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Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2006 15:46:57 -0700
From: Mallory Smith


Subject: Elijah C Mallory c 1867 IA

Looking for an obit for Elijah. He was living in Sioux City in 1920 and his wife is living in Vancouver BC as a widow in 1930. I don't know what happened to Solomon. I know he was in the Militia with Nelson and first Lt Caleb Mallory in 1820 (Ontario Canada). Also Noble E Mallory who was also in Green Co Wisconsin.

(____Mallory = Sarah 1794/5 mother or sister of Solomon)

Solymon T Mallory c 1811 CAN farmer father CT mother NY = Mary 1850 England parents ENG (1870 census Green Co WI S T Mallory c 1811) (1880 census Sylvester Green Co WI)

NOTE: L T Mallory 1836 per 1870 census Green Co WI

Sarah Mallory 1837 per 1870 census Green co WI

George Mallory 1866/7 WI

Elijah C Mallory 1868/9 WI (father, Canada, English mother England, English) Chiropractic Doctor 1920 Census Woodbury Co IA = Lucy Matilda 36 IA d 23 Jan 1958 ae 74 Comox BC bur Courtney Cem (father England, mother PA)

(NOTE: Elijah C Mallory 1862 WI 1920 Census Sioux City IA = Lena W 1864 OH

Ollie 1893 NY

NOTE: Frederick Mallory c 1867 per 1870 census Green Co WI)

Franklin Mallory 1873 WI (Franklin Mallory c 1867 Green Co WI per 1870 census)

Frank Mallory 1873 per 1880 census

Volney Edwin Mallory son 1875 WI d 4 May 1975 Vancouver BC ae 78 bur Courtney Civic Cem Vancouver Island =2 Nov 1899 Alta Buena Vista Co IA. Florence Rosetta Ratliff 1883 (Richard Ratliff) See 1885 census Buena Vista Co IA rootsweb (Richard Ratcliff = Madora) Volney E Mallory 1910 census Clay Co IA

Ida Mallory ae 2 months 1880 census

Glenn Cliff Mallory 11 Dec 1905 Spencer clay Co IA d 29 Aug 1975 Courtney (Melville) BC bur Courtney Civie Cem Courtney BC = Mabel Mary Blaney Fred Blaney = Charlotte Colbran)

Three Children

Orie Mallory

Pearl Mallory

NOTE: Pearl Mallory = 6 Jul 1940 Snohomish Co WA Albert M Hoover 6 Jun 1903 d Nov 1978

Land purchases Mineral Point Green Co WI
MALLERY SOLYMAN T 19 1 N 7 E 80 10 5131 1841/01/05
MALLORY NOBLE E 1 2 N 8 E 40 10 7787 1848/04/01

1850 US census Wisconsin Green Roll 999 Book 1 Sylvester
Mallory S. T. born U Canada (age 30)
Mallory Sarah (age 65)

1860 US census Wisconsin Green Roll 1411 Book 1 Sylvestor
Malory, S. born Canada (age 40)
Malory, Sarah (age 76)

1870 US census Wisconsin Green Sylvester
Mallory, S.T. born Canada (age 59)
Mallory, Mary (age 22)
George (age 4)
Elijah (age 2)




Name: Mallory Smith

E-mail:  mallory.smith@verizon.net

My location: ???????

Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2006 15:43:34 -0700



Looking for Elijah C Mallory c 1867 WI who was a chiropractic doctor in Sioux City in 1920. By 1930 his wife is a widow living with extended family in Vancouver BC.

Also looking for his father and mother....Soloman and Mary mallory. Solomon was born about 1809/11 in Ontario Canada and was in the militia with close relatives Nelson and Caleb Mallory. Another close relative, Noble E Mallory moved to Green co Wisconsin about the same time as solomon T.

(____Mallory = Sarah 1794/5 mother or sister of Solomon)

Solymon T Mallory c 1811 CAN farmer father CT mother NY = Mary 1850 England parents ENG (1870 census Green Co WI S T Mallory c 1811) (1880 census Sylvester Green Co WI)

NOTE: L T Mallory 1836 per 1870 census Green Co WI

Sarah Mallory 1837 per 1870 census Green co WI

George Mallory 1866/7 WI

Elijah C Mallory 1868/9 WI (father, Canada, English mother England, English) Chiropractic Doctor 1920 Census Woodbury Co IA = Lucy Matilda 36 IA d 23 Jan 1958 ae 74 Comox BC bur Courtney Cem (father England, mother PA)

(NOTE: Elijah C Mallory 1862 WI 1920 Census Sioux City IA = Lena W 1864 OH

Ollie 1893 NY

NOTE: Frederick Mallory c 1867 per 1870 census Green Co WI)

Franklin Mallory 1873 WI (Franklin Mallory c 1867 Green Co WI per 1870 census)

Frank Mallory 1873 per 1880 census

Volney Edwin Mallory son 1875 WI d 4 May 1975 Vancouver BC ae 78 bur Courtney Civic Cem Vancouver Island =2 Nov 1899 Alta Buena Vista Co IA. Florence Rosetta Ratliff 1883 (Richard Ratliff) See 1885 census Buena Vista Co IA rootsweb (Richard Ratcliff = Madora) Volney E Mallory 1910 census Clay Co IA

Ida Mallory ae 2 months 1880 census

Glenn Cliff Mallory 11 Dec 1905 Spencer clay Co IA d 29 Aug 1975 Courtney (Melville) BC bur Courtney Civie Cem Courtney BC = Mabel Mary Blaney Fred Blaney = Charlotte Colbran)

Three Children

Orie Mallory

Pearl Mallory

NOTE: Pearl Mallory = 6 Jul 1940 Snohomish Co WA Albert M Hoover 6 Jun 1903 d Nov 1978

Land purchases Mineral Point Green Co WI
MALLERY SOLYMAN T 19 1 N 7 E 80 10 5131 1841/01/05
MALLORY NOBLE E 1 2 N 8 E 40 10 7787 1848/04/01

1850 US census Wisconsin Green Roll 999 Book 1 Sylvester
Mallory S. T. born U Canada (age 30)
Mallory Sarah (age 65)

1860 US census Wisconsin Green Roll 1411 Book 1 Sylvestor
Malory, S. born Canada (age 40)
Malory, Sarah (age 76)

1870 US census Wisconsin Green Sylvester
Mallory, S.T. born Canada (age 59)
Mallory, Mary (age 22)
George (age 4)
Elijah (age 2)

Volney Edwin Mallory Place (Volney is brother of Elijah c Mallory) ( Solomon's father may have been elijah Mallory who moved back to NY in 1811 from Coburg Ontario) Elijah was one of seven sons of Capt John Mallory from Ct who moved his family to the Holland purchase, nelson Madison Co NY in 1796...and in 1805 to Coburg Ontario Can.

Vancouver Reg. Number:
1954-09-004891 Digital Image
1954 5 4 (Yr/Mo/Day) Age:
78 Event:
Death Microfilm #:
B13219 (GSU # 2032965)

I note also he is buried in courtenay Civic Cem Courtenay Vancouver Island... also in that Cem:

Lucy Matilda Mallory (wife of Elijah C)

Comox Reg. Number:
1958-09-001878 Digital Image
1958 1 23 (Yr/Mo/Day) Age:
74 Event:
Death Microfilm #:
B13235 (GSU # 2033176)

Florence Rosetta Mallory Place (wife of Voleny Edwin)
Comox Reg. Number:
1955-09-005224 Digital Image
1955 4 29 (Yr/Mo/Day) Age:
72 Event:
Death Microfilm #:
B13223 (GSU # 2032984)


Name: Ruth Burkholder of RMB Genealogical Services

E-mail:  ruth.burk@sympatico.ca

My location: Stouffville ON Canada

Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 12:44:41 -0500


I am looking for more information about the family of Robert and Kate Maxwell who are to be found in the 1900 Sioux City census living at 106 Rustin Ave with their six children: William, George, Edward, Mabel, Frank and Catherine. Robert was born in Canada about 1845 and Kate in New York in 1855. The family moved around a bit as William was born in MI 1877, George and Edward in WI, 1882 and 1885; Mabel, Frank and Catherine were native to Iowa, born 1887, 1890 and 1892. Did the children marry in Sioux City? Did Robert and Kate die there? and where were they buried? Thanks for any info or assistance.

