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Robin Fansler
Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Looking for information about the family of SMITH, Clyde Lewis, b: 07/26/1886 in Cushing, Woodbury Co., IA; d: 27 November 1953 in West Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA; son of Daisy Laura DANIELS and George Hartford SMITH. Clyde Lewis Smith is my Great Uncle. I have very little information on Clyde and his family as he was deceased before my birth. I wish to correspond with others researching the DANIELS / SMITH line. Please contact rdfansler@abe.midco.net  or write to me at 1901 Pasque Parkway, Aberdeen, SD 57401.

Name: Kathryn Skinner
E-Mail:  kaye.oo4@verizon.net
My Location: California
Date: Sat, 08 Jul 2006 18:59:03

Allen Skinner Born: March 4, 1923
Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa
Parents: Archie Skinner possibly born in Iowa
Anna Gorham Born: Date?, Monona County, Iowa

That is all the information I have on Grandpa Allen.

Name: Bill Ward
Email: WWard1@aol.com
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2005 11:36:38 EDT
In the Grant County (Wi) Herald on Feb 11, 1873 reported the following:

A copy of the Sioux Valley (Iowa) Reporter is received, giving a full account of the death by freezing of John Sparks and a man named Sanders, near Correctionville in Iowa on that terrible Tuesday in January.
These unfortunate men were formerly residents of Clifton in this county. The full account of there suffering and frightful death will appear in the next Herald.

The full account was never in the Wi paper. The Sanders man is my GG grandfather and I would like the full story. I live in Dallas, Tx. I traveled to Wi and that was the only info I could get. Any info would be helpful

Name: Harry A Sherrard
E-Mail:   hasherrard@comcast.net
My Location: 
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 20:59:43 -0600
I am searching for as much detail as might be available on Mr. Edward Sherrard, who died in Moville, Iowa on March 21 1891. I have a funeral notice that states services were held Monday afternoon at the Congregational Church, Rev. F. Lawson officiating. I have a date of birth of November 25, 1823 in England and that he was married to Elizabeth Crothers in 1859. We are trying to find Edwards parents and go back as far as we can so if you could help us in this effort I would appreciate hearing from you.

E-Mail: REUBEN5@adelphia.net 
My Location: ??????
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 21:49:08 -0400
Looking for information on IVA SUCHLAND in Sioux city, IOWA. Obituary for MAMIE LEE (PIERCE) JOHNSON in 1972 in Cabell County, West VA. indicates sister IVA living there. SS file indicates a HARRY SUCHLAND died there Jan 1977.. Could this be her husband. Per 1900 census IVA was born August 1891. Doing research for a friend.

My Name: Barbara Nelson
Email: dead
Date: Sun, 1 May 2005
My Location: Minnesota
Mary E. (McCallister) Struble b. 1851 in Illinois was married to Jacob Struble b. 1845 PA. They lived in Sioux City, Iowa along with their children: Jessie E. b. 1882, Harley D. b. 1884 and George b. 1887. Jacob was a millwright. Mary died between 1885-1908. I am looking for an obituary for her. After Mary's death the family moved to Portland, Oregon. Thank you!

Name: Betty Halcomb
Email: saton@mchsi.com
My Location: Clinton, Iowa
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2005 02:12:53 -0600
I'm looking for the obituary on Judge Barry J. SISK, Birth Date: 2 Nov 1904, Death Date: Mar 1981 - I believe he was born in Sioux City, Woodbury county Iowa and died in Lula Georgia. Berry J SISK and Margaret G SISK are buried in Graceland Cemetery, Mizpah section, lot # 74. Barry J. SISK date of burial is 28 June 1963. MARGARET SISK 14 Oct 1898 Sep 1979 51104 Sioux City, Woodbury, IA  I believe Margaret to be Barry's wife. Barry SISK parents are Charles SISK born July 26 1874 and Alice ANDERSON born 4 MAR 1859 in Arena, Iowa County, Wisc. Barry(Berry) J. SISK went to Morningside College abt: 1928 becoming a lawyer and taught law to Mr. Gray in Luton, Iowa when Barry was Judge of Sioux City Iowa.  I'd love to share information with other SISK researchers.
Also researching the Parker, Anderson, Harderson, Ashmore, Black, Friis, Healless, Hoodless and Diamond families.

snail mail

Betty Halcomb

720 13th Ave. So.

Clinton, Iowa 52732

Name: Irving Blabon
E-Mail:  IrvBlabon@aol.com
My Location: ??????
Date: Thu 6/24/2004 1:11 AM
David Selkirk was living in Woodbury County Iowa in 1910.  He had his grandson, Charles M. Blabon and grandaughter living with him. I could not read the 1910 census that listed her last name but her first name was Minnie.  I am interested in learning whatever I can about this family.  I have been working on the Blabon line since 1979.  Selkirk is new to me.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Name: Jody Fitzgerald
E-Mail: hpodd@mchsi.com
My Location: Waterloo, IA
Date: Sat 6/5/2004 9:09 PM
I am looking for the death date and any other information for Elizabeth (Lizzie) Haley Smith.  She was born Jan. of 1878 in Woodbury Co.  She married Robert Smith and they both lived in Moville, IA.  I believe they may be buried in the cemetery there.  I think its Arlington Cem.  Any information you can find on either would be appreciated.  Lizzie is my great aunt. They had a son who was killed in the war.  His name was William Robert.  If you can find any info on him it would help.

Name: Krystal Peterson
E-Mail: caf@centurytel.net
My Location: East Troy, Wisconsin
Date: Thu 11/6/2003 8:46 AM
I am looking for information on a Charles Snyder (Snider) b. 1861 who lived in in Sioux City, Woodbury County according to the 1910 census. His family might include son Roy and daughters Ellen and Elvira. Would like to find out if Charles is the one related to me. Any information would be appreciated.

Name: Glenda Begnoche
E-Mail: ath4fdco812@cableone.net
My Location: ?????????????
Date: Sat 10/25/2003 5:40 PM
Looking for info on any and all of these. Woodbury County residents:
 Lloyd Sand lives on Isabella Street in Sioux City in the year of 1958.
  Louis Verbeski  worked for the city of Sioux City until 1973.
  Alrick Begnoche  Worked at Bomgarrs.
The Rochester family lived and work around Woodbury and Sioux City many years. Any one with info on  any of these people please email me. Thank you Glenda.

Name: Mary R. Sigmond
E-Mail: irishviking@wave3online.com
My Location: ?????????????
Date: Thu 10/9/2003 4:34 PM
First, thank you for doing this. I am interested in locating information on my great grandfather, Gottleib W. Froelich. He is listed as having married Carrie Granger in Woodbury county on May 3, 1893. His daughter would be Beryl K. Froelich and my grandmother. SHE is the mystery. I can find nothing about her so any and all information you could give would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Mary Jo Murray
E-Mail: mmj17@msn.com
My Location: Helena, Montana
Date: Fri 9/5/2003 10:37 PM
Looking for documentation of the marriage of my grandmother, Mary Louise St. Pierre (born in Rulo Nebraska) and John Murray (born in New York State), in 1881, in Sioux City.  They were supposedly married in Sioux City Iowa and their first child, Ellen, listed her birthplace as Iowa in 1882. Any suggestions would be welcome

Name: Carol Wallace
E-Mail: Caroljw518@aol.com
My Location: Boone, Ia
Date: 5/20/2003 8:20 AM
I am looking for anyone who has information on Martin Swanson who died at Souix city in 1962. He married a Sadie Johnson. His parents were Joseph and Elizabeth swanson. Martin was born Nov. 28,1878 in Pocahontas county,Ia. If you can help me I would appreciate that.

Name: Loretta Stegner
E-Mail: loretta8@mindspring.com
My Location: Eugene, OR
Date: Wed 1/23/02 1:13 AM
Seeking information regarding birth of Marjorie Ann Stone, born Sioux City, IA about 1919, Woodbury Co. Mother Hannah M. Fischer.  Father: John W. Stone. Where would I find records?

Name: Allen James Spry
E-Mail: alspry@yahoo.com
My Location: Orlando, FL
Date: Thu 7/12/2001 11:41 AM
I'm inquiring into Mr. James Warren Spry, who lived in Pierson in 1936. He was born in 1912, in Waterloo, or Stanwood, I believe. His father was James Franklin Spry (1871-1923) and Mabel Lasher Spry (1875-1936) of Waterloo, IA James Warren's siblings:  Merle, Harold, Ruth Hill, Esther. Thank you.

Name: Eugene Sorensen
My Location: Rochester, MN
Date: Fri 4/6/01 2:17 PM
 I am trying to find the date of death of my grandfather, Adolph Sorensen; I think he died either in 1933 or 1934. I would also like to know the name of cemetery in which he is buried. His address at the time of his death was 123 So. Davidson, Sioux City, IA. I'd appreciate any information you might be able to give me. Thank you. 

