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Name: Suzanne Halliday

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Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2005 17:30:13 -0700

I am looking for a James Halliday born in Canada, settled in the Sioux City, Woodbury County area in the early 1900's. We found him on the 1920 census in Sioux City, Woodbury. He was listed as the head of household age 60. His wife's name was Daisy age 36 born in Iowa and two children Evalyn age 12 and Milton age 10 both born in Iowa. Daisy died in May 1970. Last residence was Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa. We believe that James was the oldest son of James and Elizabeth Halliday. The family was originally from Ontario and emigrated to Becker Co., MN in the 1880's. The 1920 census stated that he came into the US in 1879.

Please contact me at the above address. I do not use any other address at this time.





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Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 22:57:11 EDT



Info on John Thomas Huffman...shot and buried in Mapleton, Iowa, circa 1890, my grandfather remembered help bury him.. his wife ,,,anna belle hicks was pg at the time...thanks


Name: Judy Neu


My Location:  Springwater, NY

Date: Tue 5/4/2004 9:28 PM



Seeking information on Chauncey L. Howard b. 1848 PA, m. Sarah __________ and sired "LP" as indicated on 1870 Census for Sioux City, Woodbury Co., Census.

Chauncey died shortly after census was taken in 1870 and I am trying to determine when that occurred and where Sarah and the child went.

Sarah was 18 yrs of age in 1870 and the baby was one month old at the time of the census.

Anyone who might have access to marriage records or obit records, I could certainly use your assistance. Chauncey lived next door to his parents and siblings in the 1870 Census and is listed as a farm laborer. Silas A. and Elizabeth Ann Carpenter Howard were his parents.

Thank you for the kind assistance.



Name: Harlan Woolworth


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Date: Wed 11/12/2003 9:35 AM (updated 6/2/2014)


Looking for information on Clara HOFLING. She was married to Herman M. BROUWER.
Sioux City, Iowa Woodbury County, Court House Records: Marriage book 1890-1894, page 20 Register # 3802.

Groom: Herman Brouwer age 31 his first marriage clerk, born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Father: Henry Brouwer
Mother: Maiden name Zuinila Daugeou????

Bride: Clara Hofling age 25 her first marriage born in Norway

Father: Louis Hofling
Mother's maiden name: Betsie ??????

Married April 10, 1893

Witness James T. McRay, J. E. Morris J.P.


Name: Deborah Horzen


My Location:  Orlando, Florida

Date: Tue 11/4/2003 12:49 PM

Seeking further information on three Sioux City HOBBS family members, believed to be siblings.

1) James Vincent HOBBS (b. 1834-6 IRE, d. 1885 Sioux City IA), m. Catherine O’Brien (daughter of Denis O’Brien and Sarah Meagher) 19 Feb 1860 in St. Jo MO. They had 12 children: John (b. 1860), Sarah Anne (b. 1862, d. 1865), Jennie (b. abt. 1863), William (b. abt. 1868), Katie (b. 1871, m. Charles HARPER), James (b. 1872, died in infancy), James Joseph (b. 1873), Mary (b. 1874, died in infancy), George (b. 1877), Frankie D. (b. 1882, d. 1883), Nellie May (b. 1884, d. 1889), Charlotte Pearl (b. 1886, m. Forest KNIGHT, -?- METZ). According to their marriage record, James V. is the son of John HOBBS and Sarah CONRON.

2) William Henry HOBBS (b. abt. 1949 Toronto CAN, d. 9 Dec 1920 Sioux City IA). He had one daughter, Sarah (b. abt. 1972 MO, m. Charles BUTLER). His obit and miscellaneous notes in family papers indicate that he was the brother of James and Elizabeth, although his death record reports he was the son of William HOBBS and Elizabeth CONDRON (the informant was a niece).

3) Elizabeth (Eliza) HOBBS (b. abt. 1844 IRE, d. 29 Apr 1891 Sioux City IA) m. James G. Wallace 27 Nov 1861 in St. Jo MO. They had 6 children.

I would love to exchange information with a HOBBS researcher with ties to Sioux City!


Name: Debbie Beddow


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Date: Tue 10/28/2003 12:33 PM

I am searching for John & Elizabeth Heddinger, and their children Charity, James, Eli, William, George, Andrew, Mary, Joseph & Annie. I found the parents John and Eliz. along with two of their sons in Rock Twp., Woodbury Co. Iowa in the 1895 census. Living with the family was a family with the last name of Cooper. Thanks Debbie

Name: Ann Junkin


My Location:  Hamilton OH

Date: Thu 9/11/2003 4:40 PM

Looking for information on Nathaniel D. Hedges who was murdered by Indians in 1865. He was the son of  Nathaniel Gates Hedges.

Nathaniel D Hedges born on Jan. 21,1844 in Switzerland Co IN. He died Aug. 13,1865 in Sioux City Iowa. He was murdered by Indians on Powder River in Sioux City Iowa. His body was remove from Sioux City IA and buried at Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati OH.

Also seeking information on  his brother Charles E. Hedges .

1.. C.E. Hedges born 1834 Died Aug. 9,1877 in Sioux City Iowa. He was accidentally shot in the Dakota Territory. He is buried at the Spring Grove Cemetery. Thanks, Ann.


Name: Ginger Grissom


My Location:  Milan, Illinois

Date: Sun 8/3/2003 7:44 PM

I have information that my great grandma, Lily Hammond lived and was married in Woodbury County, more specifically Anthon, Iowa.  She married Albert Pearl Hawk.  I believe she would have been born around 1880-1890 and married at least before 1913.  They had three children after moving to South Dakota.  Their children's names (if this is helpful) were Wesley Thomas Hawk, Lester Hawk and Jesse Emmet Hawk.

I have been unable to find any information on Lily and Albert except that Albert's father's name was Jesse.  However, I don't know how much time Albert spent in Woodbury County (other than getting married there), let alone his father.

I realize I have not given you much information, but I have given you all that I can find as of yet.  Thank you so much for your help!! 

Name: Susan Shew Hallock


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Date: Tue 7/29/2003 12:50 AM


looking for Hoult/Holt, Samuel Frances



Name: Susan Hallock


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looking for Samuel William Frances Hoult, Anthon, IA 1896



Name: Carolyn Hansen-Gotelli


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Date: Mon 1/28/02 11:41 PM

Marie Oehlerking married Fred Hansen. Son Fred Hansen married Laura Woolworth



Name: Yvonne Henson

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Date: Wed 8/8/01 3:53 PM

I am looking for a marriage license for Alfred E. Hawkinson to Emma Lamb. I don't know where they got married. The time frame should be between 1920 and 1922. They had a baby that died in Sioux City in 1922. If there is someone who can assist me I would appreciate it.