Ruth Burkholder of RMB Genealogical Services
103-12140 Ninth Line Stouffville ON Canada L4A 1L2
phone: 905-640-7391 fax: 905-640-9359
email: ruth.burk@sympatico.ca
No job too big or too small to tackle together!!


From: "Patti" lassie7@netzero.com 
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 04:57:20 GMT

I am researching the METZINGER family of Hollysprings, IA; Burnesa born 1896 married? KROHNE before 1919. Her parents were Myron Melvin METZINGER and Alica Fidelia RICHARDS. I am interested in any information on this family but specifically looking for the marriage to KROHNE and a son born in 1919 to them.

Patti West
Spokane, WA


From: "Kim Dinwiddie" kdinwiddie@earthlink.net 

Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2005 12:11:01 -0400

MALTA, NY 12020




E-mail:  FOGGYHORAN@webtv.net

My location:  ??????

Date: Fri 7/2/2004 9:30 AM


Looking for information on the Matthew Murray family who lived in Salix-Woodbury County. They lived there about 1910 to 1923. Their were children named Lauretta, Louis and Cyrill. Matthew had a sister Julia Anna Murray. She married William Horan. They lived at Palms, Michigan. They had 9 children. There were also relatives who lived in Beechwood , Ontario Canada.. Any information will be appreciated.




Name:  William A. Sharp

E-mail:  washarp36@atlantic.net

My location:  Orlando Fl.

Date: Wed 6/30/2004 3:15 PM

Researching a Robert T. Moore family. Found in Woodbury Co. Ia. The 1920 census shows Robert T. 41, Stella A. 39 and children Kimball 14, Helen 12, Lois A. 9, Elsie L. 8, and Geraldine E. 6. Robert worked for the railroad and I think he moved around a lot. He was in Calhoun Co. in 1900, Carroll Co. in 1910 and Woodbury in 1920. Don't know the Railroad name he was working for. Would like any information on this family. Thank You, William Sharp



Name:  Dennis

E-mail: rolldr@telus.net

My location: Cochrane, Alberta

Date: Thu 5/13/2004 12:23 PM


Looking for an obit or death record for Frank McClure. He was living in IA and died bet. 1927 and 1934. He was in IL until at least 1880. He was born in PA, 1848. Was a blacksmith or farmer, my grgrandmother's oldest brother.
I did find a Frank L. McCLURE in the 1920 census for Sioux City that may be my Frank McClure's son.
Frank L. is listed as 42, b. 1877, IA. Does anyone have the entire household for this family listed? My Frank Sr. perhaps was living with his son's family at the time. Any help appreciated. Thanks.



Name:  Susan Hallock

E-mail: shallock02@msn.com.

My location: ????????

Date: Tue 10/14/2003 12:02 AM


I am looking for information regarding Bennett, Hoult and Martin families of Anthon area. Thanks.


Name: Glenn A. Metcalf

E-mail: gametclf@netins.net

My location: Moville, Iowa

Date:Tue 7/29/2003 7:31 PM

 I am seeking information on my great grand mother Elizabeth Jane Dunbar Metcalf born 1854 died 1938 married to David Almarion Metcalf ...  Homesteader Smithland area.

Name:  Barb Kuper

E-mail: kuper.barbara@gmail.com 

My location: ?

Date: Fri 5/23/2003 9:48 PM

Looking for info on the Patrick McGraw family living in Sioux City in 1900. Listed on the census are Patrick-69, Annie-59, and Lizzie-23.Thank you in advance.

updated email address 8/5/2012


Name:   Vicki Koenen

E-mail: VKoenen@centurytel.net

My location: Danbury, WI

Date: Sun 5/11/2003 1:20 PM

I am searching for any information on Pearl Virginia McKee.  She was born in Woodbury county, Iowa on 26 May 1901. Her Father was john Wesley McKee (15 Aug 1862 in Delaware or Delaware County, Iowa.  He died 13 Sep 1941) Pearls mother was Florence Ella McKee (15 Mar 1875 - 13 Aug 1953) they were first cousins.  moved from Woodbury County Iowa to Pine County, Minnesota where she married a John Smiley. Then moved to Burnett County, Wisconsin.  I am interested in the McKee Family in Iowa. I have not found any information on the family.

Name:  Linda Wood

E-mail: woodjl@pcu.net 

My location: Logan, Utah

Date: Wed 2/20/02 4:26 PM

I most recently received info from Lester, Iowa that an ancestor of mine was at one time located in Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa. A note in a scrapbook stated that he had passed away in Sioux City, April 1925. Is there any one that might have a death index, cemetery index or be willing to look up an obituary? This young man moved from Lester, Lyon, Iowa abt. 18 years before his death. He was headed to South Dakota (Presho) I was not able to locate him there. His name is Julias Austin Moberly, his wife's name is Elizabeth, his daughter's name is Fay "Fayola". The article also stated that he was 62 years of age and had been a street car conductor in Sioux city.

Name:  James McGinn

E-mail: jwmcginn@yahoo.com 

My location: Des Moines, IA

Date: Thu 1/24/02 9:55 PM

My grandfather James McGinn had a sister Ellen McGinn who married a James Fitzgerald and lived in the Sioux City area. Don't have years but her birthday was in 1868 so am guessing it would have been in latter 1800's or early 1900's. Believe they had three children, Elizabeth, Anne and Mary. Seeking any information about family and decendants. My name is James McGinn, 4423 44th Place, Des Moines, IA 50310 or e-mail jwmcginn@yahoo.com. Any information would be appreciated.

Name:  Mona Fizzuoglio

E-mail: Jessame15@aol.com 

My location: Ellicott City, Md

Date: Tue 1/15/02 1:35 PM 

My grandfather George Herbert was born in Souix City on April 4,1892. His biological parents were Nettie (Harrison) McKenna and Harry McKenna(born in 1868). Nettie and Harry were married in Woodbury Co. on May 10,1890. They divorced a few years later and Nettie married Walter F. Gale of Woodbury Co.on March 2,1897.My grandfather took the last name of Gale. I recently found information that Harry also remarried to a Nellie Kellogg on Feb. 13,1899 in Woodbury Co. I would love to have any history on Harry McKenna.

Name:  Sandy Kintner

E-mail: dkintner@facstaff.wisc.edu 

My location: Sun Prairie, WI 

Date: Tue 5/8/01 11:41 AM

I am looking for any information on a Rev. Peter M. McLeod who took the pastorate of the Baptist church in Sioux City in the summer of 1878. I believe he was a widower with two children. He hailed from New Brunswick. I have seen mention of him in dispatches from the Sioux City Journal, but don't have direct access to papers in this time period. Would like to know how long he stayed there. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sandy Kintner, Historian, Sun Prairie United Methodist Church Sun Prairie, WI 

Name:  Ben Reavis

E-mail:  bgreavis@prodigy.net

My location:

Date: Tue 5/8/01 10:31 AM

Rev. Peter M. McLeod was a Baptist Minster, born abt 1836 in Scotland. He married abt 1868 Emily Reid in New Brunswick, Canada and moved to Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Emily died in 1875 after having two sons. I would like to know their names. In 1878 he was transferred to Sioux City Iowa. Any info will be appreciated.


