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Wellington Cemetery, Woodbury County, Iowa. Located 1 mile east of Smithland, Iowa on SH 141 then 1/2 mile north on Lenox Ave. a gravel road. Then east up a farm field to the top of the hill. Revised in 1997. Compiled by Dennis Ronfeldt.

I found out that all of the Wellington Cemetery records are lost forever, and all of the burials in the cemetery. I was told that years ago the caretaker and record keeper shot himself, and that blood was all over the cemetery record book. So someone just threw out the records for the cemetery, not thinking. Also that the Wellington Cemetery grave lots are all full, their is know empty grave sites. If this is true then over half of the markers or stones are gone, and those people's names are also lost forever. This is a Pioneer Cemetery, was first platted as Little Sioux Twp. Cemetery #3 before Oto Twp. was created. Once called Advent, and Hollister Cemetery, now Wellington. In Section SE 1/4 of Oto Twp. it is fenced in and is mowed, stones need work, some knocked over.

Rows go from North to South:

Row 1 starts in the North West corner.

McCormack infant son of W. & M. J.

McCormack infant son born Dec. 10, 1879-March 25, 1880 infant son of W. & M. J.

McCormack infant no date

McCormack infant no date

Lewis Nate infant no date


Randall Netta died May 6, 1881 aged 28yr. 9m. 28 days D/O W.R. Randall

Davies Nancy died Aug. 20, 1884 aged 27yr. 3m. 17d. W/O Joseph F.

seven more graves here.

Grass Eva F. died Dec. 21, 1889 aged 2yr. 5m. 28d. D/O T. & J. Gross

at least 5 more graves here all related according to family members

Row 2 no markers in this row:

grave sites here.

Osborn Charles N/D

Osborn Mrs. Charles N/D

Osborn ? child of Charles N/D

Osborn ? child of Charles N/D

grave sites here.

Rogers M.E. I/S of Moses N/D

Randall William A. May 25, 1881-Oct. 27, 1881 S/O W.R. & Nettie

Row 3

Graves here but no markings

Row 4

graves here know markers.

Wightman Andrew J. June 14, 1847-April 11, 1867 S/O L. & B.

Wightman Betsy R. March 29, 1822-Dec. 14. 1890 W/O L.

Wightman L. May 15, 1817-Oct. 23, 1898

Stone gone from this grave.

Wightman Edmond S. March 28, 1842-Nov. 27, 1911 top of stone says Give Ye Blessed.

2 graves here.

Watson ? infant I/D of W.W.

Watson Amy E. Jan. 15, 1881-Feb. 9, 1881 I/D of W.W. & H. F.

Watson Hattie J. Dec. 10, 1859-June 16, 1909 W/O W.W.

Watson William W. Aug. 9, 1855-Oct. 31, 1910

Ward Mrs. Nick died 1888

7 graves here

Sanford George died June 30, 1893 aged 12yr. S/O G.A. Drowned.

Sanford Clarence died June 30, 1893 aged 10yr. S/O G.A. Drowned.

Sanford George A. 1821-1904

Sanford Martha 1830-1875

Row 5 starts east side of gate.

Adams Rebecca E. died Dec. 20. 1900 aged 86yr. 7m. 14d. Mother W/O Elijah

Adams Elijah died Sept. 22, 1889 aged 75yr. 3m. 7d. F/O G.E. & E.A. H/O

Rebecca Pioneer of Smithland area.

Hemmert John June 9, 1834-May 25, 1905

graves here

Hollister David Jr. Dec. 24, 1858-July 29, 1935

Hollister David Sr. 1802-1903

10 graves here.

marker gone just a stone base here

Graves here.

Harris David died Aug. 9, 1869 aged 51yr. 7m. 4d.

Graves here.

Bennett Mearl M. Sept. 29, 1907-Oct. 15, 1907

Hollister Lizzie A. D/O Hiram & Sarah died Jan. 9, 1875 aged 1yr. 9m. 12d.

Hollister ? No Date

2 graves here.

Wellington Wallace M. April 20, 1867-April 28, 1867

Turman Jacob 1866-1937 IOOF

Turman Mary died Jan. 26, 1`911 aged 70yr. Mother

Turman Isaac died Sept. 27, 1903 aged 66yr. Father / Mason Lodge

Turman infant son of Jacob N/D

Turman infant Daughter of Jacob N/D

Turman Charles died May 16, 1896 aged 33yr. IOOF-Knights of Pythias

Hollister Sarah K. April 9, 1845-Juhne 26, 1906 Mother

Hollister Hiram M. Feb. 5, 1836-Nov. 4, 1886 Father

Hollister Niles O. Dec. 23, 1880-March 31, 1882 aged 1yr. 3m. 7d. S/O H. & S.K.

Hollister Nettie died Jan. 16, 1884 aged 5yr. 3m. 13d. D/O H. & S.

Uhl Emma B. Oct. 11, 1863-Sept. 25, 1880

Uhl Martin died May 11, 1911 aged ?2 can not read first of age

graves here.

Miller Orie E. died Feb. 8, 1912 S/O M. Miller

Miller J. died May 15, 1911 S/O M. Miller

Adams ? died 1874 I/S of G.E. & E.A.

Adams ? died 1881 I/D of G.E. & E.A.

Hall Thomas A. died Sept. 5, 1886 aged 25yr. 3m. 22d. S/O P. & Elizabeth J.

Hall Harry E. died March 4, 1894 aged 20yr. 5m. S/O P. & Elizabeth J.

Hall infant son of P. & E.J. 1876-June 12, 1876

Clark Grace L. died Aug. 24, 1888 aged 3yr. 3m. 7d. D/O N. & L.

Jenkens Clyde A. died July 11, 1894 aged 10m. 22d. S/O W.R. & E.

Graves here.

Jackson Benjamin died May 16, 1885 aged 62yr. 4m. 29d. H/O A.M.

Jackson A.M. died Oct. 19, 1898 aged 64yr. 9m. Mother

Jackson ? I/C of Benjamin & A.M. no date

Row 7

7 graves here.

Hoskin Hulda A. died July 20, 1875 aged 59yr. 11d. W/O James

Butler Ernest M. died Dec. 29, 1875 aged 3yr. 8m. 9d. S/O D.A. & E.F.

Butler Archie E. died Aug. 17, 1875 aged 1yr. 9m. 2d. S/O D.A. & E.F.

Butler Ben no date

Butler Mrs. Ben no date W/O Ben

Caufarrus Ida B. Aug. 11, 1882 aged 1m. D/O L. & A.R.

Caufarrus Claude E. died Aug. 17, 1889 aged 2yr. 6m. 25d. S/O L.& A.R.

Caufarrus A.R. no date mother of Ida & Claude

Graves here.

Neal Glen died Nov. 17, 1892 aged 2m. S/O Jesse

Graves here.

Row 8

Lewis Nate infant plain stone no date

Graves here.

H. H.A. no date no other markings.

Smothers W. died Sept. 1875 child of Moses & Nellie

Many Graves here.


Well I hope you get this, some information from past sexton, and W.P.A. records, other from the tombstones. I/C is infant child- N/O is no date-S/O is son of-D/O is daughter of-H/O husband of-W/O is wife of-I/C is infant child-M/O is Mother of-? is not readable.

Dennis Ronfeldt dennyfam@netins.net


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UHL Emma B.



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