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Name: Don Kress


My Location: Woodbury MN

Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2006 13:49:55 EDT

I would like any information you can find on L.P. Tanner or Mrs. Erma Tanner. In April 1945 Air Force Capt. L.P. Tanner was transferred from Greensboro N. C. to England. He shipped some personal items from N.C. to Mrs. Erma Tanner at 5221 Perry Cr. Rd. Sioux City Iowa.  I have one of those items with the Railroad Express shipping tags still attached. I believe and am trying to verify that Capt. Tanner died in a plane crash in Scotland in either 1945 or less likely in 1948.
I would appreciate any information you could find about the Tanner family from old city directories, High School year books, census records, obits or whatever. If you enter L. P. Tanner on a search engine you will see the strange story that has piqued my interest.

Thank you for your time.
Don Kress
6886 Romeo Rd
Woodbury MN 55125


Name: Rhonda Teudhope


My Location: Cranesville, Pennsylvania

Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2005 17:52:28 -0600


 I am writing to submit a query on your Woodbury site. I am searching for a family of Robert Tudehope and wife Ella. They resided in Woodbury County all of their adult years. Robert was born in Ohio and moved to Iowa, which is where he met his wife Ella. They had 5 children, all of which were boys. Ella, son Freddie and Robert are buried in Oto Cemetery. I am searching for the marriage location or date of Ella and Robert. A few of the son's later moved to Sioux City. Any info on Robert or Ella would be appreciated greatly. Thank you for your time.


Name: Mary Jane (Tilton) England


My Location: ???????????

Date: Mon 7/26/2004 9:09 PM

I am looking for information on my great grandparents having lived in Sioux City, Iowa. Great Grandfather: John Davis Tilton born in 1869 in Illinois, his parents both to be reported from New Hampshire - I received this information from the 1900 census. Great Grandmother: Victorina Adelina Aeck born July 1871 in Iowa, her parents reported to be born in Belgium - I received this information from the 1900 census as well.  On the census it was also reported that her brother William Aeck was residing with them. They are the parents of Courtney Napoleon Tilton who worked for the railroad. He was born Feb 24, 1892 in Sioux City, Iowa and died July 21, 1958 in Jefferson, Union County, South Dakota (McCook Lake) now known as Iowa I believe.  He was buried at Graceland Cemetery, Sioux City Iowa (have picture of his cemetery marker). They are also the parents of Maude Tilton (Boisvert) who was born in Iowa and died in Florida.  I do not have a lot of information on her except she married Albert Boisvert, had a son, Albert Boisvert Jr. all of whom died in Florida. They are the great grandparents of Allen Courtney Tilton (my father) born Feb 10, 1917 in Sioux City, Iowa and died July, 1986 in Cherokee County, Texas. Thank You




Name: Lin Clif


My Location: ?

Date: Thu 10/30/2003 5:53 PM

I am trying to find info on Thomas William Tuck. He was born in Woodbine, Iowa. Married Mary B. Smith in Shelby Co., Iowa 20 Mar. 1887. He lived in Sioux City, Iowa for a long time and worked for the railroad. He had 2 daughters Iva and Lola born early 1890's. His daughter Lola married Paul Benjamin Leitner and they had a daughter Mary Darlene Leitner who married Roger Clinton Lee. Anything on these people would be a help. The Tuck family is my direct line.



Name: Kate Holm


My Location: Cincinnati

Date: Mon 2/18/02 10:33 AM

I am researching the family of James TOBIN (b. 1859, Webster City, IA; d. 1944, Sioux City, IA), son of John TOBIN and Mary RING, and Johanna DUGGAN (b. 1873, Hubbard, Neb., d. 1951, Sioux City, IA), daughter of John DUGGAN and Kate HOGAN. Thank you,


Name: Susan Costa



Date: Mon 7/9/01 1:31 AM

Hello, I'm looking for ancestors in Woodbury County, Iowa. John Edward Tyrell b.unknown (between 1855-1875) was from Sioux City and married Olive Eva Palmer b.Nov 05,1856 from Cedar Falls (Blackhawk Co.)m.Sept 15,1876. I believe most of their children were born in Woodbury County - Maude, Charles, Edward John, Pansy, R.C. Victor, and Francis. Their youngest daughter, Blanche was born in Oregon in 1890. Any information to help find records for John Edward TYRELL and/or Olive Eva PALMER would be appreciated. Also Olive's mother - WILTSIE. Thanks,

Name: Inez


Location: ?

