates and death dates.  also the birth dates and death dates of three daughters also buried there who died in childhood.  I think their names were Cora, Lois, and Dorine.  this is a tall order but sure would appreciate your help.  thanks. Ida mae was  my grandmother and I am trying to do some genealogical research.

Name: Anita Wilson


Location: ?

Date: Sun 1/31/99 10:27 PM

I am looking for information on my grandfathers parents. My grandfathers name was James Clarence Harris. He was born on Oct. 19, 1905 in Anthon Iowa. Woodbury County. His fathers name was Clarence Townsend Harris and his mothers name was Edith Blanche Downing. I do not know when they were born or when they died or where. I know Blanch was killed by a hit and run driver. If anyone can help please let me know.

Name: Curtis E. Fritz


Location: Houston, TX

Date: Sun 1/31/99 2:49 PM

Am searching for information on Christian BAKER (aka BECKER) b. 3 Nov 1863 in Oberasphe, Hessen, Germany. Son of Ludwig BECKER and his wife, Catharina DONGES. Came to US in 1866 and settled in Grant County, Wisconsin. Christian moved to Sioux City in the 1880's and married Theresa HAGEY on 14 May 1894. This couple may have had 15 children. In birth order Frank b. 1895; Clara b. 1896; Charley b. 1898; Mary b. 1901; Louis b. 1903; Albert b. 1904; Harry b. 1907; Jimmie b. 1907; William b. 1908; Clarence b. 1910; Peter b. 1913; Violet b. 1916; Vincent b. 1917; John b. 1919 and Henry b. 1919. I am attempting to compile the descendants of Ludwig BECKER and Cahtarine DONGES and this particular branch of the family needs completing. Any help would be appreciated. 6443 Kentwick Drive, Houston, TX 77084

Name: Pat Daugherty



Time: Thu 11/5/98 7:45 AM

What I have in my notes, research, etc. is working backward from the Carl & Elizabeth DAHL family of Sloan. Am now really looking to trace her roots which is she is Ruth Elizabeth McDonald, first child of Lewis and Roseilia (Rosellia Rosela) Hurst McDonald who lived in Sloan areas (arrived probably about 1880 from Illinois. They died in this county.; had 8 children that I am aware of; Ruth Elizabeth, Minnie E. (M. Pedar Larson), Mary Esma (M. H. H. Boyer), William H. (married Pearl Crossley), George E., Lewis Thurman (married Bertha M. Long?),Hiram C., & Ernest F. "Joe"(M. Dorothy Primer?). I am looking for descendants that may perhaps know & share any facts about their ancestry, etc. as well as to add them & theirs to my family tree, etc. As I said I descend from Ruth E. & Carl Dahl, so am always looking for other descendants & ancestors to add to my DAHL side also. I do have a lot there. And Roselia Hurst McDonald's parents were Samuel Hurst & Mary E. Boyer but I do not have the second marriage for her and am told she married a Chase there in W. Co. probably. Also only have that Lewis McDonald came from Ill. and was youngest of 12. So am looking for sibling's descendants that may know parents. Am sure mother was Nancy? maybe Davis. Was father Edward or Henry maybe? Was hoping some history left behind there in W. Co. would give me answers or clues. --such as history books or obits. etc. of some of them or children, etc. Thanks for any help you can give me. Pat Daugherty 

Name: Jim Peterson Jr.


Location: Chino Valley, AZ.

