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Sheriff Chris Olsen


The Montpelier Examiner, January 10, 1913


Sheriff elect Olsen informs the Examiner that he will appoint William Nye of this city, as his deputy at Paris.  Mr. Nye ran next to Mr. Olsen in the primaries last summer and the new sheriff considered that fact when making his choice of a deputy.

Mr. Nye will move to Paris immediately and assume the duties of his new office next Monday, when the other officials take hold.

Next Monday morning the county officers who have served the county for the past two years with few exceptions will step out of office and a new set will step into their official shoes.  The following is a list of those who will take up new duties with the names of those they will succeed.

Sheriff Chris Olsen succeeding Joel R Rich.
Assessor James Dunn who succeeds Oliver Dunford
Probate Judge Edward J Haddock who succeeds John H Grimmett
County Attorney Jesse P Rich who succeeds Wm Higgins
Treasurer J Henry Stocker who succeeds himself
Superintendent of schools Alfred A Hart who succeeds himself
Surveyor Edward Bucher who succeeds himself
Coroner J P Nowland who succeeds himself
Commissioners Messrs. Howell, Peterson and Quayle who succeed Messrs. Linford, Hymas and Joff


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