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Fred L Cruikshank Family


The Montpelier Examiner, 24 June 1910

Last Friday afternoon Donald, the 18 month old son of Mr. and Mrs. Cruikshank, fell off the foot bridge which crosses the irrigation ditch in front of Mrs. Ed Burgoyne's residence.  Although there was only about five inches of water running in the ditch, there was sufficient force to the current to carry the little fellow under the bridge, where he was found by his mother within three minutes probably after he had fallen into the ditch.

A physician was hurriedly summoned and pending the arrival vigorous restorative remedies were supplied.  It seemed doubtful of saving the child's life for some time after the doctor arrived, but after working hard with him for an hour, he was pronounced out of danger.

Had he remained in the water another minute it would have been impossible to have restored him to life.

The Montpelier Examiner, 19 January 1912

Fred Cruikshank, returned last Sunday from Blackfoot where he had been attending the quarterly meeting of the trustees of the insane asylum.  Mr. Cruikshank stated the institution in in excellent condition and although the number of inmates has increased about 50 in the past year all are being well cared for.

There were 263 inmates in the asylum on the first of this month.

The Montpelier Examiner, 21 March 1913

My but there will be a lot of Ford cars buzzing around these parts this summer.  F L Cruikshank, local agent for the Ford, informed us last Monday that he has already sold 13 of these cars and all but two of them to Montpelier parties.  The first carload shipment left the factory on March 1 and is expected here any day.  The second shipment will be made April 1.  The price of the Ford this year fully equipped is $675. This is $15 less than these cars sell for in Salt Lake, the difference being due to the advantage Montpelier has over the Utah city in freight rates.

The amount saved by purchasing at home is nearly enough to pay the state license provided for in the new law, the license ranging from $20 a year for 20 horsepower cars to $50 for the largest ones made.

The Montpelier Examiner, 22 August 1913

The "auto fever" is gradually spreading among the farmers of Bear Lake County.  Nephi Skinner of Nounan, being the last one to fall victim to it.  He is now driving a Ford, which he purchased last Monday from Fred Cruikshank.

The Montpelier Examiner, 23 January 1914

As Postmaster Winters commission does not expire for about six months, we haven't heard much talk yet as to who will be in the race for the position.  It is likely however that there will be no dearth of active candidates when the proper time arrives form them to host their lightening rods.

Those whom we have heard mentioned as being probable aspirants for the office are, Jos Robinson, M B Cherry, James Smeath, J F O'Connor and Fred Cruikshank.  As each one of them has a good following of friends it will make a lively contest, as all or two or three, decide to go after the post office plum.

The Montpelier Examiner, 11 October 1934


Workmen have been busy the last few days tearing down the addition in the rear of the Fred Cruikshank building on Washington Street.  The addition has not been in use for several years owing to faulty construction, so Fred decided the best thing to do was take it down.  Later he may build a new section in back of the present front structure.

The Montpelier Examiner, 2 July 1936

Last Tuesday, F L Cruikshank called attention to a Model T Ford parked on the street here and said that it was a car he had sold when he was a Ford dealer 22 years ago. He said that at the time when a dealer sold a car he always told the purchaser that the car should last a lifetime.  Different now, when the dealer usual remarks, "You should get a good price on a trade in next summer."


The Montpelier Examiner, 3 March 1938

F L Cruikshank recently accepted the chairmanship of the Better Housing program committee in this community at the request of Stewart McDonald Federal Housing Administrator.


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