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Name: Carl Adcock

Email: udnelps@aol.com

My Location: Marblehead, Ohio

Time: Sun, July 11, 2010 7:58:03


In 1887 George W. Parker moved with his family to Correctionville from Tama County. He died in Correction on 26 April 1905. I am trying to locate information on the following children of George and his first wife Hester Ann Ross Parker:
Nettie May Parker (b. 1859) and husband Merritt Nathan Collins
Lenora Louisa Parker (b. 1862)
William T. Parker (b. 1865, went by Will)
Ulysses G. Parker (b. 1866)
William W. Parker (b. 1867) and wife Mary A. Simmons
I know William W. was married and resided in Correctionville.
In assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Name: Kay Pela

Email: dkpela@comcast.net

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Time: Sun, 31 Jul 2005 00:27:22 -0500


Needing any information relating to death of infant/toddler daughter of John and Lily PASSIG. Parents believed to be living in Sioux City at time of child’s death, sometime between 1904 and 1909. Cause of death thought to be scarlet fever. Oldest daughter, Mary (Marie) and infant son, William may be listed in obituary notice as survivors as well. Trying to find child’s name, date of birth and death and where she is buried if possible.


Name: ??????????????

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Time: Thu 8/19/2004 10:26 AM


trying to find info on Alfred E. Parent who lived in  Sioux City during the 1880 & 90's or on his wife Sarah Jane Retzer Parent.  They were married sometine during the 1880s.


Name: Rita Shelley

Email: rshelley@plixtel.com

My Location: Kettle Falls WA

Time: Tue, 1 Jun 2004 07:49:06 -0700


Can you please add Gene Lewis Pirtle to the list of people being searched for? He is listed on his son's (now 82) birth certificate as his father and Gene the son has no information about him. We're trying again to locate. Gene the son was born in Sioux City, Woodbury County. Mother's name was Theresa Hartman b. 1900. Thank you very much for your assistance.



Name: Leanna Ihde

Email: lrihde@lewistown.net

My Location: Lewistown, Montana

Time: Thu 7/31/2003 5:27 PM

I am looking for members of the A.E. and Kate (Mieras) Preston family. Kate died in Sioux City in 1927. She had three children: Edwin (died  in 1951), Dewey, and Sadie (married Martin Dumphy. Died in 1971). I would be interested in an obituary for Sadie and whereabouts of children of Edwin (Charles and Judith). I have family pictures I am trying to get identified. Thanks!


Name: Jan Moffet

Email: janmoffett@charter.net

My Location: Carson City, NV

Time: Fri 5/9/2003 11:37 PM

Your website is wonderful.  The most comprehensive that I have run into.

My great great great grandparents are buried in the Good Hope Cemetery according to your listing.  They are Samuel Pitt (England to New York to Michigan to Iowa) and Mary Phillips Dewey Pitt b.1817- unknown (New York to Michigan to Iowa).  The fun fact about Mary is that in 1880 census she was "boarding" with my great great grandparents in Washington Territory.  That is a monumental trip for that time! And she was 63!  I can't believe she did that.

The S. P. Pitt and Pluma M. Pitt in the cemetery are their son and daughter-in-law Samuel Perry Pitt and his wife Pluma (aka Plooma) M. Sargent.  I was surprised that they were buried there as they had moved out of Iowa by 1880 (Nebraska) and in 1910 were living in Idaho.  It appears that Bennie and Wessie might have been their children. 

You have cited a "burial record" in the website and I am curious where and what that is.

My great great grandmother Esther May Pitt (New York to Michigan to Iowa to Washington) was married and had 2 children in Iowa, Alfred E. Whitehouse in 1873 and Edward H. Whitehouse in 1875 with her first husband Alfred Eldoris Whitehouse (Maine to Iowa to Washington).  They then moved to Washington Territory.  I am not sure where and when Alfred passed, but I assume in Washington as I can't imagine that she would have moved alone. In 1878  she married my great great grandfather Peter L. Kuchen (France) in Washington Territory.

Were marriage and birth records kept during those years and if so at county level?  I think that they lived either in Woodbury or Cherokee county.  One of their other sons William Ralph Pitt was living in Cherokee county in 1870.  He eventually ended up in California by way of Idaho, Washington and Oregon.  I think that he was the "mover" as he is always the first one to move!  The 1870 census shows they had at least 2 of their children in Iowa in 1865 and 1867.

In a nutshell, I am requesting the locations, if and where, birth, death and marriage records were kept from 1870 on. 

I have only just started on this quest and am having a lot of fun finding out where this part of my family came from and ended up.  Like in 1870 Samuel 60, "minister of the gospel" and Mary 53 keeping house and their children Francis 20, Artist - Esther M. 25, Schoolteacher, and Hattie 12, at school were all living in Lansing, Michigan and yet, even at that age, they picked up and moved to Iowa!  By the way all reports have it that Samuel was an Episcopal Methodist minister.  I don't know if Esther ever taught school in Iowa, but she did resume teaching in the Ellensburg, Washington area.