Name: Dick Jenkins


My Location: Westminster, CO

Date: Wed 2/20/02 6:56 AM 

 Is there a list of births in the Sioux City (Woodbury County) area for  1850.  I have been searching for my grandfather, whom was born in Sioux City  June  3, 1850. His father immigrated from Denmark (Sommersted?) well before 1850, > married locally and the family returned to Denmark in the mid 1850s. I > think that His mother had family that remained in the area. His name was  Andrew Hansen, but I'm not sure what his father's or mother's names were,  nor am I sure that Andrew didn't change his name when he returned in 1864.  He remained in the area for a few years before moving West. He had a > couple of siblings, but not sure if they were born in Iowa or in Danmark  after their return.  I was wondering if there was a way to get a list of the male children born  around June 3, 1850...perhaps that could lead me in the proper direction?  Would appreciate any information.


Name: Gail Dooley


My Location: Sioux City

Date: Tue 6/26/01 11:40 PM

I'm researching the family of ANDREW M. HALEY, resident of Sioux City from 1868-1900. He was a steamboat pilot and captain and owner of the A. M. Haley and Sons foundry. He was born in Pittsburgh (?1832); moved to Ohio with his father's family as a boy; married Emily S. Stevenson in Ohio; brought his young family to Sioux City in 1868. He was the father of William G. Haley, prominent Sioux City businessman (produce and fruits) in the first half of the 20th century. If anyone has any information on the Andrew Haley family, I would love to compare notes. Thank you.


Name: Ron Johnson


Place: Dalesburg, South Dakota

I am searching for descendents of Nellie Nelson Haskins (1874-1945). According to her obituary in 1945: Husband: John C. Haskins, Children: Genevieve of Allen, Nebraska, Sylvia Boyle of Sacramento, California, Clarence in the army, William in the navy, Any information about Mrs. Haskins, her parents or her descendents, would be appreciated. Thank you.


Name:  Tammy Hershberger


My Location:   ?

Date: Fri 5/4/01 8:11 PM

My name is Tammy Hartsock / Hershberger, I am looking for information on my fathers parents. My grandfather's name is Roy Edward Hartsock he lived in in Sioux City IA, I think he was born there also. He passed away in Wickenburg Arizona and is Buried in Sioux City IA, along with his wife (my grandma) Lydia Alice Oviett / Hartsock she was born Dec 30 1896 in IA and passed away Sept 1967 in Arizona. This is all I know about them so far. I would like any information on them. Thank you. 


Name: Cindy Hickson Underwood  


My Location: Marshfield, MO  

Date: Wed 4/18/01 8:33 PM

I am looking for my paternal grandparents history. Harry F and Mary Agatha Stall Hickson I think he died in early 50's in Sioux City and she died in 1969 in Sioux City Sons:  Edward F Hickson, Lester Hickson, Harry J. Hickson. Daughter: Manerva Hickson Heath.


Name: Jody Fitzgerald

E-Mail: dead email address

My Location: Waterloo, IA

Date: Sat 4/14/01 5:35 PM

I am looking for information on Michael Haley who built a one room school house on his property outside of Sioux City.  He taught his children and the neighbors.  He had been a teacher in Ireland.  He farmed in the summer and taught the kids the rest of the time.  This was about 1878 to 1888. 


Name: Michael Helm


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Date: Sat 3/24/01 5:20 PM

Looking for information on Katherine Godfredson Helm (spelling may not be quite right) husband Frank Helm; lived in Topeka KS; Frank died in the 1960's? Katherine died approx 1983-4. Her mother was a fairly well known water color painter in the region (KS, NE, IA) but I'm not sure what her mother's first name is. Currently we think she came from the area around Sioux City, IA and was living there when she died. Any information appreciated. Thanks.


Name: Paula


My Location: Tucson, AZ

Date: Tue 3/13/01 10:04 PM

Seeking information on the following families: Byerley, Cassens, Christy, Conner, Gary, Huit  / Hewitt, O'Brien, Rager and Searls. William James Huit/Hewitt born July 1847, Sioux City. Children were Agnes (3/1881), Sherman (12/1890) and Emmett (3/1893). William one of 3 husbands of Katherine O'Brien. She was also married to John Conner who died 4/22/1953 in Sioux City. They had 4 children Lee John, Mary Elizabeth, Laura Etta and Ida Margaret. Laura married Walter Harry Christy who was born 4/1/1893, Sioux City. Katherine's other husband was Lewis Chronister. He died in Sioux City. They had a son Albert "Bert" Mansel born 3/10/1903 who married Florence Rager 2/18/1924 in Sioux City. Other family members married into the Rager family. If you have any connections to these families, please contact me.



Name: Sharon A. McMahon


My Location: Dumfries, VA

Date: Sun 3/4/01 11:48 AM

Hickman Family of Woodbury County, Iowa

Where are the children and grandchildren of Edith Winifred (FOGG) HICKMAN (1876-1979) and her husband Charles Addison HICKMAN (1875-1947) of Morningside, Woodbury County, Iowa ? A five-year genealogical journey beginning in Fairfield, Maine has led me to a fabulous narrative by their daughter, Mildred (HICKMAN) STEVENS, in the WCGS's "History of Woodbury County, Iowa." We share a common ancestry via Edmund ADAMS (Skowhegan, ME) and his wife Fanny (SOMERS) Adams of New Brunswick, Canada. I am interested in comparing genealogical notes with my Woodbury County Cousins. Siblings of Mildred (HICKMAN) STEVENS reported as Leon, Wilbur, Lois, Alice and Addison. Respectfully, Sharon A. McMahon.

Name: Marty Crull 


Location: ?

Date: Wed 2/14/01 3:30 PM

Looking for the descendants of Abraham J. HORTON and his wife Margaret MARGESON. Thanks

Name: ?

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Location: ?

Date: Wed 1/24/01 8:58 PM

Looking for information on a Harry Houghton. Children are Calista Houghton and Dorrance Houghton. Harry would have benn in his 60's in the 1930's, which is when we lose him. Wife's name was Hannah O'Hern.

Name: Dick Jenkins


Location: Westminster, Co.

Date: Thu 1/11/01 11:05 AM

I'm looking for any information or sources where I might find any on: Andrew Hansen b. 1850 in Sioux City, Iowa. Father may have been a Peterson. One or two other children (Walter and Anna) may have been born there also. Family returned to Denmark in the 1850s. I believe to the Sommersted area. They were Lutheran. Andrew's Father married in the Sioux City area in the 1840s...probably in a Lutheran Church. Andrew's father's name and mother's name us unknown to me. Any information would be appreciated.

Name: Randall E. Hollister


Location: Streator, IL

Date: Mon 11/27/00 1:12 PM

I am researching the Hollister family. I am looking for Marion A. HOLLISTER. He was born May 22, 1902 in Montana and died May, 1964 at Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA. He was the son of Frank and Mary Hollister. He had siblings; George, Venillia, Merle and Margaret. I am interested in finding an obit for Marion. I am currently tracing all Hollister descendants in my Hollister line. I would like to find names of Marion's wife and children. If there are Hollister's of this line reading this post, please contact me. I have a wealth of information I would like to share with you." Thanks, Randy.