Name: Lary Brown
E-Mail: larynpat@earthlink.net
My Location: Fredericksburg, VA
Date: Mon 4/2/01 3:21 PM
I am looking for any information about my ggrandparents John Seymour and his wife Ella Case.  They lived in/near Sioux City in the 1880's/1890's and separated about 1890.  They had four children:  Clarence, Edward, Clara, & Maimie.  The children were split up.  My grandmother Clara later met her sister up in Elkton, SD.  She never saw her two brothers again.  I suspect Ella was born in the 1850's or early 1860's  My grandmother was born in 1886 and was Baptized at St. Boniface Catholic Church in Sioux City.  That is about all I know. 
Name: ?
E-Mail: Mujerdebonita@aol.com 
My Location: ?
Date: Mon 3/19/01 10:18 AM
I am looking for information on my GGrandfather William STEELE. He was born between 1880-1884. He died in 1931 in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA. He was married to Myrtle Edna LEACH, who was born on Nov. 17, 1884. She died on Mar. 15, 1969 in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA. They had five children I believe. Their sons names were Ed Steele, Alfred Steele, and Elmer David Steel (my grandfather). If anybody has any information on these people please e-mail me. I would appreciate it.
Name: Amy Plowman 
E-Mail:  Grndmagrunt@AOL.Com
My Location: Council Bluffs, Iowa
Date: Wed 2/21/01 8:37 AM
Any Info on Jacob Still Married to Elizabeth O'Hara Abt 1895. Child Nellie May Still born 20 Apr 1896, Danbury, Woodbury Co, IA. Other children, Jessie Still, Josephine, Rosa, & Margaret. Family Moved to Union Co. by 1908. Looking for Jacob's marriage record and two other children dead by 1910 census. Unable to locate on 1900 Census. Thanks
Name: Millie Alexander
E-Mail: ishkanian1234@sbcglobal.net
Location: California
Date: Sat 2/3/01 10:08 PM
Looking for Mrs. D.F. SUMMERS, of Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa in February, 1911. She was one of the children of JAMES and Mary DOGGETT SERGEANT of Morris, Illinois. Any information on these names would be very helpful. Thank you.

Name: Judy Blackman
E-Mail: JudyBlackman@aol.com 
Location: ?
Date: Wed 12/27/00 12:56 PM
I am looking for my mothers parents . her adopted name was Dorothy Eleanor Smith. She was adopted by the family of Judge Ellison Smith and Ruth  Smith of Sioux City. They were acquainted with the birth parents and I do know their were siblings in the family that were older brothers. I believe that the lived in the same area of  Sioux City as my grandparents.  My grandparents lived at 34th and Jackson .  My mother was born on Sept 20, 1916.  She was adopted when she was a toddler  2-3 yrs old . I believe it was a private adoption.
Name: David Sanderson
E-Mail:  Sanddyman@aol.com 
Location: ?
Date: Thu 12/28/00 10:33 PM
I am looking for my half sister.  Her maiden name was Shirley Sanderson. Believed to be approximately 70 years old.  Married name is not known.  She was last believed to live in Morningside, IA.  She has three children. Her fathers name was Harry M. Sanderson of Sioux City, IA.  My grandmother lived at 1801 W. Palmer Street, Sioux City, Maud I. Sanderson.  If you have any information regarding the family please contact me.  
Name:  ?
E-Mail: Kgrover513@aol.com 
Location: ?
Date: Thu 9/28/00 1:31 PM
I am doing research on the Sager Family : Eli Sager (death certificate), birth 8/21/1834, death 6/14/1860, wife Edna Ann Harris death 1929, Orin Milow Sager (death certificate), birth 5/28/1854 Kalamazoo, MI, Death 7/24/1923 Sioux City IA, Margaret Ann Parker wife, death 7/26/1904 Sioux City, Ia, Cecil Sager, birth 7/15/1898, death 5/20/1953 Sioux City, IA, I appreciate any help that may be given.
Name:  Gene Sorensen
E-Mail: gemasore@aol.com 
I am trying to find where my grandfather, Sorensen (uncertain about first name), is buried. He died in 1934 or 1935. Thanks.
Name:  Marcella
E-Mail:  alpmmp@AOL.com 
Location: Salem, OR
Date: Tue 9/12/00 5:30 PM
Lovisa, my great grandmother, Born 1841 in Illinois. Marriage to Charles A. Cobb Dec 1855 in Smithland, Iowa.She was daughter of Orrin Boyington Smith and Ceclia Bragg . Buried at Smithland Cemetery. Does anyone have information on Cobb or Smith family in Smithland? Appreciate any information. Thank you. 
Name:  Phyllis (Gipson) Strain
E-Mail:  pstrain916@ixpnet.com.
Location: ?
Date: Wed 7/5/00 10:42 PM
I am seeking information on Ideler "Dell" (Gipson) White. Last information places her in Woodbury Co, Sioux City, IA in 1932.  She was born in Arkansas about 1874.  Parents were Preston Lee and Elizabeth (Herreford) Gipson.  Dell's first husband was Buddy Strawn, second husband was _____ White.  Most of her family stayed here in Washington and in Oklahoma. No other information, any info you have will be greatly appreciated.  Please email me at  Thank you and Good luck to you in your searches.
Name:  Lauri Deninger
E-Mail:  ldeninge@avalon.net
Location: Iowa City, Iowa
Date: Thu 6/29/00 3:48 PM
Looking for info on Angeline OSBORN(E) (1864-?), d/o Lewis OSBORN(E) and Rebecca GUILLIAM(S).  Married  Charles SELLMAN (1866-?).  Living in Ida County in 1920, and Correctionville, Woodbury County in 1929.  At least 3 children - George, Melvin and Darrell.  Will be glad to share my info.
Name: Edna Dewey Fink
Email: dead email
Location: Tempe, AZ
Time: Tue 6/13/00 4:08 PM
Sarah was born Il the daughter of Caleb and Mahala Lovelace Shorter. The family moved to Dubuque County IA where Sarah m Simeon James Wilson in 1859. They had five children. Sometime between 1870 and 1880 she m Josiah Savage. They had one child. I believe they moved to Blackhawk County and then to Butler County IA. Sarah apparently died in Sioux City, Woodbury County IA sometime after 1925. Sarah was the oldest sister of my g grandfather, James Robert SHORTER. My name is Edna Dewey Fink. My address is 525 E Del Rio Dr. Tempe AZ 85282.  Any help much appreciated

Name: Carmen R. Collins
Email: Skicarmen@cs.com 
Location: Troy, MI
Time: Mon 5/22/00 8:00 PM
I am searching the surnames Krusen, Provost, Sharp, perhaps from the Sioux City area. Names include: Milo KRUSEN, Donna Belle KRUSEN, Rose PROVOST (from Jefferson, SD originally), Lorraine KRUSEN or SHARP, Kenneth SHARP. Little to no information available. Lorraine SHARP is my mother, born in IA the mid-1910's, perhaps 1912-13 or 1918. Her sister, Donna Belle KRUSEN, was born in IA in 1909. By 1920, I have found they moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, and Milo Krusen was married to a woman named Catherine. Milo KRUSEN may be my grandfather, Rose PROVOST is my grandmother. Send information to: Carmen R. Collins, 2236 Isabell, Troy, MI 48083 or skicarmen@cs.com 

Name: Britt Gustafson
Email: 3amigos@hutchtel.net
Location: Minnesota 
Time: Thu 5/18/00 8:31 PM
Researching the following names in Woodbury, Co., Iowa.
Edward EPLING married Alma TOBOLT around 1910-1917.  Edward was born 1877-1882 in Stanton Twnsp, IA to Herman EPLING and Henrieta TOBOLT.   Alma was born 1885 in Germany to Edward TOBOLT and Amanda BLUCHER.  Edward EPLING died in 1943 in Merrill, IA.  Alma's social security card was issued in Sioux City in 1965, Alma passed away in 1967.  Thier son Arvin Carl EPLING was born Nov. 10 1917 in Merrill, IA and died 1981 in CA. 
Alva Edwin PERRY married Lydia/Lide KNEPPER Nov. 11, 1912.  Alva was born 1882 in Mankato, MN to John K. PERRY and Emma YATES.  Lydia was born 1884 or 1890 (depending on the source) in Smithland, IA to Edgar KNEPPER and Anna Nancy STEPP.  In 1937 Alva PERRY lived at 1413 Willa Ave, Sioux City.  He was working for the WPA project-2518 (?) in Sioux City.  Alva died 1959 or 1966 (depending on the source) in Utah.  Alva and Lydia's daughter Idabelle PERRY was born April 26 1922 in Sioux City and died 1996 in Le Mars, IA.
Arvin Carl EPLING married Idabelle PERRY in 1942. 
n Lydia KNEPPERs parents obits (edgar died 1920, annie died 1926, both buried in Graceland Cem.), Lydia is listed as Mrs. Lydia SCHWARTZENBACH or SCHAWRTZENBOUN living at 3219 Linn Street, Sioux City.  I am wondering why, if Lydia married Alva in 1912, and a daughter was born in 1922, how was she a SCHWARTZENBACH???  And who was the Schwartzenbach??
If anyone can shed any light on these family names, I would appreciate it very much. 

Name:  Cindy Peever
E-Mail: Dead Email address
Location: BC Canada
Date: Tue 5/16/00 10:27 AM
Married to Stephan Douglas Sams 1880. Laura (Lorena) Ping died in Sloan, Woodbury Co. 1952. They had 13 children born in Columbus Junction IA. 

Name: Wayne Locher
E-Mail:  wlocher@msn.com 
Location: Fresno, CA
Date: Tue 5/9/00 4:13 PM
Looking for SANFORD, EPHRAIM D.  moved to Correctionville, Woodbury County in 1877 from Jamestown (now Jamestown Township), Grant County, Wisconsin with 5 children. ,       

Name: Robert Owen
E-Mail: ForDutchArd@aol.com 
Location: ?
Date: Mon 5/8/00 2:05 PM
Hi I'm looking to find information on Clyde Marion Owens / Sophia Alia Suhr. I know they were married 1901 in Woodbury . They live in Sioux City. If you can give me any information on the two of them I would greatly appreciate it. I'm looking for there married certificate with details. Thank you for your time,  I am the grandchild to them.