If any one knows anything about the Pitt family I would love to hear it good or bad. 

I take it that Iowa must have been a land of opportunity at that time.  I have found that you have to bone up on the history of our country to try to help figure out all this moving some of our families did.  The Pitt's seem to have been a really restless lot!  They are all over the country.

Thank you so much for all of the work you have done on this website.  It is great.  I visit about every 2 or 3 months to see if you have anything new.  There seemed to be a lot this time.  The history is interesting! 


Name: Cindy Shideler Wise

Email: Dead Eamill address

My Location: Springfield Oregon

Time: Sun 10/7/2001 9:37 PM

I am looking for information on Nellie Frances Post, born May 19 1878 in Sioux City. Her parents were Hiram Post and Lousetta Seaton Post. Nellie maried Martin Follett in Pottawattamie Co in 1896 and had four children, Martin, Claude, Earl and Gladys. I am trying to track Nellie's parents and siblings. I understand she had one sister at least.


Name: Lynn Schoepske

Email: saxclfl@mindspring.com 

Location: Pitman, NJ

Time: Tue 4/10/01 10:28 AM

I would like to contact a descendant of THOMAS CHICK PRESCOTT, who I understand was Treasurer of Sioux City, IA in the late 1800s.  He was the son of True Prescott and Susan Pitman Chick whose brother, John Holmes Prescott, was my wife's ggrandfather.  Both entered the Union Army from New Hampshire emerging as Captains who, shortly after, moved to Iowa.  I am particularly looking for a picture of either or both.



Email: Bobbirely@aol.com 


Time: Mon 4/2/01 10:58 PM

Found Bio on cousin Henry Pierce in 1904 "Past and Present of Sioux City" Looking for any info on his life in Sioux City and his wife's death date, Buried in Floyd Cem. his only daughter might also be buried there. (saw Copy at LDS in Salt Lake City last week) I have census info. Any of his houses still standing? Is he remembered there? Thank you Bob

Name: Frances W. Rose

Email: fran002@wdl.net

Location: Grosse Ile, MI

Time: Mon 2/12/01 3:20 PM

 I am interested in locating the following person (s) Constantine (aka "Gus") Pelela, Pelelo, Pilela, Pilelo, Pylela, Pylelo. The six spellings are all possible. He was called "Gus", but his daughter, my mother-in-law, thinks his real name was Constantine. Also, I am in search of his wife, nee, Marie Zarembowski. Both immigrated to this country, he from Belarus, and she, from Russia in the early part of the 20th century...1906-1909. She came with her father and younger brother, and he came with his brother, name unknown. They lived in Sioux City until their death. He worked at a packing house (unsure if it was Armour or Swift or both). They had six children, three of which (all the boys) spelled their last name Pelelo, and the three girls all spelled it Pelela. Thank you in advance. 


Name: Cindy Wise

Email: cindywise@continet.com 

Location: Springfield OR


 I am looking for information on Nell Post, born in Sioux City but I am not sure of the date. Her husband was Martin Follett. They had four children, Martin, Claude, Gladys and Earl.

Name: Donna

Email: BRONTHOR@cs.com 

Location: Santa Teresa, NM

Time: Saturday, November 11, 2000 4:14 PM

Looking for any information on the Robert Tayor PARRETT (b. 1847) family. At least one child born in Sioux City in Sept. of 1883 or 84: Frank R. PARRETT. Robert Parrett married to Anna O. Ventris. Likely they are moving between Woodbury County and Council Bluffs around 1880-1887. Probably came to IA from Atchison, KS. Divorce likely between 1886-1890. Other children: Ida, Charlotte, Violette, Nettie, William Taylor, Ferman Leander, Louisa, Stella. Ferman Leander and William Taylor may have died or met some other premature fate as info on them is sketchy. ANY info appreciated. Thanks

Name: Shana Martin

Email: renee8984@cowboy.net

Location: Oklahoma

Time: Mon 10/16/00 12:40 PM

My mother, Janet Martin (Mercer) was born in Sioux City, Iowa in 1948.  Her mothers name was Sarah Vandella Poole.  I don't know any of my relatives on her side and believe that some of my grandmothers sisters may still be in Iowa.  I'm looking for any information that you may have.  Thanking you in advance.

Name: Diane Zeglin

Email: dzeglin@cyberhighway.net or dzeglin@wyoming.com

Location: ?

Time: Tue 9/19/00 10:01 PM

I am researching John Peacock and his ancestors. Also John Owen Newman and his ancestors. They were my grandfathers. 