Name:  Valorie (McGaffey) Richards

E-mail: dead

My location: Lee County, Iowa

Date: Thu 5/3/01 4:22 PM

Name researching- McGaffey 

I live in Lee County, Iowa near West Point. I am interested in locating obituaries for Willard and Lucille MCGAFFEY. Both died in Feb. 1992 in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., Iowa, according to the Social Security information. Willard's date of death is listed as 7 Feb 1992. Willard was born 12 Nov 1913 to Clarence and Ruth CRAIG MCGAFFEY of Pittsburgh, Van Buren Co., Iowa. Willard is my 1st cousin, once removed. If anyone could locate their obits I would be grateful. I would also enjoy hearing from any cousins. I have Clarence and Ruth's wedding picture that I would be willing to send to anyone who would like it. Thank you, Valorie (McGaffey) Richards

Name:  Taylor 

E-mail: dead email

My location: ?

Date: Mon 4/23/01 2:40 PM

George Henry MILLER and wife Lizzie Alice SCHROFF died in Sioux City 30 may 1932. children:  Stanley,  daughter married W W Coughtry


Name:  Antoinette Vawter

E-mail: dead email

My location: Pismo Beach, CA

Date: Tue 3/20/01 4:49 PM

My grandfather was born in Danbury, Woodbury on 19 Nov., 1886, one of thirteen children of Js. David Murray, b. 24 Dec., 1851, Hendrick, IN and Lydia Metcalf, dau. of Calvin W. Metcalf, millwright.  I wish to connect with other members of his family or those researching this large group of Murray's.  My mother was Genevieve Murray. 

Name:  ?

E-mail:  MaryLanigan2000@aol.com 

My location: ?

Date: Mon 3/12/01 7:40 PM


Woodbury County Iowa: I am looking for a Mabel Munyan who is buried in the Woodbury Cemetery. She was born Mabel Adams December 28, 1899 in McGregor County Iowa or  in Wisconsin. She married twice, one being to I believe a William Munyan. (ELSIE MABEL ADAMS) Her brother Malen Lynsford Adams was adopted by a HERMAN Sell WOOD of Des Moines County Iowa. She had a brother Charles Adams who was never adopted. He was born February 24, 1905. Thanks! 

Name:  Roxana Jones

E-mail:  Roxie@arkansas.net 

My location: Ashdown, AR 

Date: Fri 6/15/01 2:31 AM (?)

 I am searching for information about Charles M. Murphey b. 1864 (probably OH) who was a preacher in Correctionville, IA. I know he was there in 1899 because his mother Eliza Jane Stout Murphey died in Correctionville, Woodbury Co., IA in that year while visiting her son Charles. I don't know what denomination his church was. Nor do I know how long he lived in Correctionville. I don't even know if his mother was buried there at her death or returned to IL to be buried with her husband Thomas G Murphey who died in 1870. Any help at all would be appreciated. Thanks, Roxana Jones 108 LR 67 Ashdown, AR 71822 870-898-7224 


Name: Cynthia Zimmerman
E-mail:  shirlbent@aol.com

My location: Edwardsville, Luzerne County, PA
Date: Thu 1/11/01 11:23 AM

Looking for info on Mr. & Mrs. J. D. MacDonald and Mr. & Mrs. John Ryan of Woodbury County, IA in the first half of the 1900s. In Patrick Dunn's obit in 1929 (in Plymouth, Luzerne County, PA) it says that he is survived by a daughter, Mrs. J. D. MacDonald of Sioux City. This daughter may have been Mary born abt. 1881 in PA.  In Patrick's wife Agnes' obit in 1944 there is no mention of  daughter, Mrs. MacDonald, but it does list a surviving sister Mrs. John Ryan of Sioux City. Would like to tie up the loose ends on this branch of the family & have much to share on the Dunns who stayed in PA. Thanks!  


Name: ?

E-Mail: PKirchh663@aol.com 

Location: Pearl, MS

Date: Sunday, December 24, 2000 1:48 PM

I am looking for information on a Rev Levi Mack,  who according to records from Colgate University in Hamilton NY,  attended the Hamilton Literary & Theological Institute (an early form of Colgate) from 1829 through 1830.  He was born on Jan. 29, 1810 in nearby Lebanon, N.Y.  He was ordained in Hartford, PA on Sept. 14, 1831 and evidently had a church in Lenox, PA until 1834, when he did missionary work in Indiana from 1834-1836.  He had another church in Lodi, Ohio until 1846, then more missionary work in Michigan until 1850.  He returned to NY and preached at Patterson until 1852.  Then Providence, RI until 1856.  More missionary work in Wisconsin from 1856-1864, then Iowa until 1870, then Missouri, residing in Rural Dale.  Died Sioux City, Iowa, March 15, 1885.

Name: Bonnie Greavu

E-Mail: greavu@3rivers.net 

Location: Montana

Date: Thu 12/28/00 8:45 AM

G grandfather Edward VALENTINE married g grandmother Mary MARLEN and my grandmother, Alvina Ellen VALENTINE was born in Sioux City on April 21, 1900. Any information would be appreciated.  

Name: Mrs. Beth Hanson

E-Mail:  rabgen@earthlink.net 

Location: Southington, CT

Date: Thu 12/14/00 4:18 PM

Need information about members of the MOULIN family. Joseph Moulin was born about 1805 on the Isle of Guernsey.  He died before the turn of the century and is buried in Climbing Hill cemetery.  What happened to his son Thomas and his family who resided in Climbing Hill? Thank you.  

Name: Barbara Thompson Klein

E-Mail:  Barba94144@aol.com 

Location: ?

Date: Mon 11/27/00 10:39 AM

My grandmother Winifred Estelle MAY was born in Morningside near Sioux City, Woodbury Co. in 1884 as were all of her siblings, 1874-1891. According to her memory they had Homesteaded there, they then moved to Chicago, IL. Her father was Alfred William MAY and he would have been the one who applied for the Land. Alfred and his wife Julia Estelle TYLER were married in Appleton, Outagamie, WI. in 1871. She said the area was Grant's Township. I have been unable to find out anything about this Land Grant. If anyone can help me on this matter, please get back with me. Thanks in advance.


Name: Beverly Thornton

E-Mail: dead email

Location: ?

Date: Wednesday, October 25, 2000 2:17 PM

I am seeking information on the Herbert Millard family who emigrated from Illinois to Sioux City area around 1880. Mrs. Millard was a Spencer who died in August 1883. 

Name:  Debora Kroll

E-Mail: dead

Location: ?

Date: Tuesday, October 17, 2000

I found my Grand Fathers obit. and in the Obit. it said my Grandma name is Nillie SCHARFE is died before I was born. In May 1959.She buried in Memorial Cemetery in Sioux City, Iowa I found her Obituaries and not any Information about her. Need her Finding Family. She Married Thomas Patrick MCFARLAND Jr. in Sioux City, Iowa .They Had 2 children ARTHUR WILLIAM and RICHARD LEE MCFARLAND. ARTHUR is my father. He left me when I was young. Please if anyone has info about these folks Please help me. I know Thomas Patrick father was Thomas Patrick MCFARLAND SR. buried in Sioux City, Iowa was married to a DAISY ?.They had Thomas Jr. and Vernon MCFARLAND, Violet (MCFARLAND) RITTAL, DARLENE (MCFARLAND) KRAUSE, EVELYN (MCFARLAND) BARKER, MARGIE (MCFARLAND) FRUEDE. Please need HELP FINDING FAMILY.   THANK YOU ALL DEBORA A. MCFARLAND) KROLL.

Name:  Paula Mather

E-Mail: dead

Location:  Lutz, FL

Date: Sun 9/17/00 8:08 PM

I am searching for pictures, family info re: MATHER, John W, 1830 (Benton, NY) - 1899 (Sergeant Bluff, IA). Please add his name to your list, if this is the purpose of the list. Thank you very much.

Name:  Roseanna Renaud

E-Mail: bullet@airmail.net 

Location:  ?

