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Name:  Carolyn Peterson

E-mail:   findanger@mchsi.com

My location: Grand Rapids, Mn

Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 20:14:04 -0500


Researching Anna Helene Rasmussen born 4-21-1867.. died 3-22-1949 she married Fred C. Johnson, Sr. and lived in vicinity of Sioux City, Iowa. They had children Fred Jr., (sp. Virginia), Gladys (sp. Carl Christiansen), Alta, Hans. Kermit and Ervin. Would like an obit for Anna H. Johnson or hear from any of their descendants.



Name:  Barbara Suslick

E-mail:  bjsusick@netscape.net

My location:???????

Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2005 08:33:24 -0800

I am looking for information on the family of Martin Rustwick, b. Feb. 1855 in Norway. He is a brother to my grandmother Bertha Rustvik Nelson. Martin settled in Iowa and his siblings came to the Pacific Northwest - Clallam County, Washington. Thank you.


Name:  Glenda Begnoche

E-mail: ath4fdco812@cableone.net

My location: Sioux City, IA

Date: Mon 7/12/2004 8:17 PM


Need information on Rochester and Smith Family of Sioux City, Woodbury county.



Name:  Diane Crooks

E-mail: dcrooks45@aol.com

My location: St. Joseph, MO.

Date: Sat 5/1/2004 8:04 PM


I am looking for information on Lula May Hester Rowse who died in Pierson, Woodbury, IA on November 18, 1965.  She was born on July 3, 1885 - location of birth and parents are unknown.  She was married to William Wheeler Rowse - don't know the date of marriage.

Three children were born:

Hazel May Rowse Crooks - b. June 18, 1918

Charles Lee Rowse - b. 1910

William Leonard Rowse - b. December 14, 1909 - d. January 15, 1995

I have check the Social Security Index on the Internet with no luck in finding her there or anyplace else.  I have also checked with family members and they don't know anything except giving me the name of Vierth and possibly a Clark family.  In checking I found a Susan Vierth who married a John Clark (my husband's name is John Clark) and they lived in the right area of Iowa but I still can't find a connection to Lula May Hester Rowse.

I am looking for an obituary which might give us some information on her parents.  Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.



Name:  Shirley Reese

E-mail: sreese615@aol.com

My location:

Date: Thu 10/2/2003 8:26 AM

Ingward Reese was born in Sioux City, Iowa, May 6, 1894, the son of Jens and Marie Gorseth Reese.  The surname "Reese" was changed from the previous surname of "Rise."  Marie Gorseth and Jens Reese were married circa 1880, we believe in Yankton, South Dakota.  My husband's father, Ingward Reese, gave his birth information on his marriage license.  While visiting Sioux City in June, we researched records at the Woodbury County Courthouse, but were unable to find where his birth was recorded.  I understand that was not too unusual in those days.  (I, too, was born in Sioux City, Iowa, and didn't leave that great state until I was 15 years old, and still have a multitude of relatives in Iowa.)  We are interested in any information we can find regarding Ingward Reese and his parents.  All family records were lost in a fire in South Dakota.  My husband knows that his father, Ingward Reese, attended a college in Sioux City, which I would assume to be Morningside College, so we assume his family resided in Woodbury County for some years.  We would appreciate any guidance you might be able to give us.  Thank you.



Name:  Karen Franta

E-mail: Kwest1252@verizon.net

My location: Upland, CA

Date:Sat 8/16/2003 7:20 PM

Oto, Woodbury Co., IA

Looking for information on William Orson Richardson b: about 1859 in PA, d: 3-10-1910 in Iowa, as a result of a hack accident, he married  Fannie Elizabeth Sturges in 1886 Grant, Woodbury Co., IA, b: 8-11-1856 in Calhoun, Harrison Co., IA and died 3-4-1899 in Oto, Woodbury Co., IA, had 3 children Cora Belle, Elsie May, and Lillian Helen. Thanks for any information!




Name: Carol Mahoney

E-mail: mahoney2@frontiernet.net

My location: ?

Date:Thu 7/19/2001 11:16 PM

Susan Graham Ross, born around 1825 in Scotland, Married John Ross, Died March15, 1891, lived in Oto, Iowa, buried at Anthon, Iowa.



Name: Delmar Rager

E-mail: Judithds@aol.com 

My location: ?