Name: Raymond Coon

Email:  raymond.coon@comcast.net

Location: ?

Time: Fri 9/15/00 8:05 PM

Looking for information on Charles Page and his wife Maude Coon Page. They farmed in the Correctionville area for 40 years then moved up to Hinton and farmed another 20. Retired in Hinton in 1970. He was born in Omaha, Nebraska 1/10/87. She was probably from Missouri. Two children Kenneth and Wilma (married Jacobs). Thanks 

Name: Sandi Whitty Palmer

Email: sandiwhitty@aol.com  

Location: North Carolina

Time: Sat 8/12/00 9:00 PM

I am searching for info on Homer W. Palmer, who lived in Sioux City, Woodbury Co. at least from 1910 to 1917. He worked for the Great Northern Railroad during those years. He married Evelyn A. Seaton in 1913. Evelyn moved with her family to Sioux City in 1900. (Her Parents were Martin (Mortin)(born 1854) and Amanda Alice (born 1857) Seaton. Evelyn's grandfather, William Seaton (born 1830) may have come with her family to Sioux City) Homer and Evelyn had two sons, LeRoy Bernard, who also worked for the railroad, born 11-07-1913, died 5,1981 and Dale. Homer and his son LeRoy are buried together in Sioux City in Graceland Park. Evelyn later remarried Francis Drake and is buried in another cemetery in Sioux City. We think her parents and grandparents may be buried there also. I live in North Carolina now and would really appreciate any info. If anyone can help me, please email me thank you.

Name: Paul Douglas Peterson

Email: domoco@worldnet.att.net

Location: Albany, Georgia

Time: Tue 8/1/00 4:12 PM

I am looking for information on my grandfather, James P. Peterson.  He was born in or around Sioux City and I think died there.  His parents' names were Jens P. and Katherine Petersen. Her maiden name was Erickson.  He had three brothers:  Arthur Amil, Clarence Hulger and Harvey. Clarence Hulger Petersen was a policeman and had 1 son named Robert.  Harvey Petersen was a professor and had 1 adopted son. James Peterson was an ice man in Sioux City when he married my grandmother- Mary Eunice Winters.  They had 1 son, Douglas Lee James Peterson born October 8, 1933. They divorced in 1935.  My grandmother later married Robert Daseke.  My grandmother worked for Swifts Meat packing until they closed and then she worked for Armours Meat Packing  until she retired. James Peterson changed the spelling of his last name from Petersen to Peterson, however I believe the other brothers still spelled their last name with the - e n . Any information on the above people would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!


Name: Carmen R. Collins

Email: Skicarmen@cs.com 

Location: Troy, MI

Time: Mon 5/22/00 8:00 PM

I am searching the surnames Krusen, Provost, Sharp, perhaps from the Sioux City area. Names include: Milo KRUSEN, Donna Belle KRUSEN, Rose PROVOST (from Jefferson, SD originally), Lorraine KRUSEN or SHARP, Kenneth SHARP. Little to no information available. Lorraine SHARP is my mother, born in IA the mid-1910's, perhaps 1912-13 or 1918. Her sister, Donna Belle KRUSEN, was born in IA in 1909. By 1920, I have found they moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, and Milo Krusen was married to a woman named Catherine. Milo KRUSEN may be my grandfather, Rose PROVOST is my grandmother. Send information to: Carmen R. Collins, 2236 Isabell, Troy, MI 48083 or skicarmen@cs.com 

Name: Britt Gustafson

Email: 3amigos@hutchtel.net

Location: Minnesota 

Time: Thu 5/18/00 8:31 PM

Researching the following names in Woodbury, Co., Iowa.


Edward EPLING married Alma TOBOLT around 1910-1917.  Edward was born 1877-1882 in Stanton Twnsp, IA to Herman EPLING and Henrieta TOBOLT.   Alma was born 1885 in Germany to Edward TOBOLT and Amanda BLUCHER.  Edward EPLING died in 1943 in Merrill, IA.  Alma's social security card was issued in Sioux City in 1965, Alma passed away in 1967.  Thier son Arvin Carl EPLING was born Nov. 10 1917 in Merrill, IA and died 1981 in CA. 

Alva Edwin PERRY married Lydia/Lide KNEPPER Nov. 11, 1912.  Alva was born 1882 in Mankato, MN to John K. PERRY and Emma YATES.  Lydia was born 1884 or 1890 (depending on the source) in Smithland, IA to Edgar KNEPPER and Anna Nancy STEPP.  In 1937 Alva PERRY lived at 1413 Willa Ave, Sioux City.  He was working for the WPA project-2518 (?) in Sioux City.  Alva died 1959 or 1966 (depending on the source) in Utah.  Alva and Lydia's daughter Idabelle PERRY was born April 26 1922 in Sioux City and died 1996 in Le Mars, IA.