Name: Kathy Eaton 


Location:     HCR 77 Box 477 

                    Pittsburg, Missouri 

Date: Thu 11/2/00 3:17 PM

I'm looking for descendants of Roy Holloway, he lived in Cushing, Woodbury County, Iowa in April, 1936 when his mother died. Roy was born in December, 1889 in Benton County, Missouri to Louis Holloway and Agnes "Eaton" Emerson. He had a brother Ray, born in July 22, 1892 in Benton Co., MO. and two sisters, Ethel Marie Holloway and Anna Holloway. Is he buried in the Cushing Cemetery? I would appreciate anything help that I can get. 

Name: Shara Lee Hoiten


Location: ?

Date: Mon 9/4/00 11:02 PM

I'm looking for info. on my Grandmother Edith Wells Hoiten. I believe she died in Correctionville, My grandfather John Hoiten Lived there for 30 years and was Forman for the Anderson Garage there he died in 1952, I think she died about 1930 to 33, I would appreciate any help, I'm not even sure when she was born. They had children Lowell, Lynette, and Garland. Grandfather married Alice Slater, about 1939, she died about 1958, I would like to have Obits on any of them. Thank you.

Name: Connie HINK Hudlow


Location: ?

Date: Thu 8/3/00 9:02 PM

I am looking for information on my relatives, Ernest Hink .. B. June 1898 Died: June 1974. Roy Hink B Dec 1902 Died 1986. They lived in Sioux City, IA a great share of their adult lives. Their last Zipcode was 51108. If anyone should find out any information - Please Email. Thank You. 

Name: Jan Stark


Location: ?

Date: Sun 7/16/00 12:46 PM

Looking for any information on Dr. Colin J. Hackett who practiced medicine in Sioux City from approximately 1868 to 1878. He then moved to Le Mars. Thanks. 

Name:  Bill Schultz


Location: Waukegan, IL

Date: Sat 7/15/00 9:09 PM

Looking for any information about the marriage about Henry Christoph HANSEN and Anna JOHNSON who married in Sioux City on Feb 16, 1901.  Also, looking for information about the marriage of Augusta Larsdotter (Johannesson) Johnson who married Charles Smolinsky on Aug 23, 1901 in Sioux City.  Anna is my great grandmother and Augusta is my great great grandmother.

Name:  Connie HINK Hudlow 


Location: Brooklyn Park, MN

Date: Sun 7/9/00 9:40 PM

I am looking for my grandfather's brothers who were from Sioux City, IA .. which would be in Woodbury County, I believe. HINK, Ernest  Birthdate: June 15, 1898 He was born in IA, I think, Parents: John Jacob HINK and Mary Fegmeier HINK. Death Date: June 1974. Last known Residence: Sioux City, IA 51108. HINK, Roy  Birthdate: Dec 12, 1902 I think he was born in IA. Parents: John Jacob HINK and Mary Fegmeier HINK. Date of Death: July 1986 Last Known Residence: Sioux City, IA 51108. If anyone would have any information on my relatives, I would appreciate it if you would contact me. Thanks. 

Name:  Phyllis (Gipson) Strain


Location: ?

Date: Wed 7/5/00 10:42 PM

I am seeking information on Ideler "Dell" (Gipson) White. Last information places her in Woodbury Co, Sioux City, IA in 1932.  She was born in Arkansas about 1874.  Parents were Preston Lee and Elizabeth (Herreford) Gipson.  Dell's first husband was Buddy Strawn, second husband was _____ White.  Most of her family stayed here in Washington and in Oklahoma. No other information, any info you have will be greatly appreciated.  Please email me at  Thank you and Good luck to you in your searches.

Name: Mary Ellen Boyd


Location: Berthoud, CO

Time: Mon 7/3/00 11:18 AM

I have recently obtained a picture (perhaps about 1910) of Alice Heisler, possibly wife of Mike Heisler, from Climbing Hill/Bronson area. I believe Alice may be somehow related to the Fergusons in Woodbury County. Anybody know anything about this family?

Name: Tammy Pomernackas

Email: or

Location: ?

Time: Tue 6/20/00 9:55 PM

 I am working on my g g grandfather.  I am looking for information on Elick Kinnamen who married Elizabeth Headlee on 18 May 1887 in Woodbury County, Iowa.  There have been several misspellings of both of his names.  I need to verify the spelling, his birth date and his parents name if possible.  I know he was born in Iowa but I am not sure where.  Any information you have on Elick would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any help you can give.  I am meeting with my great-uncles and grandfather this weekend so they can try and come up with more information between them. 

Name:  David A. Homolka 


Location: ??

Date:  Thu 6/15/00 12:38 PM


Francis, Died 1930's (?)Hit & Run Downtown Sioux City. Frank, Son. David Francis, Son Olive, wife of David, Children=Betty, David Lee. My name is David Allyn, Great-grandson of Francis. Everbody has passed away. I do not know where my Homolka family is buried in Sioux City. Help! Also, my grandmother Olive's maiden name was McGin. Same questions. McGin's were Irish Catholic. Sisters,, Nellie, ?, ?, ?, Brother=Charlie. Thank you. 

Name:  Dave Fellows


Location: Lake Park, MN

Date:  Mon 4/17/00 8:02 AM

I am seeking information on Mortica Hastings and his spouse Sarah Bell Burgess and more specifically the son that they adopted in 1898. I know only that the son was described as 'baby Meyers' in a letter dated 1942. I have not been able to provide a valid genealogical line for that baby, my spouses grandfather. I know that family tradition says that the orphanage in Sioux City burned and the records with it and that the Hastings Family lived in the area. Any help appreciated. 

Name:  Kathy Spangler

E-Mail: dead email

Location: ??

Date: Sat 3/25/00 8:46 PM

Interested in any information on the name Houghton as found in Sioux City, IA.

Name:  Bev


Location: Colorado

Date: Mon 3/20/00 2:01 PM

Looking for: Michael James Hennessey, DOB: 4/6/1885 Woodbury County, IA, Died: 3/1968 Woodbury County, IA, Spouse: Amy May Sewakey, Parents: Edward James Hennessey, Katherine Dwyer, Children: Raymond Hennessey, Edward Hennessey, Thanks for your help.


Name:  Linda A. Stoner Wright

E-Mail: dead email


Date: Tue 2/29/00 11:25 AM

I am looking for information on my grandfather Irvin C. BROWN.  He married my grandmother Anna A. LOEB on Sept. 17, 1919 in Hornick, IA.  His father's name listed on their marriage certificate was George W. BROWN and his mother as Julia MANN.  My grandmother's parents were Adolph J. LOEB and Anna M. HIRCHART, all who lived in the Hornick area.  Any information on the BROWN, LOEB, HIRCHART, or MANN families would be greatly appreciated.