Date: Wed 6/13/01 7:44 AM

My husband's birthname was Delmar Rager.  He was picked up at the Boys and Girls Home in Sioux City summer of l949 by his adopted father.  The Boys and Girls home have no record of him, however.  His birthday is July 16, l946. We are looking for relatives.

Name: Debra Beeson

E-mail:  bdybychlet@aol.com 

My location: California 

Date: Tue 1/9/01 10:22 AM

 Hi I am looking for the marriage of Margaret Alice Cole-Beeson who married Bill or William Rananrd in Woodbury, Sioux city. sometime in the 1930's. I know this marriage took place after my father was born in 1930. so I am thinking its about 1934 or 6? I have the divorce papers of this marriage. so I don't need them, Just the marriage information. if anyone can help thanks I appreciate it .  

Name: Cynthia Zimmerman
E-mail:  shirlbent@aol.com

My location: Edwardsville, Luzerne County, PA
Date: Thu 1/11/01 11:23 AM

Looking for info on Mr. & Mrs. J. D. MacDonald and Mr. & Mrs. John Ryan of Woodbury County, IA in the first half of the 1900s. In Patrick Dunn's obit in 1929 (in Plymouth, Luzerne County, PA) it says that he is survived by a daughter, Mrs. J. D. MacDonald of Sioux City. This daughter may have been Mary born abt. 1881 in PA.  In Patrick's wife Agnes' obit in 1944 there is no mention of  daughter, Mrs. MacDonald, but it does list a surviving sister Mrs. John Ryan of Sioux City. Would like to tie up the loose ends on this branch of the family & have much to share on the Dunns who stayed in PA. Thanks!  

Name:  Jackie Doeden

Email: jdoehhbl@rconnect.com

Place: ?

Date: Saturday, November 11, 2000 3:19

Casey, Ross, Johnson, Bookhardt 1870s-current

Rebecca , John Casey, Byron , Paulina Johnson, Any Ross, James, Rebecca Bookhardt, Eugene Margeson- all in Woodbury county. Please contact me.

Name: Mary Keller

E-Mail:  rkeller@adams.net 

Location: ?

Date:   Fri 9/8/00 9:26 AM

I would like to correspond with descendants of James Ellery Reeder and Susan Wyles Reeder, who lived in Sioux City, IA.  Susan was the daughter of Selwyn and Sarah Ohler Wyles and a sister of my grandfather, Thomas Wyles.  She was born in Illinois April 23, 1879 and died November 16, 1963.  I believe James was an eye dr. and that their son James Ellery Reeder Jr. may have followed in his father's footsteps.  I have it that his wife was Adella and they had 4 children.  I would very much like to continue the Wyles family tree including the information for their part of the family.

Name: Cecil Reimer

E-Mail:   creimer@worldnet.att.net 

Location: ?

Date:   Tue 8/22/00 4:09 PM

My Grandfather Joseph (Some spelled it Josef) lived on a farm near Danbury in late 1800's or early 1900's.  He married his second wife Maria Patrina Jacobsen there on March 5, 1905. Hope you can help me find more information on him, his marriage license, etc.  Don't know if he owned property or rented. Any help would be appreciated greatly.  Thank you.


Name: Bev Rayburn

E-Mail:  rayburnb@cadvision.com 

Location: ?

Date: Sat 8/19/00 12:28 AM  

The information I have is that Charles Dudley RAYBURN died in Moville IA in 1928, I know his wife died several years later but I don't know where or when. Charles was born (July 18 1856) in Keokuk Co IA, lived in Pattowattomie Co. & Henderson Co for awhile and died in Moville, Woodbury Co. He had the following children Earl Rayburn - born and died in Pottawattamie Co 1882 Roy Raymond Rayburn - born in Pottawattamie Co 1883, died in Calgary, AB 1957 Mary (Lina) Evelyna (Rayburn) Corbin, born in 1886 Henderson Co, Married 1907, Woodbury Co, died 1965 Moville, Woodbury Co Charles Henry Rayburn - born in Pottawattamie, don't know if he went to Woodbury Co with his parents Chauncy Rayburn, Kate Rayburn, Nina Lee (Rayburn) McLaughlin, Austin Rayburn - same as above I have sketchy information and would like to fill in the blanks if I could. Thank you. 

Name: Julie Wedge

E-Mail: clj1515@yahoo.com 

Location: Landers CA


I am looking for any information on a John or Mae Richardson born March 29, 1930 in Sioux City, Iowa of Woodbury county. Their possible birthplace is St. Monica's home for unwed mothers. They were born to Lena Samantha Richardson AKA Sammy or Mancie of Terry Montana, who was my grandmother. Any information you could give me on either or these two would be appreciated. 