Date: Tue 6/6/00 1:16 AM

Nellie Bridget McGann born 2 Sep 1853 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI to Mary McGann born ca. 1823 Ireland.  Brother Edward McGann born ca. 1848 Ireland. Bridget married Orrin Ely Smith 25 December 1874 in Westfork, Woodbury, IA and died 19 July 1892 in Newport, Rock, NE. Children Maude Smith Preble and Ula Smith.

Name:  Joleene Duff

E-Mail: duff@willinet.net 

Location:  Onawa, Iowa.

Date: Tue 5/16/00 2:58 PM

I am trying to find info on May Amelia Krumvieda born 1879 in Harrison Co., Iowa She married Harold Maaske in 1903 in Harrison Co. Iowa and later was married to Charlie Burke. An obituary for her Mother stated that in 1945 May was living in Woodbury co. Iowa--Sioux City--as Mrs. Charlie Burke. Would like to hear from anyone having any info for me. Thanks a bunch.

Name:  Leanne D. Kuhlman

E-Mail:  Leanne@esmcivil.com

Location: Spanaway, WA

Date: Mon 4/17/00 2:23 PM

I am looking for LUCINDA MILLER ca. ~1875-1885. She was my g-g grandmother and had been institutionalized in an "insane asylum" sometime in this range of years. She lived in O'Brien County with my g-g grandfather, NATHAN MILLER, on a farm in Section 4 of Highland Twsp. before her commitment. I have been told that there was an "insane asylum" in Sioux City, Woodbury Co. during these years and that someone from O'Brien County might have been sent there. Please let me know if you have any indexes available for a lookup and what you would charge for any information. I would really like to get my hands on her records and why she was sent away in the first place. She had 5 kids at home, the youngest was only three in 1880. The youngest was my grandfather, NATHAN GEORGE MILLER. Thank you in advance


Name:  Joe Miller

E-Mail:  jsmeda@hotmail.com 

Location: Springfield, VA

Date: Sat 4/1/00 4:16 PM

I believed my Great Grandfather, Reuben Miller lived in Woodbury County, IA in 1860 and I am interested in information about his son, Jacob Miller, b. 1862. 


Name:  Marty Crull

E-Mail: triconews@irtc.net 


Date: Thu 3/30/00 12:36 PM

Seeking any information regarding Russell P. Margeson, a pioneer of Banner township, Woodbury county, IA., died on Thursday, 1 November, on his farm near the Banner school house, aged 81 years, 6 months and 10 days. He was born in Passaic County, New Jersey, on April 22 1825. Many years ago he moved west and had long been a resident of Woodbury county. Of his large family of thirteen, seven survive along with his second wife. The 1900 census shows him to be 75 years old; married for 36 years, born in New Jersey, his father born in New York and his mother born in New Jersey. His wife Mary E. (second wife) was born Oct 1846 and she is 53 years old. Russell shows a birth date of April 1823. His first wife was Nancy Jane Brown who married a Horton after her divorce to Russell.



Name:  Lea Miller

E-Mail: dead email

Location: Antioch, CA

Date: Mon 3/27/00 11:10 PM

I am looking for information on my ggrandfather's sister Mary Ida Miller, also known as "Ida". Born Aug 27, 1878 in Lake City, Calhoun Co, IA. Husband was C. H. Chingren. Can place couple in Sioux City IA in 1902 and 1912.


Name:  Linda A. Stoner Wright

E-Mail: dead


Date: Tue 2/29/00 11:25 AM

I am looking for information on my grandfather Irvin C. BROWN.  He married my grandmother Anna A. LOEB on Sept. 17, 1919 in Hornick, IA.  His father's name listed on their marriage certificate was George W. BROWN and his mother as Julia MANN.  My grandmother's parents were Adolph J. LOEB and Anna M. HIRCHART, all who lived in the Hornick area.  Any information on the BROWN, LOEB, HIRCHART, or MANN families would be greatly appreciated.


Name: Sharon Wolfe 

E-Mail: wulffy@ak.net

Location:  Juneau, Alaska 

Date: Mon 2/28/00 8:28 PM

I am looking for information on BERNARD GILL (abt 1860-1945) married ISDORA METZ. Several children including WILLIAM, LYDLE ORIN, FRANK, and GEORGE DEWEY. BERNARD was at one time the sherriff of Sioux City. Thanks!


Name:  Karen Lynne {King} Johnson

E-Mail: dougskaren@aol.com

Location:  Seattle, WA

Date: Sat 2/26/00 11:05 AM

Am Looking for info on KING, KILLION, McGRAIN, CALDWELL, FITZPATRICK, REIMERS. Wendell King b:10-17-26 in Germany married Rosa Kaeshemier b:8-1-1834 in Germany. Married in 1854 near Cinn. Ohio. They had Michael born Sept 29,1855 Married Kate Mc Gloine Dec 30,1884 had a daughter Rosa Anna King b:Oct 3,1887 she married John Reimer June 25,1906 at St. Mary's in Danbury. Rosa's mother died when she was 2, Michael may have remarried in Denison and had 4 more children. He died at Maplton ___. Lewis King married Mary Warren they had eight children William, Bertha m:Bybee, Blanche m:Butler  Raymond, Clarence, Irvin, Grace m:Wessel, Eugene. Emma King married Peter A. Killion they had 3 children George,Luke and Louis. Mary King married George Mc Grain they had 3 children Helen, Leo, and Lawrence. Kate King married E. J. Fitzpatrick they had 7 children Ruth, Alice, Dan, James, Lucy, Charles and Leo. Rosa King married a Caldwell. This is all the information I have and am searching to fill in the blanks.


Name:  Debbie

E-Mail: MoScholar@aol.com.

Location:  ?

Date: Sun 2/20/00 8:23 PM

Looking for information on Dennis (or Denis) Murphy from County Kerry, Ireland who lived in the area prior to 1900. Have a photo of this gentleman and probably his wife taken by a photographer by the name of W.H. Fogel in Sioux City, Iowa. His two brothers, Patrick and Daniel also lived in Iowa. We believe Dennis left Iowa and went back east where he was living in 1926 when Patrick died. Any information, please E-mail me.  Thanks very much. 



Name:  Connie Palmer 

E-Mail: cokcepalmer@yahoo.com

Location:  ?

Date: Fri 2/11/00 11:58 AM

I am researching MY 2nd great grandfather Barney Murphy He is said to be buried there close to climbing Hill cemetery. I hope you can help me located him HE is said to have died 1897. Mary J. Murphy is said to be buried be side him. She may not be She died in 1952.


Name:  Mary Lou Derksen 

E-Mail: dead email

Location:  ?

Date: Wed 2/2/00 4:27 AM

I am looking for information on George Spencer MILLETT. His oldest child was born in Sioux City (Carrie Hannah MLLETT, b. May 19, 1876). I am interested in any information on this MILLETT family.

Name:  J. Knapp


Location:  ?

Date: Thu 1/6/00 2:25 PM

I'm trying to locate an individual who at birth was given the name Jurine Ann Mellman. She was born September 24, 1953 at the Florence Christensen (sp) home in Sioux City, Iowa and is believed to have been adopted from there. Thank you very much. 

Name:  Rhonda Buffington

E-Mail: rhondab@cyberhighway.net

Location:  ?

Date: Sun 12/12/99 8:44 AM

Looking for the family and obit for: Marilyn Erickson McDermott Born 19 august 1942 Died May 1982 in Sioux, Woodbury, Iowa. Married James McDermott Can anyone help in locating this family. Need a obit for her Thank you

Name:  Marisa Baldwin 

E-Mail: marisa58@worldnet.att.net

Location:  ?

