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Bear Lake Deaths



Transcribed from LDS film #1450968


Adams, Baby Son of Wm & Kate b&d 18 Mar 1908 in Montpelier of strangulation by fluid at time of birth
Adams, Wm W d-14 Nov 1909 in Montpelier of paralysis of heart; a-7y; s/o Wm O & Kate
, Child of Fred & Eliza; d-3 Jan 1910 in Montpelier; a-1 hour
, Mrs. Fred (Eliza) d-8 Jan 1910 in Montpelier of child birth; a-28y; b-Switzerland
, Wm d-15 Aug 1908 in Nounan of epilepsy; a-32y; s/o Ephraim T Moon (step-father)
, Bertha b-Montpelier; a-3 days; d/o Alec & Minnie; d-28 Nov 1908 in Montpelier of La gripp
, Margareth b-Switzerland; a-7y; d/o Andrew & Marguerited-1 Apr 1909 in Montpelier of epilepsy
, Chas F b-Kansas; a-76; parents died when he was young & could not give names; here 1 week; d-12 Apr 1912 in Montpelier of Brights disease
, Harold b-Montpelier; a-2 hrs; s/o John Fred & Eliza (Schmiter) d-7 Jan 1910 in Montpelier; premature
, Mary Ann d-9 Nov 1908 in Georgetown of enlargement of the spleen; a-55y; b-South Lincolnshire England; d/o Richard Kinnington & Mary Davidson

, Edith b-Montpelier; a-14y; d/o Ferdinand & Mary (Short) d-17 Sep 1914 in Montpelier of scarlet fever
, Edith b-Georgetown; a-14y; d/o Frank Wilbur & Grace (Smart) d-1 Jan 1915 in Georgetown of pneumonia
Bacon, Lorenzo b-Pleasant Grove Utah; a-45y; s/o Francis & Elizabeth (Loder) d-22 May 1914 in Georgetown of team runaway
, Lula b-Georgetown; a-8y; d/o Lorenzo & Tressa D; d-5 Feb 1915 in Georgetown of pneumonia
, Wm b-Montpelier; a-28y; s/o Thos; d-22 Nov 1907 in Montpelier of tuberculosis & pneumonia
, Georgina Hatch b-Scotland; a-67y; d/o John K & Jane Hatch; d-21 Feb 1912 in Georgetown of heart failure
, Richard John Moxey b-Scotland; a-77y; s/o George & Janet (Atchison) d-18 June 1912 in Georgetown of inflammation of bladder
, Louise b-Switzerland; a-65y; d-27 Sep 1907 in Geneva of cancer of stomach
, Enez Leora b-South Montpelier; a-2m 23d; d/o Adolph & Julia; d-26 Nov 1907 in South Montpelier
, Mary b-Michigan; a-64y; d/o Chaney & Celestia G Bacon; d-1 Feb 1909 in Georgetown of general debility
, Spermon Leo b-Georgetown; a-2m; s/o Leo & Olive (Bacon) d-26 Apr 1909 in Georgetown of pneumonia
Blade, John Alvin b-St Charles; a-23y; d-4 Jan 1908 in St Charles of anemic poison
, James Gain b-Springville Utah; a=46y; s/o Felix & Racel (Chadwick) d-5 Sep 1910 in Georgetown of heart failure
, Mrs. E b-Switzerland; a-57y; d-12 Aug 1910 in Montpelier of chronic valvuler insufficiency
, Eliza b-England; a-73y; d/o Wm & Eliza Jones; d-30 Mar 1908 in Paris of general debility

Carman, Frank C b-Montpelier; a-36 hrs; s/o Frank & Mary (Anderegg) d-7 Sep 1914 in Montpelier
, Jas C b-Denmark; a-50y; d-9 Dec 1910 in Dingle of cancer of stomach
Chugg, Wm b-South Wales; a-57y; s/o Phillip & Jhoin (Horwell) d-6 Jan 1908 in Nounan of heart trouble
Clark, Alfred C b-Montpelier; a-5 days; s/o Chas & Clara; d-1o June 1908 in Montpelier of perforate forearm
Clark, Clifton Shepherd b-Georgetown; a-3m; Marion C & Ella (Shepherd) d-17 May 1914 in Paris of pneumonia
, Vivian b-Montpelier; a-3 hrs; d/o Clifford & Arminta (Wilcox) d-3 Aug 1914 in Montpelier
Cooper, Chas H b-Logan Utah; a-30y; d-4 Aug 1907 in Paris of pneumonia
Cornford, Aaron b-Montpelier; a-7y; s/o George J & Christina (Buckley) d-9 Feb 1914 in Montpelier of diphtheria

