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Genealogy for Woodbury County, Iowa, USA.  Home page.

New page: List of Service persons buried in Calvary Cemetery (9/25/2016)

New page: Lee Post VFW # 221, Smithland, Iowa. List from 1883 to 1889 (9/25/2016)

New page: Bayer VFW Post # 411, Sloan, Iowa. List from 1885 to 1889 (9/25/2016)

New page: Bud Hazen VFW Post 207 List from 1883 to 1884 (9/25/2016)

Updated pages for email addresses Surnames for R's, B's, and W's (9/24/2016)

New page Sidney Fuller VFW Post # 458, Oto, Iowa. List from 1889 to 1901 (9/21/2016)

Passed Spring 2016 review 5/7/2016.

Passed Fall 2015 review 12/11/2015.

Fixes for Fall 2015 review. 12/11/2015

New page for Woodbury County Iowa Poor House - Farm 9/1/2015

Added a church 8/19/2015.

Cleaned up Civil War Vets buried in Woodbury County by using Tidy HTML 6/11/2015.

Added info on Civil War veterans buried here Westfork Cemetery 5/16/2015

Cleaned up Arlington Cemetery by using Tidy HTML 5/6/2015.

New 1700 names form the 1880 census. 5/6/2015 (Deemed to be complete)

Added 90 names to Floyd cemetery 5/5/2015

Added 45 names to Floyd cemetery 4/27/2015

Added 45 names to Floyd cemetery 4/23/2015

Passed Spring Review Wed, Apr 22, 2015 at 6:43 PM

Added 45 names to Floyd cemetery 4/21/2015

Fixed Search Engine. 4/21/2015

Fixed more broken links 4/16/2015

Cleaned up Floyd cemetery entries 4/16/2015

Fixed broken links 4/15/2015

Added 42 names to Floyd cemetery 4/14/2015

Added 118 names to Floyd cemetery 4/13/2015

Passed Fall Review 11/9/2014

Added 983 Civil War vets to CW Vets buried in Woodbury County. Now all Civil War vets are on one page. 8/12/2014

Added additional information on US Civil War vets to the Little Sioux Township Cemetery (aka Smithland Cemetery). 7/13/2014

Passed Spring Review 2014. 4/26/2014

Added 1000+ names and US Civil War Vets info and location of graves to Little Sioux Township Cemetery (aka Smithland Cemetery)

New added Logan Park Cemetery US Civil War Vets 4/5/2014 CW Vets buried in Woodbury County

Added new surnames to search list Hansbrough and Folwer 3/1/2014

Passed Fall Review Tue Oct 22 06:29:10 2013

Added three new names to Correctionville Cemetery 10/6/2013

New Woodbury County death index 1930 - 1935 Page 1 10/5/2013 [1800+ names]

Passed the Spring Review 5/8/2013

New history of Holly Springs 4/18/2013

Updated St Mary's Cemetery, Oto Township, Oto, Iowa added names 4/18/2013

New The Blue Book of Iowa Women, bios' of women in Woodbury county. 3/14/2013

Added 933 names to St. Joseph Cemetery 1/7/2013.

Updated Graceland Cemetery page. 1/7/2013

Updated Query and Surname pages 1/6/2013

Updated Surname page 11/20/2012

Passed Fall Review Mon, October 29, 2012 10:19:50 PM

Added 1064 names to the WestFork Cemetery 10/2/2012.

Added 362 names to the Willow Cemetery 9/30/2012.

Added 1825 names to the Sloan Cemetery 9/4/2012.

Added names and updated Pleasant Hill Cemetery 9/4/2012.

Updated Peiro - Bethel Cemetery 9/3/2012

Added 385 names updated information on others in the Oto cemetery 9/3/2012.

Updated email address on quires and surnames. Surname List for the letter "W" and "R"
Quires for "W" and "R"

New Cemetery listing adding approx 168 names, German City Cemetery 7/24/2012.

Added 6 names and 22 pictures to the Eberly Cemetery (aka Concord Township Cemetery)  7/7/2012.

Added approx 20 names to the Elliott Creek Cemetery, aka Floyd Township Cemetery listing.  7/7/2012.

Added a new page for a List of Men who served in either, The War of 1812, Mexican War, War of the Rebellion. 6/24/2012

Added a new page for the 1940 Census. 6/24/2012

Added 700 names to the Banner Cemetery listing.  6/8/2012. This should be 99% of the interments.

Added 200 names to the Little Sioux Cemetery listings. 5/20/2012.

Updated the following pages Resource List, List of Maps to Cemeteries, Adoptions Queries 4/17/2012

Removed broken link on the SSDI pages. Added two new links for look ups on the Social Security Death Index pages. 4/12/2012.