Date: Mon 11/29/99 11:40 AM

Kate Koob d.o.John and Eva Burg Koob on LeMar's m. a man Mathwig no first name known. Kate was raised Catholic, in 9-9-1893 when her father died she was married and living I'm told in Sioux City, IA. She has Mary Koob Streff of WI,Joseph of Iona, MN, Annie Koob Kramer of Lismore, MN, Theresa Koob Kelly of Le Mars, IA. Any one with Mathwig surname contact me at above address or marisa58@juno.com


Name:  Leona Bolton,

E-Mail: LeonaBolton@ancestry.com

Location:  Portland, Oregon

Date: Tue 10/26/99 5:42 PM

Looking for death dates/interment info (Catholic cemetery)/obituaries for William H. and Johanna (Mullen) Burns. Lived in Sioux City until at least 1920. She was born September c.1854 in McHenry Co., IL. Listed in father's biography (1903) as Mrs. Wm. H. Burns of Sioux City, IA. Listed in brother's obit (Mar 1920) as coming from her home in Sioux City, IA to care for him during his illness. No Illinois record of their marriage (c.1874), so may have married in Iowa. Any info. would be appreciated.

Name:  ?

E-Mail:  LISALYNNHL@aol.com

Location: ?

Date: Tue 10/12/99 12:09 PM

We would like to know the date of death on Laura Manor

Name:  Patrick Montgomery

E-Mail: montgomerp@isecfdeo-emh1.army.mil  

Location: Hagerstown, Maryland

Date: Wed 9/29/99 9:53 AM

Looking for any information on my paternal grandparents William H. Montgomery (1872-1964) and Carrie Jordan Montgomery (1872-1942). William Montgomery was born in Rushville, Illinois and worked in the newspaper business in Illinois, Minnesota and Iowa. Both Montgomery's are buried in Graceland Park Cemetery in Sioux City. Am particularly interested in receiving an obituary for each. My understanding is that William Montgomery worked for the Sioux City Journal/Sioux City Tribune as a printer or typesetter at various times. Looking for any information concerning these family members or their son, Phil Montgomery who was a golden gloves boxer during the 1920s/1930s in Sioux City and boxed under the name of Jordon. All help will be appreciated. Trying to trace family roots. 

Name:  Rex Mathers

E-Mail: mailto:ihprice@aol.com

Location: ?

Date: Thu 9/23/99 12:17 PM

I am looking for information on the Mathers family in Woodbury County. My great-great-great grandfather, William Mathers, apparently come from England and settled eventually in Salix, Iowa. His son (my great-great grandfather) was named John and also apparently lived in Salix, although he and William are both buried in the Sergeant Bluff cemetery. A different William (grandson of the first) is buried in Salix cemetery. My great-grandfather is named Joseph and my grandfather is Howard. The actor, Jerry Mathers (of Leave It To Beaver), was born in Sioux City and is apparently a cousin, but I am not sure just how he is related. Rumor is that he descends from John. I am interested in knowing what Jerry's line of ancestry might be. My father, also named Jerry, was born in Wynot, NE, and lived in Hartington, so please don't inadvertently give me his ancestry. Please contact me at e-mail address.

Name: Sharon Vaughan 

E-Mail: dead

Location: ?

Date: Wed 9/8/99 6:20 PM

I am researching Catherine Mulvaney, listed in the 1850 census of Carroll County, Il. She married a Michael Lynch who was killed in the Civil War. She then married a Mulvaney, James or Michael, and died in 1882 in Woodbury County, Iowa. She had four children, John J. Mulvaney, Thomas P. Mulvaney. Maggie A. Mulvaney, and a Mary Mulvaney Reimen. Catherine Mulvaney was my great-aunt. Any info you could find on these ancestors would be appreciated. Thank you.


Name:  Julie Nissen

E-Mail: NISSEN6@aol.com

Location: ?

Date: Sat 9/4/99 12:57 PM

I am looking for the birth place of my great grandfather in Ireland. His name is James Augustine Cunnigham. He lived around Anthon and Danbury. He was born 8/3/1876 in Ireland and came to Iowa approximately 1900-10. He married Mary Elizabeth Helen Maquire on 2/8/1910. He passed away on 5/6/1957. Thanks in advance for any help or guidance in the right direction!

Name:  Marjorie Ferris

E-Mail: MBFerris@aol.com

Location: Rialto, CA

Date: Tue 8/31/99 3:29 PM

Would like to find any descendants of Johnson FARRIS (1829-1907) & Chlorinda Ann WARHUBB (1834-1911). Re their children, Amanda Jane FARRIS (1854-?) & Francis Frank FARRIS (1849-?) had 3 children born in Sioux City; Lavice FARRIS (1856-1937) & William CASSMAN (1849-1926) had 9 of their 10 children born in Sioux City; Vernum Hardin FARRIS (1859-1945) & Mary Louise ROE (1859-1932) had 4 of their 9 children born in Woodbury County and 2 others who died in Sioux City, as did Vernum; Sarah Emory FARRIS (1876-1945) & Samuel MARINE (1865-?) had 2 of their 9 children born in Sioux City. Any information appreciated.

Name: Janette Antone Nunez

E-Mail: lutonium@aol.com

Location: ?

Date: Sat 8/28/99 10:51 AM

 My Grandparents lived in Sioux City, Woodbury County during the Great Depression. MADDUX, Audrey...b/May 15, 1915 in Nebraska. She married Willis Lee WALKER b/June 1915 in South Dakota. They were married in Iowa in 1935. Willis Lee WALKER died in October of 1938 when my mother was three years old. He was buried at Sgt. Bluff Cemetery. We are unclear of his death. My grandmother was 23 years old at the time and gave birth after my grandfather died to my aunt. Willis Walker was very ill for several months. During the depression era with 2 small children, she must have married immediately as she applied for social security under the name of Audrey WARNER, December 1938 or 1939. Last known addresses of Audrey Maddux and Willis Walker: 1417 25th St. Sioux City, IA and 1121 8th St., Sioux City, IA. Address on Social Security Application for Audrey Maddux Warner: 1615 Center #21, Sioux City, IA. Thank you for your time. 

Name: Catherine McBride 

E-Mail: cathy@ubtanet.com

Location: ?

Date: Mon 7/26/99 2:40 PM

I am looking for the family on Edwin Marion smith Married Margurete Camelia Raymond  Oct. 22,1853 in Winslow ILL. Children leoti Adelia Born Oct.8,1854 in Woodbury Iowa. Leni A born same twins Alex born 1856 Woodbury Iowa if anyone has any information on this family please let me know Catherine McBride

Name: Shirley Lillie

E-Mail: shrlily@netins.net

Location: ?

Date: Sun 7/4/99 5:33 PM

PLUM, RICH, WHALEN, WILDER, HENRY, MYERS Seeking descendants George Gilman PLUM & Bessie Alice MYERS. (They both died & are buried in Woodbury County.) Georgia Alice PLUM & Michael George RICH Douglas Dewey PLUM & June Adaline WHALEN William M. PLUM & Florence WILDER I have info to share. Shirley

Name: Susan Schnirring

Email: TEDIMAC@aol.com

Location: ?

Time: Thu 6/10/99 7:39 PM

Looking for information on biological grandmother and great grandfather.  Emaline Martin born in Sloan on March 29 1899 and her father Henry Martin.  Emaline married an Andrew Edwin Fowler in Elk Point S. Dakota in 1913.  I am contacting that site also.  Have found a lot of family information but have hit a brick wall with Emaline and Henry.   Thanks.  .  

Name: ?

Email: Amwesty@aol.com

Location: ?

Time: Wed 5/26/99 10:45 PM

Looking for death and possibly birth date and place for Ida Mae (Gitchell) Michael. Died in Woodbury county, Sioux City, Iowa, at St. Vincent hospital. She was previously married to Emmett Dyer. She died in the early 1940's. Her husbands name at the time of her death was Harry Michael.  I believe she was about 75 yr. old when she died. she is buried in Cherokee, Iowa cemetery.  I think Emmet dyer is buried there too and I sure would like to get his birth dates and death dates.  also the birth dates and death dates of three daughters also buried there who died in childhood.  I think their names were Cora, Lois, and Dorine.  this is a tall order but sure would appreciate your help.  thanks. Ida Mae was  my grandmother and I am trying to do some genealogical research.

