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Bear Lake County Civil War Veterans

Veteran Company Death Date Where Buried
Banks, William H Captain 9th Pennsylvania Cavalry 2 March 1915 Montpelier Cemetery
Barney, George E Co E, III Pennsylvania Infantry 1 Feb 1879 Montpelier Cemetery
Cleveland, Shelley Edward (served on Ticonderoga under Admiral Farragut) Sailor, Union Navy 5 Feb 1924 St Charles Cemetery
Favre, Johan Co D, 32 Massachusetts Infantry, Volunteer 5th Corps, Army of the Potomac 16 July 1921 Paris Cemetery
Glauner, Benjamin F (marched with Sherman) Union Volunteer 4 Oct 1907 died at Eight Mile; buried Soda Springs Cemetery
Glenn, Thomas Louis Company F, Second KY Cavalry C.S.A. 18 Nov 1918 Montpelier Cemetery
Hessell, Godfrey L G Union 11 July 1888 Paris Cemetery
Hoff, John G Pennsylvania Company 21 Dec 1911 Georgetown Cemetery
Hoge, Robert Union 1898 Liberty Cemetery
Knapp, E R Company I 2nd Wisconsin Calvary unknown Bloomington Cemetery
Langford, John Webster Co A, 1st Regiment Wisconsin, Heavy Artillery 18 Apr 1916 Wardboro Cemetery
Laughter, Baylus Edney Co B 64th North Carolina Infantry 10 Jan 1921 Sugarloaf, N Carolina
Lewis, Joseph Jr. 2nd Iowa Battery of Light Artillery 20 May 1912 Dingle Cemetery
Ludlum, Henry Co E 19th New York Infantry 30 Apr 1887 Paris Cemetery
McCart, Joseph 24th Indiana Infantry 4 Sep 1917 Montpelier Cemetery
McCart, Sam Captain 24th Indiana Infantry 8 Apr 1891 Montpelier Cemetery
Moon, J H Dr. Field Surgeon Union Regiment 20 Feb 1891 died Montpelier; buried Michigan
Nowland, James P (served under General Custer) 1st Michigan Cavalry 5 June 1913 Dingle Cemetery
Oakley, Ebenezer W (bandmaster) 18th Illinois Cavalry 11 Dec 1902 Montpelier Cemetery
Sizemore, William M #1-36 Alabama Infantry/C.S.A.
#2-Union Army 1864-1866
4 Nov 1903 Georgetown Cemetery
Sovey, David 7th Wisconsin Battery unknown Montpelier Cemetery
Staley, Stephan B Co B 2nd Ohio Infantry 28 Nov 1917 Montpelier Cemetery
Stuart, David C (under Nathan Bedford Forrest) 4th Alabama Cavalry C.S.A. 22 Nov 1918 Montpelier Cemetery
Thompson, Charles W (Custer/Indian War) Co B 19th Regiment, Kansas Cavalry 26 Jan 1934 Montpelier Cemetery
Thompson, William Civil War Veteran 11 June 1927 Ovid Cemetery
Underwood, John Lorin Co H 14th Iowa Infantry 14 Feb 1914 Soda Springs Cemetery
Westfall, Andrew J Co F 145 Pennsylvania Infantry 9 May 1886 Montpelier Cemetery
Whitman, Edwin C 9th Missouri Cavalry, Union 27 Feb 1908 died Montpelier; buried Illinois
Wilson, John Civil War Veteran 12 Jan 1918 Montpelier Cemetery
VanOrman, Abraham 7th Regiment, Michigan Cavalry Volunteers 29 Aug 1896 Bennington Cemetery


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