Date: Tue 1/30/01 12:40 AM

Hello: I am looking for anyone who might have a Ida Tague of Sioux City, Woodbury county, Iowa in their family tree. I know she was living there in 1948. Thanking you in advance Inez.

Update: Thu 4/26/01 10:37 PM

Hi: I was wondering if someone would be so kind as to look and see if there is a obituary for a James P. TAGUE born 1866 and passed away in Sioux City, Woodbury County on October 1934. He is buried there in Climbing Hill Iowa. Thanking you in advance Inez

Update: Fri 5/4/01 11:28 PM

Hello: I was hoping someone back there could do a look up for me in the Sioux City newspaper for a obituary. Here is my information.

James P Tague born 1866 in Iowa married Ida Susan Tague. James passed away on October 15, 1934 in Sioux City, Woodbury County Iowa. I know of one child, a boy named Benjamin. Would appreciate it very much if someone could look to see if there was a obituary for James and if so e-mail me a copy. Thanking you in advance Inez

Update: Mon 5/28/01 9:31 PM

Hello: I was wondering if someone would be so kind as to check and see if the newspaper there in Sioux City has a obituary for a James Tague 15 October 1934. Am hoping to find his parent's names. Thanking you in advance Inez


Name: Barbara LAMB EADES


Location: Redding, CA

Date: Saturday, December 23, 2000 1:09 PM 

From Death Certificate of Emma Jeannette TAYLOR (nee ALLEN). Place of death Woodbury Co., Union township, City of Correctionville. Died 29 Apr 1936. Father's name Andrew ALLEN, mother Nancy WHITE. Birthplace Magnolia, IA. Buried in Moorehead, IA. Would like to contact any descendants and share information. Many thanks.  

Name: Nita Drummond Cragg 


Location: ?

Date: Mon 12/11/00 7:51 AM

Looking for information about Wm. Tackaberry who apparently was a wholesale grocer in Sioux City. He appears in the Sioux City, Iowa Directories, 1889-90, 1892-93, that are a featured database on today's . (Dec. 11, 2000). Earlier this fall my sister saw a tin can, owned by a collector, with the name of Wm. Tackaberry on the bottom. For some time I have researched the Tackaberry families of Van Buren Co., IA, and am wondering if there is a connection with this man or any other Tackaberrys in that area. Can you be of help? Thank you. 

Name: Pat Hanning


Location: Vancouver, WA

Date: Tue 9/5/00 1:47 AM


I am looking for connections to my tree :-) Pernella "Nellie" TULINE was b. 09/19/1859 in Sweden. She married 1st: Franz "Frank" August JOHNSON abt 1879 in IA. They had at least 2 children: Peter Axel JOHNSON b. 09/18/1880 and Emma JOHNSON b. 01/03/1882. Frank was supposedly was killed in a RR accident. Nellie married 2nd: Jens "James" R NELSON b. 02/15/1857 in Langaland Norenbro, Denmark. They had 7? children: Edith Hannah NELSON b. 07/30/1893 in Sioux City, Woodbury County, IA (my greatgrandmother), Ida NELSON ,Jennie NELSON , Anna NELSON , Ellen NELSON , William NELSON , Milton NELSON .

Name: Britt Gustafson


Location: Minnesota 

Time: Thu 5/18/00 8:31 PM

Researching the following names in Woodbury, Co., Iowa.


Edward EPLING married Alma TOBOLT around 1910-1917.  Edward was born 1877-1882 in Stanton Twnsp, IA to Herman EPLING and Henrieta TOBOLT.   Alma was born 1885 in Germany to Edward TOBOLT and Amanda BLUCHER.  Edward EPLING died in 1943 in Merrill, IA.  Alma's social security card was issued in Sioux City in 1965, Alma passed away in 1967.  Thier son Arvin Carl EPLING was born Nov. 10 1917 in Merrill, IA and died 1981 in CA. 

Alva Edwin PERRY married Lydia/Lide KNEPPER Nov. 11, 1912.  Alva was born 1882 in Mankato, MN to John K. PERRY and Emma YATES.  Lydia was born 1884 or 1890 (depending on the source) in Smithland, IA to Edgar KNEPPER and Anna Nancy STEPP.  In 1937 Alva PERRY lived at 1413 Willa Ave, Sioux City.  He was working for the WPA project-2518 (?) in Sioux City.  Alva died 1959 or 1966 (depending on the source) in Utah.  Alva and Lydia's daughter Idabelle PERRY was born April 26 1922 in Sioux City and died 1996 in Le Mars, IA.

