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Bear Lake Delinquent List



Transcribed and submission by Larry D Christiansen June 28, 2012


Bear Lake Democrat, December 10, 1881, p.2


Delinquent List for the year 1881


   Austin, N. F., house and improvements, Dingle Dell:           $8.19

   Brown, Chas. H., house and improvements, Liberty             8.46

   Bird, A. J.  house and improvements, St. Charles                  4.62

   Buckler, John, house and improvement, Paris                       2.52

   Bishop, John; house and improvements, Montpelier               3.02

   Bergreen, Motion; two horses                                               2.00

   Bauman, John H., house and improvements, Paris                 4.80

   Christinsen, Neils, personal property                                      2.02

   Campbell, Grant, house and improvements, Montpelier           4.05

   Cozzens, John, house and improvements, Montpelier            14.68

   Dalrymple, H. H.  house and improvement, Preston              13.83

   Dalrymple, L. J., personal property                                        5.02

   Dunn, Alvero, house and improvements, Bloomington            4.30

   Dingman, Wm., personal property                                         3.26

   Dalrymple, B., personal property                                           3.34

   Dingman, Orson, personal property                                        3.95

   Eschler, John, personal property                                             3.39

   Eardley, E., house and improvements, Paris                            2.05

   Fenton, Francis, personal property,                                         2.61

   Grayham, W. B., house and improvement and 25 acres

              of land, Bennington                                                    4.41

   Hart, Levi, house and improvements, Thomas' Fork               15.73                  

   Hymas, Wm. A house and improvements,1-4 Section of land
   Liberty                                                                                12.24

   Hess, David, house and improvements, part of Saw

                                Mill, Georgetown                                    11.52

   Hill, John, personal property                                                   3.41

   Hebden, Jas., house and improvements                                   3.26

   Hart, J. E., personal property                                                  4.01

   Henderson, Hyrum, personal property                                     6.24

   Jenson, Peter, house and improvements, Ovid                        12.78

   Johnson, Abel, personal property                                             2.00

   Killfoyle, Jas., house and improvements, Dingle De,,                3.82

   Kunz, Christian, personal property                                           6.93

   Kunz, Saml., personal property                                                2.77

   Knutty, Michael, house and improvements                                6.93

   Kempton, I. T., personal property                                            2.77

   Lindsay, E., personal property                                                  2.95

   Lindsay, David E., personal property                                        3.36

   Liddell, Peter, personal property                                               3.33

   Latham, J. B., personal property                                               2.26

   Margeits, Henry, house and improvements, Paris                       6.95

   Martin, John, house and improvements, Liberty                         6.61

   Monroe, J. R., personal property                                              4.78

   Neibaur, Jos. A., house and improvements, Paris                       1.80

   Olson, Carl S., house and improvements, Ovid                          4.07

   Olson, C., house and improvements, Ovid                               10.76

   Osborn, David, house and improvements, Montpelier                 7.52

   Porter, C. U., personal property                                                3.41

   Pratt, N. M.,house and improvements, Dingle Dell                     6.47

   Palmer, Isaac, house and improvements, Bloomington                4.31

   Perkins, J. A., house and improvements, Montpelier                   7.47

   Price, A. T., house and improvements, Montpelier                     3.99

   Rich, F. D., house and improvements, Paris                                4.79

   Reese, George, house and improvements and 80 acres

                 of land, Bloomington                                                   7.52

   Rich, Landon J., personal property                                             4.39

   Stevenson, Thos., house and improvements and 40

                                acres of land, Bennington                              5.52

   Simpson, C. W., personal property                                             1.51

   Sirrine, George, house and improvements, Dingle Dell                  2.26

   Stevens, Alex. A., house and improvement and  5

                                acres of land, Bloomington                            4.47

   Tippetts, O. H., personal property                                               3.07

   Tippetts, H. C., personal property                                                3.36

   Vatorlaus, Conrad, house and improvements, Paris                        2.26

   Walthsley, Wm., house and improvements, Preston                       5.52

   Williams, Jas., house and improvements, Montpelier                      3.02

   Weaver, Miles, personal property                                                 4.3? [last number missing]

   Welker, F. E., house and improvements, Bennington                     3.49

   White, Robert, house and improvements, Georgetown                   3.07

   Ward, F., personal property                                                         5.03

   Young, George, house and improvements, Preston                        2.44

   Young, D. D., house and improvements, Montpelier                      2.36

   Zunbrun, A., house and improvements, Montpelier                        3.07


     If the above taxes are not paid prior to the second Monday of January A.D. 1882, the

     annexed property will be sold at public auction to secure the collection of the

     same with costs.  Sale to be in front of the County Office in Paris commencing at

     the hour of 10 o'clock a.m.

                                                                L B HUNT,

                                                                Assessor and Collector

                                                                for Bear Lake Co.



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