Name: Susan Schnirring

E-Mail: TEDIMAC@aol.com


Date: Tue 5/18/99 8:12 PM

I am trying to find information on my biological grand and great grandparents.  I do have some information.  My biological grandmother's name was Emmaline Martin Fowler Burns Harrison and I believe she was born on August 21, 1899 to Henry and Elsie Martin in Sioux City Iowa.  My mother was born Shirley Ann Fowler though her biological father was actually Ernest Chalmers Sammons who I believe was born on November 15, 1878 in Sioux City, Iowa.  He was married to a Mary Sammons at the time of my mother's birth.   He had 5 legitimate children, Ernest, Marguerite, Phyllis and 2 other unknown.  My mother had two whole sibling brother, Ernest and Robert and all 3 were the product of the affair between Ernest Sammons and Emmaline Martin Fowler.  Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. My mother is now elderly and she would like to know more about where she came from as would I.   thank-you very much.

Name: Sharon Vaughan

E-Mail: dead


Date: Tue 4/27/99 4:26 PM

Looking for a Catharine Mulvaney who died in Woodbury County in 1882. She left four children:  John J., Thomas P., Maggie A., and a Mary Mulvaney Reieman. Catharine had been married before to a Michael Lynch, who died in the Civil War. They had lived in Lyons, Ia. Clinton County. Catharine married Mr. ? Mulvaney on Jan 5th, 1865. Her father, Hugh Slowey, was my ggrandfather. They were Irish and devout Catholics. Are there any Mulvaney descendants still in Woodbury County? Is she buried in one of the Catholic Cemeteries? Any info would be helpful. Thank you. 

Name: Daniel J. Kelley

E-Mail: dankel@co.clackamas.or.us

Location: Oregon City, OR

Date: Mon 4/12/99 1:37 PM

Hattie Kelley (Minert) - husband was Alfred. Had four children. Family lore is that she died in a wagon accident in March, 1897. Family farmed in Leeds in the 1890's. Parents were James Minert (Meinhart) and Nancy Jane McClure. Would really appreciate help in getting a copy of obituary, if one were available. Thanks, Daniel J. Kelley, Deputy District Attorney for Clackamas County, Clackamas County Courthouse, 807 Main Street, Oregon City, OR 97045, (503) 723-2922.

Name: Diane Johnson

E-Mail: djohnson@neotek.net

Location: ?

Date: Tue 4/6/99 10:20 PM

John WALSH and his wife ALICE MARTIN WALSH (Her father was T. J. MARTIN.) owned a hotel in Salem, SD and traveled to Sioux City to attend the circus in May of 1916. Alice MARTIN WALSH suddenly died May 8, 1916 of a ruptured appendix in Sioux City. Family members are searching for her grave in area cemeteries. John WALSH remarried and lost contact with his children from his first marriage and they are searching for their mother's grave. If anyone can help find her grave or add information to aid this search please contact me so I can relay the information.

Name: Marie Bartley Coppola

E-Mail: mcoppla@sprynet.com

Location: ?

Date: Thu 4/1/99 10:39 AM

Researching the Mc Kercher surname in Sioux City, Iowa.

Name: Sue W Church 

E-Mail: oasis923@compuserve.com

Location: ?

Date: Wed 3/24/99 9:06 PM

Hi. I am looking for any genealogical information about Maitie Higby of Woodbury County, Iowa and a Dr. George Moon also of Woodbury County. They were in the Sioux City area circa 12/1/1920 to about 12/30/1921. All the information I know is that Dr. Moon fathered a child by Miss Higby, and the child was immediately given up for adoption. After that, Miss Higby can be traced to Tucuncary, NM. It is believed that Dr. Moon later moved onto the Chicago area. The information I need will only be used to determine if there were any medical conditions held by the birth parents and their ancestors, and it will be used to determine if any of the present day relatives should have any concerns with their health. Thank you very much.

Name: The Thompsons 

E-Mail: hthompson@netutah.com


Date Sat 2/6/99 1:28 AM

I am looking for information about my grandmother parents. My grandmother was Gretha Ennis Miller. She was born in Charter Oaks. but lived most of her younger years in Sioux City, Woodbury County. Her parents were William F. Miller and and Nellie Auguste Miller. Nellie's brother was Neil Miller who wrote for a Sioux City newspaper for many years.  

Name: The Thompsons 

E-Mail: hthompson@netutah.com


Date Sat 2/6/99 1:28 AM

I am looking for information on Samuel Cummins and his family. He was born in 1867 in Ireland. He married Anna Coughlin in Atlantic Iowa. There children were born in Sioux City, Woodbury county. The children names are: W. J, born April 4, 1893; Lucille, born aug. 10 1894; Charles Ray, born aug.13 ,1897; Edward F., born March 7 1902; Agnella, born Sept. 29, 1904 and there could be a daughter Eleanor. Charles was sometimes called Ray. He married Gretha Ennis Miller. They are my grandparents. They had two children William Neil, my father, and Betty Ann. Betty Ann only lived four months.

Name: Jeff Haakinson

E-Mail: Jhaaki8509@aol.com

Location: ?

Date: Wed 12/16/98 7:50 PM

HAAKINSON, I am looking for any information for my GGGF Mathias HAAKINSON, born 18 Aug 1856 in Norway, married Amelia Olson on 6 May 1857, died on 2 may 1911 in Sioux City Iowa. He is buried in Climbing Hill, Woodbury Co, IA. My GGF was Walter Edward HAAKINSON, born 31 Mar 1867 in Wisconsin. He moved to Sioux City, Iowa. He died on 24 Aug 1941 in Sioux City, Woodbury Co, Iowa and is buried in Climbing Hill IA. Walter had 4 kids: Clarence HAAKINSON, Mary HAAKINSON (LIVERMORE), Florence. HAAKINSON (MACK), and Roy HAAKINSON. I am looking for anyone related or any information on the family. 

Name: Robert C. Maguire

E-Mail: ROBERTCM@Charleston.Net

Location: Charleston, South Carolina

Date: Thu 12/3/98 11:17 AM

My grandmother Eda M. Munchrath was born Feb. 27, 1874 in Sioux City, Iowa. Her father was Henry Munchrath born Sept. 10, 1846. We believe that he was born in Germany. Grandmothers mother was Hattie Palmer Munchrath born Feb. 27, 1850. great grandmother Hattie and great grandfather Henry Munchrath were married November 25, 1870 in Dubuque. They traveled from Dubuque to Sioux City. Great grandmother died August 1877 in Dubuque at the age of 27. Great grandfather died a short time later. My grandmother was raised by Felix Munchrath in Sioux city. My grandfather James Hamilton Maguire met grandmother we believe around 1895. Grandfather Maguire had an accounting business in Sioux City for a short time. An old business card gives his business address as 5th Floor Mass. Block - Sioux City Iowa - J. Hamilton Maguire Accountant. Grandfather and grandmother married December 9, 1896 and moved to Chicago where they lived until 1906. Moved from Chicago to Memphis, Tn. and then to Charleston, South Carolina in 1910. One of my grandfather James Hamilton Maguire's brothers (both were born in tipperary, Ireland) Jack Maguire lived in Sioux City for a time. I have a copy of a news paper article concering the death of Jack in Salisbury, Rodesia, South Africa Feb. 6, 1908. The news paper article states, Jack Maguire Former Sioux City Boy Dies. it further states, " The news has reached this city of the rescent death, in Rodesia, South Africa, formerly a resident of Sioux City. Mr. Maguire passed away after a brief illness, being a victim of that dreaded disease known as "Black Water Fever". He was in the mining business in South Africa.I am having a tough time locating the time when grandfather was in Sioux City. I am not sure if he was living in Sioux City when he met grandmother. From family word of mouth stories we have been told that grandfather met grandmother over the telephone as she was a telephone operator in Sioux City. We do know that by December 1896 she had moved to Chicago. I feel as though he may have been in Sioux City when they met. I am trying to find a 1895 census that may give me a clue. Sincerely, Robert C. Maguire, 64 Gibbes Street, Charleston, South Carolina 29401. WEB SITE: "Robert Maguire of the Junior Line". http//www.cris.com/~Maguire/Robert.html

Name: Rick Bilger

Email: RBilger135@aol.com

Location: ?