Name:  Gary Hansen 


Location: Carrollton, Texas

Date: Thu 2/17/00 4:33 AM

Searching for our youngest brother Robert Edwin Hall of the George F. Hall family which resided at 217 Ross Street in Sioux City from 1946 - 1953?.  Family of four children, Nancy born April 6, 1947, Gary born September 28, 1948, Richard born November 11, 1949, and Robert born possibibly in 1952.  Our mothers name was Arloene Mildred Hall (Anderson), daughter of Alice and Helmer Anderson of 2220 S. Helen Street in Morningside.  Our father was from Schaller Iowa and worked as a roofer.  The four childeren were placed in the Boys and Girls home for adoption due to family problems.  Nancy and Gary were adopted by Henry and Emma Hansen of Remsen, Iowa, and Richard was adopted by Elzie and Fern Robinson of Dayton, Iowa.  Richard was recently reunited with Nancy and Gary and we look forward to finding our youngest brother.  Any information especially birth date or adopted name would be helpful


Name:  Rhonda Buffington


Location: ?

Date: Sun 1/30/00 1:52 PM

Looking for information on Robert Carver Born Jan 19 1904 Son of William Orland and Annis (Hubbard) Carver. Robert Died November 12 1992 at Wolf Memorial Good Samaritan Center in Albion. He married Mildred Louis Beyer October 9 1928 in Sioux City, Iowa. Know children are Betty carver Olnes Kathleen Carver Krier Robert Carver Jr Donald Carver and Richard (Dick) Carver. Can anyone be of help with this family. Thank you.  


Name:  ? 

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Location: ?

Date: Mon 1/24/00 9:25 PM

My mother was born 6-16-37 she has feverishly tried to find her birth mother. She was born in Sioux City and she knows that her mothers last name was HAYES, (most likely her maiden name). She was adopted by Leona and John (Jack) SHEA. Her mothers father may have been related to the Sears and Roebuck stores or a real estate person. If any one has information please email me, this would make an old lady very happy.



Email: dead email


Date: Thu 1/20/00 12:18 AM

Am looking for information on the descendants on Hannah and Harry Houghton who lived in Sioux City from about 1895 until Hannah died in 1929/30. They had two children - Calista and Dorrance. Hannah was born in Dubuque the daughter of Daniel O'Hern and Rose Doran. Rose died in Sioux City as did Hannah but they were both brought back to Dubuque for burial. Would like to know what happened to Hannah's husband, Harry and the two children.


Name: Ariel Bloom


Location: Iowa 

Date: Wed 1/12/00 1:06 PM


My mothers parents are buried at the Morningside Cemetery in Sioux City, Iowa., Woodbury County. As a little girl I remember going their on Memorial Day. Am trying to find family connection to these grandparents. Mason Warren SEVY b 11-17-1873 d 1-2-1952 Annie Lydia (AMICK) HAYNES b 9-15-1879 d 1-22-1936 not sure where their parents are buried and would like to solve that mystery too. They are: Hueston W. HAYNES b 1-18-1848 d 1926 m Catherine AMICK b 1848 (?) d 6-1930 believe they are both buried in Russellville, WVA but would like to know for sure. My grandfathers memorial book says the service was at the Christy Funeral Home in Sioux City, Ia. Laid to rest on 1-5-1952 In the memorial book some of the visitors were: Mrs. G L HAYNES , G C HAYNES, Mr. and Mrs. Dave COPENHAVER, Mr. William AMICK and Mr Harley AMICK If you recognize any of these names please let me know. My These would have been cousins or Aunts and Uncles I assume. A Mrs. Bert ANDERSON also signed the book. Family? I am not sure. The rest of the names in the book I either recognize or cannot place to a family connection. Any help in connecting with family would be so appreciated. Thanks for any help. 


Name: Dolores Hoffman Lang


Location: See below

Date: Wed 11/10/99 10:08 AM

Trying to locate family of my uncle, born in Iowa May 29, 1911, Died Aug 1977. Last soc.sec Sioux City, Iowa 51101 SS#481-07-5985. John is one of 5 boys (Carl E, Claude D, Robert D. Ernest E. all deceased (Ernest was my father); had 5 sisters (Evalyn, Vivian, Ruth, Margaret, Iris-all deceased. Believe all were born in Iowa; but some lived in Omaha, Nebr.; Seattle, Wash; Orlando, Fl; Broaddus Tx, etc. I am interested in locating any family members living possibly in Sioux City, Iowa (children of John, etc.) I live in Toms River, NJ, but am in Sarasota, Fl during the winter season. Thanks.



Location:  ?

Date: Sun 10/3/99 9:10 PM

I am looking for any information that anyone might have on the HINK Surname. My Grandfathers Brother was ERNST H HINK and he lived in Sioux City, IA for most of his Adult years. Their was also a ROY HINK that lived in Sioux City as well. I would be interested in Obituaries, Burial's and if the had a spouse and children, what their names would be. There was a Mr & Mrs B.L. SHAY and a Mrs. W.D. MASSEY that attended my Uncle's memorial service that was held for him when he was killed in World War II .. This was in April 1945 and it listed them as from Sioux City, IA . If anyone has any information I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. Thank You

Name:  Patrick Montgomery


Location:  hagerstown, maryland

Date: Wed 9/29/99 10:00 AM

Looking for information on the Helping Hand Mission and its minister Rev. Geo. L. Search which existed during the heyday of the railroads and their influence in Sioux City. Believe the ministry was located in what was then called the South Bottoms or around the 4th & Court Streets area. The Rev Search officiated at the marriage of my maternal grandparents, Carl Hogansen and Emma Wenzel on Sept 7, 1912 with witnesses R.B. Nicherson and Katti Reimtoma. Trying to establish background information. 

Name: Sandy Daltrey

Email: dead email

Location:  Winner, S.D.

Date: Sun 9/26/99 2:57 PM

I am seeking information on the John and Minnie Belle Tullis Hall family. Their children were: Ivan S., born April 1895; Frank V., born July 1896; Frieda, born Feb 1900; Lorenzo L., Herman T., Mamie F. and Wilma M.. I don't have birth dates for the last four children. Minnie was the daughter of Thomas and Sarah Metzinger Tullis. They were living in the Melon (?) Township of Woodbury County in 1900. I don't know if the family moved.

Name: Dean Gorman


Location:  ?

Date: Tue 9/21/99 1:12 PM

I would like any information on Gilbert Henry Hoeder, wife, Helena or sons, John Hoeder, Martin Hoeder, or Bill Hoeder that I can obtain, Such as burial places, addresses where they may have lived, anything about their children. The elder Hoeder's passed away in the 1930's or 1940's

Name: Patrick Montgomery 


Location:  Hagerstown, Maryland


Looking for any information on my maternal grandparents, Carl Christian Hogansen (born 1880 in Denmark and died Oct, 1918 during the Influenza epidemic in Sioux City, Iowa), his wife Emma Wenzel Hogansen Desmond Williams from Parkston, South Dakota who died in Sioux City in 1952 and William H. Montgomery who was born in Rushville, Illonois and died in Sioux City in 1964. Am particularly interested in an obituary for Mr. Hogansen and Mr. Montgomery. Mr. Hogansen worked for the Great Northern Railroad as a boiler maker at the roundhouse in the South Bottoms. My understanding is that Mr Montgomery was employed by the Sioux City Journal/Sioux City Tribune as a typesetter for many years. Looking for any information concerning these family members or William H. Montgomery's son, Phil Montgomery who was a golden gloves boxer during the late 1920s/early 1930s in the Sioux City area and boxed under the name of Jordan Any help will be appreciated. Trying to trace family roots. 