Arvin Carl EPLING married Idabelle PERRY in 1942. 

n Lydia KNEPPERs parents obits (edgar died 1920, annie died 1926, both buried in Graceland Cem.), Lydia is listed as Mrs. Lydia SCHWARTZENBACH or SCHAWRTZENBOUN living at 3219 Linn Street, Sioux City.  I am wondering why, if Lydia married Alva in 1912, and a daughter was born in 1922, how was she a SCHWARTZENBACH???  And who was the Schwartzenbach??

If anyone can shed any light on these family names, I would appreciate it very much. 

Name: Louise Treat 


Location:  Cowanesque, Pa. Tioga Co. Pa.

Date: Thu 4/27/00 12:28 AM

John Thompson born 1859 maybe in Potter Co. Pa. He married Jan 8, 1888 in Woodbury Co. Iowa. Fannie Metcalf born 1871 daughter of Walter P Metcalf & Nancy Jane Richardson. Fannie Metcalf died in 1938 & is buried Holly Springs, Willow Twp. Cemetery. John Thompson did 1914 is also buried Willow Twp. cemetery, Woodbury Co. Looking for information on John Thompson as to the names of his mother & father and if he was from Potter Co. Pa. Thank you.


Name: Mary K. (Thomas) Emerson


Location:  Van Nuys, Ca.

Date: Wed 10/6/99 2:20 AM

THOMAS, seeking information of when and where my grand parents were married, most likely between 1900 and 1904 either in s/w Iowa or s/e Nebraska. He was CLYDE NORRIS THOMAS born Sept. 20th 1872 at Ross Co. Ohio, married MARY ELIZABETH MARSHALL, born March 29th 1885 in Nemaha Co. Nebraska. His mother LODEMIA THOMAS died Nov. 24th 1900 at Lake Township, Monona Co. Iowa, my father FRANK THOMAS was born Nov. 15th, 1904 at Lake Township, Monona Co. Iowa, but they were not married there, or in Mills Co. or Fremont Co. Iowa or Nemaha Co. Nebraska. Any help would be appreciated.

Name: Ralph and Mary Emerson


Location:  Van Nuys, Cal.

Date: Sun 10/10/99 10:37 PM

We are wondering if there is a possibility that my wife's grand parents might have been married in Woodbury County between 1900 and 1904 as close as we can guess. They were Clyde Norris Thomas, born Sept.20th, 1872 at Ross Co. Ohio. He married Mary Elizabeth Marshall Born March 29th, 1885 at Peru, Nemaha, Co. Nebraska. In 1900 his mother Lodemia Thomas died in Lake Township Monona co. and Nov. 15th 1904 my wife's father Frank Thomas was born at the same place but they show no marriage for them there. Any help that you may offer will be appreciated very much. Thank you. 

Name: Sandy Daltrey

Location:  Winner, S.D.

Date: Sun 9/26/99 2:57 PM

I am seeking information on the John and Minnie Belle Tullis Hall family. Their children were: Ivan S., born April 1895; Frank V., born July 1896; Frieda, born Feb 1900; Lorenzo L., Herman T., Mamie F. and Wilma M.. I don't have birth dates for the last four children. Minnie was the daughter of Thomas and Sarah Metzinger Tullis. They were living in the Melon (?) Township of Woodbury County in 1900. I don't know if the family moved.

Name:  Mary Jane  England

E Mail:

Location: Richardson Texas

Date: Wed 9/8/99 1:36 AM

I am looking for history of my dad's family but I cannot locate my grandfather's name in the social security death index. My Dad's Name:  Allen Courtney Tilton, Born: 02/10/1917, Place: Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa, Died: 07/1986, Place: Fort Worth, Texas.

Grandmother's Name: Lula (Johnson?) Tilton, Born: 04/11/1895, Place: ?, Died: 05/1984 or 1985, Place: Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa, She received my grandfather's railroad pension after his death

Grandfather's Name: (Courtney?) Tilton (don't know if this is his first name but this is what he went by), Born: ?, Place: ?, Died: 1953-1963?, Place: Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa, Worked for the railroad. 

I was born Mary Jane Tilton, January 12, 1953, Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa, We moved to Richardson Texas in 1963.

Name: Dan Thompson


Location: 8109 Weatherly Drive, Rowlett, TX 75089

Date: Mon 8/23/99 6:42 AM

I am looking for a William Thompson that was married in Woodbury co. to a woman named Myrle. They had a son Donald Leo Thompson and divorced in the 20s. I would like to know what happened to him after they divorced, remarriage, and his middle name or any information you have on him. Thank you. 972-463-9643 hm, 972-276-9408 ext 123 wk. Additional information I am looking for a William Thompson who married Myrle Westfall in Woodbury Country on July 27, 1918. They divorced on Jan. 9, 1924. I need as much info as possible: SS#, middle name, etc. know address.