Arvin Carl EPLING married Idabelle PERRY in 1942. 

n Lydia KNEPPERs parents obits (edgar died 1920, annie died 1926, both buried in Graceland Cem.), Lydia is listed as Mrs. Lydia SCHWARTZENBACH or SCHAWRTZENBOUN living at 3219 Linn Street, Sioux City.  I am wondering why, if Lydia married Alva in 1912, and a daughter was born in 1922, how was she a SCHWARTZENBACH???  And who was the Schwartzenbach??

If anyone can shed any light on these family names, I would appreciate it very much. 


Name:  Cindy Peever

E-Mail:  Dead email address

Location: BC Canada

Date: Tue 5/16/00 10:27 AM

Married to Stephan Douglas Sams 1880. Laura (Lorena) Ping died in Sloan, Woodbury Co. 1952. They had 13 children born in Columbus Junction IA. 


Name:  Dana Page-Melvin

dead email

Location: Eatontown, New Jersey

Date: Mon 4/10/00 3:02 PM

Good afternoon. I am looking for info on my Great-grandfather and Great-grandmother, William Page and Verda Davis (maiden name). They had a daughter named Nonella Page (my Grandmother). Nonella was born October 2 1929. I have a copy of her birth certificate, which states she was born in Sioux City, Woodbury County Iowa. Nonella had a brother who died young; am not sure if he was born before or after Grandmother. Verda Page died between 1930 and 1940. Is there a possible way that you can find out how the mother and the son died? I have a picture of Verda Page, and she looks tired around the eyes from her illness. William Page was born in Waskom, Texas, Dec 1904 to Charles Page and Sally Wright (Great-Great grandparents). I am not sure if Charles and Sally migrated to Iowa. Thanks.

Name:  R. J. Benson

E-Mail: dead email

Location: Minnesota

Date: Sun 3/26/00 6:04 PM


PETER WALKER lived in Sioux City, Iowa around 1870. According to the 1870 Census of Woodbury County, Iowa, PETER WALKER, age 36, was a baker. PETER WALKER was born about 1836 and died about 1872.PETER WALKER married MARY J AGNES, of Plymouth County, Iowa on October 20, 1870 in Sioux City, IA. They had a son, LEWIS JAMES WALKER Sr. born on July 23, 1872, Peter died around 1872. MARY J AGNES WALKER lived in Le Mars, Iowa until her death, August 21, 1918. LEWIS JAMES WALKER, married MARY F. PATTON of Denison, Iowa in 1893. Their son, Clifford James was born on March 30, 1895. MARY F. PATTON died March 21, 1910 and Lewis married on June 28th 1910 to Lyda E. Harker of Merrill, Iowa. Lyda Harker and Lewis had two children, Rosemary and Lewis Jr. and lived in Blunt South Dakota until Lewis Sr. retired in Merrill, Iowa 1952. Lewis Sr. died in 1956. Any information on these people or others family members connected to them would be greatly appreciated.



Name: Linda Loser

E-Mail: dead email

Location: Marinette, WI 

Date: Sat 3/11/00 4:40 AM

Looking for any descendants of Felix & Helen VERIHA. They were married at the Woodbury Co. Courthouse 2 Sept 1914 under the following names: Pelasz WEREYA & Alene PAULUCK. I am looking for this info for my daughter's boss, John Veriha, VERIHA TRUCKING, Marinette, WI


Name: Cindy Combs 

E-Mail: cincombs@prodigy.net


Date: Thu 1/27/00 1:11 PM

 My grandfather Worley Pafford was killed at the Cudahy Pkg co. in Sioux City on April 20, 1927. I have his death certificate and it say's  he died of a skull fracture at Cudahy. I have heard that some scaffolding broke and that is why he fell. At the time he was a single parent of 5 children. He is buried in Potter's Field at Floyd cemetery. I was just wondering if Cudahy would have any records of his death and what happened. I am guessing that he was buried there because no one was sure what to do with his body and his wife had abandoned  him and the children. My father Theodore Pafford was 7 when his father died and was too young to remember. I would like any suggestions on how to get any other information on his death. Thanks, Cindy

Name: Tracy McMullen League

E-Mail: momto3@gorge.net

Location: The Dalles, OR

Date: Thu 1/27/00 1:28 AM

PETERSEN,  Eva A.:  b.1906 in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Parents were James and Julie (Julia) PETERSEN.  Came to US in 1913 and settled in Sioux City, IA.  James worked on a farm for someone else.  Eva went to Business College in IA, met and married Benjamin F. MCMULLEN in 1936.  Eva worked at the Glenn L. Martin Bomber Plant at Fort Crook, Nebraska during the early part of WWII.  She then moved to Spokane and worked at Fairchild AFB until 1947.