Name: Gerri Nordell

Email: dead email

Location: Valley, NE

Date: Wed 6/28/00 5:07 AM

I am looking for information on Henry Rothman, b. December 21, 1881 in either Germany or Cass County, NE. He lived in Plattsmouth, NE and at a young age moved to Sioux City, Woodbury Co. IA. I believe he died in August of 1969. I would like to find out about his family and place of burial. Thank you for any help you may be able to give me. 

Name:  Jan Payne

E-Mail: momser7@aol.com.

Location:  Southaven, MS

Date: Fri 3/31/00 1:49 PM

I am looking for information on my GF, Reno Retzlaff, who lived in the Sioux City area from the 1930's till his death around 1950. He was born 05 Nov, 1900 in Woodville, WI. His parents were Wilhelm Retzlaff and Augusta Balgie, both born in Germany. He was married to Anna E. Krueger, and later divorced. I know that he remarried and had children. I would like to get in touch, and find out more about my Grandfather's life, and where he is buried. 

Name:  Tim Retzlaff

E-Mail: RETLACE@aol.com

Location:  ?

Date: Mon 3/27/00 11:45 PM

We are trying to find Reno Lewis Wilbert Retzlaff death, he died in a car accident in 1950. We heard he died in Council Bluffs, or Sioux City. If anyone could be of any help it would be very helpful, as we are at a dead end. He is my grandfather, he left my grandmother, in Wi. and moved to Iowa and remarried to a Delia. He was born 11/5/1900 in Wi. His children born to him by Delia are Carol Lee Ann, Larry Dean Retzlaff. We believe his two children still live in Iowa, last heard Sioux City. Thanks.

Name:  Karen Lynne {King} Johnson

E-Mail: dougskaren@aol.com

Location:  Seattle, WA

Date: Sat 2/26/00 11:05 AM

I am Looking for info on KING, KILLION, McGRAIN, CALDWELL, FITZPATRICK, REIMERS. Wendell King b:10-17-26 in Germany married Rosa Kaeshemier b:8-1-1834 in Germany. Married in 1854 near Cinn. Ohio. They had Michael born Sept 29,1855 Married Kate Mc Gloine Dec 30,1884 had a daughter Rosa Anna King b: Oct 3,1887 she married John Reimer June 25,1906 at St. Mary's in Danbury. Rosa's mother died when she was 2, Michael may have remarried in Denison and had 4 more children. He died at Maplton ___. Lewis King married Mary Warren they had eight children William, Bertha m: Bybee, Blanche m: Butler  Raymond, Clarence, Irvin, Grace m: Wessel, Eugene. Emma King married Peter A. Killion they had 3 children George,Luke and Louis. Mary King married George Mc Grain they had 3 children Helen, Leo, and Lawrence. Kate King married E. J. Fitzpatrick they had 7 children Ruth, Alice, Dan, James, Lucy, Charles and Leo. Rosa King married a Caldwell. This is all the information I have and am searching to fill in the blanks.

Name: Michaelenne Smith

E-Mail: mickmous@bright.net

Location: Wauseon, OH

Date: Thu 12/30/99 6:58 PM

I am looking for information on James A. Ricks who lived in Sioux City on Sherman Ave.  His wife's name was Nabby (Fuller) Ricks.  James died in 1924 and is buried in Graceland Park Cemetery.  Nabby died in 1932.  They had seven children, but believe only one, William Ricks, was alive in 1924.  Are any of these names familiar to anyone, or are there any descendants of William still in  Sioux City.  Any help is appreciated.  Thank you.

Name: Christopher Zill

E-Mail: ChristopherZill@Centura.org

Location: ?

Date: Wed 12/29/99 8:14 PM

I am looking for info on a Loretta Rowan born 1914 or 1915. May have lived in or near Sioux City. Later married but I don't have the married name. Went on to have 9 or 10 kids. Any info would be of help.

Name:  Cecil Reimer

E-Mail: creimer@worldnet.att.net

Location:  Atlanta, Georgia

Date: Thu 11/11/99 9:25 PM

My name is Cecil Reimer. I am the Grandson of Joseph. He lived in and near Danbury in the early 1900's. He married Maria Patrina Jacobsen there on 5 March 1905. I am searching for more info about his birth family in Bohemia and his family and land near Danbury. I now live in Atlanta, Georgia an I am retired. Thanks for any help you can give!