Name:  Linda Sandlian
E-Mail: grammarrock@aol.com 
Location:  ?
Date: Mon 4/24/00 4:40 PM
I am looking for information on the STEWARD and SANDLIAN families.


Name:  Christine Martin
E-Mail: christinesoffemartin@hotmail.com
Date: Tue 4/4/00 10:24 PM
I am searching for the descendants of James COOK and Mary STEVENS.  They were married c. 1865 in Wisc. Chn: 1.Rosa b. 1866 Wi, m. ? PARKER, living in Sioux City, IA in 1936, 2. Dora b. 1868 Wi, m. ? COX living in Missouri in 1936 3. Edward b. 1870 IA, living in Sioux City, Iowa in 1936, 4. Blanche L. b. 1873 IA m. Walter S. RATEKIN he died in Sioux City, IA in 1934, she still there in 1936.  their daughter Myrtle died 1982 in Sioux City. 5. Sylvia E. b. 1876 Holt co, NE m. Erwin DAVIS in Powekshiek co Iowa in 1936 m. 2 Edmound O'BRIEN. 6. Walter Ernest b. 1879 Holt co, NE, m. Mattie FARBER in Marshall county, Iowa died 1936. 7. Charles W. b. 1881 Holt co, NE living in Minnesota in 1936. 8. Albert b. 1884 NE living in Marshalltown IA in 1936. Walter and Mattie (FARBER) COOK lived in Jasper and Marshall county, Iowa.  their chn: Walter Jr lived in Mahaska county, IA, Garland E. lived in Sioux City, IA and Ralph (not sure about him). Sylvia COOK and Erwin DAVIS had chn Rosa b. IA, Cecil b IA, Winnifred b. Illinois, James b. IL and Mae b. IL. Winnifred DAVIS b. 1896 Illinois m. 1913 to Oscar Lorn SNYDER probably in Dakota City, NE.  All three of their chn were born in Dakota City, NE.  Oscar Jr, Berneice and Earl.  Winnifred (DAVIS) SNYDER married 2nd her first cousin Garland COOK (son of Walter and Mattie COOK).  They lived in Sioux City and possilby in Elk Point, SD.  Garland died in Sioux City, IA in 1984 and was buried in Dakota City, NE and Winnie died and buried in Sioux City 1962.
Edward CO (s/o James and Mary STEVENS COOK) was living in Sioux City, Iowa in 1936.  I am desperately looking for any information about him or his siblings Rosa (COOK) PARKER and Blanche (COOK) RATEKIN.  Since this family was living in the area so recently, I am hoping that someone will recognize them. Mary (STEVENS) COOK wife of James) married second in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie county, Iowa on 3/9/1887 to Samuel GRAY. They are found in the 1900 Newburg twp, Jasper county, Iowa census with three of her chn: Walter, Charles and Albert.  In 1910 I found Walter in Jasper county and Albert living with his sister Sylvia (COOK) DAVIS in Marshall county.  We think that Mary may have married for a third time.  We have been unable to locate her and Samuel GRAY in the 1910 and 1920 census for the area.  We have a bible notation for a Mary STONE d. 1931 and I have a picture of her which looks a lot like the known picture of Mary STEVENS.  She may have moved to this area before her death. please, anyone with information contact me.


Name: Sharon Winn
E-Mail: bear6768nurse@netscape.net
Location: ?
Date: Sat 3/18/00 4:57 PM
I would like some information about A.G. Schmidt from Sioux City, Ia. 

Name: Carol Plotnick
E-Mail: cplot@bellatlantic.net
Location: Laurel, MD
Date: Tue 3/14/00 8:49 AM
Looking for the burial site of my great great grandmother, Cornelia SEELEY (SEELYE) OWEN who died 20 February 1905. The only information that I have is "Riverside (Iowa)". In 1870 (Fayette county) census her last name was GRANT. The children were listed as OWEN and there was no male head of household given.


Name: Julie Reeser
E-Mail: sassyprincessj@hotmail.com
Location: Thornton, Colorado
Date: Tue 3/7/00 12:15 PM
My Gr-Gr-Grandfather was Payne Sargisson...his cousin, C.W. Payne contributed vast amounts of land to Morningside College...and in 1926, his name disappeared from the seal as the patron of the school. I am currently in deep search for family roots and heritage. If anyone has information about C. W. or any Sargisson for that matter, please email me. Payne married Lillie (don't know maiden name). Payne's granddaughter is Charlotte Eisenmenger of Cherokee, IA. She is my Grandmother. Thank-you.


Name: Sue Babcock
E-Mail: sbabcock@uswest.net
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Date: Sun 2/27/00 5:36 PM
I am looking for information on the death of JAMES STEERS, in particular if his death certificate is on file with the county or state. Very little is know about him. He died of consumption (TB) probably in Woodbury Co in about 1900. The year of death is only approximated, it may have been between about 1897 and 1905. He was probably born between 1860 and 1865. He was married to Frances Cornelia Coon, who died in 1942. They had three children, Leland, Lester and Eva. James may have come from NY and KS before reaching IA and may have been a rider on an orphan train. Parents' names are unknown. Any help will be greatly, greatly appreciate! Thanks so much.


Name: Raymond Jerald Stransky
E-Mail: StranskyL@aol.com
Date: Sat 2/26/00 6:43 PM
My name is  I'm looking for information on my Great Grandfather Frank Stransky (Stronsky) he was born on April 18,1859 in Vienna, Austria raised in Hungry. The next thing I found is he came to Woodbury County Iowa in 1880. Was married there to Elizabeth Bridgete on May 5,1885. They had 6 children: Fred DOB May 12, 1888 DOD Oct. 18,1957. Gus DOB March 26,1889 - DOD 1891 Oscar DOB 1890 -1890. Frank Jr. DOB June 1,1892 DOD Oct. 5,1958. Tina Frances DOB Dec. 18,1896 DOD unknown. Charles DOB Feb.12 1898 DOD unknown. Elizabeth DOD April 24,1899. He was a farmer and woodworker, he moved to Miner County South Dakota some time around Sept 20 1905. He died on Oct. 23,1941 and was buried in Bronson Iowa . So if you could help in any way please E-Mail me. My real question is how did he get to Iowa from Hungry.
Name: James Merry
E-Mail: Jmerryinaz@aol.com
Location: Tucson, AZ
Date: Fri 2/25/00 11:32 AM
I believe that my great uncle, FRANZ H. SHINKLE, lived in Morningside in the mid-1920's. I would like to know the name of his wife. Would that information be available?
Name: Diane Roth
E-Mail: d.roth@juno.com
Date: Mon 2/21/00 10:14 AM
Hello, I am searching for the descendent of my great great grandfather's sister. His name is Augustus Sealske he was born in Bergen County, NJ on June 26,1899 and Died in Jan. of 1982 he died in Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa, zip code 51104 I was wondering if there are any obituary notices from then if someone could possible look up and email the information in that. I do not know when he moved to Iowa or why Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Name: frank clay
E-Mail: cscon@gte.net
Date: Sat 2/19/00 5:21 PM
grandmother's maiden name-fannie or frances estella showalter born 2-2--1876 sciox city,woodbury county,iowa thank you.  




Name: B. J. Norman
E-Mail: momaej@aol.com
Location: Washington State
Date: Fri 2/18/00 12:04 AM
I am looking for information on Horace Eugene Stewart b. 1837 in Erie Co.,NY. He was living in Union Co. SD in 1880. I believed he then moved to Sioux City, Woodbury Co, IA where he died before 1900. He married Arene [Irene] Gray [Hill] about 1875 she died 1910 in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA. I believe she is buried in Logan Park Cemetery. Does any one have information on Horace also called Eugene They have 4 children 1 who died at 6 months and she had 8 children by FB Hill.




Name: Christopher Rowe.
E-Mail: dead email
Date: Thu 2/10/00 10:22 PM
Hello I am searching for a Robert W Stewart, who served with my father in the Korean war. I do not have much information But I was told he was born in and from Sioux City. His uncle used to own a drapery shop that was located on Peirce St in 1960. Also he had a sister (name unknown) who moved to Denver CO, also His mother (name unknown) lived in Sioux City. The last time My father had spoken to him was in a letter in 1960, which stated he was married to a woman (marie) in Yokosuka Japan, June 1956. Also he tells how he spent much time in San Diego CA where his father lived while he was stationed there in the navy. In Oct 1960 he was stationed in Japan. I would like to know if he is still alive, and if so where can I get a hold of him. Please send names and phone #'s of anyone that may be able to help me locate. Thank you and God bless!




Name: Ariel Bloom
E-Mail: Ariel7826@aol.com
Location: Iowa 
Date: Wed 1/12/00 1:06 PM
My mothers parents are buried at the Morningside Cemetery in Sioux City, Iowa., Woodbury County. As a little girl I remember going their on Memorial Day. Am trying to find family connection to these grandparents. Mason Warren SEVY b 11-17-1873 d 1-2-1952 Annie Lydia (AMICK) HAYNES b 9-15-1879 d 1-22-1936 not sure where their parents are buried and would like to solve that mystery too. They are: Hueston W. HAYNES b 1-18-1848 d 1926 m Catherine AMICK b 1848 (?) d 6-1930 believe they are both buried in Russellville, WVA but would like to know for sure. My grandfathers memorial book says the service was at the Christy Funeral Home in Sioux City, Ia. Laid to rest on 1-5-1952 In the memorial book some of the visitors were: Mrs. G L HAYNES , G C HAYNES, Mr. and Mrs. Dave COPENHAVER, Mr. William AMICK and Mr Harley AMICK If you recognize any of these names please let me know. My These would have been cousins or Aunts and Uncles I assume. A Mrs. Bert ANDERSON also signed the book. Family? I am not sure. The rest of the names in the book I either recognize or cannot place to a family connection. Any help in connecting with family would be so appreciated. Thanks for any help. 