Date: 6/16/1998

Researching the ancestry of JAMES KEITH PETERSON, born Sloan, Iowa on February 12, 1920. His parents were Everett and May (or Mae) Peterson. May's maiden name was possibly Shoupe or Shupe. JAMES spent his youth in the Sloan area. He attended Sloan High School until 1937 (non-graduate, completing 10th grade). He joined the U.S. Army in early 1942 (Feb?). JAMES married Helen Ann Divish of Perrinton, Michigan in August of 1946. They had nine children (oldest-to-youngest): Barbara, James Jr., Sandra & Sharon (twins), Bonnie, Donna, Debra, Richard, and Pamela. JAMES was discharged from the military at Selfridge AFB, Michigan, on November 11, 1948. The family returned to Iowa, where James Jr. was born July 15, 1949 in Sioux City (the only child born in Iowa). The family moved to Michigan in 1950 or 51, then on to the Los Angeles, California area in 1956, joining his parents and several siblings who had relocated there earlier. Some of us older children seem to remember visiting JAMES' grandparents in Iowa in the early 1950's. They lived directly across from an active railroad line on the edge of town, possibly Sloan. We extend our heartfelt thanks to any and all who can help us in this, our first tentative attempt at researching the Peterson family tree.

Name: Marilyn Campbell

Email: dead email


Time: Sun 2/1/98 7:59 PM

Albert Blackburn born ca 1867 Mauston, WI married to Lowdena (Dena) Smothers born ca 1880 WI children Helen, Violet, Minnie, Elsie. Family listed on 1925 Iowa State Census, Sioux City. Children placed in orphanage in Davenport in 1927.

Name: Kristi Bergman Lam


Location: Houston, TX

Time: Wed 10/28/98 4:17 PM

I would appreciate any assistance you could give me in my genealogical search. DRESDEN, Walter Henry My relation: Paternal great-grandfather DOB: April 5, 1886 POB: Danbury, Woodbury Co., Iowa FATHER: Henry Dresden MOTHER: Margaret Burns, POB: Little Rock, Lyon Co., Iowa I would like to locate birth information on Walter Henry Dresden in an attempt to find the birth date of his mother. Again, any assistance you can provide, or guidance on where I might locate his birth record would be very much appreciated. Thank you most sincerely.

Name: Stephanie Booker



Time: Mon 10/26/98 7:32 PM

Searching for information pertaining to this particular NORTON family. Below information is all that is known NORTON, George Robert Sr. was born on 13 August 1889. He died in July 1962. Locations not known. He worked on the railroad in Sioux City Iowa. George Robert NORTON Sr. married Amelia Sophia DELFS who was born 30 April 1894. She died 04 September 1967. Their children: 1) George Robert Jr. b: 08 Jan 1915 d: 18 July 1960 2) Jack Delfs b: 01 May 1921 d: Nov 1944. He was killed in WW II by a shell. He was in the navy and is buried in the Philippines. 3) Bonnie Elaine b: 18 Jan 1926 in Sioux City, Woodbury, IA. She married Jack Reed BOOKER on January 8, 1943. Any information concerning these NORTON's much appreciated.

Name: Michael Helfgott


Location: St. Paul, MN, USA

Time: Tuesday, October 20, 1998 at 16:27:22

I am looking for information on the HELFGOTT and DOSTOVSKY families, who lived in Sioux City around the turn of the century. My ggf, MAX ARON HELFGOTT, I believe founded a synagogue, Shrei' Zion (The Gates of Zion) synagogue. Any info. would be helpful, especially if you are a HELFGOTT or a DOSTOVSKY.

Name: Elaine Larson-Neuhaus

Email: dead email


Time: Tue 10/13/98 11:37 AM

I am looking for information about the parents of my grandfather whom I knew as JOHN THOMAS WEBBER, born in Sioux City, Iowa in May, 1885. From all the information I have gathered so far, there are three possibilities. First, from the 1885 Iowa state census, they were C. A. DUTTON (grocer) born in Illinois and his wife Anna/Annie born 1864 in Ireland and immig. 1880. In 1885 they had a 2 yr. old son Charles who later died and John a newborn. When Mr. Dutton died Anna and John moved to Illinois. Second, they were a Mr. FOWLER and Anna/Annie born 1864 in Ireland and immig. 1880. And third, upon the death of Mr. Fowler before 1891, Anna married a JAMES G. WEBBER and the family moved to Illinois.