Time: Fri 11/27/98 11:50 PM

My Great Grandmothers name was Francis Fannie McKee she married my great grandfather Wallace Muir November 4 1908 in Souix City, Woodbury Iowa. Her fathers name I beleive was James McKee. I would love any further info on either of these families. Rick Bilger, 1835 26th St. ,Greeley, Co. 80631

Name: Ann Flaherty 

Email dead

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Time: Wed 11/18/98 9:10 PM

Looking for info about my great-grandparents, William Flaherty and Anna Mulligan Flaherty. William was born June 18,1846 in Ireland, died May 13, 1923. Anna was born June 20, 1850 (Ireland?), died April 30, 1917. Both died in Sioux City and are buried in (Mt.?) Calvary Cemetery, Sioux City. They had six children: James Timothy (my gf-b.1881), Joseph, John, Catherine, Mary, and Cornelius. Anna's parents were Gene and Ann Mulligan. No further info on William's parents. I am assuming William and Anna were farmers somewhere near Sioux City--no idea where, or even if it was Woodbury County.

Name: Debbie Ingram

Email: Debbie3363@aol.com

Location: ?

Time: Sun 11/15/98 9:17 PM

I am seeking information on William Long 7/18/1884 - ? He was married to Elizabeth Mattus 8/11/1884 - ? William Long was born in Pennsylvania and Elizabeth was from Germany. William and Elizabeth had one child - Lavina Ellen Long 6/19/1905 Sioux City, Iowa. It is my understanding that Elizabeth died sometime around 1909 and William was a law enforcement officer and he remarried shortly after Elizabeth's death and then he died around 1913 - (he was killed in a gun fight???). ANY information that you may be able to find would be greatly appreciated.

Name: tiffany middleton

Email beaker1@hotmail.com

Location: ?

Time: Fri 11/13/98 12:18 PM

do you know anything on the donal earl Middleton, Sioux City Iowa Nov. 6 ? Please e-mail me at beaker1@hotmail.com. Thank you.

Name: Carole Turkleson Jimison

Email jimison@olypen.com

Location: ?

Time: Mon 11/9/98 8:41 PM

Laura Lee Montgomery was born 08-26-40 in Sioux City, Iowa. I am quite sure the birth mother was staying at the Florence Chritinten Home at the time she delivered. Laura was adopted in December 1940 by Gilbert and Neva Turkleson. Laura's name was changed to Carole Lee Turkleson when adopted. Turkleson's address at that time was 3311 Orleans Ave., Sioux City Phone:67790 I believe the birth mother's name was Marilyn Montgomery.

Name: Beverly Pennington

Email: handyjim@sgi.net

Location: Volant, PA

Time: Fri 10/30/98 3:23 AM

I am looking for Lawrence Milton McCormick (1834-1908). Son of Milton Lawrence of Butler Co., PA. Lawrence Milton moved so Sioux City, Iowa. His sister Matilda m.C. J. Wilson and sister Etta also moved there.

Name: james pennington 

Email: handyjim@sgi.net

Location: ?

Time: Tue 10/27/98 8:29 PM

Lawrence Milton McCormick born c.1860-1875 in PA. Parents Milton Lawrence 1834-1908 and Ann Stan(d)ley 1834-1916. Lived near Slippery Pock, PA and moved to Sioux City. Two other siblings Matilda (m. C. J. Wilson) and Etta also moved there.

Name: ?

Email: IWRoho@aol.com

Location: ?

Time: Sun 9/27/98 12:22 AM

I am looking for information on my g-grandfather, Thomas Jefferson TULLIS, married to Sarah Metzinger, who lived in Woodbury County. Many of his children were born in Woodbury between 1870 and 1886. My grandmother, Della TULLIS FARMER was born in Hornick. Her older Tullis siblings were Estella, Burt, Minnie, Linda, and Ida. The last two died in infancy. I believe he was of the Lutheran faith. The family later migrated to Hartingen, NE. Any information would be appreciated. 

Name: ?

Location:. ?

Email: tmuggs@minn.net

Time: Sun 9/20/98 11:09 AM

I am looking for information about JAMES MAYCLIN who married EVA COON in Correctionville in 1892. Four children, Victor, Lee, Golda, Harry, were born in Correctionville. They are both buried in Correctionville as are his parents JAMES AND ANNIE HOWARD MAYCLIN. WILLIAM WILEY COON and ELIZABETH ANDERSON COON both died in Leeds and 8 of their 11 children were born in Correctionville. They were there approximately from 1880 to 1900 when they moved to Leeds.

Name: Andrew J. Johnston

Email: andyj@mcn.org

Loaction: Gualala,CA

Time: Mon 9/7/98 12:27 PM

Thank you for the opportunity of pursuing our elusive ancestor-.His name is George Pollock Mc GRAW, born 16 November 1864 in Charlston, Illinois. He married Lucia [Lutie] Maybelle BUTLER on 11July 1893 in Schaller, Sac Co., Iowa. She was a daughter of James Freeman BUTLER and Mary Elizabeth HOLLEY of Schaller. Mr. Mc GRAW opened his store in Pierson, in February 1895. Retired from his business in January 1946. He died 23 November 1959 in Sioux City, Iowa and is buried in Pierson, Iowa. We would be very much interested in any information you may furnish on Mr. Mc GRAW and his family during his 50+ years in Pierson. We will be happy to compensate you for any costs incurred during your research, photocopying, etc. Thank You-

Name: Arlene Willet

Email: arlew@webtv.net

Location: Ingram, Tx

Time: Tue 8/18/98 9:51 PM

Is the anyone in Sioux City, that can research an obit for me. My great grandmother, Mary Jane (Menzie) Kemper, died in 1880 in Sioux City. I have no idea where she is buried, or what funeral home handled the funeral. I would very much appreciate any info available about Mary Jane. I will be happy to pay copy and postage fees, for a copy of this obit. Please e mail me at arlew@webtv.net My snail mail address is : Arlene Willet, P O Box 214, Ingram, Tx. 78025 Thank you very much. Arlene

Name: Arlene Willet

Email: arlew@webtv.net

Location: ? 

Time: Tue 7/21/98 10:30 AM

My Great Grandmother, Mary Jane (Menzie) Kemper, died on Oct. 10, 1880,in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., Iowa. The story is that she was struck by lightening, while doing chores, and died as a result. If this is a true story, is there any report of this event? She would have left five children, alone, as she was a widow. They youngest would have been only 1 year old. The children's names were Sarah, William, Lydia, James and Timothy. If you do not have any info on this, can you give me a name of a newspaper that might have carried the story. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Name: Jannette

Email: nettie698@worldnet.att.net


Time: Sat 7/18/98 3:14 PM

I am searching for David and Hyacintha (MULLEN) KANE/KEENE who lived at 1720 Grand Avenue, Sioux City, Iowa in 1938. Hyacintha (b. Jun 1880,Chickasaw Co Iowa) was the daughter of Christopher C. MULLEN and Catherine A. (TIERNEY) MULLEN of Chickasaw Co Iowa. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who recognizes these names or has information they could share on David & Hyacintha. Am trying to learn if they remained in Sioux City and died and are buried there. If they had a family, children's names, etc. Thanks much.