Name: Steven Greenfield
E-Mail: dead email
Location: New York City
Date: Sat 11/13/99 11:23 AM
I am trying to locate my great grandmother's brother who changed his last name and moved to Sioux City where he owned a department store and pawn shop in the 50's. I believe he had two sons .  His last name was Lefkowitz--I'm not sure of the spelling. His original name was Salupsky. My grandparent's visited in the 50's.My grandfather was his nephew.


Name: Donna Hoard
E-Mail:  tdhoard@mcn.net
Location: ?
Date: Thu 11/11/99 2:28 PM
Looking for burial of my gg grandmother Alice Aurelia Gorton Sherman b. Athens PA Sep 18 1867 m. Lucius Sherman Sep 18 1888 Sioux City IA d. Mar or May 1892 childbirth/Dean Diamond Sherman I found in a Gorton book says she died in Seattle WA. Sent for death cert. but came back not found. My g grandmother was Mary Alvira Sherman Dickey and she was born at Little Sioux IA. 1889. Harrison county IA says they don't have her either. Working with this line of my family mentions Little Sioux, Sioux City, Oto, Correctionville. So thinking she might be in Woodbury Co. Any info would be great. Thanks. Donna


Name: Robert C. Peper
E-Mail: rcpeper@aol.com
Location: Tucson, AZ
Date: Sun 11/7/99 12:59 PM
Anna and her husband resided in Cushing, IA. Mary was the daughter of Claus Heinrich or Claus Hans Peper and Cathrina Wollesen married 02/08/1870 in Vinton (Benton Co) IA. It is believed that Mary was born in and married in Wall Lake, IA. I am looking for info and Obits on both Mary and her husband Victor.


Name:  Dorothy Diller
E-Mail:  ddiller@webtv.net 
Location: Grand Junction, Co. 
Date: Sat 10/23/99 12:57 PM
I was born in Sioux City Ia. on Dec. 8 1929 To Florence Elizabeth (maiden name of Bonner) and Kenneth Earl Diller. I am looking for any info on these families. Also am attempting to obtain any info of my aunt Gertrude Bonner Swanson. I am especially interested in date of her death and information regards her daughter Marilyn or her husband Fred. He worked for the Post Office and was with the National Guard. My grandmother was Jessie Billings on my dad's side. Any info on that family will be greatly appreciated. I believe my father was from Le Mars and around that area. We moved to Calif. after my dads discharge from the Navy after WW2.


Name:  Barbara Heine
E-Mail: kbhine@aol.com
Location:  ?
Date: Tue 10/19/99 9:02 AM


Title: Smith/Heine Family History. Migration - NY>IA>NY. Arthur Winfield Smith, Sr., Kathryn NEUMAN. Children, Arthur Winfield Smith, Sr. - born August 30, 1898 in Sioux City, Cecil Smith. Looking for any information pertaining to the above family. 
Name:  Beverly Beck
E-Mail: Fru697@aol.com
Location:  ?
Date: Thu 10/14/99 1:37 AM
Looking for information on Soderstrom Anna, Victor, Lawrence, Earl
Name:  Tim & Donna Hoard 
E-Mail:   tdhoard@mcn.net
Location:  ?
Date: Mon 10/11/99 11:02 AM
Seeking Death - Burial information on my gggrandmother, Alice Aurelia Gorton Sherman. She was born Sep 18 1867 in PA, married Lucius Sherman Sep 18 1888 in Woodbury Co, IA and her daughter (my ggrandmother) Mary E. Sherman was born at Little Sioux, Woodbury Co. IA. If anyone can help would be greatly appreciated. 
Name:  Michael McCall
E-Mail:   MNMcCall@aol.com
Location:  Bloomington, IL
Date: Wed 10/6/99 9:06 PM
My name is Michael McCall and I am searching for any information on Ira Stonier and his sister Miss Lora Stonier, both of Sloan, IA. They were reported to be living in Sloan as of their sister's death in 1910. The family originated in Woodford Co. IL in the 1850's. These two moved to Woodbury Co. IA sometime between 1850 and 1910. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you for your time. 
Name:  Patrick Montgomery
E-Mail:  p.montgomery@myactv.net
Location:  hagerstown, maryland
Date: Wed 9/29/99 10:00 AM
Looking for information on the Helping Hand Mission and its minister Rev. Geo. L. Search which existed during the heyday of the railroads and their influence in Sioux City. Believe the ministry was located in what was then called the South Bottoms or around the 4th & Court Streets area. The Rev Search officiated at the marriage of my maternal grandparents, Carl Hogansen and Emma Wenzel on Sept 7, 1912 with witnesses R.B. Nicherson and Katti Reimtoma. Trying to establish background information. 
Name:  Doris Guarino
E-Mail: annieg27@ix.netcom.com
Location: San Pablo, CA
Date: Sun 9/12/99 9:14 AM
I am looking for grandfather, Matthew William Baldwin. He lived in Sioux City, in the late 1800's to probably late 20's. He was celloist for the Union Orch. and also the livestock commissioner. I have no DOB or DOD for him. He was married to Ann McKenzie Steel. 
Name: Alpha L. Braunesreither
E-Mail:  AlphaBrau@AOL.com
Location: Rapid City, SD
Date: Fri 9/10/99 12:39 AM
I am doing my wife's family genealogy which includes her Grandmother Mary PETERKA Killian. I am seeking any information that pertains to Jessie KUTIL PETERKA b. May 1875, m. Rudolph PETERKA about 1896 in Yankton County, SD. Rudolph died in 1921. Widow Jessie and daughter Helen moved to Woodbury County, IA. I am seeking information on daughter Helen who is believed to have married a STANSBERRY. Death date of Jessie is unknown and no other information is available on daughter Helen. Any help on locating information of the above two will be appreciated.
Name: Alpha L. Braunesreither
E-Mail:  AlphaBrau@AOL.com
Date: Fri 9/10/99 12:39 AM
I am doing a genealogy of the PETERKA family who were early homesteaders in Yankton County, SD. Rudolph PETERKA b.1871,d.1921, married Jessie Kutil abt 1896 (b.1875) one daughter Helen b. abt 1903. I have obituary indicating a Helen STANSBERRY a granddaughter was survivor. I am inquiring if the STANSBERRY genealogy by Richard W. Stansberry, Jr. includes this family.
Name:  Ernest Wright
E-Mail: rghtbno@shenessex.heartland.net   
Location: Shenandoah,Iowa 
Date: Thu 9/9/99 8:02 AM
 I am trying to find information on a George F. Shutt B.1867 D.1917 married a Rosa Bell Smith B.1874 D.1952 from what I understand in Ida Groove, they had ten children that know of and are as follows, a Nola, Lola, Flossie, Opal, Glatha, Annie, Bertha, John H., Ervin Lee and a Letta Mae, Places known to of lived were Correctionville, Woodbury County and Ida Groove, Ida County. Anyone having knowledge of any of these individuals would be Greatly Appreciated.
Name: Sharon Vaughan 
Location: ?
Date: Wed 9/8/99 6:20 PM
I am researching Catherine Mulvaney, listed in the 1850 census of Carroll County, Il. She married a Michael Lynch who was killed in the Civil War. She then married a Mulvaney, James or Michael, and died in 1882 in Woodbury County, Iowa. She had four children, John J. Mulvaney, Thomas P. Mulvaney. Maggie A. Mulvaney, and a Mary Mulvaney Reimen. Catherine Mulvaney was my great-aunt. Any info you could find on these ancestors would be appreciated. Thank you. 
Name: Mary Jane Richardson
E-Mail:  MRICHAR508@aol.com
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Date: Wed 7/14/99 9:27 PM
Seeking information on the descendants of August SCHMIDT, b. Obersayn (Nassau) Germany, emigrated to Jackson Co 1855. Married to Emma 1871, died Sioux City (Woodbury) IA 1931, bur. in Calvary Cemetery. Children were William P, Etta, Lulu, Rosetta, August. Mary Jane Richardson, 4217 N 48 Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85031-2313, MRICHAR508@aol.com

Name: Catherine McBride
E-Mail:  cathy@ubtanet.com
Location: ?
Date: Mon 7/26/99 2:40 PM
 I am looking for the family on Edwin Marion SMITH married Margurete Camelia RAYMOND  Oct. 22,1853 in Winslow, IL. Children Leoti Adelia born Oct.8,1854 in Woodbury Iowa. Leni A., born same twins Alex born 1856 Woodbury Iowa if anyone has any information on this family please let me know Catherine McBride

Name: Mike Judiesch
E-Mail: MJudiesch@aol.com
Location: ?
Date: Mon 7/26/99 12:48 PM
I am looking for information about Thomas Sinkey (married 1853, Jones Co., IA; d. 4 Mar 1893, Correctionville) and his wife, Emily Hildreth Sinkey (d. 2 Nov 1896, Correctionville). One of their children, Caroline Sinkey Judiesch migrated to Holstein and another, Richard Hollister Sinkey, is listed as marrying Nellie Ashby in Sioux City (16 Jul 1888). I am particularly interested in finding out Thomas Sinkey's place of birth and the name of his father. I haven't had any luck trying to do this in Jones County. Thanks much, 

Name: Olive Squier Mitchell
E-Mail: OliveA36@aol.com
Location: Chula Vista, Ca
Date: Sat 7/17/99 7:35 PM
I am trying to locate my fathers family tree. His name is Edward Turner Squier, born May 29, 1909 in Morningside, [Sioux City] Woodbury co. Iowa. His parent are John Carlos Squier and Evelyn Catherine Brush squier. They had 8 children, my father the youngest. Marie, Maude, Olive, Jack, Raymond ,Fred and a girl, deceased at young age. They moved to Cal. in1909 or 1910. I don't know where my grandparents are from. though I was told that they came from Illinois with beginnings in New York. My name is Olive Squier Mitchell. E-mail OliveA36@aol.com. My address is 625 SeaVale # 125, Chula Vista, Ca. 9l910.