Name:  Patrick Montgomery

E-Mail:  p.montgomery@myactv.net

Location:  Hagerstown, Maryland

Date: Wed 9/29/99 10:00 AM

Looking for information on the Helping Hand Mission and its minister Rev. Geo. L. Search which existed during the heyday of the railroads and their influence in Sioux City. Believe the ministry was located in what was then called the South Bottoms or around the 4th & Court Streets area. The Rev Search officiated at the marriage of my maternal grandparents, Carl Hogansen and Emma Wenzel on Sept 7, 1912 with witnesses R.B. Nicherson and Katti Reimtoma. Trying to establish background information. 

Name: John A. REA

E-Mail: jarea@ukcc.uky.edu

Location: Lexington KY

Date: Mon 9/13/99 3:45 PM

I'm seeking any information on my grandfather, Robert M. REA, who owned a drugstore in Sioux City in the late 1880s (bearing his name). Any information about him from a county history, old city directories etc. greatly appreciated. There might be a newspaper report of his death on 1 April 1890, even though it was elsewhere. Is there a list of probates of that period? Any clues and suggestions appreciate -- is there a collection of old photos of Sioux city buildings? His drug store was at 926 Fourth Street, and his home at 919 Fourth Street. Many many thanks for your help! 

Name: Jean Pizarro

E-Mail: jhpizarro@aol.com

Location: Lady Lake, FL

Date: Tue 8/17/99 11:30 AM

I am trying to find Emalilne Robinson who lived in SALIX, Woodbury Co IA in 1925. She wrote a letter addressed from there in April, 1925. She was age 73. I ordered from the FHC the 1925 IA State Census for Woodbury Co with Salix on it and she was not there. Can someone tell me what city or township would also have used Salix as a postal address in 1925? I would appreciate any help you can give me so I can order the correct film and possibly find her.


Name: Sarah Keith

E-Mail: sjkeith@uswest.net

Location: ?

Date: Tue 7/27/99 9:36 PM

I'm trying to research my husband's side of the family his grandfathers name is was Arlo Ragan born Feb. 22, 1921 his father was Claude Ragan and in the 1920 census he lived in Sergeant Bluff IA. Any help is appreciated Thanks

Name: Catherine McBride

E-Mail:  cathy@ubtanet.com

Location: ?

Date: Mon 7/26/99 2:40 PM

 I am looking for the family on Edwin Marion SMITH married Margurete Camelia RAYMOND  Oct. 22,1853 in Winslow, IL. Children Leoti Adelia born Oct.8,1854 in Woodbury Iowa. Leni A., born same twins Alex born 1856 Woodbury Iowa if anyone has any information on this family please let me know Catherine McBride

Name: Jessica Frost

E-Mail: nobodys_frog@hotmail.com

Location: Chicago, IL

Date: Sat 7/17/99 8:58 PM

I'm looking for information about William Reynolds, b. 1839 in OH, died 1927 in Sioux City, Woodbury Co, IA. He m. Elizabeth BEAUMONT, and she died in 1922 in Sioux City also. Any info would be helpful!

Name: Joan

E-mail: joanach@wayfarer1.com

Location: New Mexico

Date: Thu 6/17/99 3:45 PM

I am looking for information on a Walter RENNISON who resided in Sioux City in 1924.  He was a cousin of my ggrandfather Walter William Booth and I have a copy of a sketch he sent to him.  On the back is: With best wished to William Booth, Tonopah, Nevada Walter S. Rennison, Sioux City, Iowa (Cousin) 1924. Any Rennison information will be very welcome. Joan.

Name: Karen Roles

e-mail: kroles@uswest.net

Location:. St. Paul, MN

Date: Sun 4/4/99 12:53 AM

Seeking information about my great-grandfather, Delbert (D.E.) SMITH. I know from family that he is buried in the Oak Hill cemetery in Anthon, but I have no other information about him. He married Ella RYDER/RIDER sometime before 1902. They were in Madrid, Boone Co., IA in 1902 according to my grandmother's birth certificate. My grandmother's name was Thelma Lorine SMITH. Delbert and Ella's other children were Lucille, Harold, and George. Ella is also buried at Oak Hill. She died in 1969 in a Sioux City hospital.. I would like to know Delbert's birth and death dates/places. I would also like to know when/where they were married and when they moved to Anthon. Thank you to anyone who has related information.