Name: Terry L Hacker


Location:  ?

Date: Sun 9/12/99 6:08 PM


My name is Terry L Hacker. I was born May 2,1953 in Sioux City, Iowa. I was born at 6:33 AM. I was delivered by doctor J. D. Lutton M.D. who was from Sioux City, IA then. I was placed in St. Monica's Home. I was adopted by Frank and Julia Hacker when I was about three months old, who lived near Ralston, IA. My birth mother was 16 years old and a sophomore in high school at the time. She could have been born in 1937 or 1938. She was 5' 3" tall, weighing 100 lbs. She had light brown hair and hazel eyes. She is of Irish/Scotch descent. She enjoyed embroidering and shell craft. Her father was a meat inspector. He had three brothers and two sisters. Her mother was killed in a car accident when she was 36 years old, possibly 1973. Her mother had one brother and four sisters.

My birth father was 6' tall, weighing 159lbs. He had black hair, brown eyes, and a dark complexion. He had an eighth grade education and worked as a mechanic, roofer, and sider. He is Syrian and his parents are Jewish. He was reportedly mentally limited. Any information about my natural family would be most helpful.

Name: Diane Smaby


Location:  ?

Date: Tue 9/7/99 5:22 PM

Looking for resting place of John Holbrook born 1845 and died between 1895 and 1900. Thank you.

Name: Arlene Hollenbeck

E-Mail: dead email

Location:  Marcus Iowa

Date: Sat 9/4/99 1:24 PM

Looking for someone who is connected or knew Genevieve Howard.  She wrote this family history in the "History of Woodbury County"  and mentioned a Jarvis Mullinnex.  I would like more information if anyone has any.  Thanks. 


Name: Gary A. Christopher


Location:  ?

Date: Thu 8/19/99 12:42 AM

Surnames: HAGBERG, CHRISTOPHER, TESDAHL, BERG. I am searching for descendents of Lars TESDAHL and Martha BERG of Story County, Iowa, for a family history project. Their granddaughter Helen Ora CHRISTOPHER is my great aunt. Helen married Carl Alfred HAGBERG on 12 Aug 1916. Helen passed away on 9 Apr 1982 in Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa. Descendents of Helen CHRISTOPHER and Carl HAGBERG please contact me. Any assistance you may be able to provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank You.


Name: Waltraud Crumlett


Location: San Antonio, Texas

Date: Tue 8/24/99 9:59 AM

 I am working on my husband's family tree and am missing information about my husband's grandmother, formerly Nettie M. Hamm. I know she was born on May 4, 1893 in Imogene, Fremont County, Iowa. Possibly had a sister named Hattie who married and moved to MN. Possibly went to "higher education school" in Sioux City. Married Henry Raymond Crumlett in 1913 somewhere; bore a son named Edward Henry Crumlett in Sioux City, Iowa on October 10, 1913. After his disappearance she probably divorced him some years later maybe 1916. Looking for any information about the Hamm family, her parents, marriage records, divorce records, siblings. Hope someone can help. 


Name: ?


Location: ?

Date: Sat 8/14/99 10:30 PM

Looking for information on Charles Hilton who was married to Ann or Anne Littel. They lived in the Sioux City, IA area. Charles was b 9 May 1863 and d 26 Apr 1925. This individual is buried at Webb Hill Cemetery, Smith Co, Ks. I have no idea the dates they might have lived in Sioux City, so this is a shot in the dark. I have hit the proverbial "brick wall". Any suggestions?


Name: Terry L Hacker

E-Mail: TLHacker@Smig.Net

Location: Albert Lea, MN

Date: Wed 6/30/99 9:32 PM

My name is Terry L Hacker. I was born in Woodbury Co. in Sioux City, IA , on May 2, 1953. I was given up for adoption and was placed in St. Monica's Home. I was adopted by Frank and Julie Hacker who were from Ralston, IA at the time. I was about three months old when adopted. My birth mother was 16 or 17 years old when I was born. She is of Irish and of Scottish decent. Her father was a meat cutter by trade. Her mother was killed in a car accident in 1973. I understand she is artistic. My biological father was about 6 feet tall with dark hair. He came from Syria and his father was Jewish. He worked as a mechanic and as a roofer. He is supposed to be mentally challenged. I am searching to find my natural parents, in the hope that they still remember me. I would very much like to meet with them if possible. I mean them no harm in any way. I would like to know more about my natural family some day.


Name: J Brooks-Lindsay


Location: CA, USA

Date: Mon 6/28/99 2:35 PM

I am seeking information re:A. (birth/death dates, names of parents) for Edwin HUMBERT, born in Sioux City around 1864.B. (date of) the (possible) marriage of Lenna (or Phylenna) VASSAR and Edwin HUMBERT between 1890 and 1900 in Sioux City. C. information on the birth of Ethel Genevieve HUMBERT, daughter of Lenna VASSAR and Edwin HUMBERT, born 5/11/1894 in Sioux City. Thank you.


Name: Rod Anderson

E-mail: dead email

Location: ?

Date: Tue 6/22/99 1:15 PM

Looking for info on the parents (surname PLUMER) of Josephine HAGGBLADE PLUMER who lived in Lawton in the late 1800's. Looking info on the parents of Oscar HAGGBLADE (Peter,and Anna) who immigrated from Sweden to the Storm Lake area in the second half of the nineteenth century. Looking info on the parents of Alfred ANDERSON (Sophie,and Nels) who immigrated from Norway to Sergeant Bluff in the second half of the nineteenth century.


Name: Susan Schnirring


Location: ?

Date: Fri 6/4/99 8:23 PM

I am looking for biological grandparent information.  Paternal side= Ernest C. SAMMONS born November 15, 1878 in Guthrie Center, Iowa, Married Mary Ann SAMMONS in Yankton, So. Dakota in 1903.  Fathered at least 3 children with Emmaline Martin FOWLER, born August 21, 1899, to Henry and Elsie (HERRING / PRESTON) in Jackson, Nebraska.  Henry and Elsie may have died in Sioux City.  Elsie daughter of John and Olive HERRING / PRESTON. Emmaline was married to Ed Fowler in either 1913 or 1914 when she was 14 yrs old.  She may have lived in So. Sioux City, Nebraska.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Name: Linda Hoelscher

E-Mail: dead email

Location: ?

Date: Wed 5/19/99 7:58 PM

I am looking for information on Henry H. Hoelscher.  I would like to know where he is buried and when he died.  His wife was Grace Conod Hoelscher I think. All I know is that they were supposed to live around Sioux City, somewhere in Woodbury Co.  Any information on this family will be greatly appreciated.


Name: Bev


Location: ?