Dayton, Samuel a-19y; s/o H A; d-29 Sep 1907 in Dingle of gun shot accidental
Dunn, John Elmo b-Georgetown; a-21y; s/o Wm & Sarah R; d-5 Feb 1915 in Georgetown of heart failure
Dunn, Leola b-Georgetown; a-2y; d/o Joseph T & Emma R; d-12 Aug 1911 in Georgetown of spinal trouble

Egli, Eliza b-Switzerland; a-75y; d-1 Mar 1908 in Lanark of old age
Einginger, John Henry b-Montpelier; a-1/2 hr; s/o Simon & Caroline; d-21 Dec 1912 in Montpelier; premature
Einginger, Theresa b-Bavaria; a-42y; d/o John Shraden & Maria Feicht; d-12 Dec 1912 in Montpelier

Floyd, Emma F b-England; a-58y; d/o Wm & Ann Foster; d-12 Aug 1997 in St Charles of gall stones
Fritwell, Sarah b-Illinois; a-90y; d/o John & Faney Woods; d-14 Sep 1909 in Georgetown of old age

Gardner, Susan b-England; a-77y; d-21 Mar 1908 in Fish Haven of general debility
Gheen, Stephen H b-England; a-71y; d-6 aug 1907 in Fish Haven of carcinoma of stomach
Glenn, George b-Montpelier; a-13y; s/o Thomas L & Nellie (Jones) d-24 Mar 1912 in Montpelier of leakage of heart
Glenn, Nellie b-Montpelier; a-39y; d/o Jacob Jones & Annie Calyer; d-29 Jan 1910 in Montpelier of pneumonia
Gray, Mary A a-85y; Jane Tour; d-17 Dec 1909 in Montpelier
Grunig, Fred b-Switzerland; a-47y; s/o John & Mary; d-16 Aug 1909 in Montpelier of heart trouble

Hampton, Irene b-Red Butter Wyoming; a-28y; d/o Thomas & Ellen Douglas; d-31 Aug 1908 in Montpelier from complications of child birth
Hansen, James b-Brigham City Ut; a-52y; s/o James & Margaret (Steffirsen) d-21 Jan 1912 of kidney trouble
Hayes, David a-53y; d-15 Oct 1909 in Montpelier of tuberculosis
Hayes, Jos S b-Morgan Ut; a-35y; s/o Alma & Annedeline T; d-26 Mar 1909 in Georgetown; accidental
Hoopsmith, Fred b-Switzerland; a-20y; s/o Nicholas & Anna; d-20 Oct 1908 in Paris of typhoid hemorrhage
Hemmert, Kirsten b-Sweden; a-65y; d-2 Jan 1908 in St Charles of cancer of stomach
Hoff, John G b-Philadelphia; a-74y; s/o John Gotlige & Catharine (Phitzenmauer) d-21 Dec 1911 in Georgetown
Hoff, Lavin b-Georgetown; a-14y; d/o John & Manda; d-29 Oct 1910 in Georgetown of dropsy Hogensen, Chas b-Idaho; a-34; d-18 July 1909 in Montpelier of broncho pneumonia
Horsley, Wilford Charles b-Montpelier; a-14y; s/o William & Jane (Straw) d-15 May 1907 in Montpelier of pneumonia
Hoskins, Wm b-Iowa; a-48y; s/o Thos & Samantha; d-31 Dec 1908 in Montpelier of mitral sterosis
Howard, Sarah Lavon b-Malad City; a-3y; d/o Press & Sarah T; d-3 Jan 1907 in Georgetown of abscess of lungs
Hughes, Emma a-27y; d/o John & Elizabeth Wurthrich; d-13 June 1909 in Montpelier of diabetes
Hurst, Nina b-Paris; a-15y; d/o William & Deseret; d-17 Nov 1908 in Paris of appendicitis
Hymas, Hyrum b-Paris; a-38y; s/o John & Mary Ann; d-25 Oct 1908 in Paris of typhoid cause unknown


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