Name: Cindy Waller
E-Mail: cawaller50@yahoo.com
Location: Sundance, WY.
Date: 7/13/99 5:40 PM
Interested in information re: MINNIE MARIE LARSON who married FREDERICK CHRISTIAN IWERS in Hawarden; she was daughter of MARIA ASSMUSSEN who married TOM LARSON; she was mother of HELEN IWERS SALBERG still living in Sioux City and CLIFFORD GENE IWERS born 7/2/17, my father, deceased. Thank you.

Name: Hans Thordin
E-Mail: hthordin@gate.net
Location: Miami, Florida
Date: Sat 7/3/99 3:17 AM
Looking for descendants of  JOSEPHINE (b.PETERSON) STREETER, b. 1-19-1878 in Sweden. Immigrated to USA, WOODBURY COUNTY, Sioux City, Iowa in 1894. She joined Augustana Lutheran Church 5-26-1895. Her address in Sioux City in 1936 was 1409 GRANDVIEW BLVD and she was at that time working for H. A. BAKER Co. Josephine passed away  June 1964 in Iowa. Josephine also had 3 brothers in Iowa?? (not verified) Karl-Johan PETERSON (b. 11-23-1865) in Galva, Ida County??. August PETERSON (b. 10-31-1868) in Alta, Buena Vista County?? Ernst PETERSON (b. 4-18-1875) (no record of where he lived). Josephine was baptised JOSEFINA PETERDOTTER. Her parents were PETER ANTONSSON & BRITTA ANDERSDOTTER. Her parents and 5 more siblings stayed behind in Sweden. I'm a desendant from the Swedish lineage of these PETERSONS. I'm looking for any additional information and/or descendants for any of the above mentioned.

Name: Louise P Treat
E-Mail: cvcsgrt1@penn.com
Location: Tioga Co. Pa.
Date: Wed 6/30/99 10:03 PM
Noice James Snyder born November 5, 1837 Potter Co. Pa married Besty Ann McCutchen in 1862 she was born June 20, 1843. They moved to Liberty Twp Iowa & died there Noice Snyder was the son of Henry Snyder & Clarica Cady no further information on this family. Looking for any information on this family. Thank you. Visit Westfield,

Name: Susan Schnirring
E-mail: mailto:TEDIMAC@aol.com
Location: ?
Date: Fri 6/4/99 8:23 PM
I am looking for biological grandparent information.  Paternal side= Ernest C. SAMMONS born November 15, 1878 in Guthrie Center, Iowa, Married Mary Ann SAMMONS in Yankton, So. Dakota in 1903.  Fathered at least 3 children with Emmaline Martin FOWLER, born August 21, 1899, to Henry and Elsie (HERRING / PRESTON) in Jackson, Nebraska.  Henry and Elsie may have died in Sioux City.  Elsie daughter of John and Olive HERRING / PRESTON. Emmaline was married to Ed Fowler in either 1913 or 1914 when she was 14 yrs old.  She may have lived in So. Sioux City, Nebraska.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.   

Name: Michael McLaughlin
E-mail: mailto:mcvolt@juno.com
Location: ?
Date: Sat 5/1/99 1:08 PM
This a request for information about the Sadler family, particularly that of Horace Ashton Sadler and his descendants. Horace Sadler was known to have lived in Sioux City during his adult years. It is thought that he owned an iron producing company during the first quarter of the 20th century. Born in Flemingsburg Kentucky in 1880, he moved with his family to South Haven Kentucky in 1887. In that same year his mother died. Her name was Ella Fountain Sadler. His father, Charles Sadler, later married a woman known by me only as "Mrs. Porter". The moved soon after to Kansas City Missouri. I do not know when Horace Sadler arrived in Sioux City, but he was apparently quite successful in his iron business.  Any information concerning this family would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Bill Taylor
E-mail: taylorb@catskill.net
Location: ?
Date: Tue 4/13/99 3:43 PM
Looking for info on Robert Taylor, born July 23, 1857 at Andes, NY (Delaware Co. ). He married Gertrude Skeel at Sioux City, owned a farm and died May 16, 1894 in Anthon.

Name: Kirby Ross
e-mail: dthill@uswest.net
Date: Tue 4/6/99 8:03 PM
I am attempting to locate information on CALVIN SMITH, KILLED BY INDIANS in 1869 after raping an Indian girl. His personal effects were sent home to Missouri from "Sue City." Interested in obtaining facts about the death, and location of his burial in Woodbury County. Also interested in finding out whether any sort of official reports or records were made naming the victims of this type of event. 

Name: Karen Roles
Location:. St. Paul, MN
Date: Sun 4/4/99 12:53 AM
Seeking information about my great-grandfather, Delbert (D. E.) SMITH. I know from family that he is buried in the Oak Hill cemetery in Anthon, but I have no other information about him. He married Ella RYDER/RIDER sometime before 1902. They were in Madrid, Boone Co., IA in 1902 according to my grandmother's birth certificate. My grandmother's name was Thelma Lorine SMITH. Delbert and Ella's other children were Lucille, Harold, and George. Ella is also buried at Oak Hill. She died in 1969 in a Sioux City hospital.. I would like to know Delbert's birth and death dates/places. I would also like to know when/where they were married and when they moved to Anthon. Thank you to anyone who has related information.

Name: rizerk ?
e-mail: dead email address
Location:. ?
Date: Sat 4/3/99 11:09 PM
Ronald Henry Springer b. 1896 in Indiana, died 13 Jun 1955 in Sioux City. Would like dates for his wife Helen Ella Robertson. Their children were John Ronald, Hope Helen, and Constance Marie Springer. Thank you, Kathleen Rizer

Name: Clay L. Brown
e-mail: claybro@texas.net
Location:. ?
Date: Thu 4/1/99 5:10 PM
I'm trying to find information on the JEFFRYES family. My great-grandmother Elizabeth "Elsie" (JEFFRYES) STARR was born 6 Oct 1883 Lucky Valley, Woodbury Co., IA. She was the daughter of Dr. William Thomas JEFFRYES (b. c1853 IL) and Susy/Lucy/Alice WOODS (b. c1856 OH). In 1900 the family W. T. JEFFRYES family is listed in Jefferson Co., NE with children Elsie E., Ethel and Leon J. JEFFRYES and Dr. W. T. JEFFRYES mother-in-law Cyrena WOODS (b. c1816 OH). I've also seen a info from 1917-18 civilian draft registration for Rock Co., NE which list Floyd A. JEFFRYES b. 28 Apr 1889 Lucky Valley, IA, Fred Edward JEFFRYES b. 15 Nov 1893 Antlion, IA (I assume Anthon, IA) and Harold J. JEFFRYES b. 3 Dec 1895 Ida Grove, Grove Co., IA.

 Name: Mary
E-Mail: geniebug@geocities.com
Location: ?
Date: Thu 4/1/99 10:33 AM
Looking for info about ALBRIGHT, Lucius and his other brothers and sisters that moved to the Sioux City area. They were in Clinton county before this. Also looking for SHULL families. Richard might have been born in Woodbury county in 1862?? The SHULL family married into the ALBRIGHT family. thank you .

 Name: Homer H Weaver
Email: bad email
Location: ?
Time: Tue 3/9/99 7:27 PM
I am looking for a Death Record-Place of burial for my GG-Grandfather, DAVID J. SPENCER. The information that I have states that he died December 10, 1919 in Sioux City, WOODBURY COUNTY, Iowa. If anyone has info, please contact me Thank you

Name: ?
E-Mail:  Olivea36@aol.com
Location: ?
Date: Mon 3/8/99 7:12 PM
Edward Turner Squres born May 29 1909, Sioux City Iowa, Parents : John C. Squres, Evelyn Brush. youngest of 8 children John, Raymond, Olive, Anne Marie, Maud Evelyn. Different spelling of last name, Squier, Squire Squires. 

Name: Joan Meister
Email: jmeister@willinet.net
Location: ?
Time: Tue 2/9/99 10:10 AM
Am looking for information on William Simon SNYDER, who was born June 28, 1873, in DeWitt, Clinton Co., IA, and died December 29, 1959, in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA. He is buried in Graceland Cemetery in Sioux City. I am trying to make a connection to Simon Snyder who lived in Scott Co. which is near DeWitt. Have much information to share back several generations if anyone is interested.