 Name: rizerk ?

e-mail: rizerk@erinet.com

Location:. ?

Date: Sat 4/3/99 11:09 PM

Ronald Henry Springer b. 1896 in Indiana, died 13 Jun 1955 in Sioux City. Would like dates for his wife Helen Ella Robertson. Their children were John Ronald, Hope Helen, and Constance Marie Springer. Thank you, Kathleen Rizer

 Name: Todd Kepple

E-Mail: tkepple@newswest.com

Location: Klamath Falls, Oregon

Date: Fri 3/19/99 8:56 AM

Can anyone help me find out what happened to Abigale (Heydon) Gasser RHOADES (or RHODES)? She was known to be living in Sioux City in 1920 and in 1951, and presumably all the time in between. But we haven't been able to find out what happened to her after that. Perhaps someone could check some old city directories for me. Cemetery directory? Etc. She was born 1882 in Dixon, Co., Neb. Married Bert GASSER, divorced. Married Earl RHOADES. 

Name: Candee Reinking Lebrun

E-Mail: spunkerL@email.msn.com

Location: Santa Rosa, Ca.

Date: Thu 2/25/99 6:28 PM

Looking for info on Charles and Caroline Reinking (Meyer) of Woodbury Co.Ia. 1860-1867

 Name: Myra L. Walcott

E-Mail: MWalnuts@AOL.COM

Location: Darien, IL

Date: Mon 2/22/99 8:22 AM

Harriet Jesse Reuschling was born June 16, 1881, in Sioux City, Iowa. Harriet married Frank Mendell Walcott (might also be listed as Francis Mendell Walcott or Mendell Walcott) in 1904 in Iowa. Harriet was the daughter of Conrad Reuschling and Mary Lucy Brown. Harriett had two sons: Howard Orville Walcott and Charles Huestis Walcott. Seeking 1)Harriett's death date and location 2) Information relating to age of parents at Harriet's birth or her parents' date of births and locations 3) Harriet's full date and location of her marriage 4) Any other information regarding her. Thank you for your time, Myra Walcott

Name: Denise Kay Robinson

E-Mail: denisekay711@yahoo.com

Location: Odenton, Md.

Date: Wed 1/27/99 12:33 PM

I am searching for any information on Beresford Robinson and his wife Elizabeth Stucker. Beresford Robinson was born in Kentucky abt 1798/1799. His family moved to Indiana, where in Washington County, Indiana on November 29, 1819 he married Elizabeth Stucker. From Washington County, they moved to Putnam County, Indiana. They had at least one son, Elijah Kennedy Robinson born about1823. Around 1846 they headed to Iowa. Elijah Kennedy Robinson married Lydia Colver on March 28, 1848 in Van Buren, County Iowa. In 1850 the family is living in Lucas County Iowa. Family notes and an old family written history state that Beresford Robinson and his family moved to Sioux City, Woodberry County, Iowa. I have been unable to find any information on Beresford Robinson's family after the 1850 census. I would appreciate any information or help you might be able to give me. I am willing to share all my Robinson family information. Thank you! Denise Kay Robinson, e-mail: denisekay711@yahoo.com, 583 Rita Drive, Odenton, Md.,21113, phone:410-551-7092, 410-674-2551

Name: William H. Mitchell 

E-Mail: mitchell@netwalk.com

Location: ?

Date: Tue 12/15/98 3:36 PM

Seek burial place of Ray McKinley Resler 1896-1974 and his wife, Mary 1897-1991. Both died in Sioux City.

Name: Gene Hummels

E-Mail: GWHGINO@aol.com

Location: Vancouver, WA 

Date: Fri 12/11/98 10:22 PM

I am searching for help in locating information about my ggrandparents, James Reilley and wife, Ellen nee Karoff, who lived in Danbury in the early 1900-1910. They had 4 children, William, Donald, Hanna and Margaret. James and Ellen had met on the eastern shore during immigration that combined many Irish and Russian emigres. They also could have made Sioux City their home for awhile. Margaret married a Wm. Hummels and moved to Hildreth, NE. Census information would be a big help as well. Thank you

Name: ?

Email: TRNurse@aol.com

Location: ?

Time: Wed 12/2/98 1:22 PM

I am searching for marriage record for Rachel Lorena Rudd daughter of Silas Rudd and Lorena Hulett. Rachel married William David Kemper in Sioux City, Woodbury Col, Iowa 1898-1900. Any information would be appreciated

Name: Marlynn A O'Keefe 

Email: dead email

Location: ?