Removed broken link on the Home page. 4/12/2012

Passed the Spring Review 4/12/2012

Added information for 1940 Census on the front page. 4/5/2012

Updated email address for Surnames 3/14/2012

Added new obit obits_P.htm 3/7/2012

Added new information 1930 census new page 2/25/2012

Added new information for Westfork Cemetery 2/19/2012

Added new Woodbury County History from 1876 1/1/2012

Updated Eberly Cemetery (aka Concord Township Cemetery)  re-formatted, peer reviewed and corrected. 11/25/2011

Passed the Fall Review Wed, October 26, 2011 1:06:43 AM

Fixed broken links 10/13/2011

Moved all 26 files for Queries to a new folder, updated all pages to remove propriety code for just one browser to make them more browser friendly to all. 9/24/2011

Moved all 26 files for Surname's to a new folder, updated all pages to remove propriety code for just one browser to make them more browser friendly to all. 9/17/2011

Updated email address for Posted Queries For the Surname "J" 9/10/2011

Added new surname on list   Surname List for the letter "S" 9/10/2011

Added (new) Durst Mill 9/3/2011

Added (new) Danbury History 9/3/2011

Added (new) Cushing Church History 9/3/2011

Added (new) Cushing School 9/3/2011

Updated the Correctionville Cemetery, now almost 800 names!!!! 7/16/2011

Updated list of churches 6/25/2011

Passed the Spring Review 4/16/2011

Fixed broken links on many pages 3/19/2011

Updated WCGS page with the Spring 2011 index of the WAHKAW 3/13/2011

Fixed broken links on many pages 3/5/2011

Added (new) Cushing History 2/7/2011

Added (new) Grace Lutheran Church, Correctionville  2/7/2011

Added (new) Assembly of God Church History, Correctionville 2/5/2011

Added (new) Correctionville Public Library History 2/5/2011

Added (new) Early Merchants of Correctionville  History 2/5/2011

Added (new) Correctionville History 2/5/2011

Added (new) First Baptist Church of Climbing Hill History 2/5/2011

Added (new) Climbing Hill School History 2/5/2011

Added (new) Elliott Creek Presbyterian Church History 2/5/2011

Updated the Churches in Woodbury County, IA page 2/5/2011

Added (new)  History of Owego 1/2/2011

Passed the Fall 2010 Review 11/3/2010

Re-indexed Index to Hornick Centennial Book 10/25/2010

Fixed Broken links on 16 pages 10/24/2010

Updated the Main Cemetery page 10/16/2010

Updated the GNIS Map to Cemetery's  page 10/16/2010

Fixed Broken Links  on many pages  10/9/2010

Updated the Floyd Cemetery page 10/9/2010

Added (new) CW Vets buried in Woodbury County page 10/9/2010

Fixed Broken Link  Surname List for the letter "L"  page  9/12/2010

Fixed Broken Link Posted Queries for Surnames beginning with the letter "W" page  9/12/2010

Fixed Broken Link Wahkaw_Winter_2002 page  9/12/2010

Fixed Broken Link Wahkaw_Spring_2002 page  9/12/2010

Fixed Broken Link Wahkaw_Winter_2001 page  9/12/2010

Fixed Broken Link  Front Page / Home Page / Index page  9/12/2010

Fixed Broken Link Woodbury County Genealogical Society page 9/12/2010

Updated the  Family Reunions Index page 9/11/2010

Updated the  German City Cemetery page 9/11/2010

Updated the  Front Page / Home Page / Index page 9/11/2010

Updated "Posted Queries for Surnames beginning with the letter "P"" 7/15/2010

Updated front page (aka index page) 7/12/2010

Added (new) St Joseph parish index 5/23/2010

Added (new) WWII Deceased 5/23/2010

Passed the Spring 2010 Review 4/4/2010

Added History of Woodbury County 1876 4/3/2010

Added Unveiling of Cordua-Roberts Monument 4/3/2010

Added THE SQUATTER WAR Of 1885 4/3/2010



Added Index to Hornick Centennial, 1887-1987, Iowa, Woodbury County 4/3/2010


Added Historical Review of the Woodbury County Sheriff’s Department 4/1/2010

Added Church Records For St. John’s Evangelical Church German City 4/1/2010


Added Farming over the years 4/1/2010

Added Farming in Woodbury County 3/31/2010

Added History of Anthon 3/31/2010

Added Graceland Cemetery page three, names from Mabel R Alkire to  Harry B Amos 11/20/2009.

Added Graceland Cemetery page two, names from Elizabeth Adamson to  Emily Jane Alkire 11/13/2009.

Added Graceland Cemetery page one, names from Eline Aasen to  Baby of A.G. Adamson 11/2/2009.




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