Update 1/2/01

Hi, I am Tracy McMullen League and I am in Oregon State.  My grandmother Eve A. Peterson (Pederson) was born in Denmark and her parents immigrated in 1913.  My grandmother says that she went to the Sioux City Business College.   I know that she was the Vice President of the Chi Chapter Alpha Iota Sorority from 1930-1931.  I am looking for more information on her parents and any other family.  She is almost 95 and her memory is failing.  Thank you.

Name: Cindy Combs

E-Mail: cincombs@prodigy.net


Date: Tue 1/18/00 8:24 PM

My grandfather Worley Pafford died from a fall at the Cudahy Pkg. in Sioux City on April 21, 1927. He and my grandmother Zola (Boyer) Pafford came to Iowa from Smythe Co. Virginia in 1919. In the 1920 census it lists them in Sloan along with their first 3 children - Heath and Hazel b.Va and my father Theodore born in Whiting in 1919. Two more children Mildred and Wanda were born in Iowa after 1920. When Worley died he was raising their 5 children without their mother Zola as she had left them. I would like to get information from the 1925 census on whether Zola was with them at this time or if there were any articles in the local paper on his death. On his death record a Mrs. Viola Shoop was the informant. The children were separated when they were all sent to Sugar Grove, Va to stay with relatives until Zola came to get them. They then came to Omaha, Ne. I do know that there were Boyer relatives living in Sloan but have no first names. Thanks for any information .

Name: Carol Tauscher

E-Mail: RCTAUSCHER@webtv.net

Location: Bremerton, Washington State

Date: Mon 1/17/00 4:40 PM

Looking for anyone connected to Caroline Margaret Potter who lived most of her life in Woodbury Co. First marriage to John Major Cheatham, two girls Bethel Mae Waters/Smith and Blanche Emma Adams/Flick. Second marriage to James Sattizahn. She was born 1865 Kane Co., Aurora, Illinois, parents Robert Potter b. England and mother Sarah Dahl b. England. Somehow Potter and Porter clans married and haven't figured it out yet. regards, Carol

Name: Paulette Williams

E-Mail: generationsb4@hotmail.com

My Location:  ????

Date: Mon 1/17/00 5:02 AM


I would like to communicate with anyone that has knowledge about the family of Moses Boston PARKS & Mahala DIXON. Moses was b:Sept.18,1844 place: Hendricks Co., I N, d:Jan.20, 1937 place: Mason City, IA, buried: Jan.22,1937 place: Gravity, Taylor, IA,  b:1838 Hendricks, IN,  d:1875 Sioux City, IA,  buried: Sioux City, married: 1865 ? Woodbury, IA. I have seen a submission that states the children of this marriage are: Dora Etta b: Oct.2,1866 place: Gravity, Taylor, Iowa. d: Jan.28,1958 place: Bedford, Taylor, Iowa. Martha Ann b: Jan.7,1869 place: Gravity, Taylor, IA d: Jan.1957 place: Clarinda, Page, IA John William b: Aug.29,1873 place: Sioux City, Woodbury, IA I would love to hear from anyone that can verify the above information!! 

Name: Robert C. Peper

E-Mail: rcpeper@aol.com

Location: Tucson, AZ

Date: Sun 11/7/99 12:59 PM

Anna and her husband resided in Cushing, IA. Mary was the daughter of Claus Heinrich or Claus Hans Peper and Cathrina Wollesen married 02/08/1870 in Vinton (Benton Co) IA. It is believed that Mary was born in and married in Wall Lake, IA. I am looking for info and Obits on both Mary and her husband Victor.

Name: Jeff Pierce

E-Mail: pierce603@aol.com

Location: Orlando, Fl

Date: Wed 9/29/99 1:31 PM

I am looking for info on my G grandfather and his family. Here is what I know. I would like to trace his parents back. Henry Martyn Pierce born Nov 19 1830 died March 22 1901 Floyds Cemetery, Sioux City, Woodbury Iowa married Nov 22 1871 to Amanda Melvira Dowlin born may 1852 died 1908 Floyds Cemetery, Sioux City, Woodbury Iowa Children Charles H. Pierce male born Oct 5 1872 South Dakota Ernest C. Pierce male born May 22 1882 South Dakota Francis S. Pierce male born April 1884 South Dakota Arthur A.. Pierce male born July 22 1888 South Dakota. Thank You


Name: Merrily Tunnicliff

E-Mail: JBParts@Clarinda.heartland.net

Location: Clarinda, Iowa

Date: Sat 9/25/99 11:09 AM

Seeking information on  my mother's KUDRLE, JUZEK and PORADEK  and related families of Woodbury County, primarily Sioux City and northward into Plymouth County and other areas of NW Iowa.  Bohemian immigrants in the 1870s and later.  Have some information to share; hoping to find more and to contact relatives, Thanks!


