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Seniors, 1946 Central High School, Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa, USA

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Central High School 1946 Seniors Index

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Last Name First Name Page Class
Albeck Richard 23 Mid-Year Grad
Albrecht Lois 36 June Grad
Anders Phyliss 36 June Grad
Anderson Carol E. 36 June Grad
Anderson Howard   23 Mid-Year Grad
Andreason Betty Lou 23 Mid-Year Grad
Andrews Robert Ward 36 June Grad
Antonovich Alex 36 June Grad
Authier Noe 36 June Grad
Bailey John E. 36 June Grad
Baker Bonnie Fay 36 June Grad
Balcom Mary Margaret 23 Mid-Year Grad
Barrett Patricia 23 Mid-Year Grad
Bartlett Shirley 23 Mid-Year Grad
Bates Bob 36 June Grad
Belin David William 36 June Grad
Benedict Howard Sherwood 36 June Grad
Berger Doris 36 June Grad
Bergeson M. Scott 37 June Grad
Berkemier Kenneth 37 June Grad
Bern Dorothy 37 June Grad
Bianchini Victor 23 Mid-Year Grad
Bierman Margaret 37 June Grad
Blackburn Jean 37 June Grad
Bliven Wayne C. 37 June Grad
Bosley Lois 23 Mid-Year Grad
Bourrette Harold 23 Mid-Year Grad
Bovis Mary Jo 37 June Grad
Boyd Shirley 23 Mid-Year Grad
Boyle Dorothy 23 Mid-Year Grad
Bragdon Kathryn 37 June Grad
Briggs Mary Jo 37 June Grad
Briggs Russell 23 Mid-Year Grad
Brodie Joan 24 Mid-Year Grad
Broline Margaret 37 June Grad
Broveak Betty 37 June Grad
Bryans Shirley 24 Mid-Year Grad
Bryant Bruce 38 June Grad
Bunday Shirley 38 June Grad
Bunten Earle 24 Mid-Year Grad
Bures Vernon 38 June Grad
Burris Amber 24 Mid-Year Grad
Bush Ruth 38 June Grad
Cabbell Mary 24 Mid-Year Grad
Calfior Nancy 24 Mid-Year Grad
Call Barbara 38 June Grad
Carlson Gloria 24 Mid-Year Grad
Carswell Jeanette 24 Mid-Year Grad
Cecil Eileen 24 Mid-Year Grad
Chesen Harriet 38 June Grad
Chleborad Elaine 24 Mid-Year Grad
Chleborad Richard 38 June Grad
Coats Robert 24 Mid-Year Grad
Cocks Marjorie 24 Mid-Year Grad
Coffey Eugene 38 June Grad
Coiro Rose Mary 38 June Grad
Collins Richard 38 June Grad
Cotant Georgette 25 Mid-Year Grad
Coulson Coleen 38 June Grad
Courey Doris 38 June Grad
Coury Virginia 39 June Grad
Craik Darlene 39 June Grad
Crellin Dorothy 39 June Grad
Crowley Jack 39 June Grad
Cunningham Alberta 39 June Grad
Dahlin Ruth 39 June Grad
Daniels Shirley 39 June Grad
Davenport Jay J. 25 Mid-Year Grad
Davidson Shirley 39 June Grad
Davis Arthur 39 June Grad
Day Richard 39 June Grad
Dealy John 39 June Grad
DeFazio Jean 39 June Grad
Dietschy Charlotte 40 June Grad
Doerr James 40 June Grad
Donovan Shirley Mae 25 Mid-Year Grad
Dornbusch Pat 40 June Grad
Dougherty Kathleen 40 June Grad
Driskill Phebe 40 June Grad
Dunn Rogene Frances 40 June Grad
Ebert Betty J. 25 Mid-Year Grad
Elliot John 25 Mid-Year Grad
Embrick Nancy 25 Mid-Year Grad
England Donna 25 Mid-Year Grad
Erickson Kenneth 25 Mid-Year Grad
Erickson Annette C. 25 Mid-Year Grad
Erickson Delores 40 June Grad
Falk Lillian 40 June Grad
Federhart Robert 40 June Grad
Fife William 40 June Grad
Fish Marilynne 25 Mid-Year Grad
Fish Betty Rose 40 June Grad
Foreman Shirley 25 Mid-Year Grad
Forster Shirley 25 Mid-Year Grad
Fortner Marjorie Anne 40 June Grad
Fosnaugh Susan 41 June Grad
Fox Mary Ann 26 Mid-Year Grad
Francis Patricia 26 Mid-Year Grad
Fuglemsmo Margaret 41 June Grad
Gabriel Robert 41 June Grad
Gaffey Jane 41 June Grad
Gamble Marilyn 41 June Grad
Gaul Joyce 41 June Grad
Gebran Grace 41 June Grad
