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Game Warden Charles E Gaskins


The Montpelier Examiner, August 30, 1934


Deputy Game Warden Gaskins reports that a couple of mountain lions have been seen recently near Giveout Springs. Presumably they were in that section looking for a juicy young calf, as there are no sheep on that allotment and few deer.

Mr. Gaskins has a number of traps set in that territory and he hopes to catch both the animals.

The Montpelier Examiner, January 30, 1936


Deputy Game Warden C E Gaskins reports nearly four hundred head of deer are feeding in Montpelier Canyon and a like number in St Charles Canyon.  He reports these deer are in the best of condition and they are finding plenty of feed in the mahogany groves and greasewood patches found in these canyons.

According to Mr. Gaskins wild deer will eat hay only as a last resort and that from past experience of feeding, he finds they will not touch any feed placed out for them.

The Montpelier Examiner, February 25, 1937

Game Warden Charles Gaskins reports that the pheasants in Bear Lake county are coming through the winter in splendid shape and that the ranchers of the county deserve a lot of thanks for their fine cooperation with the sportsmen in feeding and taking care of them.

When they were asked for it, the Game Department has furnished grain to feed the pheasants.  Gaskins said that local ranchers are taking more and more interest in game birds and that quite a number have asked for a start of pheasants for their places when more are planed.


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