Name: Judy Schindler


Location: ?

Date: Sat 6/5/99 7:26 PM

Lemuel Lamar Tyndall, b. 1851 Pennsylvania, d. in Cushing, Iowa,  and Elizabeth Jane Ramsey b. 1854, Ireland, d. 1924, Iowa. Alexander Anderson b. Donnegal, Ireland 1857, d. Storm Lake (?), 1936 and Mary Agnes Kerr b. 1864 Donnegal, d. 1829 Holstein. Augustus Ramsey Tyndall, b 1891, Cushing, d. 1940 Cushing, and Effie Zula Anderson b. 1891 Arthur,, d. 1936, Battle Creek.

Name: Lana


Location: ?

Date: Mon 5/17/99 12:39 AM

I am looking for any information on Herbert and Vera Thayer. My grandparents. They lived in Hartington Neb. in 1913. I know they were in Sioux City in 1925. My uncle James Oliver Thayer was born Dec. 14.1925 in Sioux City, IA. Thank you,  

Name: Bill Taylor


Location: ?

Date: Fri 5/7/99 10:52 AM

Looking for info on William Taylor born 10/4/1865 at Andes, NY (Delaware Co.), married Flora Mame Fredendoll 2/23/1891. Died 12/16/1940 at Sioux City. Children Charles born March1892 married Hazel Mulheron, Maude born Sept1893 married Guy Summers, Ethel born 2/6/1898 married Cornelius Poston.

Name: Bill Taylor


Location: ?

Date: Tue 4/13/99 3:43 PM

Looking for info on Robert Taylor, born July 23, 1857 at Andes, NY (Delaware Co. ). He married Gertrude Skeel at Sioux City, owned a farm and died May 16, 1894 in Anthon.

Name: Allen J. Peterson



Date: Thus 4/1/99 6:01 PM

We are looking for info on great-grandparents in the 1860s-1870s. Charles TRIPP married Edith (Unknown), 4 daughters (no sons), Clara (born Sioux City 1875?), Caroline, Alice, Edith, Family lore has it that Charles was a stage-coach driver on the Deadwood City run, participated in a few Indian fights, and knew both Wild Bill Hickok and Buffalo Bill. Since daughter Clara was born in Sioux City, they may have been married there as well. We don't know if she was the oldest, youngest, or in the middle. Daughter Clara married George Franklin CROWE from Boone Co. IA. He was a railroad brakeman. There is no knowledge about where they married, but they had 3 older boys in the 1890-1900 timeframe (Fredrick Arthur, Charles Kenneth, and Raymond Edward), and a younger son Harry Franklin born 1/9/1913 in Albert Lea MN. Clara's sister Caroline was reportedly married to a wealthy drug store owner during the 1920s'. Clara's son Harry told us he stayed with them for a few years after his mother died (1920-1925 range?). If they still lived in Sioux City, he probably went to school there. He did describe formal dinners every night, dressing up in a suit, with cooks and maids waiting on them. Harry's full name was Harry Franklin Crowe. He is buried in St. Paul MN. Can you give us any help or suggestions as to how to proceed? We have a nephew within a hundred miles of Sioux City who would be happy to help in any way he can. Thanks.

Name: Elaine Rolf


Location: Longview, WA

Date: Wed 3/24/99 1:52 AM

Hello, I am looking for information about my gg grandparents, Hiram & Hannah TROTH. Their son, George W. was born in Sloan on 13 Sept., 1889. Would appreciate hearing of any resources I should be checking! Thanks!  

Name: Diana

E-Mail: dead email

Location: ?

Date: Wed 3/10/99 9:02 AM

Looking for Donald Hoyt Thompson b. September 23, 1898 in Sioux city, Woodbury County, Iowa. He was married to Madge and had a daughter Jane Hoyt Thompson. He also had a brother Bruce Alden Thompson b. about 1900-1902. Donald worked for a paper in Sioux City and died in 1949. I would appreciate any information at all about him or his family. Thanks.

Name: Ruth Mathieu


Location: ?

Date: Sun 1/17/99 6:48 PM

I am looking for a David James Fortier, who died in Sioux City on January 9, 1959. More specifically, his mother, Sara Martha Fortier, my great grandmother, was living with him when she died there, In 1912, although she was buried in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. There is a discrepancy about her surname Thompson or Johnson, and I am hunting down all possible leads. Thank you. 

