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Charles Coulson and Sarah De Arman Rich


 By Lyman H Rich from the History of Bear Lake Pioneers (This is a condensed version)


Charles Coulson Rich was born near Big Bone, Boone County, Kentucky, 21 Aug 1809.  Today that spot is the Northern Kentucky International Airport near Hebron, Boone County, Kentucky.  He was raised across the Ohio River in Switzerland County Indiana until 20, when his father Joseph, moved to Tazwell County, Illinois.  He was a farmer and a school teacher in Indiana.  He was baptized in March 1832 by Elder J W Hinkle.  He made the Zion's Camp march to Missouri and was at Kirtland Ohio where he attended many of the sessions in the Temple. Charles met Sarah De Arman Pea at a religious gathering in Far West Missouri and they were married 11 Feb 1838 in Far West, Missouri.

Charles C Rich was given many responsibilities by Joseph Smith, including the appointment as major general of the Nauvoo Legion and a member of the Nauvoo City Council.  He eventually married five other women in the principle of plural marriage and only with the consent of his first wife.  After the death of Joseph Smith, he and his wives left Nauvoo and stayed for a time at Mt Pisgah Iowa.  After arriving in the Salt Lake Valley, he was the leader when Brigham Young was away.  On Feb 12 1849 he was made an apostle and was called to go to California and purchased all the land in what is now San Bernardino, becoming the first mayor there.  After returning to Salt Lake City, he was sent on a European Mission in 1860.  After returning he was called to explore the Bear Lake Valley for possible settlement.

He arrived in Bear Lake on North Creek (now Paris) in Sep 1863.  His families did not arrive until June 28, 1864.  For 15 years Charles was the leader in Bear Lake and he died 17 Nov 1883 after suffering a stroke and was buried in the Paris City Cemetery.  Sarah died 12 Dec 1893 in Salt Lake City and was buried in the Paris City Cemetery.

Children of Charles Coulson Rich and Sarah De Arman Pea

1. Sarah Jane Rich b-4 Mar 1839 in Burton Illinois; d-5 Aug 1926 in Salt Lake City
2. Joseph Coulson Rich b-16 Jan 1841 in Nauvoo Illinois; d-17 Oct 1908 in Centerville Utah
3. Atrimessia Rich b-15 Jan in Nauvoo Illinois; d-12 Sep 1843 in Nauvoo
4. Charles Coulson Rich b-2 Sep 1844 in Nauvoo; d-8 June 1890 in Vernal Utah
5. John Thomas Rich b-15 Dec 1846 in Mt Pisgah Iowa; d-5 June 1893 in Paris
6. Elizabeth Rich b-6 Oct 1849 in Salt Lake City; d-26 July 1932 in Salt Lake
7. David Patton Rich b-8 Apr 1853 in Salt Lake City; d-27 Mar 1930 in Ogden Utah
8. Benjamin Erastus Rich b-7 Nov 1855 in Salt Lake City; d-13 Sep 1913 in New York City
9. Frederick Carmel Rich b-19 July 1859 in Salt Lake City; d-26 Apr 1941 in Salt Lake City

Children of Charles Coulson Rich and Sarah Ann Graves

1. Mary Bratton Rich b-11 Feb 1846 in Nauvoo; d-4 Apr 1931 in Brigham City Utah
2. Eliza Ann Rich b-14 Nov 1848 in Salt Lake City; d-11 Feb 1849 in Salt Lake City
3. Frances Phoebe Rich b-30 June 1850 in Salt Lake City; d-28 Nov 1932 in Paris

Children of Charles Coulson Rich and Mary Ann Phelps

1. Laura Esphena Rich b-25 Sep 1848 in Salt Lake City; d-9 May 1849 in Salt Lake City
2. Mary Ann Rich b-15 May 1850 in Salt Lake City; d-3 Nov 1935
3. William Lyman Rich b-9 Aug 1852 in San Bernardino California; d-1 June 1928 in Ogden Utah
4. Minerva Marion Rich b-7 Aug 1854 in San Bernardino; d-7 Nov 1939 in Los Angeles
5. Morris Marion Rich b-7 Aug 1854 in San Bernardino; d-3 June 1855 in San Bernardino
6. Amassa Mason Rich b-25 Oct 1856 in San Bernardino; d-15 Feb 1919 in Ogden
7. Paulina Phelps Rich b-21 Apr 1859 in Centerville Utah; d-8 Oct 1860
8. Ezra Clark Rich b-18 Aug 1864 in Paris; d-27 Dec 1948 in Los Angeles
9. Edward Israel Rich b-9 Apr 1868 in Paris; d-18 Feb 1969 in Ogden
10. Jacob Phelps Rich b&d 11 Dec 1876 in Paris
11. Jacob Phelps Rich b&d 4 Dec 1877 in Paris