Date: Tue 5/18/99 5:14 PM

I am looking for the following: Edward James Hennessey, DOB:  Mid 1800's, Married Katherine Dwyer, Had a son, Michael James Hennessey, who died in Woodbury County, IA. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.


Name: Martha "Marty" Grewell Stover


Location: ?

Date: Thu 5/6/99 2:10 PM

Seeking any information on Bernard & Idella NOLAN, or their children.  They lived in Sioux City in the 1880's & 1890's. She was from South Dakota, (Idella HADAMAN), and he was from Galena, Illinois.  They moved back to Galena, IL, in the late 1890's, Bernard died and she remarried (Fred Studer), and later moved to Tuscarawas Co.,  Ohio.  I have them in  Sioux City Directories, 1887   - 1890, living on Court St, then Jackson St., then Springdale, 13th St., and W. 7th St.  Bernard was a driver, expressman, drayman, and finally a clerk for Boyle & Co.    Need marriage information, anything else.  Children were Aggie, who married (perhaps in Sioux City?) Connie Glasgow, and moved to Oregon; Laura, b. in Sioux City, 1890.  She married George Broderick in Galena, IL.;  Irene, b. in Sioux City, 1892, and Leroy Patrick, b. Sioux City about 1896.  


Name: Judy Chambers

E-Mail d&

Location: ?

Date: Mon 5/3/99 11:54 PM

William HILL, b. 11-14-1922, d. 12-20-1991 in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA

Would REALLY like to find some kind person who would look up his obituary for me.  He is an uncle I very recently discovered I had and I'm hoping that the obit will tell me something about him or give me some family names of people who can.


Name: Barbara Clark Dochterman


Location: ?

Date: Wed 4/28/99 8:51 PM

In 1881, Mary Clark Hess was residing in Wolf Dale, Woodbury County, Iowa.  She was born in Cherry Valley, Ashtabula County, Ohio in 1836. In 1848 she moved with her parents, Windsor Otis Clark and Lois Green Clark, to LaSalle County, Illinois.  In 1862 she married Jeremiah Hess. I am aware of only one child, Darwin Clark Hess, born about 1864.  At the time of her father's death in Illinois, she was living in Wolf Dale, Woodbury County, Iowa.  Are there any records of Mary, her son, or any descendants in your county? 


Name: Ted Braucht 


Location: ?

Date: Sat 4/24/99 1:34 PM

I am searching for birth date of: ALAN DEAN HART   Son of Verl Allen and Hazel Barrow Hart  Born Sioux City about 1930-31-32. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.


Name: R. Wayne Hunt


Location: ?

Date: Sat 4/3/99 6:59 AM

I am looking for information on my wife's father: Henry T. Hyatt, DOB: March 08, 1905, Father: Frank Edward Hyatt, Mother: Lola Roe Hyatt, City of Birth: Sioux City, County: Woodbury. Best we know is that Henry left home at a very early age. There were brothers, but no mention of sisters. Henry died Sept 1968 in Rosenberg, TX Any information would be appreciated. 


Name: Sue W Church 


Location: ?

Date: Wed 3/24/99 9:06 PM

Hi. I am looking for any genealogical information about Maitie Higby of Woodbury County, Iowa and a Dr. George Moon also of Woodbury County. They were in the Sioux City area circa 12/1/1920 to about 12/30/1921. All the information I know is that Dr. Moon fathered a child hy Miss Higby, and the child was immediately given up for adoption. After that, Miss Higby can be traced to Tucuncary, NM. It is believed that Dr. Moon later moved onto the Chicago area. The information I need will only be used to determine if there were any medical conditions held by the birth parents and their ancestors, and it will be used to determine if any of the present day relatives should have any concerns with their health. Thank you very much. 


Name: John Fuester


Location: ?

Date: Mon 3/15/99 9:56 PM

I am trying to find information (for a family history) on Oscar HANSON (HANSEN) and his wife Clara HULSEBUS. They were apparently living in Sioux City, Woodbury County in the 1940s. Clara's parents were Harm and Johanna HULSEBUS. Clara HULSEBUS was born around 1889 in Iowa, and Oscar HANSON was born around 1887 in Iowa.


Name: Barb


Location: ?

Date: Thu 2/18/99 6:15 PM

Hello I am looking for any info on Leo John Miles Burke b.Nov.29,1904 d.Mar.22,1955 in Sioux City Iowa. His wife's name Nina Mae (Heyl) Burke b.Jan.5,1901 d.Mar.18,1964. Nina's father was Henry Christopher Heyl. I have no info on siblings all though I do have their children's name's John, Roger & Bonnie. Anything will be helpful Thank you Barb


Name: Jackie Nielson 



Date: Wed 2/17/99 3:26 PM

I am looking for info on the Daniel COOPER/Francis Augusta KAMINSKY family. They lived in Woodbury Co in the 1920's. They had one daughter Anna who married Charles HULING, and lived in Sioux City in 1925. They are also related my marriage to the VAUGHN family of Correctionville.


 Name: Cathy Gudenrath


Location: ?

Time: Sat 2/6/99 12:13 PM

I would like to update a request sent in earlier today to you. In addition to Craft Kirkpatrick, I am also looking for information on his wife, Metta Katherine Hennings. She was born in 1892 in Manilla, Ia and he was born in 1888 in Woodbury County Iowa.


Name: Barbara S. Burke


Location: ?

Date: Thu 2/4/99 9:50 AM

I am looking for information on Leo Burke b.11/29/1904 d.3/22/1955 married to Nina Mae Heyl b.1/5/1901 d.3/18/1964.They had three children John W.; Roger; Bonnie. Thank you 


 Name: Anita Wilson


Location: ?

Date: Sun 1/31/99 10:27 PM

I am looking for information on my grandfathers parents. My grandfathers name was James Clarence Harris. He was born on Oct. 19, 1905 in Anthon Iowa. Woodbury County. His fathers name was Clarence Townsend Harris and his mothers name was Edith Blanche Downing. I do not know when they were born or when they died or where. I know Blanch was killed by a hit and run driver. If anyone can help please let me know.


Name: Curtis E. Fritz


Location: Houston, TX

Date: Sun 1/31/99 2:49 PM

Am searching for information on Christian BAKER (aka BECKER) b. 3 Nov 1863 in Oberasphe, Hessen, Germany. Son of Ludwig BECKER and his wife, Catharina DONGES. Came to US in 1866 and settled in Grant County, Wisconsin. Christian moved to Sioux City in the 1880's and married Theresa HAGEY on 14 May 1894. This couple may have had 15 children. In birth order Frank b. 1895; Clara b. 1896; Charley b. 1898; Mary b. 1901; Louis b. 1903; Albert b. 1904; Harry b. 1907; Jimmie b. 1907; William b. 1908; Clarence b. 1910; Peter b. 1913; Violet b. 1916; Vincent b. 1917; John b. 1919 and Henry b. 1919. I am attempting to compile the descendants of Ludwig BECKER and Cahtarine DONGES and this particular branch of the family needs completing. Any help would be appreciated.