Name: Jim DeRocher


Location: San Antonio, Texas 

Time: Fri 10/9/98 4:26 PM

Requesting any information available on my grandmother's parents. Mary Angela Bray was born at Danbury, Woodbury County, Iowa on August 15, 1891 to Mr. & Mrs. Patrick D. Bray, she married William P. DeRocher at Chickasha, Okla. in Jan 1910. After being married they farmed in the Westfield, Plymouth County, Iowa area.

Name: Ken Tinkham



Time: Mon 10/5/98 10:33 PM

Widow, Rhoda Dart, & son, Walter were living in Pierson at the time of the 1910 Census. Rhoda died in Correctionville, 13 Dec. 1915, but was buried in Pierson according to death certificate. Would appreciate any additional information. Another son, Balfour Dart was with her in Pierson, in 1900. J. H. Hatfield may be related.

Name: ?

Location:. ?


Time: Sun 9/20/98 3:20 PM

Updated: 1/12/01

Emma Pearl (Stewart) b. 1873 in Martin Co., IN was married to C. A. SMITH. They lived at one time in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA. Katie Olive (Stewart) DUSTIN or possibly Austin b. 1868 in Martin Co., IN was married to J. W. DUSTIN or possibly Austin. They also lived at one time in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA.

Name: ?

Location: ?


Time: Mon 9/14/98 1:42 PM

I am researching members of my Grandmothers family, Her father's Name was Frances (F.M.) DeMaranville and His wife was Lily Jane Stuckey DeMaranville. He is buried in Graceland Cemetery along with his wife. He died in 1913. They had a number of children and came to Woodbury County, Sioux City from Niobrara, Nebraska. F.M. served in Co. F. 2nd Illinois Cavalry during the Civil War. My Grandmothers Name was Nellie Grant DeMaranville Gale. She Married Frank A. Gale September 17, 1896.

Name: Rose Smith


Location: ?

Time: Sun 7/19/98 2:37 PM

I am seeking information on Richard BOLAND - born Nov. 29, 1878 in Muscatine, IA. Parents were Patrick Boland and Catherine Doherty and he moved to Sioux City around 1910. He was one of ten children, my grandfather was his brother, Peter Boland. Please contact Rose Smith at Thank you

Name: Elaine Larson-Neuhaus

Email: dead email

Location: Blairsville, GA

Time: Thursday, July 16, 1998 1:16 PM

I am looking for information about the DUTTON family who resided in Sioux City, Iowa in 1885. The 1885 state census showed the following: C.A. Dutton, age 26, born Illinois residing at 822 W. 7th St. and occupation-grocer. Wife Annie, age 22, born in Ireland. Two sons born in Sioux City, Charles age 2 and John age (newborn). Did C.A. Dutton die before 1891? Did son Charles die before 1891? Did Annie immigrate in 1880? Where would I write to get vital records for birth, marriage, and death? I think John Dutton may have been my maternal grandfather. Thank you for any information you may be able to give me. Elaine Larson-Neuhaus, 2393 Crawford Road, Blairsville, GA 30512

Name: George R. Cooley 


Location: ?

Time: Fri. 6/26/98 907AM

Levi E. Davis born abt 1828 in Massachusetts drowned in 1878 while crossing the Missouri River near Sioux City, Iowa. His wife Angeline Mead born abt 1838 died of fever 1877 and is believed to be buried near Battle Creek or Danbury, Woodbury Co., Iowa.. Their known children were: Mary C., William, Frank M. (Francis Moton), Owen and Dean. Levi and his family are listed in the 1870 census of Woodbury Co. Would like to find the burial sites of Levi and Angeline and obtain the cemetery, location and any information off the gravestones of each. Since they died within a year of each other, suspect they are buried beside or close to each other. I know some counties have an index and a listing to graves/burial sites within their counties. If anyone has access to these publications for Woodbury County, would greatly appreciate any information about them. Will gladly reimburse anyone for their time and copying fees. Once I have a exact date of death, then I can search for a news paper article or obituary about their deaths. Thanks.

