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Andrew Larsen


The Montpelier Examiner, Friday, November 22, 1918




Andrew Larsen of this city, has three sons in the military service, one in the aviation section, one in the tank service and one in the marines.  Two of them, J William and Albert are graduates from the Montpelier high school.  J William, who is in the aviation section, was amember of a class of 17 who graduate don the 9th of this month from the US School of Military Aeronautics at San Francisco and had the war continued he would no doubt have been in France in a short time.  Mr. Larsen received a group photo of the class and they sure were 17 husky looking lads.

Albert, who is only 19 years old, has been driving a tank in France since the first of October.  Before entering the service he took two terms of ____ school in Kansas.  Miller the oldest son, is in the marine corps.  His company had orders to sail for France the day that the armistice was signed, so he will not get to see active service.

The great grandfather of these boys was a member of the Danish army in 1864 and that year met death, as did every other member of his company, in an engagement against the German forces.

It is quite natural, therefore, that the lads should be anxious to "get a crack" at the Huns now, but it remained for only one of them, Albert, to have the pleasure of taking a hand in the conflict.


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