Name: Dick Jenkins


Location: Westminster, CO

Date: Tue 12/29/98 1:02 PM

My grandfather, Andrew Hansen, was born in the Sioux City area in 1850. His father had come from Denmark and from what I understand married in this area somewhere between 1847 and 1850. Another son and daughter were born, although I am not sure whether they were born in the Sioux City area or back in Denmark where they returned. I'm not sure when they returned, but Andrew came back to the USA somewhere around 1864 and I would assume returned to the Sioux City area. His brother Walter followed him to the USA. I would like to know where to search in the Sioux City area to see if I could find the record of marriage between Andrew's father and his mother and/or a record of Andrew's birth. I do not know the name of either Andrew's father or his mother.


Name: Jeff Haakinson


Location: ?

Date: Wed 12/16/98 7:50 PM

HAAKINSON, I am looking for any information for my GGGF Mathias HAAKINSON, born 18 Aug 1856 in Norway, married Amelia Olson on 6 May 1857, died on 2 may 1911 in Sioux City Iowa. He is buried in Climbing Hill, Woodbury Co, IA. My GGF was Walter Edward HAAKINSON, born 31 Mar 1867 in Wisconsin. He moved to Sioux City, Iowa. He died on 24 Aug 1941 in Sioux City, Woodbury Co, Iowa and is buried in Climbing Hill IA. Walter had 4 kids: Clarence HAAKINSON, Mary HAAKINSON (LIVERMORE), Florence. HAAKINSON (MACK), and Roy HAAKINSON. I am looking for anyone related or any information on the family. 


Name: Tracey Fotiou


Location: CT

Date: Thu 12/3/98 8:54 AM

Looking for information on the following: Samuel B. SCOFIELD b. 25 Jan 1835 Warren, OH d. 20 Nov 1909 Lincoln, Harrison, IA. m. abt. 1864 Sioux City, Woodbury, IA to Mary Louise(a) HELPHREY b. abt. 1848 OH d. abt. 1907 Parents of Mary Louise(a) HELPHREY, unknown. Parents of Samuel B. SCOFIELD: Jared W. SCOFIELD b. abt. 1808 CT, Elizabeth HOSBROOK b. abt. 1809 OH d. 26 Dec 1901 South Grove, IA m. 08 July 1832 Hamilton, Butler, OH, Children of Samuel B. SCOFIELD & Mary Louise(a) HELPHREY are: Effa Eldora b. 4 Aug 1869 6 Mile Grove, Harrison, IA d. 30 July 1870 Same place Charles Wellingotn b. 24 Nov 1870 6 Mile Grove, Harrison, IA d. 17 Jan 1932. Same Manelva Myrtle (OLIVER) b. 10 Oct 1872 6 Mile Grove, Harrison, IA Mina (Minnie) Ellen b. 3 Oct 1874 6 Mile Grove, Harrison, IA. Albert Eli b. 12 May 1876 6 Mile Grove, Harrison, IA. Harvey Elmer b. 15 Sept 1878 6 Mile Grove, Harrison, IA. Amanda May (BARRETT) b. 2 Dec 1881 Woodbine, Harrison, IA. Amachis Viola (KRAUSS) b. 1 Sept 1883 Woodbine, Harrison, IA. Lafayette b. 23 June 1886 Woodbine, Harrison, IA d. 17 Sept 1889 Same. Do these folks fit into anyone else's line? Thanks & Happy Hunting.


Name: Delleen Starner


Location: ?

Time: Mon 11/30/98 5:37 PM

Looking for the 2 HITCHMAN brothers and the sister supposed to be living in Sioux City, Iowa area as of 17 May 1936. They would probably have been in their 80s or thereabouts. I don't have their first names. I will be delighted in obtaining any information at all. 


Name: Michael Harcourt


Location: ?

Time: Sat 11/14/98 12:09 PM

trying to determine marriages for: Miah B. Harcourt b.1890, Sioux City, IA and Florence Alma Harcourt, b. 1892, Sioux City, IA both were off-springs of Benjamin F. and Eliza Jane (Morgan) HARCOURT Benjamin was from Jasper County and Eliza was from Grove, IA Submitted by Michael Harcourt





Time: Sun 10/25/98 2:07 PM

I am looking for info on my Grandfathers parents and to find out if he had any brothers and sisters. All I know about my Grandfather is this. His name was Clarence Oliver HINES and that he was born on Sept 5th 1894. Birth place was Sioux City Iowa in Woodbury County. I also know that they moved to Alberta [ where my Dad an two Uncles were born] but I don't know when. My Grandfather died in Paris Ontario on July 16 1969 and is buried in the Paris Cemetery.. Hope someone out there can help or give me some info an how to find out what I want to know. Thank you for your time


Name: Delleen Starner


Location: ?

Time: Thu 10/22/98 2:15 PM

The obituary for Walter John Thomas HITCHMAN, who died 17 May 1936 in Oregon, stated that he had 2 brothers and a sister living in Sioux City. I would like to learn more about them but have not been able to contact any descendants or anyone who knows of this family. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


Name: Michael Helfgott


Location: St. Paul, MN, USA

Time: Tuesday, October 20, 1998 at 16:27:22

I am looking for information on the HELFGOTT and DOSTOVSKY families, who lived in Sioux City around the turn of the century. My ggf, MAX ARON HELFGOTT, I believe founded a synagogue, Shrei' Zion (The Gates of Zion) synagogue. Any info. would be helpful, especially if you are a HELFGOTT or a DOSTOVSKY.


Name: Joann H. Nichols

Location: Brattleboro, VT


Time: Fri 10/16/98 5:15 AM

I am seeking burial information on Mary Lorena (HULETT) RUDD who according to family records died 30 April 1932 in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA and is buried in Floyd Cemetery at 2p. She may have remarried prior to 1900 as her first husband, Silas RUDD appears in the 1900 census with a second wife. I would appreciate assistance of someone to check this cemetery and see who is buried at 2p. There may also be a young daughter buried there, Ethel Mabel Rudd, who died in Dec. 1906. Thanks for any assistance.


Name: Joann H. Nichols


Location: ?

Time: Wed 10/14/98 11:30 AM

Mary Lorena HULETT was first wife of Silas RUDD. Family records say that she died 30 April 1932 in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., Iowa, and is buried in the Floyd Cemetery at 2p (probably the location in the cemetery). Does anyone know if the cemetery has been listed? I believe that Mary Lorena must have remarried after she and Silas were divorced. Silas appears with a second wife in the 1900 census, so they were divorced[?] before then. Therefore her name might not appear as Rudd. If someone lives near Sioux City and is willing to go to the cemetery and look for 2p, and Mary Lorena, I will be very grateful. I will reimburse any costs necessary. Thanks a lot. 


Name: Ken Tinkham


Location: ?

