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Montpelier High School

The building was built in 1937 and renamed Bear Lake High School in 1967.  It is now the Bear Lake Middle School.

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Built at a cost of $175,000 by the PWA, the dedication services were held October 22, 1937 and on Monday, Oct 25, the building opened for classes.

The Montpelier Examiner, June 3, 1937

Construction is progressing rapidly on the new $160,000 high school building in Montpelier.  Foundations are practically complete, inside supporting walls have been cast to first floor level and brick work is well under way.  This is the PWA total cost being supplied by the federal government.

The Montpelier Examiner, October 7, 1937

Vernon George Robinson has recently been added to the faculty of the Montpelier high school.  Mr. Robinson began class room services Tuesday.

Mr. Robinson will have sections in American history and government, freshman and senior English, and economic geography besides study hall supervision.  He is a graduate of the University of Utah and in addition holds a graduate degree with majors in History and social science from the University of California at Berkeley.

The Montpelier Examiner, November 18, 1937

The library of the Montpelier High School is financed chiefly through a library fee of 50 cents, that is a charge of 50 cents against each student enrolled.  This at best would bring the total amount to $175 which is totally inadequate to finance a modern and up to date high school library.

Most of the books are badly worn, many should be replaced and very many more should be repaired.  This fact has been noted by visitors in the new high school building.  Most worthy examples have been set by Dr. and Mrs. L P Gaertner, Mrs. Mildred Schoper and H B Whitman, who have made generous donations of new books to the high school library.

They were not discarded books from their private libraries or volumes for which they had no further use, but all new purchases.

The Montpelier Examiner February 24, 1938

Wesley Baker announced Wednesday that the annual MHS opera "The Golden Trail" would be given in three performances next week.  One of the unusual features of this presentation is the MHS orchestra consisting of 45 pieces will accompany the entire opera, a feature never attempted before in the history of the Montpelier school.

The complete chorus and cast of the 125 members will don costumes of emigrants, Spanish Californians, miners and bandits, secured from the Salt Lake Costuming Company.  Special scenery and lighting effects are under construction for the new auditorium to add to the success of the entertainment.

The Montpelier Examiner, August 25, 1938

Entering the newspaper publishing field which will occupy all his time, Jerome Taylor, coach at Montpelier High School since 1926, has resigned his position as was announced by Taylor and A J Winters, superintendent of schools.

Taylor will be associated with Mr. and Mrs. H A Robinson in publication of The Montpelier Examiner, in which he purchased an interest a year ago.  He was reluctant to quit coaching, he said but finds his new occupation making heavy demands on his time.  Taylor will leave a place difficult to fill in the opinion of Winters.

The Montpelier Examiner, October 13, 1938

As a result of the annual tour, Phil Soulen, state high school inspector Tuesday expressed approval and satisfaction with the general school situation at Montpelier, and was particularly laudatory in remarks relative to the new school building and furnishings.

He was very pleased with the library arrangement, which under its present organization has a full time librarian and study hall supervisor, Miss Florence Bauer.  Miss Bauer, especially trained in library work, is re-cataloging and reclassifying the 1800 books, and renovating the entire library.


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