Name: Nels D. Moller


Time: Friday, February 06, 1998 5:20 PM

Address: 660 Bluebell Ln, Paul, ID, 83347

Name of Ancestor: Louis Hercules Desy (Spelled Deasey in 1870 US Census) Born about 1828 in Canada, died about 1874. Married April 8, 1855 in Hamburg, IA. Spouse of L. Desy: Josephine Giggar (also spelled Jiggar) Born in St. Louis, MO on February 17, 1839 Died in Sioux City, IA after 1924.Other spouse of Josephine: D Loupret, no other information available. Locations associated with L. Desy and J. Giggar: Location of L. Desy's birthplace in Canada unknown.Josephine lived in St Louis for first 10 years of life. She moved with her parents to Sidney, IA about 1849. After their marriage the Desys moved to Sioux City in 1855. They lived at 1307 Leech Street Sioux City, she for 70 years. She was a communicant in the first Roman Catholic Parish in Sioux City when Fr. Jeremiah Tracy was priest. Children of Marriage: Josephine - married name Quinn, lived in Beresford S.D. Louis. No other information. Albert Charles - married to Della Columbe, lived in Sioux City IA. Had 7 sons and 2 daughter who lived in Sioux City, IA. Emma Caroline - married name Dickson, lived in Rupert ID. George - Lived in Denver, CO Ida - Not listed as child but had last name of Desy. As one of the great-great grandchildren of this couple, I am seeking more and corrected information about them and their family in Iowa. I would like to make contact with any family members, so we can develop more information about these persons and establish a relationship with living family members. Thank you.

Name: Rodney k. Anderson


Location: Harshaw, WI, USA

Time: Thursday, January 22, 1998 at 11:20:05

I am looking for any information about these families who settled in the Lawton area in the first half of the nineteenth century....Dudley,Tevis,and Plumer 

Name: Sarah rust


Location: Rushville, IL, us

Time: Sunday, November 30, 1997 at 05:13:32

I am looking for the descendants of Samuel Dean and his wife Jane Gragg Dean who lived in the Sioux City area. I know that Jane was June 4 1835 in Morgan Co Ohio, the family later moved to IL where I think she met her husband and they then moved to MO and then to Iowa. Any information would be helpful. Thank you 

Name: Randy Treadway

Email: dead email

Location: Boone, IA, Boone

Time: Sunday, November 30, 1997 at 01:37:02

I am looking for any information on the PARKS/DUNN families of Sioux City and Leeds, Woodbury Co., IA. Any information would be greatly appreciated...Thank you...

Name: John W. Rinehold
Email: dead email
Location: Philomath, OR, Benton
Date: Monday, November 24, 1997 at 23:56:35
Looking for DICKINSONS: Lester Dickinson, son of L.D. and Wilhamine Dickinson. They moved to the Danbury area in about 1881. I believe their son was Rollan C. Dickinson who married Cora Ellen Rinehold in 1896. 

Name: Julie Matthews Burnette
Location: Germantown, MD, USA
Date: Thursday, November 13, 1997 at 15:40:19
Seeking information on John MATTHEWS, likely born in Washington County, PA circa 1840. His parents were Edward MATTHEWS and Rebecca DAUGHERTY, and he came from a large family that included at least one brother, Levi W. MATTHEWS. He may have been a Civil War veteran from Washington County, PA. The MATTHEWS family later moved to Marshall County, WV, and then on to Putnam County, WV. John moved west to Sioux City and had at least two children. Thanks. 

Name: Marsha Stried Edwards
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Location: Alexandria, VA, USA
Date: Sunday, November 2, 1997 at 16:58:11


EDWARDS / DAVIS FAMILIES of Woodbury, County, Iowa! Seeking information on the family (specifically ancestors) of: William M. Edwards, b. 1887, Correctionville, IOWA and (wife) Mary Ellen Davis, b. 1892, Anderson, Madison Co., IOWA Both these individuals settled in Zion, Illinois prior to 1914. Their daughter, ETHEL EDWARDS (Stried) passed away in September of this year. WILLIAM M. EDWARDS father was WILLIAM C. EDWARDS, also of Iowa.



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