Time: Mon 10/5/98 10:33 PM

Widow, Rhoda Dart, & son, Walter were living in Pierson at the time of the 1910 Census. Rhoda died in Correctionville, 13 Dec. 1915, but was buried in Pierson according to death certificate. Would appreciate any additional information. Another son, Balfour Dart was with her in Pierson, in 1900. J. H. Hatfield may be related.


Name: Kenneth Larson


Location: Puyallup, WA, USA

Time: Friday, September 25, 1998 at 14:11:25

Looking for the birth record of Warren Lee Hansen, born to Marcella Hansen in October, 1936 in Sioux City, Iowa.


Name: Terry Hamel


Location: Costa Mesa, CA

Date: Tue 7/28/98 10:56 AM

I'm trying to find information on my father's parents. They both died in the mid 20's and he was adopted. This was in Sioux City, Iowa. His Fathers name was Wallace Milo Haskell and died about 1924 in Sioux City. His Mothers name was Jenny Nichols or Nicholas and she died about 1925. My fathers name was (their son) Stanley Clarence Haskell and was adopted in about 1927 and became Hamel instead of Haskell. His parents were married about 1908. Thanks for any information you can provide. Terry Hamel, 233 Avocado St. #A, Costa Mesa, Ca. 92627, (949) 548-5996.


Name: Arlene Willet


Location: ?

Time: Monday, July 06, 1998 4:04 PM

Could some one please do some look ups for me, in Woodbury Co.? My great grandmother, Radhel Lorena (Hulett) Rudd, is buried in Floyd Cemetery, in Sioux City. I have also heard her refereed to as Mary Lorena. I am trying to confirm name and grave markings. She died on April 3, 1932. Another great grandmother, Mary Jane (Menzie) Kemper,died in Sioux City on Oct, 10, 1880. I do not know what cemetery she is buried in. Her husband William R. Kemper died in Sioux City on Mar. 20, 1887, also do not know what cemetery. Any info on obits for these three people, or death certificate info for them would be very much appreciated Please e-mail me. Thank you. Arlene Willet.


Name: Terry Hamel


Location: Irvine, ca., USA

Time: Wednesday, June 10, 1998 at 15:15:21

Looking for info on Wallace and Jenny Haskell both died in Sioux City, Iowa, Woodbury County in the early 20's. They had a son Stanley Clarence who was adopted about 1926 by Frank Hamel


Name: Peggy Mayberry Powell


Location: Hornick, IA, USA

Time: Saturday, December 27, 1997 at 10:45:25

My Woodbury county surnames are: Bolte married a Ranniger, lived Climbing Hill Bolte married a Powell lived Climbing Hill Boltes married a Sands, (Carlson and Van Laningham, Houck, (Schink, Jensen,Layton), and Serviss Mayberry married a Powell, lived SC, rural Hornick . I have been doing research on actively on these families over 20 years, will share information. Powells married a (Bieler, Mooney), Livermore, and Kelsheimer. Shepard, George and Lydia McGlothlen/McLaughlin. Shepard married a Powell. Sweisberger married a Powell. Other Sweisbergers married (Quisenberry, Gill), Boyle, Boyle, (Boyle,DeRoin), Boulden, Schumacher, and Prescott. Cemeteries, Climbing Hill, Sioux City - Graceland, Logan, Memorial.


Name: Devorah

Email: dead email

Location: Oroville, Ca, USA

Time: Saturday, December 20, 1997 at 01:56:29

I'm trying to find the parents & siblings of Sophia Heady GREENLEAF, born Feb 1806 Parish of Birmingham, Warwickshire, England, died Sept 5, 1881 at Sioux City, Iowa, married May 4, 1826 in England to Anson Richard Heath. 


Name: Terry B. HARDY


Location: Carlisle, Iowa, USA

Time: Friday, December 19, 1997 at 17:25:44

Would like to hear from any HARDY or HARDY descendants whose ancestors came from Massachusetts. I have a book written in 1935 called HARDY & HARDIE, and I would be glad to see if your HARDY is in it. Also interested in descendents of Frank LOWRY (born 1905 and died in 1952). My regular address: Terry B. Hardy, 200 Lindhardt Rd., Carlisle, Iowa 50047. Phone: (515) 989-4121 & 989-3324.Thank you. 

I need to make a correction to the query I just submitted. It would be descendants of Elmer LOWRY (born 1870 in DeWitt, Iowa and died 16 Mar 1936 in Stevens, S.D.) and his wife Phoebe Ann HARDY (1st wife) and Marie Lee HILTON (his second wife). Thank you.


Name: Sue E. Eddy


Location: Black River Falls, WI, USA

Time: Wednesday, December 10, 1997 at 09:09:38

The Jackson County Historical Society is searching for information on a daughter of a founder of one of our townships here in Jackson County, WI. Ellen E. HICKS was born about 1848, to John L. and Sophia Elizabeth PERKINS HICKS. By 1910, Ellen was living in Sioux City, Iowa, and married to a SMITH. Both her parents were deceased by this time and she had a son named, John SMITH. The town of Hixton was named for her father and we would like to find more information on this daughter and any descendants of theirs.


Name: acronin


Location: WA, USA

Time: Tuesday, September 30, 1997 at 17:29:24

Searching for HIGGINS, Phoebe and Peter maybe also known as Peter. Peter died 9/28/13. Lived in Sioux Falls in 1895 but may have been in Sioux City. Children are Elizabeth, Ada, Bob, Bill, Charlie, and others. Searching for Charles TRAVIS DOD in 1920 aprox in Sioux City. 


Name: Randy Muir


Location: TN

Time: Monday, August 18, 1997 at 10:52:52

Looking for info on any MUIR, STOUGH , SIMEON, & HARVEY in the Woodbury Co. Most of them would have been in Sioux City. 1.) Peter William MUIR (b. 1865 in Quebec to Peter & Martine [ LABERGE ] MUIR-m. Susan SIMEON in 1887 in Sioux City-d. 1922 in Sioux City); 2.) Susan (SIMEON) MUIR (b.1868 in Sioux City to John & Anna [SCHNEIDER] SIMEON)-d. 1930 in Sioux City); 3.) John William STOUGH, Sr. (b. 1862 in Marshall Co., IA to Henry & Elizabeth [ DAKIN ] STOUGH -m. Nellie HARVEY in 1896 in Onawa Co., IA-d. 1941 in Sioux City); 4.) Nellie HARVEY (b. 1870 in Neponset, IL to George & Clara Ann [BIGELOW] HARVEY-d. 1947 in Sioux City. I'm quite willing to share info with others. Any help, cooperation, & suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks. Randy Muir 


Name: Donna L. Fischer
Location: Newberg, OR, USA
Date: Thursday, July 3, 1997 at 16:48:50
HOPKINS / BURDETTE: Loyal Burdette Hopkins, Sr. (b: Sioux City, IA 7 Jun 1898; d. Portland, OR 13 Mar 1953), s/o Albert Leslie and Elizabeth Almira (Burdette) HOPKINS. Loyal m. Blanche Fern Basom c1925 in Pendleton, Umatilla Co., OR. Any info regarding this family is greatly appreciated. 




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