Name: Mary Ellen Boyd
Email: meboyd@uswest.net
Location: ?
Time: Fri 2/5/99 3:16 PM
My great grandmother Martha Ann Gibson Metcalf Silvus died in Sioux City on 20 Feb 1949. I am looking for someone in Sioux City who would be willing to check the newspaper files at the library for me to find an obituary for her. I would be happy to pay for expenses and time. Thanks.

Name: kenneth.lambert 
Email: geniebug@prodigy.net 
Location: ?
Time: Thu 1/28/99 12:12 PM
Seeking any info about the KERN family. Andrew G. Kern was born in 1838 in Wurttemburg, Germany, died in 1921 in Potosi, Wi. His obit says he lived in Sioux City, Iowa before moving to Wi. And says he was the oldest child in his family. He mar. 1st Lizzie Stuckler, 2nd Lena Grosser. Children: Ludwig, Elizabeth, Louisa, Benjamin, Andrew and Fred. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Name: Denise Kay Robinson
E-Mail: denisekay711@yahoo.com
Location: Odenton, Md.
Date: Wed 1/27/99 12:33 PM
I am searching for any information on Beresford Robinson and his wife Elizabeth Stucker. Beresford Robinson was born in Kentucky abt 1798/1799. His family moved to Indiana, where in Washington County, Indiana on November 29, 1819 he married Elizabeth Stucker. From Washington County, they moved to Putnam County, Indiana. They had at least one son, Elijah Kennedy Robinson born about1823. Around 1846 they headed to Iowa. Elijah Kennedy Robinson married Lydia Colver on March 28, 1848 in Van Buren, County Iowa. In 1850 the family is living in Lucas County Iowa. Family notes and an old family written history state that Beresford Robinson and his family moved to Sioux City, Woodberry County, Iowa. I have been unable to find any information on Beresford Robinson's family after the 1850 census. I would appreciate any information or help you might be able to give me. I am willing to share all my Robinson family information. Thank you! mail:  583 Rita Drive, Odenton, Md.,21113, phone:410-551-7092, 410-674-2551

Name: Wendy M. Sorenson (Candace Brandt)
Email: dead email
Location: ?
Date: Tue 1/5/99 9:42 PM
I am looking for information regarding LORRAINE SORENSON. She may have information about my family. I was born in April of 1953 and placed for adoption in Sioux City. I am not certain of the spelling of the last name but know that this is the name on my birth certificate which lists Sioux City as my birth place. Please, contact me if you know this person. I know she had other siblings and that her father died of leukemia. I would like some medical information from her. With thanks in advance...

Name: Shelley
E-Mail: Shell74884@aol.com
Location: ?
Date: Mon 1/4/99 6:55 PM
Am trying to locate information on a Noah Smith who married a Jessie Anderson. At some point they were divorced and she married a Tim Palmer. Altogether she had three children. Paul Bernard Smith was born in Movile on July 31,1907. She also had a daughter Lena Smith and A daughter Grace Palmer. If you have any information I would appreciate the time and attention and will gladly share what I know. Thanks.

Name: Tracey Fotiou
E-Mail: Piiseas4@aol.com
Location: CT
Date: Thu 12/3/98 8:54 AM
Looking for information on the following: Samuel B. SCOFIELD b. 25 Jan 1835 Warren, OH d. 20 Nov 1909 Lincoln, Harrison, IA. m. abt. 1864 Sioux City, Woodbury, IA to Mary Louise(a) HELPHREY b. abt. 1848 OH d. abt. 1907 Parents of Mary Louise(a) HELPHREY, unknown. Parents of Samuel B. SCOFIELD: Jared W. SCOFIELD b. abt. 1808 CT, Elizabeth HOSBROOK b. abt. 1809 OH d. 26 Dec 1901 South Grove, IA m. 08 July 1832 Hamilton, Butler, OH, Children of Samuel B. SCOFIELD & Mary Louise(a) HELPHREY are: Effa Eldora b. 4 Aug 1869 6 Mile Grove, Harrison, IA d. 30 July 1870 Same place Charles Wellingotn b. 24 Nov 1870 6 Mile Grove, Harrison, IA d. 17 Jan 1932. Same Manelva Myrtle (OLIVER) b. 10 Oct 1872 6 Mile Grove, Harrison, IA Mina (Minnie) Ellen b. 3 Oct 1874 6 Mile Grove, Harrison, IA. Albert Eli b. 12 May 1876 6 Mile Grove, Harrison, IA. Harvey Elmer b. 15 Sept 1878 6 Mile Grove, Harrison, IA. Amanda May (BARRETT) b. 2 Dec 1881 Woodbine, Harrison, IA. Amachis Viola (KRAUSS) b. 1 Sept 1883 Woodbine, Harrison, IA. Lafayette b. 23 June 1886 Woodbine, Harrison, IA d. 17 Sept 1889 Same. Do these folks fit into anyone else's line? Thanks & Happy Hunting.

Name: Dwight Streeter
Email dead email
Location: ?
Time: Sun 11/8/98 6:38 PM
Robert IVAN b. Aug 8, 1933. 2- 1/2 siblings one Barbara now deceased, Arthur still living in Sioux City. Mother was Tolly Streeter, deceased. or any other relations. Robert Ivan Streeter b. Aug 8, 1933- father's name Ivan, bp ? poss. Sioux City, had 2 - 1/2 siblings. 1 was Barbara Streeter, now deceased; other Arthur Streeter- 1/2 brother- still alive, lives in Sioux City.

Name: Christine Bradley 
Email: ChrisCBrad@aol.com
Location: Klamath Falls, OR
Time: Mon 11/9/98 12:11 PM
b. 20 March 1873 in Yankton, SD, m 26 July 1899 [don't know where, but his bride was from SD], m Mildred Elizabeth Novella Petrie. His son, Harold Eugene [Foerster] Salisbury was born in Sioux City 6 Nov. 1900 divorced sometime between 1900 and 1909, d Sept. 1970 Kingsley, Plymouth Co., Iowa. He was the "Black sheep" of the family. My grandfather, Harold Salisbury tried to eradicate him from his life. 1952 he attended an old settler's picnic in Yankton, SD from which I have his picture as winning a prize for largest number of generations. I would like to know if he remarried, his occupation, anything. I am Christine Bradley at 2023 Benson Avenue, Klamath Falls, OR 97601.

Name: james pennington 
Email: handyjim@sgi.net
Location: ?
Time: Tue 10/27/98 8:29 PM
Lawrence Milton McCormick born c.1860-1875 in PA. Parents Milton Lawrence 1834-1908 and Ann Stan(d)ley 1834-1916. Lived near Slippery Pock, PA and moved to Sioux City. Two other siblings Matilda (m. C. J. Wilson) and Etta also moved there.

Name: Dr. Richard M. Cochran
Email: rcochran@tucker-usa.com or Richard_Cochran@ferris.edu
Location: Big Rapids, Michigan
Time: Sun 10/18/98 12:23 AM
Seeking to locate living descendants of the family of Isaac GUTRIDGE (17Feb 1827 Brown Co., OH - 25 May 1909 Woodbury Co., IA) and his wife Sarah SELLMAN (25 May 1832 Jackson Co., OH - Sep 1914). Lived near Anthon, Woodbury Co., Iowa. Known children: Revillo Krum Gutridge, b. 22 May 1860 Livingston Co., IL; d. 13 Feb 1917. Hannah Ann Gutridge, b. 21 Jan 1864 Livingston Co., IL; d. 23 Jan 1942 in Woodbury Co., IA. James Benjamin Gutridge, b. 25 Sep 1867 in Union, IA; d. 1947 in Woodbury Co., IA. John Isaac Gutridge, b. 30 Jul 1870 in Union, IA; d. 20 Dec 1960 in Anthon, IA. Richard M. Cochran, 430 S. Stewart Ave., Big Rapids, MI 49307. rcochran@tucker-usa.com. Dr. Richard M. Cochran. Dean of Library and Instructional Services. Abigail S. Timme Library. Ferris State University. 1201 S. State Street. Big Rapids, Michigan 49307-2747.email: Richard_Cochran@ferris.edu 

Name: Tracey Fotiou
Location: Quaker Hill, CT
Email Piiseas4@aol.com
Time: Sat 10/17/98 4:51 PM
I am researching the following names: Jared SCOFIELD b 1808 CT m 8 July 1832 Elizabeth HOSBROOK b 1809 OH d 26 Dec 1901 South Grove, IA. They had: 1. Phoebe Ann b 4 May 1833 Darke, OH d 19 Mar 1909 m Colby DOWNS; 2. Samuel B. b 25 Jan 1835 Warren, OH d 20 Nov 1909 m 1864 Sioux City, Woodbury, IA Mary Louisa HELPHREY; 3. Lydia M. b 21 Nov 1841 Warren, OH d 11 Sep 1919 Woodbine, Harrison, IA m Sep 1864 Lehi ELLISON Woodbine, Harrison, IA; 4. Emma F. b 6 Apr 1846 Chester, Clinton, OH d 25 June 1924 Cherokee, Cherokee, IA m 3 Mar 1874 Woodbine, Harrison, IA William Franklin LANDINGHAM; 5. Charles W. b 8 Aug 1848 Clinton, OH d 1 Apr 1914 Woodbine, Harrison, IA m 9 Nov 1873 Harrison, IA Eunice L. (Emma) PARKER ; 6. Stephen b abt 1853 IA d 19 Nov 1873. Does anyone have any ties to these folks? Thanks!!

