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Able and Annie Christine Smart


Information comes from the Jensen family files of Shirlene Jensen and the History of Bear Lake Pioneers


Abel Smart was born 30 Jan 1848 in Lea, England, the son of William and Jane (Stockham) Smart.  When Abel was about 19 he wanted to take a trip around the world, so he came to America in the spring of 1867, landing in New Jersey.  While still on board he had all his belongings stolen.  All he had when he landed besides the clothes he was wearing, was some underwear and a shirt he had washed.  After landing he was hungry and seeing some lovely apples and for a nickel he was able to purchase quite a number.  But when he took his first bite, what a disappointment!  It was his first taste of ripe tomatoes and he never cared for them the rest of his life.

He left New Jersey and went to Chicago and Omaha where he worked in the meat packing houses, and later the timber and lumber mills in Michigan. While in Omaha he heard of Brigham Young and the Mormons and decided to look them up on his way to California.  He arrived in Salt Lake in September 1868.  Upon arrival in the city, he placed his bundle of clothes at the side of the street while he toured the city.  When he returned hours later, it was still there.  He was so impressed with the honesty of the people, he decided to remain.  He spent his first winter at Promontory Point, then went to Wellsville where he met his first wife, Sarah Gittins.  He was baptized 8 Aug 1869 by Robert Leatham and on 20 Sep 1869 he and Sarah were married in the Salt Lake Endowment House.

They eventually moved to Bear Lake where he was among the first successful dry farm wheat raisers in Idaho.  He was called as one of the first officiators in the Logan Temple. On 11 Feb 1885 he married Emma Irene Staley in the Logan Temple and then Annie Christine Jensen, daughter of Peter Jensen and Bodelia Jacobsen, 14 Nov 1888 in the Logan Temple. At this time it became necessary for him to go into retirement because of the government raids of the officers of the Temple.  The raids became so persistent that he had a hard time of it, living chiefly in the mountains and rarely sleeping in a house for two years.  At one time, he got snowed in between Bear Lake and Cache counties and for three days and nights had no food or shelter.  One of his feet was frozen and he contracted pneumonia, from which he never fully recovered.

Early in 1900, he became associated with the Montpelier Electric Company which supplied the business district of Montpelier with more or less intermittent service.  In 1917 he was caretaker of the Georgetown plant until his death.

Able died 16 Nov 1935 at 87.  His three wives preceded him in death.  Annie died 13 Apr 1901 in Georgetown  and both are buried in the Georgetown cemetery.

Children of Able Smart and Sarah Grittens

1. Able Smart
2. William Smart
3. James Smart
4. Sarah Smart
5. Mary Smart
6. Jane Smart
7. Lottie Smart
8. Maud Smart
9. Frederick Smart
10. Ezra Smart
11. Parley Smart
12. Hazel Smart

Children of Abel Smart and Emma Irene Staley

1. Emma Smart
2. John A Smart
3. Grace Smart
4. Joseph A Smart
5. Ada Smart
6. Wilford Willard Smart
7. Ida Smart
8. Vernal Smart
9. Edith Smart
10. Annie Smart
11. Ray Staley Smart
12. Edna Smart
13. Irene Smart
14. Iva Smart

Children of Abel Smart and Annie Christine Jensen

1. George Smart b-3 Dec 1889 in Swan Creek, Rich Co Utah; d-23 Feb 1959 in Toole Ut; m-Margaret Murray
2. Hannah Smart b-27 July 1893 in Ovid; d-7 Sep 1967 in Georgetown; m-Frank Haynes
3. Jesse Smart b-15 July 1895 in Ovid; d-30 Mar 1969 in Toole; m-Louise Shields
4. Lyman Smart b-1 June 1898 in Georgetown; d-11 May 1932 in Logan Ut; m-Juanita Winters
5. Charles Orrin Smart b-23 Mar 1901 in Georgetown; d-16 Dec 1910


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