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Sioux City Cavalry 1861-1864
23 Jan 2001
We are looking for descendants of "Troopers" for this unique unit during the War of Rebellion. Any information will be appreciated. A Home Page through the Museum for their honor is being planned. We must be able to verify all information. Thank you.
Members from the Sioux City area are marked with square brackets [ ] and bold. The others are from the Spirit Lake, IA Dickson Co. area.

Patrick Sullivan
4510 Prince of Peace Pl
LO #124
Sioux Falls, SD 57103

These men fought under General Alfred Sully at Battle of White Stone Hills, Dakota Territory. Some are believed to have homesteaded in NE following the Civil War. Mr. Sullivan would particularly like to have copies of diaries, and letters home. If you know persons of these surnames currently living in your area, please try to make contact and determine if there is any relationship, etc.
[Ahearn, John b. 1845]
Arthur, Homer D. b. 1821
[Borsch, Frederick b.1837]
[Brittingham, Joseph b. 1827]
[Brown, Samuel b. 1835]
Bruckner, Charles M. b. 1835
Burgess, Walter b. 1841
Cain, James b. 1838
[Casady, Samuel H. b. 1831]
Collins, Thomas M. b. 1837
[Coplan, Jacob T. b. 1833]
Crosby, Norton b. 1841
Davenport, Joel H. b. 1837
Doughty, Franklin, b. 1840
[Edwards, John T. b. 1841]
[Edwards, William b. 1837]
[Elliot, Alexander b. 1833]
Ellis, Ethel C. b. 1819
[Francis, John b. 1824]
[Furber, Isaac C. b. 1835]
[Gaugh, Christian T. b. 1824]
[Godfrey, William b. 1830]
Guptill, Levi C. b. 1836
Halley, William b. 1833
[Hardin, John b. 1827]
Henderson, Robert b. 1840
[Hipkins, John b.1826]
Jenkins, George b. 1828
Jenkins, Webster b. 1841
[Kattell, Thaddeus A. b. 1839]
Kieth, Frederick H. b. 1823
[Kevill, Thomas b. 1842]
Kingman, Alvorado b. 1830
[Kingsnorth, George W. b. 1835]
[Kingsnorth, Jesse b. 1843]
[Kinney, John b. 1829]
[Krudwig, William b. 1840]
Ladu, Peter b. 1837
[Lannsbach, Charles b.1834]
[Lebourreau, George W. b. 1826]
[Lee, Corwin M. b. 1834]
[Lennet, John b.1833] 
[Little, Wolfgang b. 1830]
[McElhaney, Thomas S. b. 1838]
[McElhaney, William J. b. 1836]
[Marshall, Abram b. 1828]
Matheson, Gunder b 1839
Maxwell, David B. b. 1833
 Mead, Frank H. b. 1843
[Millard, Andrew J. b.1832]
Miller, George W. b. 1836
[Moffatt, Richard b. 1836]
[Morf, John H. b. 1832]
Muck, Joseph b. 1819
[Murray, Archibald b. 1830]
[Myers, John b.1837]
Nevins, John W. b. 1838
Owen, Hiram C. b. 1831
Paine, William b.1831
Palmer, Jareb b. 1830
Parkhurst, Silas B. b. 1827
[Phipps, Luther b. 1845]
[Pinkerton, Marvin b. 1829]
[Porter, James F. b. 1828]
[Pratt, Niram W. b. 1805]
[Pritchard, Porter W. b. 1835]
[Rapp, Peter b. 1839]
[Richmond, Otis b. 1840]
Ridley, Albion b. 1843
Ridley, Algernon H.  b.1836
Robbins, Giles W.  b. 1836
[Rogers, George W.  b. 1837]
[Rogers, Levi M. b. 1834]
[Rohner, Christian b. 1836]
[Sawyers, James A. b. 1825]
[Schlawig, John J. b. 1832]
Schuneman, John H. b. 1830
Shackleton, James b. 1839
Smith, Chauncey S. b. 1843
Smith, Milton J. b. 1834
[Snyder, Jacob  b. 1838]
[Stafford, William  b. 1840]
[Stevens, Joseph W. b. 1829]
[Stewart, William G. b. 1819]
[Streigel, Charles b. 1836]
[Trego, Alexander J. b. 1836]
[Turman, Charles W. b. 1836]
[Ulrich, Frederick b. 1829]
[Veraguth, Henry b. 1837]
Wade, Samuel b. 1829
Warner, Norton S. b. 1825
[White, Thomas S. b. 1819]
Wilcox, Ezra M. b. 1823
[Williams, Henry b.1836]
[Winter, John b. 1838]
[Winterringer, James  b. 1837]
[Winterrenger, James F. b. 1845]
[Winterrenger, Moses B. b. 1823]
[Winterrenger, William  b. 1842]


If you know of any corrections or missing information please contact me.

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