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Edward Jarboe


The Montpelier Examiner, Saturday, 18 December 1896, page 1



Last week the Examiner announced the sudden death of Edward Jarboe by being killed in a railway wreck in Montana.  Friday morning following the remains were brought to this city and buried, the services being conducted by the B of R T, of which order the deceased was a member.

In noting his death one is touched by the great sorrow brought to the family and especially to the bereaved mother, whose support he, in company with his brothers, was.  On the same day he was killed the mother received the greater part of his previous months pay, he having sent it the day before.  With a deep sense of duty owing to one whom he loved more dearly than any other on earth, he had provided in care of his taking off, by having his life insured and payable to his mother.

At the time of his death he was trying to get a layoff that he might visit those who were nearest, his heart and the family were looking eagerly forward to his coming.  One can well then imagine the terrible blow the sad news brought and more specially was this felt when for reasons apparent, the casket was opened after arriving here.  To lay away in its last resting place the remains of the boy she had reared and cared for from infancy and whose every movement she had watched, almost broke the mother's heart.

Ed was well known here having lived many years in this section.  He was of a genial and sunny disposition and took the world and its cares lightly.  His only thought was for those for whom he lived and his greatest joy was when they were happy and contented.  Mrs. Jarboe and other members of the family desire the Examiner to express their heartfelt thanks to all of the many friends who have assisted and offered consolation during their hour of sorrow.  These kind acts and words of sympathy have helped to lighten the burden that otherwise was well nigh unbearable.

All the members of the family were present at the funeral, one sister having come from Ohio that she might witness the laying away of a dearly loved brother and devoted son.


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