Time: Wed 12/2/98 4:41 AM

Researching Adelbert CHAPIN b. 1848 New York. He married about 1895 in Sioux City, Estella I. RHODES born abt 1874 in Minnesota (daughter of Jacob RHODES born in Illinois) Adelbert had been a teacher at University of Wisc. in Madison, was a cattleman in Sioux City, part owner/investor in stockyards there. He may have had a brother Leonard, also a cattle dealer and a brother Andrew J. a bank cashier. Adelbert owned land in Sloan county. He and wife lived in Morningside area of Sioux city and wife is supposedly buried in Morningside cemetery there. Other names associated with the CHAPIN line are COOPER, GINGERICH / GINGRICH, RHODES. Some of the descendents were in Nebraska and South Dakota. I live in Fort Towson, Oklahoma. Will gladly exchange the little info I have. Thanks for any tips or help Marlynn O'Keefe

Name: Sandra Kisor

Email: okgeneo@hotmail.com

Location: ?

Time: Mon 10/26/98 1:47 PM

Looking information on Annie Ryan born Sioux City, Woodbury Co., Iowa between 1830's-1860's married John A. Foran. Had a daughter Helen Tersa Foran born May 13, 1883 Hull, Sioux County, Iowa. Please email if you have any information.

Name: Joann H. Nichols

Location: Brattleboro, VT

Email jnichols@sover.net

Time: Fri 10/16/98 5:15 AM

I am seeking burial information on Mary Lorena (HULETT) RUDD who according to family records died 30 April 1932 in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA and is buried in Floyd Cemetery at 2p. She may have remarried prior to 1900 as her first husband, Silas RUDD appears in the 1900 census with a second wife. I would appreciate assistance of someone to check this cemetery and see who is buried at 2p. There may also be a young daughter buried there, Ethel Mabel Rudd, who died in Dec. 1906. Thanks for any assistance. Joann H. Nichols, 46 Chestnut Street, Brattleboro, VT 05301-3152

Name: Joann H. Nichols

Email: jnichols@sover.net

Location: ?

Time: Wed 10/14/98 11:30 AM

Mary Lorena HULETT was first wife of Silas RUDD. Family records say that she died 30 April 1932 in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., Iowa, and is buried in the Floyd Cemetery at 2p (probably the location in the cemetery). Does anyone know if the cemetery has been listed? I believe that Mary Lorena must have remarried after she and Silas were divorced. Silas appears with a second wife in the 1900 census, so they were divorced[?] before then. Therefore her name might not appear as Rudd. If someone lives near Sioux City and is willing to go to the cemetery and look for 2p, and Mary Lorena, I will be very grateful. I will reimburse any costs necessary. Thanks a lot. 

Name: Sylvia Lacey

Email: sblacey@bigfoot.com (updated 11/23/2008)

Location: ?

Time: Thu 7/30/98 6:32 PM

My gr gr Grandmother was Edith Gilbert Ward Williams Reutter. She was married to John Williams and had 4 children in Boone, Ia. After John Williams died she married Gottlieb Reutter and had 3 more children. Mary Elizabeth Reutter was b in Boone, Ia 8-1-1877. Married Louis N Valade 11-30-1899 and d 9-4-1979 in Sioux City, Ia. Two Sons Bernard Reutter b 1901 Miltown, SD and Gust Reutter b 1925 Fessenden, ND. I would like to have Obituary of Mary Valade. and any information about her. Thank you

Name: Arlene Willet

Email: arlew@webtv.net

Location: ?

Time: Monday, July 06, 1998 4:04 PM

Could some one please do some look ups for me, in Woodbury Co.? My great grandmother, Radhel Lorena (Hulett) Rudd, is buried in Floyd Cemetery, in Sioux City. I have also heard her refereed to as Mary Lorena. I am trying to confirm name and grave markings. She died on April 3, 1932. Another great grandmother, Mary Jane (Menzie) Kemper, died in Sioux City on Oct, 10, 1880. I do not know what cemetery she is buried in. Her husband William R. Kemper died in Sioux City on Mar. 20, 1887, also do not know what cemetery. Any info on obits for these three people, or death certificate info for them would be very much appreciated Please e-mail me. Thank you. Arlene Willet.

