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Christian and Karen Petra Hogensen


Information comes from the History of Bear Lake Pioneers by Mrs. W Louis Perkins


Christian Hogensen was born in Lier, Norway, 8 Feb 1830, the son of Hogen Nielsen and Ingborg Olsen.  Later, he moved to Denmark and worked at a warehouse, but also fulfilling the Norwegian educational requirements. Karen Petra Larsen was born 20 Dec 1830, the daughter of Lars Nielsen & Ann Pedersen. Her father was a blacksmith but died when she was young, so she went to work at an early age and became a nursemaid to the children of a wealthy family.

Karen and some friends attended the meetings by the missionaries and after investigating the church, she was baptized.  She met Christian at a Mormon meeting and she wanted to emigrate to America but did not have the funds.  Christian offered to loan her the money and they both sailed from Liverpool on the William Tapscott in the spring of 1859. They were married while still on the Atlantic. They arrived in Salt Lake 4 Sep 1859. Christian and Petra went to the Endowment House while living in Salt Lake an din 1861 they moved to North Logan.  In 1863 they were called by Brigham Young to help settle Bear Lake Valley arriving in Paris Nov 1, 1863.  They dug a cave in the north bank of the creek and here their second child was born. In the spring they moved to Montpelier.

Children of Christian Hogensen and Karen Petra Larsen

1. Caroline Hogensen b-26 July 1861 in North Logan Utah; d-1866
2. Agnes Hogensen b-9 Nov 1863 in Paris; d-12 Oct 1942 in Montpelier; m-Charles B Pearce
3. Mary Jane Hogensen b-9 Dec 1866 in Montpelier; d-1 Mar 1956 in Montpelier; m-Ole Swensen
4. Charles Henry Hogensen b-12 Aug 1869 in Richmond Utah; d-19 July 1909 in Montpelier; m-Emily Charlet Anderson
5. Lorenzo Hogensen b-26 Dec 1874 in Montpelier; d-24 July 1881

Christian built his first home on Third Street but later built another home.  He owned most of the block east of Third Street and between Jefferson and Washington.  The foot of "M" hill was completely covered with corrals, pig pens, chicken coops, hay stacks and firewood.  After a few bad winters the family moved to Richmond Utah but the next year they moved back to Montpelier. Christian said "We were called to settle and build up Bear Lake Valley and here we will stay."

In 1884 Christian married a second wife Maran Jensen on 2 Aug 1884 in Logan Temple and had two more children. Christian died 16 Dec 1899 in Montpelier.  Petra died 2 Oct 1917 in Montpelier and both were buried in the Montpelier cemetery.

Children of Christian Hogensen and Maran Jensen

1. James Hogensen b-9 May 1885 in Montpelier; d-before 1900
2. Clara Christina Hogensen b-9 Dec 1886 in Montpelier


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