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Alonzo and Sarah Bingham


Information comes from Mrs. Nevin B Payne in the History of Bear Lake Pioneers.


Alonzo Bingham was born 10 Nov 1832 in Upper Leeds in Upper Canada, the son of Reuben Bingham and Susan Marks.  He and his sister Lois Melissa Bingham were left orphans at an early age.  He was called in 1863 with his cousin Calvin Bingham to settle the Bear Lake area.  He settled in the Bennington area and was presiding elder of that ward during the 1870s.  While laboring in this capacity he was exceedingly honest. He married Sarah Thorn in 1854. She was born 15 Feb 1836 in Nunda New York, the daughter of Asahel Thorn and Sarah Lester.

Children of Alonzo Bingham and Sarah Thorn

1. William Rueben Bingham b-25 Apr 1855 in East Weber Utah; d-12 Dec 1927 in Thatcher Arizona
2. Charles Alonzo Bingham b-13 Dec 1856 in East Weber; d-4 Apr 1857
3. Asahel Bingham b-17 Feb 1858 in East Weber; d-1859
4. Joseph Bingham b-7 Oct 1859 in Springville Utah; d-7 Apr 1833 in Safford Arizona
5. Isaac Bingham b-12 Apr 1860 in Hyrum Utah; d-12 Apr 1860
6. Richard Bingham b-26 Nov 1861 in Hyrum; d-12 Feb 1926
7. Lydia Ann Bingham b-13 Feb 1864 in Bennington; d-12 Feb 1923
8. Lois Melissa Bingham b-26 Jan 1866 in Bennington; d-6 May 1950 in Safford Arizona
9. Nancy Adeline Bingham b-15 Aug 1868 in Bennington; d-21 Aug 1941
10. Hyrum Smith Bingham b-28 Feb 1871 in Bennington; d-3 May 1951 in Safford
11. David Lester Bingham b-19 May 1875 in Bennington; d-23 Nov 1945
12. Effie Bingham b-19 Oct 1876 in Bennington; d-26 Oct 1892
13. Alexander Bingham b-9 Sep 1878 in Salem Utah; d-1879

Alonzo was a very kind hearted man always looking after the poor and the widows.  He made many trips to and across the plains to help immigrants coming to Utah. He was a very hard working man, but was never rich and always had to work with his hands for a living. In 1879 the family moved to Salem Utah and in 1880 moved on to St David Arizona, where they resided for 15 years.  In 1895 he moved to Safford and remained there for the rest of his life.  He made a living while in Arizona mostly by freighting.  He had the government contract to carry freight from the railroad to St Huachuca and it was there that he had a serious accident.

While unloading freight he attempted to lift a pool table that fell on him causing injuries that led to his death.  He died 4 Sep 1907 in Safford.  Sarah died 26 Aug 1906 in Safford.


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