Name: Barbara Long Emery

Email: mailto:HyBy@willard-oh.com

Location: Willard, Ohio 

Time Sat 7/4/98 5:01 PM

Seeking info. . Daniel ROHRER, b. Feb. 22, 1839 Washington Co., MD, d. Apr. 4, 1922 Sioux City, Iowa, m. #1 Hettie J. NUTTING, m. #2 Catherine COLEMAN b. Oct. 3, 1852 County Cork, Ireland, d. Mar. 12, 1928. Their issue: John William b. Nov. 4,1870; Jacob Henry b. Mar. 3, 1878; Earnest Bruston b. Nov. 16, 1882. Any info. . this ROHRER family greatly appreciated. Barbara Long Emery, Willard, Ohio

Name: Billie Jo Rhodes

Email: b.j.rich@juno.com

Location: California

Time: Monday, February 02, 1998 10:32 PM

I have Charles Eugene Woolridge married to Carrie Edith Rhodes living in Correctionville, IA in 1888. Both are buried in the Correctionville, IA Cemetery. Charles had a "Cherry Red" Brick factory and built the local opera house in Correctionville. 

Name: Billie Jo Rhodes

Email: b.j.rich@juno.com

Location: California

Time: Monday, February 02, 1998 10:27 PM

I have Samuel Lewis Rhodes married to Mary Adelaide Sears in 1867. Also Carrie Edith Rhodes married to Charles Eugene Woolridge of Correctionville, IA in 1888.

Name: Jerilyn Johnson

Email: dead email

Location: ????

Time: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 16:59:39

I'm trying to find the parents of Frank BURNS born in 1841 in Ireland who married Elizabeth KELLY also born in Ireland. They had 8 children: Mary E. Burns b 1862 in PA (my gg grandma), John Burns b 1863 in PA, Faye Burns b 1869 in IA married ??? Heflin, James Burns b 1870 in IA, Rose Lo Burns b 1874 in IA married ??? RECHKEMMER, Frank Burns b 1875 in IA, Dave Burns b 1878 in IA, Lillian Burns b 1881 in IA married ??? FARNHAM. Any help would be a blessing.

Name: Peggy Mayberry Powell

Email: pegpowel@wiatel.net

Location: Hornick, IA, USA

Time: Saturday, December 27, 1997 at 10:45:25

My Woodbury county surnames are: Bolte married a Ranniger, lived Climbing Hill Bolte married a Powell lived Climbing Hill Boltes married a Sands, (Carlson and Van Laningham, Houck, (Schink, Jensen,Layton), and Serviss Mayberry married a Powell, lived SC, rural Hornick. I have been doing research on actively on these families over 20 years, will share information. Powells married a (Bieler, Mooney), Livermore, and Kelsheimer. Shepard, George and Lydia McGlothlen/McLaughlin. Shepard married a Powell. Sweisberger married a Powell. Other Sweisbergers married (Quisenberry, Gill), Boyle, Boyle, (Boyle,DeRoin), Boulden, Schumacher, and Prescott. Cemeteries, Climbing Hill, Sioux City - Graceland, Logan, Memorial.

Name: John W. Rinehold
Email: dead email
Location: Philomath, OR, Benton
Date: Monday, November 24, 1997 at 23:56:35
Looking for DICKINSONS: Lester Dickinson, son of L. D. and Wilhamine Dickinson. They moved to the Danbury area in about 1881. I believe their son was Rollan C. Dickinson who married Cora Ellen RINEHOLD in 1896. 

Name: Barb Kuper

Email:  kuper.barbara@gmail.com
update email address 8/5/2012

Location: Iowa Falls, IA, USA

Time: Monday, November 24, 1997 at 11:23:27

Comments: Looking for any info about Charles D. RANDALL living in Sioux City in 1900. His wife, Ella [McGraw] and daughters Hellen-7, Anna-4, and Marion-2.


Name: Carolyn Carter Johnson
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Date: Sunday, November 9, 1997 at 21:35:55
ROGERS, LIVERMORE, ZERFING. Morris Joel ROGERS and his wife CHARLOTTE (LIVERMORE) ROGERS lived and died (1893 and 1895, respectively) in Oto, Woodbury Co. They were my gr-gr-grparents. I would really, really love to hear from anyone who may have info on this couple. Or any of the ROGERS or LIVERMORE or ZERFING families of this area. I would be delighted to share what I have and thank everyone (anyone!) in advance. 


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