Name: Alpha L. Braunesreither

E-Mail:  AlphaBrau@AOL.com

Location: Rapid City, SD

Date: Fri 9/10/99 12:39 AM

I am doing my wife's family genealogy which includes her Grandmother Mary PETERKA Killian. I am seeking any information that pertains to Jessie KUTIL PETERKA b. May 1875, m. Rudolph PETERKA about 1896 in Yankton County, SD. Rudolph died in 1921. Widow Jessie and daughter Helen moved to Woodbury County, IA. I am seeking information on daughter Helen who is believed to have married a STANSBERRY. Death date of Jessie is unknown and no other information is available on daughter Helen. Any help on locating information of the above two will be appreciated.

Name: Alpha L. Braunesreither

E-Mail:  AlphaBrau@AOL.com

Location: Rapid City, SD

Date: Fri 9/10/99 12:39 AM

I am doing a genealogy of the PETERKA family who were early homesteaders in Yankton County, SD. Rudolph PETERKA b.1871,d.1921, married Jessie Kutil abt 1896 (b.1875) one daughter Helen b. abt 1903. I have obituary indicating a Helen STANSBERRY a granddaughter was survivor. I am inquiring if the STANSBERRY genealogy by Richard W. Stansberry, Jr. includes this family.

Name: Trish Edwards

E-Mail:  trishe713@yahoo.com


Date: Mon 8/30/99 3:34 PM

PETERSEN, GUFFY  I am in search of my family tree. My grandparents: Frank Henry and Verna Pearl 'Guffy' PETERSEN lived in Sioux City, IA. My grandmothers' parents were Willis and Pearl GUFFY, also of Sioux City. Thank You Trish

Name: Shirley Lillie

E-Mail: shrlily@netins.net

Location: ?

Date: Sun 7/4/99 5:33 PM

PLUM, RICH, WHALEN, WILDER, HENRY, MYERS Seeking descendants George Gilman PLUM & Bessie Alice MYERS. (They both died & are buried in Woodbury County.) Georgia Alice PLUM & Michael George RICH Douglas Dewey PLUM & June Adaline WHALEN William M. PLUM & Florence WILDER I have info to share. Shirley

Name: Hans Thordin

E-Mail: hthordin@gate.net

Location: Miami, Florida

Date: Sat 7/3/99 3:17 AM

Looking for descendants of  JOSEPHINE (b.PETERSON) STREETER, b. 1-19-1878 in Sweden. Immigrated to USA, WOODBURY COUNTY, Sioux City, Iowa in 1894. She joined Augustana Lutheran Church 5-26-1895. Her address in Sioux City in 1936 was 1409 GRANDVIEW BLVD and she was at that time working for H. A. BAKER Co. Josephine passed away  June 1964 in Iowa. Josephine also had 3 brothers in Iowa?? (not verified) Karl-Johan PETERSON (b. 11-23-1865) in Galva, Ida County??. August PETERSON (b. 10-31-1868) in Alta, Buena Vista County?? Ernst PETERSON (b. 4-18-1875) (no record of where he lived). Josephine was baptized JOSEFINA PETERDOTTER. Her parents were PETER ANTONSSON & BRITTA ANDERSDOTTER. Her parents and 5 more siblings stayed behind in Sweden. I'm a descendant from the Swedish lineage of these PETERSONS. I'm looking for any additional information and/or descendants for any of the above mentioned.

Name: Rod Anderson

E-mail: dead email

Location: ?

Date: Tue 6/22/99 1:15 PM

Looking for info on the parents (surname PLUMER) of Josephine HAGGBLADE PLUMER who lived in Lawton in the late 1800's. Looking info on the parents of Oscar HAGGBLADE (Peter,and Anna) who immigrated from Sweden to the Storm Lake area in the second half of the nineteenth century. Looking info on the parents of Alfred ANDERSON (Sophie,and Nels) who immigrated from Norway to Sergeant Bluff in the second half of the nineteenth century.

Name: Susan Schnirring

E-mail: TEDIMAC@aol.com

Location: ?

Date: Fri 6/4/99 8:23 PM

I am looking for biological grandparent information.  Paternal side= Ernest C. SAMMONS born November 15, 1878 in Guthrie Center, Iowa, Married Mary Ann SAMMONS in Yankton, So. Dakota in 1903.  Fathered at least 3 children with Emmaline Martin FOWLER, born August 21, 1899, to Henry and Elsie (HERRING / PRESTON) in Jackson, Nebraska.  Henry and Elsie may have died in Sioux City.  Elsie daughter of John and Olive HERRING / PRESTON. Emmaline was married to Ed Fowler in either 1913 or 1914 when she was 14 yrs old.  She may have lived in So. Sioux City, Nebraska.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.   