Name: Patricia Bennett
Location: ?
Email: mrsb@netins.net
Time: Thu 10/15/98 9:57 PM
Looking for anyone connected with the Weigel family. Henry Sebastion abt 1840 married Elizabeth Booher.Their son George Elias b1867 d1945 married Hannah May Booher 1895. Need information about the other 6 children of Henry Sebastion. I have good records of George and Hannah May off spring if you would like that. I guess that I am not certain where they come from, but believe Woodbury County in Iowa is one of the places that they lived, as I do.

Name: Pat Wahl
Location: Salem, OR
Email: wahlhood@aol.com
Time: Thu 10/15/98 9:28 PM
I am looking for the family of R. E. CASE and wife, Grace Edith (STREAN) CASE who were living in 1915 at 818 Plymouth Street in Sioux City. They had 4 children by 1915, two boys and two girls. R. E. CASE was a RR engineer. Any help greatly appreciated.

Name: Pat Wahl
Email: Wahlhood@aol.com
Location: Salem, OR
Time: Fri 10/2/98 2:51 PM
I am looking for Grace Edith STREAN who was born in 1886 in S.D. Married R. E. CASE by 1915 and was living at 818 Plymouth St., in Sioux City. She had 4 children by 1915, two boys and two girls, and R. E. CASE was a RR engineer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

Name: John Simeons
Email: john.simeons@btinternet.com
Location: Milton Keynes, England
Time: Thursday, October 1, 1998 at 08:22:38
Comments: Looking for any information on the surname SIMEONS. My family in England are based around Devon.

Name: Kaye
Email: Kgrover513@aol.com
Location: ?
Time: Tue 9/29/98 8:18 PM
Researching Cecil and Frances Sager resided in Hinton, IA, (Plymouth county) Cecil was born1898 and died around 1947 he farmed in Hinton, Iowa entire life! Frances was born 1900 and died 1997 born in Lemesa TX as Frances Morris any info would be greatly appreciated!

Name: Ron Cornwell
Email: rcornwell@juno.com
WILLIAM BOYER married MARY "POLLY" STEVENS 14 Apr 1836 in Harrison County Indiana. They moved to Woodbury County, Iowa. WILLIAM died 26 Dec-1900 in Sioux City, Iowa. Children: Benjamin Stevens Jackson, John A., Jacob Clark, Nancy , and Martin V. e-mail 

Name: Vincent Falter
Email: VinceF2343@aol.com
Time: Wed 9/23/98 8:23 AM
Seek info on the Stephen Brothers Livestock Brokers in Sioux City during the period 1917-1928. Looking for info on location photocopies or scans of any newspaper or other advertisements, city directory entries. Principals were Harry Stephen, Ray Stephen, and a man surnamed Hall.

Name: Ron Cornwell
Email: rcornwell@juno.com
Location: ?
Time: ?
WILLIAM BOYER married MARY "POLLY" STEVENS 14 Apr 1836 in Harrison County Indiana. They moved to Woodbury County, Iowa. WILLIAM died 26 Dec-1900 in Sioux City, Iowa. Children: Benjamin Stevens Jackson, John A., Jacob Clark, Nancy , and Martin V.  

Name: ?
Location:. ?
Email: graveyardhoppin@aol.com
Time: Sun 9/20/98 3:20 PM
Emma Pearl (Stewart) b. 1873 in Martin Co., IN was married to C. A. SMITH. They lived at one time in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA. Katie Olive (Stewart) DUSTIN or possibly Austin b. 1868 in Martin Co., IN was married to J. W. DUSTIN or possibly Austin. They also lived at one time in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA.

Name: Joy Fleischer, 
Location: Calgary Alberta. 
Email: fleishei@cadvision.com
Time: Thu 9/17/98 2:14 AM
I am searching for any information on a Frank (Franz) Kochen and wife Maggie who came to the Sioux City area around 1906 from Canada, (Winnipeg area) , with them they had 4 boys who were born in Canada, Harold Gordon, Frank, Earnest and Herbert, they were born between 1876 and 1900. Frank came to America through a ship in Vancouver I was told jumped ship, he was listed in the 1901 census for the Selkirk Manitoba Area as born October 20,1871 in Denmark and immigrated in 1887 Danish and Lutheran. His wife Maggie's last name was either Slater or Cook, While living in the Sioux City area they had several other children, I am looking for who they were and where Frank was buried. 

Name: Joy Fleischer, 
Location: Calgary Alberta. 
Email: fleishei@cadvision.com
Time: Thu 9/17/98 2:14 AM
I am searching for any information on a Frank (Franz) Kochen and wife Maggie who came to the Sioux City area around 1906 from Canada, (Winnipeg area) , with them they had 4 boys who were born in Canada, Harold Gordon, Frank, Earnest and Herbert, they were born between 1876 and 1900. Frank came to America through a ship in Vancouver I was told jumped ship, he was listed in the 1901 census for the Selkirk Manitoba Area as born October 20,1871 in Denmark and immigrated in 1887 Danish and Lutheran. His wife Maggie's last name was either Slater or Cook, While living in the Sioux City area they had several other children, I am looking for who they were and where Frank was buried. 

Name: ?
Location: ?
Email: CHJA321@aol.com
Time: Mon 9/14/98 1:42 PM
I am researching members of my Grandmothers family, Her father's Name was Frances (F.M.) DeMaranville and His wife was Lily Jane Stuckey DeMaranville. He is buried in Graceland Cemetery along with his wife. He died in 1913. They had a number of children and came to Woodbury County, Sioux City from Niobrara, Nebraska. F.M. served in Co. F. 2nd Illinois Cavalry during the Civil War. My Grandmothers Name was Nellie Grant DeMaranville Gale. She Married Frank A. Gale September 17, 1896.

Name: Stephanie Lee
Email: akcelt@alaska.net
Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Time: Sun 9/13/98 5:46 PM
I am looking for the following LEE family line. Robert Samuel LEE (b. Indiana) fought in the civil war and lived in Mapleton and Woodbury, IA. Then I have a gap, I don't know his son's name but I have his grandson's name, Orin LEE (b. 7/12/1885, d. 8/19/1973). Orin married Mary Thelma SPENCE and they settled in Sioux City for many years before moving to Oregon. Thanks in advance for any information.

Name: Carole Jean Anderson Whitten
Location: ?
Email: Cwhitten@midland.edu
My Location: ROCK FARM in Martin County, TX
Time: Fri 9/11/98 3:13 PM [updated: Tuesday, March 16, 2004 6:15:27 PM
Mary Said married Charles Edwards. They were my gggrandparents.

Name: Donna Schuler
Email: Dfschuler@aol.com
Location: St. Charles, MO
Time: Fri 7/24/98 11:22 PM
I am searching for information regarding the family of John and Margaret (WALSH) SCHULER in Sloan, Woodbury Country, Iowa. They came from Illinois abt. 1903 - 1904. While in Sloan 3 children were born to them: Anna, George and Anthony. I would like to find the birth dates for these 3 and any marriage dates for them or any of their other 6 children who were born in Illinois: Herman, William, John, Nellie, Edward & Thomas.

Name: Clair D. Barnhart
Email: cdbrnhrt@ix.netcom.com
Location: Escondido, California
Time: Fri 7/24/98 3:56 AM
Being fairly new at this business, I am kind of feeling my way around very slowly so I don't make any wrong turns. My mother, Gynith Iola Smith, claimed to have been born at Shell Rock. Her father's name was Jasper Smith and her mother's name was Maude Newell. She had siblings named Glenn, Gladys and Wilma (Twins), Dale, Viola. Her birth date was December 11, 1901. What do I do to get a rundown of her family records? Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Name: Jim and Bonnie Fredensborg, 
Email: THEBORGS@webtv.net
Location: El Cajon, CA,
Time: Friday, July 10, 1998 8:44 AM
Looking for info on SLOCUM and FREDENSBORG. G G Grandfather Wesley SLOCUM lived in Sibley. GG Grandmother is buried in Sibley, probably late 1800's. Children: Franklin, Art, Carl, Beulah, Laura, Hattie. FRANKLIN SLOCUM was great grandfather. FRANKLIN SLOCUM, b.1861, d. 1934, married EFFIE HAMPTON,b. 1882, d. 1957. Children: Ivah, Bessie, Katherine, Paul, Glenn. IVAH SLOCUM, born around 1888-1890. married JAMES FREDENSBORG, 1906. Children: Franklin, Daisy, James, Robert. Divorced Fredensborg and married HABERLAND, one child Ruth. JAMES FREDENSBORG was father, born 1910 in Sioux City, died 1987. Thanks.

Name: Shirley Folston
Email: sfolston@digisys.net
Location: Somers, Montana
Time: Tuesday, July 07, 1998 1:56 AM
Phillip Shomber born abt. 1830 migrated to Iowa from Berlin, Pa. He was an ordained Methodist Minister. He married a Mrs. Bowers ( we aren't sure where) , who had children from a previous marriage. She died about 1890 near Jackson, Nebraska and is buried there. Phillip was still alive in 1896 and we think was living in the Sioux City area, and probably died and is buried there. Phillip Shomber and Mrs. Bowers had three children together: 1 William Henry Shomber was born September 2, 1852 ( We would like to know where?)2 Norman Shomber was born in Iowa, and 3Judson Shomber was born in Iowa. William Henry Shomber ( my husband's great- grandfather) married Mary Elizabeth Mabry and their first child was Mary Birdie Shomber, who we have been told was born in Sioux City, Iowa. We do not have any proof of this and would love to have some documentation. We are searching for information about: 1. Phillip Shomber's residence in Iowa, death and place of burial. 2. Mrs. Bowers' maiden name, the date and place of their marriage, 3. William Henry Shomber's place of birth, 4. Place and date of marriage of William Henry Shomber and Mary Elizabeth Mabry 5. Record of Mary Birdie Shomber's birth. She was probably born between 1875 and 1880. I would be happy to exchange information with anyone researching the Shomber name. Thanks to generous relatives I have an extensive file on the Shomber family 

Name: Robert Shepherd
Email: rshepherd@shastalink.k12.ca.us
Location: Cottonwood, CA, USA
Time: Monday, July 6, 1998 at 03:19:07
Comments: I need to obtain obituary information on Hannah Henrietta SMITH, who died 10 Mar 1908 Place: Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa. She was the widow of Truman Comstock SMITH. I believe her maiden name was CONRAD. Is there an address of where I can obtain death records for 1908? Thanks very much.