Name: Rose Anne Hoekstra


Location: Illinois

Date: Tue 12/15/98 9:27 PM

My great-grandparents Thomas Jefferson TULLIS and his wife, Sarah METZINGER TULLIS homesteaded in western IA and later bought a farm near Holly Springs in about 1887. My grandmother, Della TULLIS and her brother Burt went to a one-room school there.They belonged to the Church of Christ. The Tullises were married in Iowa City and migrated to Hartington, NE in 1900. I would be interested in any information about this family and about life in Holly Springs at the turn of the century. 

Name: ?


Location: ?

Time: Sun 9/27/98 12:22 AM

I am looking for information on my g-grandfather, Thomas Jefferson TULLIS, married to Sarah Metzinger, who lived in Woodbury County. Many of his children were born in Woodbury between 1870 and 1886. My grandmother, Della TULLIS FARMER was born in Hornick. Her older Tullis siblings were Estella, Burt, Minnie, Linda, and Ida. The last two died in infancy. I believe he was of the Lutheran faith. The family later migrated to Hartingen, NE. Any information would be appreciated. 

Name: Carole Jean Anderson Whitten

Location: ROCK FARM in Martin County, TX


Time: Fri 9/11/98 3:12 PM [updated Tuesday, March 16, 2004 6:15:27 PM]


My great grandmother was Nancy Jane Edwards Crowl. She left her husband and went to Washington/Idaho about 1897 and married Albert O. Trudell. Albert and Nancy are buried in the Spokane Cemetery, Spokane, WA.

Name: Larry Talbott


Location: ?

Time: Thu 7/23/98 8:42 AM

LeRoy William Talbott, born June 1917 (Possibly either 4th or 5th of June) Parents: LeRoy and Florence Talbott (possibly an adoption from Nola Cooper) Place: Sioux City, Iowa (possible birth somewhere else, but it was recorded in Sioux, City Iowa on the birth certificate. P S. My grandmother Mary Jane, was supposedly struck by lightening and died as a result. Some one may be available to find a newspaper article on it.

Name: Jannette



Time: Sat 7/18/98 3:14 PM

I am searching for David and Hyacintha (MULLEN) KANE/KEENE who lived at 1720 Grand Avenue, Sioux City, Iowa in 1938. Hyacintha (b. Jun 1880,Chickasaw Co Iowa) was the daughter of Christopher C. MULLEN and Catherine A. (TIERNEY) MULLEN of Chickasaw Co Iowa. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who recognizes these names or has information they could share on David & Hyacintha. Am trying to learn if they remained in Sioux City and died and are buried there. If they had a family, children's names, etc. Thanks much.

Name: Rodney k. Anderson


Location: Harshaw , WI, USA

Time: Thursday, January 22, 1998 at 11:20:05

Comments: I am looking for any information about these families who settled in the Lawton area in the first half of the nineteenth century....Dudley, Tevis, and Plumer 

Name: Lisa Miller

Email:dead email

Location: Boise, Id, USA

Time: Thursday, December 18, 1997 at 21:37:58

Help! I am looking for information on Oscar (or Oscar Ernest, he went by both) LUDWIG. Born May 1881 in Sioux City. I need to know information about him. How he died, where he died, who his parents were. According to some old, faded documents, it mention William Fredrick LUDWIG. I am trying to do my grandfathers line, and have hit a major stumbling block. Oscar was married to Helen Elise TIARKS. I have no information on her either, it seems that the records are gone. Thanks Lisa 

Name: ?


Location: WA, USA

Time: Tuesday, September 30, 1997 at 17:29:24

Searching for HIGGINS, Phoebe and Peter maybe also known as Peter. Peter died 9/28/13. Lived in Sioux Falls in 1895 but may have been in Sioux City. Children are Elizabeth, Ada, Bob, Bill, Charlie, and others. Searching for Charles TRAVIS DOD in 1920 aprox in Sioux City. 

Location: KENESAW, NE,
Date: Wednesday, August 27, 1997 at 10:26:42
I am looking for information on my great grandfather John B GRUBB married to Violet Mae TOOTHMAN GRUBB. I know that he passed away in the late 1960's, early 1970's and they lived in Woodbury county and Sioux City, IA. Any information about his parents and where he lived before Sioux City would be very helpful. 

Name: Tricia Matthew
Location: Green Bay, WI, USA
Date: Saturday, August 16, 1997 at 21:17:42
Looking for information on the following surnames: TRUESDELL, JERMAN, SCOTT, FAUS from about 1880 to 1930's. These families lived in Correctionville, also near Anthon, Woodbury County, Iowa. 



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