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Charles Manassa


The Montpelier Examiner, Saturday, 7 March 1896, page 1



Chas Manassa, who was shot by Andy McIlwain in this city Jan 18th, died at Pocatello last Tuesday morning of blood poisoning. Mr. Manassa was born in Michigan about 36 years ago. He went to Kansas where he was married some seven years ago.  A little later he came to Montpelier where until a few days ago he resided. He was at one time City Marshal of Montpelier.

The deceased leaves a wife and two children to whom the heart felt sympathy of the community is extended. The unfortunate occurrence which caused his death is deeply deplored by all for Charles had a great many friends as also has Andy McIlwain.  The funeral took place at Pocatello yesterday being conducted by Rev Vander Donekt.  It is believe that McIlwain will now be brought back and tried for murder at the August term of court.

Since writing the above we learn from Dr. Hoover that a post mortem examination was made on Manassa and the remarkable feat was developed that the bullet had lodged in a bone at the base of the skull, to remove which is was necessary to take out the entire brain.  The bullet had fractured the upper jawbone and had completely severed at its point of leaving the skull; the pneumogastric nerve which nerve exhorts the greatest influence upon all the organs of the chest and abdomen.  Such an injury is absolutely fatal by its interference with the process of nutrition.  The cutting of this nerve, so to speak, stopped all working of the lungs and bowels and how he lived more than a day or two is a mystery.  Therefore it is clear that Chas Manassa did not die of blood poisoning as above stated.


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