Name: ????????????

E-mail: snosrap@uswest.net

Location: ?

Date: Mon 5/17/99 11:32 AM

I'm looking for any information about my grandfather John Baldwin Parsons DOB 8-5-1876 OR1877.About the only thing I know about him is that he had a brother Aldus M. Parsons who was born in 1863 and died in 1962.  john b.parsons was married in Iowa and his first wife died in Iowa and I think she is buried there but i dont know her name .My grandfather married my grandmother in 1906 in North Dakota and thereafter lived in N.D.,Mn and OREGON where he died in 1947.

Name: Gerry 

E-Mail: dead email

Location: ?

Date: Thu 3/18/99 7:55 AM

Early information about the Russell and Caroline PERKINS and their family who were living in the Correctionville area by the early 1900's. Son, Almond, married Amanda KEGRICE. Some of the descendants still live there--but do not seem to have information dating back to the 1900's. Their children married KEGRICE, PRITCHARD, HOAR, CAMPBELL. Youngest son, Wm. H. Perkins, married Sarah (surname not known.) Appreciate any help you can provide. Sincerely, Gerry Cole--Kansas

Name: Judy Rose 

E-Mail: dead email

Location: ?

Date: Tue 2/23/99 2:08 PM

Looking for info on Theodore Pope in middle to late 1800's. 

Name: Tom Walsh 

E-Mail: tomw2_@excite.com 

Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Date: Tue 1/19/99 12:41 PM

I am looking for any information on my Grandmother, Mary A. Chapman Walsh. She lived in Sioux City in 1909 to 1916, I believe.. Married Thomas Walsh of Detroit Michigan in 1910 or 1911. Had two children, Thomas and Mary Elizabeth. Also had a sister come live with her from Texas, Mrs. Rip Parker. Please contract me if you have any information. Thank you. 

Updated 3/30/01

Name: Glenn Box

E-Mail: GBox@worldnet.att.net

Location: Norman, Oklahoma

Date: Sun 1/10/99 11:18 AM

Am looking for information regarding the family of Joachim Puck, b. 1835 Holstin, Germany, and Sarah Jane Wilkins, who married 1871 and were living in the Sioux City area 1900. Children included Albert, Lenore, Ada, George, and Mable. Any information and place of burial would be appreciated. This family was included in the text "The Germans of Iowa and Their Accomplishments" pub. 1900 Des Moines, I would also like the full text of their article or the book itself, Thanks 

Name: Gary Pratt

Email: butch1@netins.net

Location: West Union, Ia, USA

Time: Sat, 5 Sep 1998 19:22:04 -0500 (CDT)

Looking for information on surnames Gulick, Pratt. These would be in the Sloan and Sioux City area.

Name: E. T. Schmitt

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Location: Missouri

Time: Wed 8/12/98 1:36 PM

I would like to locate descendants or other relatives of Sylvester PITTMAN, b. Abt. 1864, probably in Champaign Co., IL; d. Abt. 1943, probably at Sioux City, IA. Before 1900 he married Cora E. TIPPS who may have died about 1950 in Sioux City. They resided in Sioux City at least from 1915. They are believed to have had at least 2 children, Fred L. PITTMAN and Sarah PITTMAN (though these may have been otherwise related). Fred lived in the house at 2533 S. Royce after Cora was no longer listed there. Fred was apparently married twice, 1st to Marjorie . They seem to have been divorced about 1937. Fred later married a Wilma [___]. Sylvester PITTMAN was the son of Leonard PITTMAN and Sarah A. MOUNCE of Champaign, IL.


Email: shortycooper@tri-lakes.net

Location: ?

Time: Sat 7/18/98 3:19 PM

I am looking for info on Frank D. Payne who was married to Clara Crowther in Woodbury co. Iowa between 1880 to 1885. He was my mother's father. Your assistance is appreciated. /

Name: Jim Peterson Jr.

E-mail: scotter@northlink.com

Location: Chino Valley, AZ.

Date: 6/16/1998

Researching the ancestry of JAMES KEITH PETERSON, born Sloan, Iowa on February 12, 1920. His parents were Everett and May (or Mae) Peterson. May's maiden name was possibly Shoupe or Shupe. JAMES spent his youth in the Sloan area. He attended Sloan High School until 1937 (non-graduate, completing 10th grade). He joined the U.S. Army in early 1942 (Feb?). JAMES married Helen Ann Divish of Perrinton, Michigan in August of 1946. They had nine children (oldest-to-youngest): Barbara, James Jr., Sandra & Sharon (twins), Bonnie, Donna, Debra, Richard, and Pamela. JAMES was discharged from the military at Selfridge AFB, Michigan, on November 11, 1948. The family returned to Iowa, where James Jr. was born July 15, 1949 in Sioux City (the only child born in Iowa). The family moved to Michigan in 1950 or 51, then on to the Los Angeles, California area in 1956, joining his parents and several siblings who had relocated there earlier. Some of us older children seem to remember visiting JAMES' grandparents in Iowa in the early 1950's. They lived directly across from an active railroad line on the edge of town, possibly Sloan. We extend our heartfelt thanks to any and all who can help us in this, our first tentative attempt at researching the Peterson family tree.