Children of Charles Coulson Rich and Sarah Jane Peck

1. Hyrum Smith Rich b-8 Oct 1846 in Mt Pisgah Iowa; d-17 Aug 1924 in St Charles
2. Henrietta Rich b-30 July 1849 in Salt Lake City; d-2 Aug 1853
3. Orissa Rich b-6 Oct 1851 in Salt Lake City; d-31 Mar 1854
4. Orson Rich b-6 Oct 1851 in Salt Lake City; d-19 June 1852 in Salt Lake City
5. Samantha Rich b-18 Oct 1853 in Centerville Utah; d-8 Apr 1866 in Centerville
6. Henry Benjamin Rich b-15 Dec 1855 in Centerville; d-5 Jan 1893
7. Lorenzo Ether Rich b-22 Apr 1858 in Salt Lake City; d-1 Jan 1893 in Paris
8. Phoebe Jane Rich b-27 Oct 1860 in Centerville; d-21 Oct 1879 in Paris
9. Julia Ann Rich b-7 Aug 1863 in Centerville Utah; d-6 Dec 1865 
10. Wilford Woodruff Rich b-10 Jan 1866 in Paris; d-24 July 1940
11. Walter Peck Rich b-18 Jan 1869 in Paris; d- 18 July 1943 in Paris

Children of Charles Coulson Rich and Emeline Grove

1. Thomas Grove Rich b-30 Dec 1849 in Centerville; d-2 July 1878 in St Charles
2. Caroline Whiting Rich b-22 Jan 1852 in San Bernardino;d-28 Dec 1936 in Logan
3. Nancy Emeline Rich b-19 Feb 1854 in San Bernardino; d-11 Jan 1939 in St Charles
4. Landon Jedediah Rich b-11 Mar 1858 in Centerville; d-27 Oct 1921 in Springfield Idaho
5. Samuel Joseph Rich b-1 May 1860 in Centerville; d-8 Dec 1916
6. Heber Charles Rich b-8 Aug 1863 in Centerville; d-3 Oct 1932 in Pingree Idaho
7. Joel Hezekiah Rich b-17 Oct 1865 in Logan; d-7 Jan 1945
8. George Quayle Rich b-17 Mar 1869 in Paris; d-17 June 1869 in Paris

Children of Charles Coulson Rich and Harriet Sergeant

1. Franklin David Rich b-5 Apr 1849 in Salt Lake City; d-10 Dec 1910 in Paris
2. Adelbert Coulson Rich b-6 Dec 1851 in San Bernardino; d-9 Aug 1918 in Bountiful Utah
3. Tunis Harriet Rich b-26 Mar 1855 in San Bernardino; d-21 Mar 1857
4. Abel George Rich b-1 Feb 1857 in San Bernardino; d-13 Dec 1939 in Brigham City Utah
5. Martha Caroline Rich b-25 Feb 1859 in Centerville; d-3 Feb 1937 in Washington DC
6. Harley Thomas Rich b-6 Nov 1863 in Centerville; d-25 Sep 1933 in Paris
7. Luna Rosetta Rich b-13 May 1865 in Paris; d-1 June 1891 in Blackfoot
8. Morgan Jesse Rich b-20 Jan 1868 in Paris; d-28 July 1951 in Salt Lake City
9. Alvin Orlando Rich b-2 Jan 1870 in Paris; d-26 May 1944 in Magrath Canada
10. Drusilla Sarah Rich b-14 Aug 1871 in Paris; d-31 May 1952 in San Francisco

Photo of home in Paris

The Montpelier Examiner, August 26, 1937

Citizens from many states joined in paying tribute here Sunday to Charles Coulsen Rich, early day LDS church leader, pioneer of three states, military officer and colonizer of Bear Lake County.

Unveiling of a monument to the leader, an early member of the LDS Church council of twelve apostles, marked the ceremonies which were attended by Governor Barzilla W Clark of Idaho and Governor Henry H Blood of Utah, LDS church officials and representatives of the Utah Pioneer Trails and Landmarks Association, as well as a progeny of the Rich family.


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