Name: Arlene Willet

Email: arlew@webtv.net

Location: ?

Time: Monday, July 06, 1998 4:04 PM

Could some one please do some look ups for me, in Woodbury Co.? My great grandmother, Radhel Lorena (Hulett) Rudd, is buried in Floyd Cemetery, in Sioux City. I have also heard her refereed to as Mary Lorena. I am trying to confirm name and grave markings. She died on April 3, 1932. Another great grandmother, Mary Jane (Menzie) Kemper,died in Sioux City on Oct, 10, 1880. I do not know what cemetery she is buried in. Her husband William R. Kemper died in Sioux City on Mar. 20, 1887, also do not know what cemetery. Any info on obits for these three people, or death certificate info for them would be very much appreciated Please e-mail me. Thank you. Arlene Willet.

Name: Don G. Raver

Email: donner9332@aol.com

Location: Keller, Texas

Time: Sun 7/5/98 7:39 AM

Searching for obituary and any information on my g grandfather David M. METZ and family. He lived in Sioux City, Woodbury county, Iowa from about 1890 until his death on November 1, 1910. He was born 6/18/1826 in PA and married Mary WILLOW in OH in 1851. Eleven children - Cornelian Jane 1851, Franklin Abt 1852, Lucinda Abt 1854, Mary E. Abt 1857, Scott Abt 1859, John C. Abt 1861, Samuel Clinton (Clinton) Abt 1861, Nancy Abt 1865, Brut Granville (Granville) Abt 1866, Ransom Abt 1869, and Nellie Abt 1877. David and several of the children are buried at Craig, Nebraska.

Name: George R. Cooley 

E-Mail: CooLL900@aol.com

Location: ?

Time: Fri. 6/26/98 907AM

Levi E. Davis born abt 1828 in Massachusetts drowned in 1878 while crossing the Missouri River near Sioux City, Iowa. His wife Angeline Mead born abt 1838 died of fever 1877 and is believed to be buried near Battle Creek or Danbury, Woodbury Co., Iowa.. Their known children were: Mary C., William, Frank M. (Francis Moton), Owen and Dean. Levi and his family are listed in the 1870 census of Woodbury Co. Would like to find the burial sites of Levi and Angeline and obtain the cemetery, location and any information off the gravestones of each. Since they died within a year of each other, suspect they are buried beside or close to each other. I know some counties have an index and a listing to graves/burial sites within their counties. If anyone has access to these publications for Woodbury County, would greatly appreciate any information about them. Will gladly reimburse anyone for their time and copying fees. Once I have a exact date of death, then I can search for a news paper article or obituary about their deaths. Thanks.

Name: S. Brown

Email: okiedoke@navybase.net

Location: Ceiba, PR, Puerto Rico

Time: Thursday, February 5, 1998 at 13:24:32

Comments: I am looking for an obituary for James Pitts Mead, who passed away in Pierson, Iowa on 2 August 1923. I would greatly appreciate any information you can send my way.

Name: Peggy Mayberry Powell

Email: pegpowel@wiatel.net

Location: Hornick, IA, USA

Time: Saturday, December 27, 1997 at 10:45:25

My Woodbury county surnames are: Bolte married a Ranniger, lived Climbing Hill Bolte married a Powell lived Climbing Hill Boltes married a Sands, (Carlson and Van Laningham, Houck, (Schink, Jensen,Layton), and Serviss Mayberry married a Powell, lived SC, rural Hornick. I have been doing research on actively on these families over 20 years, will share information. Powells married a (Bieler, Mooney), Livermore, and Kelsheimer. Shepard, George and Lydia McGlothlen/McLaughlin. Shepard married a Powell. Sweisberger married a Powell. Other Sweisbergers married (Quisenberry, Gill), Boyle, Boyle, (Boyle,DeRoin), Boulden, Schumacher, and Prescott. Cemeteries, Climbing Hill, Sioux City - Graceland, Logan, Memorial.

Name: Rosemary McLarty 

Email: dead

Location: Lynchburg, OH, USA

Time: Friday, December 26, 1997 at 15:15:36

I'm looking for the birthplace and marriage of Miles J METCALF and Fannie Melissa METCALF they were the parents of Libbie Arbell Metcalf my husbands maternal grandmother Libbie was born about 1875 and Miles and his wife Fannie were born about 1835 but where? They are buried in German City Cemetery. Libbie married Samuel Sylvester JOHNSTON Dec 30 1891 and they died in Menlo Kansas 1905 and 1906. My husbands mother Mary Malissa JOHNSTON was one of the first nurses to graduate from the Methodist hospitals nursing program in 1925. Thank you 

Name: Rosemary McLarty

Email: dead email

Location: Lynchburg, OH, USA

Time: Friday, December 26, 1997 at 15:21:28

I'm researching MCLARTY, NEUHART, JOHNSTON, and METCALF in Woodbury County, Iowa. 

Name: Alison Vigil
Email: dead email
Location: carthage, MO, USA
Date: Monday, November 24, 1997 at 10:31:39
seeking info. on Thomas CONNIFF (1816-1885) and wife Sarah McSPADDEN who moved to Sioux City around 1869. He had 9 children and of interest is Emma, but interested in all.

Name: Barb Kuper

Email: kuper.barbara@gmail.com 

Location: Iowa Falls, IA, USA

Time: Monday, November 24, 1997 at 11:23:27

Comments: Looking for any info about Charles D. RANDALL living in Sioux City in 1900. His wife, Ella [McGraw] and daughters Hellen-7, Anna-4, and Marion-2.

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Name: Barb Kuper


Location: Iowa Falls, IA, USA

Time: Monday, November 24, 1997 at 11:19:44

Comments: Looking for info on the Patrick McGraw family living in Sioux City in 1900. Listed on the census are Patrick-69, Annie-59, and Lizzie-23.Thank you in advance.

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Name: Julie Matthews Burnette
Email: julie-mike@erols.com
Location: Germantown, MD, USA
Date: Thursday, November 13, 1997 at 15:40:19
Seeking information on John MATTHEWS, likely born in Washington County, PA circa 1840. His parents were Edward MATTHEWS and Rebecca DAUGHERTY, and he came from a large family that included at least one brother, Levi W. MATTHEWS. He may have been a Civil War veteran from Washington County, PA. The MATTHEWS family later moved to Marshall County, WV, and then on to Putnam County, WV. John moved west to Sioux City and had at least two children. Thanks. 

Name: Randy Muir

Email: tree9616@aol.com

Location: TN

Time: Monday, August 18, 1997


Looking for info on any MUIRs, STOUGHs, SIMEONs, & HARVEYs in the Woodbury Co. Most of them would have been in Sioux City. 1.) Peter William MUIR (b. 1865 in Quebec to Peter & Martine [LABERGE] MUIR-m. Susan SIMEON in 1887 in Sioux City-d. 1922 in Sioux City); 2.) Susan (SIMEON) MUIR (b.1868 in Sioux City to John & Anna [SCHNEIDER] SIMEON)-d. 1930 in Sioux City); 3.) John William STOUGH, Sr. (b. 1862 in Marshall Co., IA to Henry & Elizabeth [DAKIN] STOUGH-m. Nellie HARVEY in 1896 in Onawa Co., IA-d. 1941 in Sioux City); 4.) Nellie HARVEY (b. 1870 in Neponset, IL to George & Clara Ann [BIGELOW] HARVEY-d. 1947 in Sioux City. I'm quite willing to share info with others. Any help, cooperation, & suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks. Randy Muir 

Name: Joyce
Location: Ks., Harvey
Date: Saturday, August 2, 1997


 I am looking for Information on ROBERT MIZER , OSCAR MIZER, MCCOY, They were living in the Correctionville area in Woodbury Co. in 1924. Martha Mizer was killed by a train there in 1924. any thing would help 



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