Name: Peggy Hess

Email: jfhess@earthlink.net

Location: Dove Canyon, CA, USA

Time: Friday, April 3, 1998 at 20:54:42

Comments: Looking for information on Alphonse J. PRUVOT and Margaret O'Donovan PRUVOT who came to Sioux City in the early 1880's. Alphonse along with his son Arthur installed the first electrical fire system in Sioux City

Name: Rodney k. Anderson

Email: lrodrigo@newnorth.net

Location: harshaw , WI, USA

Time: Thursday, January 22, 1998 at 11:20:05

I am looking for any information about these families who settled in the Lawton area in the first half of the nineteenth century....Dudley, Tevis, and Plumer 

Name: Peggy Mayberry Powell

Email: pegpowel@wiatel.net

Location: Hornick, IA, USA

Time: Saturday, December 27, 1997 at 10:45:25

My Woodbury county surnames are: Bolte married a Ranniger, lived Climbing Hill Bolte married a Powell lived Climbing Hill Boltes married a Sands, (Carlson and Van Laningham, Houck, (Schink, Jensen, Layton), and Serviss Mayberry married a Powell, lived SC, rural Hornick. I have been doing research on actively on these families over 20 years, will share information. Powells married a (Bieler, Mooney), Livermore, and Kelsheimer. Shepard, George and Lydia McGlothlen / McLaughlin. Shepard married a Powell. Sweisberger married a Powell. Other Sweisbergers married (Quisenberry, Gill), Boyle, Boyle, (Boyle, DeRoin), Boulden, Schumacher, and Prescott. Cemeteries, Climbing Hill, Sioux City - Graceland, Logan, Memorial.

Name: Sue E. Eddy

Email: sdeddy@discover-net.net

Location: Black River Falls, WI, USA

Time: Wednesday, December 10, 1997 at 09:09:38

The Jackson County Historical Society is searching for information on a daughter of a founder of one of our townships here in Jackson County, WI. Ellen E. HICKS was born about 1848, to John L. and Sophia Elizabeth PERKINS HICKS. By 1910, Ellen was living in Sioux City, Iowa, and married to a SMITH. Both her parents were deceased by this time and she had a son named, John SMITH. The town of Hixton was named for her father and we would like to find more information on this daughter and any descendants of theirs. My mailing address is: W11770 County Rd P, Black River Falls, WI 54615-5926 

Name: Randy Treadway

Location: Boone, IA, Boone

Time: Sunday, November 30, 1997 at 01:37:02

I am looking for any information on the PARKS/DUNN families of Sioux City and Leeds, Woodbury Co., IA. Any information would be greatly appreciated...Thank you...

Name: Bruce C Young III

Email: BCYIII@aol.com

Location: Fairfax , VA

Time: Thursday, November 27, 1997


looking for information on Charles L. Piper and Mary Elizabeth Smith. Charles b 1867 d 1929 Mary d 1935. They had 5 children Harl, Lou Howard, Lawernce, Lyle Robert, John Charles.

Name: Christy Tew

Email: Desertcatt@aol.com

Location: Acton, CA, USA

Time: Friday, October 17, 1997


Comments: I am researching my gg grandfather in and around Sioux City. His name was Charles L PROHASKA, b. Aug 26, 1850 and d. Aug 18, 1918.

Name: Delores Christensen
Email:deebob3@aol.com or deebob3@juno.com
Location: Oregon City, Or, U.S.A.
Date: Monday, July 7, 1997


Comments: Looking for any descendants of the JOHNSON brothers, Hans Jorgen or Johan Kristan Johan was born in Norway July 23, 1861 and Hans (my grandfather) Oct 11, 1865. Hans m. Pella PETERSEN March 25, 1892 in Sioux City, IA. Believe the brothers name was HANSEN when they immigrated from Norway, year unknown. Johan Kristian m. Anna Maren JOHNSON in 1881 in Sioux City, IA. Hans only had 4 grandchildren and my sister and I are the only ones left. Johan had Kris, Anna, Marie, Ida and Mamie. Mamie m. Clarence R Rasmussen and had Raun, Janice and Arlene. Any info will be appreciated. The brothers had adjoining farms on Broken Kettle Road in the 20's and early 30's. Please e-mail me any information.


If you know of any corrections or missing information please contact me.


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