Gentile Mary 41 June Grad
Gilinsky Jeanne 41 June Grad
Gittins James 41 June Grad
Gleason James 41 June Grad
Goebel Richard 41 June Grad
Griffen Helen 42 June Grad
Haffits Helen 42 June Grad
Hamel John 42 June Grad
Hancock John 42 June Grad
Hansen Lyle 26 Mid-Year Grad
Hansen Ruth Lane 42 June Grad
Hansen Vernon 42 June Grad
Hanson Dolores Arline 26 Mid-Year Grad
Harbeck Merle 26 Mid-Year Grad
Hardy Patricia 42 June Grad
Harrison Jeanne 42 June Grad
Hass Eileen 26 Mid-Year Grad
Hatfield Ruth 42 June Grad
Haugan William Holm 26 Mid-Year Grad
Haverley Marilou 42 June Grad
Hedeen Lillian 26 Mid-Year Grad
Hedlund William 26 Mid-Year Grad
Helseth Carleton 26 Mid-Year Grad
Henckel Barbara 26 Mid-Year Grad
Hendrickson Darlene E. 26 Mid-Year Grad
Herbel Carol 42 June Grad
Herko Edward 27 Mid-Year Grad
Hettinger Wayne 42 June Grad
Hickman Martin 43 June Grad
Higgins Darlene 27 Mid-Year Grad
Hillman Donald E. 27 Mid-Year Grad
Hitzman Betty 27 Mid-Year Grad
Hobson Warren 27 Mid-Year Grad
Hoefer Margie 27 Mid-Year Grad
Holbrook Dorothy 43 June Grad
Hood Jeannette 43 June Grad
Horst Virginia 43 June Grad
Huber Dorothy May 27 Mid-Year Grad
Humphrey Dorothy 43 June Grad
Hunt Bruce 27 Mid-Year Grad
Hurst Darlene 43 June Grad
Isaacson Ruth 43 June Grad
Jacobs Betty Lou 27 Mid-Year Grad
James Betty Jo 43 June Grad
Jensen Dorothy 27 Mid-Year Grad
Jensen Donald W. 27 Mid-Year Grad
Job Marcia Ann 43 June Grad
Johnson Raymond Edwin 27 Mid-Year Grad
Johnson Hilder 43 June Grad
Johnson Elaine 43 June Grad
Johnson Margaret 43 June Grad
Jones Dorothy 44 June Grad
Jones Twilah 44 June Grad
Kamp Rose Marie 44 June Grad
Keating Carolyn Louise 44 June Grad
Kennedy Shirley 44 June Grad
Keriakedes Afrodite 28 Mid-Year Grad
Kilborne Jack 44 June Grad
King Darlene 44 June Grad
Kirkegaard Milo 44 June Grad
Kloucek Dorothy 44 June Grad
Knapp Virginia 44 June Grad
Knudsen Clarence 44 June Grad
Knutson Martha 44 June Grad
Koch Marilynn 28 Mid-Year Grad
Kochen Larry 28 Mid-Year Grad
Krone Donald 45 June Grad
Kudrle Donna Rae 45 June Grad
Kueny Elinor 45 June Grad
Kutil Shirlee Elaine 28 Mid-Year Grad
Kvidahl Ruth 28 Mid-Year Grad
LaBrie Marie 45 June Grad
Lamson Patricia 28 Mid-Year Grad
Landers Bobbie 45 June Grad
Lane Betty 28 Mid-Year Grad
Lang Sandra 45 June Grad
Larimer Marjorie 45 June Grad
LaScala Katherine 28 Mid-Year Grad
Lathrop Bonnie 45 June Grad
Lawton Darlene Marie 28 Mid-Year Grad
Layton George 28 Mid-Year Grad
Lewis Betty Jean 28 Mid-Year Grad
Lewis Gayle Evon 28 Mid-Year Grad
Lipshutz Robert 29 Mid-Year Grad
Lonseth Dolores 29 Mid-Year Grad
Lowndes Mary 45 June Grad
Lubman Hyman 45 June Grad
Lynn Harvey A. 45 June Grad
Madsen Robert 29 Mid-Year Grad
Madsen Annelise 45 June Grad
Marcum Shirley 29 Mid-Year Grad
Marsh Marvin 29 Mid-Year Grad
Martin Helen Delores 29 Mid-Year Grad
Martineck Bernice 29 Mid-Year Grad
Mattison Gloria 29 Mid-Year Grad
McAlister Helen 46 June Grad
McColley Wynne 29 Mid-Year Grad
McColligan Alberta 46 June Grad
McCord Charlene 46 June Grad
McDonough Robert 29 Mid-Year Grad
Melham Sanoma 29 Mid-Year Grad
Meyer Mary Margaret 46 June Grad
Miller Darlene J. 29 Mid-Year Grad
Miller Genevieve 30 Mid-Year Grad
Miller Shirley 30 Mid-Year Grad
Miller Juanita 46 June Grad
Miller Ann 46 June Grad
Mironchik Edward 30 Mid-Year Grad
Mitchell Jerry 46 June Grad
Moberg Leroy 30 Mid-Year Grad
Momsen Joy 46 June Grad
Montagne Earl Daniel 30 Mid-Year Grad
Morgan Beverlee Joy 30 Mid-Year Grad
Morse Laurine 46 June Grad