Name: Fay Ernest Schlotfeldt
Email: fayjan@aol.com
Location: Rio Verde, AZ (orig. Iowa & Nebr.)
Time: Tue 6/30/98 11:43 AM
I am looking for information about Adolph SCHLOTFELDT, born May 13, 1873 in Scott County, Iowa. He was the son of Henry F. and Margaret Kroeger Schlotfeldt who are buried at Rock Rapids, IA. (Adolph was my Grandfather's brother.) Family notes show that Adolph died in 1911. We would like a specific date. The family report is that Adolph was a policeman in Sioux City and was found shot to death near the railroad. There was some unsolved mystery surrounding his death. There is one family note saying he married a woman named "Maude", but we have no last name or confirmation. We have no other information.

Name: Debbie Smith
Email: dead email
Location: Azle, TX, US
Time: Monday, June 22, 1998 at 13:34:31
Comments: I am looking for information regarding my grandfather, Fritz Schroeder. He was born in 1919 in Sioux City, Iowa.

Name: Wayne Kruse
E-Mail: dead email
Location: New York City 
Time: Mon 6/29/98 8:31 AM
I would like to learn about my grandfather's birth mother, Louise E. Schimelfenig. She lived in Sioux City, Iowa in January of 1897 at E.7th Street. 

Name: Jim Peterson Jr.
E-mail: scotter@northlink.com
Location: Chino Valley, AZ.
Date: 6/16/1998
Researching the ancestry of James Keith PETERSON, born Sloan, Iowa on February 12, 1920. His parents were Everett and May (or Mae) Peterson. May's maiden name was possibly Shoupe or Shupe. JAMES spent his youth in the Sloan area. He attended Sloan High School until 1937 (non-graduate, completing 10th grade). He joined the U.S. Army in early 1942 (Feb?). JAMES married Helen Ann Divish of Perrinton, Michigan in August of 1946. They had nine children (oldest-to-youngest): Barbara, James Jr., Sandra & Sharon (twins), Bonnie, Donna, Debra, Richard, and Pamela. JAMES was discharged from the military at Selfridge AFB, Michigan, on November 11, 1948. The family returned to Iowa, where James Jr. was born July 15, 1949 in Sioux City (the only child born in Iowa). The family moved to Michigan in 1950 or 51, then on to the Los Angeles, California area in 1956, joining his parents and several siblings who had relocated there earlier. Some of us older children seem to remember visiting JAMES' grandparents in Iowa in the early 1950's. They lived directly across from an active railroad line on the edge of town, possibly Sloan. We extend our heartfelt thanks to any and all who can help us in this, our first tentative attempt at researching the Peterson family tree.

Name: Dale C. Hendricks
Date: Wed 3/25/98 4:58 PM
E-Mail: Shndrx@aol.com
I am searching for descendants of Frederick and Emma (BAGSHAW) SPENCER, my great-grandparents, who moved to Sioux City about 1883. They had moved from Sheerness, England abt 1867 and lived in Dubuque, IA and then Yankton, SD before their move to Sioux City. Frederick was a boilermaker, with his place of business for many years at 725 Wall St. in Sioux City. The Spencers had seven children, Frederick W, Kate (Curtis), Harry A, John A., Alice (Gale), Albert E, Nellie M.( Wood). Frederick W. married Rose B. Snow of England, having returned there after reaching adulthood. They settled in Sioux City, with descendants living there. Kate married Charles Edward Curtis (my grandparents), and they settled in Vermillion, SD. Harry A. married Lydia L.?; they settled in Johnson Co, IA. He was an engineer. John A. married Nettie Schimelfenig and they settled in New York City. Alice married Fred Gale and they lived for a time in Sioux City; later unknown. Albert E., wife unknown, but was in Sioux City Directories 1891-1893.Nellie M. married Frederick Wood. Lived in Detroit in later years. Thank you for any information about the above people.

Name: Billie Jo Rhodes
Email: b.j.rich@juno.com
Location: California
Time: Monday, February 02, 1998 10:27 PM
I have Samuel Lewis Rhodes married to Mary Adelaide Sears in 1867. Also Carrie Edith Rhodes married to Charles Eugene Woolridge of Correctionville, IA in 1888.

Name: Peggy Mayberry Powell
Email: pegpowel@wiatel.net
Location: Hornick, IA, USA
Time: Saturday, December 27, 1997 at 10:45:25
My Woodbury county surnames are: Bolte married a Ranniger, lived Climbing Hill Bolte married a Powell lived Climbing Hill Boltes married a Sands, (Carlson and Van Laningham, Houck, (Schink, Jensen,Layton), and Serviss Mayberry married a Powell, lived SC, rural Hornick. I have been doing research on actively on these families over 20 years,will share information. Powells married a (Bieler, Mooney), Livermore, and Kelsheimer Shepard, George and Lydia McGlothlen/McLaughlin. Shepard married a Powell. Sweisberger married a Powell. Other Sweisbergers married (Quisenberry, Gill), Boyle, Boyle, (Boyle,DeRoin), Boulden, Schumacher, and Prescott Cemeteries, Climbing Hill, Sioux City - Graceland, Logan, Memorial.

Name: H. E. Haswell
Email: halhas@aol.com
Location: San Jose, CA, USA
Time: Wednesday, December 10, 1997 at 23:24:04
Comments: STOLZ (STOLZE) looking for information about Mority (Mortiz, Morris) Stolz killed by a train in Sioux City February, 1918. He was connected with a brick and tile plant near where he was killed. Would like to obtain an obituary and any other information about this gentleman.

Name: Bruce C Young III
Email: BCYIII@aol.com
Location: Fairfax , VA
Time: Thursday, November 27, 1997 at 11:32:57
looking for information on Charles L. Piper and Mary Elizabeth Smith. Charles b 1867 d 1929 Mary d 1935. They had 5 children Harl, Lou Howard, Lawernce, Lyle Robert, John Charles

Name: Lary Brown
Email: dead
Location: Arlington, VA, USA
Time: Wednesday, November 26, 1997 at 13:27:28
Looking for John SEYMOUR married to Ella CASE. My grandmother, Clara Seymour was baptized at the St. Bonafice Catholic church in Sioux City in 1891 when she was 6 years old. Her parents names were on the baptismal certificate, but no other information Her parents supposedly broke up shortly after that and the 5 children were split up. 

Name: Janet Baker
Location: Cedar Rapids, IA, USA
Date: Friday, August 29, 1997 at 20:18:35
Comments: SLIGHTAM--Looking for any information regarding this family. They settled in Smithland. 

Name: Howard Harvey
Email: hharvey@texoma.net
Location: Sherman, TX, US
Time: Friday, August 22, 1997 at 15:21:10
Looking for information on William Cameron & wife, Martha Spurlock Cameron-both are in the 1900 census of Woodbury Co IA-she died in Sept of 1900.He moved to Lincoln Co OK with son, Issac Cameron. 

Name: Richard W Stansbery Jr
Email: stansberyjr@hotmail.com
Location: Apache Jct, AZ, U.S.A
Time: Thursday, August 21, 1997 at 13:46:06
Comments: Doing Tree on STANSBERY in Woodbury area, Grandparents John & Lizzie Stansbery Born in the 1880,s Raised a family in Morningside, Ia. 

Time: Tuesday, August 26, 1997 at 12:48:41

Name: Randy Muir
Email: tree9616@aol.com
Location: TN
Time: Monday, August 18, 1997 at 10:52:52
Looking for info on any MUIRs, STOUGHs, SIMEONs, & HARVEYs in the Woodbury Co. Most of them would have been in Sioux City. 1.) Peter William MUIR (b. 1865 in Quebec to Peter & Martine [LABERGE] MUIR-m. Susan SIMEON in 1887 in Sioux City-d. 1922 in Sioux City); 2.) Susan (SIMEON) MUIR (b.1868 in Sioux City to John & Anna [SCHNEIDER] SIMEON)-d. 1930 in Sioux City); 3.) John William STOUGH, Sr. (b. 1862 in Marshall Co., IA to Henry & Elizabeth [DAKIN] STOUGH-m. Nellie HARVEY in 1896 in Onawa Co., IA-d. 1941 in Sioux City); 4.) Nellie HARVEY (b. 1870 in Neponset, IL to George & Clara Ann [BIGELOW] HARVEY-d. 1947 in Sioux City. I'm quite willing to share info with others. Any help, cooperation, & suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks. 

Name: Mark Squires
Email: dead email
Date: Friday, April 4, 1997 at 00:10:09
Looking for information on Herbert Joshua SQUIRES & Nina Beatrice GOLDSBOROUGH. They were married 9/30/1903 in Sioux City, Iowa. 

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