Mummert William 30 Mid-Year Grad
Murtha Donna 46 June Grad
Nash Bill 46 June Grad
Nassif Mary 46 June Grad
Neal Nancy 30 Mid-Year Grad
Nelson Alethia Clare 30 Mid-Year Grad
Nelson Jeannine 30 Mid-Year Grad
Nelson Gerald 30 Mid-Year Grad
Nelson Audrey 47 June Grad
Nelson Charlotte 47 June Grad
Neri Ursula C. 30 Mid-Year Grad
Nielson Joyce 47 June Grad
Noreen Donald Norman 31 Mid-Year Grad
Norman Donald E. 31 Mid-Year Grad
Nyman Jane 31 Mid-Year Grad
Oleson Duane 47 June Grad
Paquin Lois 31 Mid-Year Grad
Parker Marjorie 47 June Grad
Patch John William 47 June Grad
Pence Constance 31 Mid-Year Grad
Peters Donald 47 June Grad
Peterson Russell 31 Mid-Year Grad
Peterson Richard 31 Mid-Year Grad
Peterson Lorraine 47 June Grad
Phillips Jack 47 June Grad
Pierson Beverley Jean 31 Mid-Year Grad
Polaykoff Ben 47 June Grad
Pullis Vera 47 June Grad
Ramsey Barbara 47 June Grad
Redmond Mavis Eileen 31 Mid-Year Grad
Rich Norma 48 June Grad
Risk Ronal 48 June Grad
Robar Donna Jule 48 June Grad
Robbins Dolores 48 June Grad
Robinson Betty 48 June Grad
Rodin Helen 48 June Grad
Rooker Virginia 48 June Grad
Ross Patti 48 June Grad
Rowe Margaret 48 June Grad
Rush Donald E. 48 June Grad
Rusie Iris 48 June Grad
Russell Norma 48 June Grad
Rustwick Stewart 49 June Grad
Rye Grover 49 June Grad
Sacks Fredell 31 Mid-Year Grad
Salsness Marilyn 49 June Grad
Sanford Bette 49 June Grad
Sardeson Arnold 49 June Grad
Schenk James 31 Mid-Year Grad
Schofield Patricia 49 June Grad
Schultz Jacqueline 49 June Grad
Schweiberger Louis 31 Mid-Year Grad
Scott Paul 49 June Grad
Sea Donald 49 June Grad
Sellman Angeline 49 June Grad
Shapiro Albert 32 Mid-Year Grad
Shaver Darrel 49 June Grad
Shaw Lucille 49 June Grad
Sherman Evelyn 50 June Grad
Shulkin Jerome 32 Mid-Year Grad
Siegel Stanley 50 June Grad
Simon Jennie 32 Mid-Year Grad
Simson Zoe Mary 50 June Grad
Skaff Edna 50 June Grad
Skidmore Opal 32 Mid-Year Grad
Smith Elaine 32 Mid-Year Grad
Smith Wallace 50 June Grad
Soderberg Charles 50 June Grad
Sorenson Irving 50 June Grad
Sorenson Bonnie 50 June Grad
Sperling Serene 32 Mid-Year Grad
Stark Donald 32 Mid-Year Grad
Steele Donald 32 Mid-Year Grad
Stock Marion 50 June Grad
Stoddard Dean 50 June Grad
Tarashansky Sheldon 50 June Grad
Taylor Jenice 32 Mid-Year Grad
Tedford Patricia 50 June Grad
Teschke Betty 51 June Grad
Thompson Joyce 32 Mid-Year Grad
Thompson Milo 51 June Grad
Tramontina Marie 32 Mid-Year Grad
Travis Darlene 51 June Grad
Triggs Amaryllis 32 Mid-Year Grad
Troutman Phyllis 51 June Grad
Tuttle Twila 33 Mid-Year Grad
VanDyke Darlene 51 June Grad
Vehe Velma 51 June Grad
Vogt Donna 51 June Grad
Voien Beverlee 51 June Grad
Vondrak Gilbert 51 June Grad
Vondrak Joyce 51 June Grad
Vondrak Gladys 51 June Grad
Wadden Mary Louise 51 June Grad
Walker Terry 52 June Grad
Walsh Roy 33 Mid-Year Grad
Walters Don 52 June Grad
Warfield Robert 33 Mid-Year Grad
Warner Karl 52 June Grad
Wells Phyllis 52 June Grad
Wells Leila 52 June Grad
Wernentin Marilyn 52 June Grad
West Jack 33 Mid-Year Grad
West Richard 52 June Grad
Wiedenfeld Evelyn 52 June Grad
Wilcox Mildred 33 Mid-Year Grad
Williges Elsie 52 June Grad
Wilson Jean 33 Mid-Year Grad
Wingett Winifred 53 June Grad
Winn Ilith 52 June Grad
Wittsche Mildred 52 June Grad
Wooldridge Louise 33 Mid-Year Grad
Work Helen 52 June Grad
Yotka Sophie 33 Mid-Year Grad
Zanfes Wilma 53 June Grad
Zimmat Norma Jean 53 June Grad




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