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Bear Lake County 1880 Census for Georgetown


Enumerated 12 June 1880 by J C Rich


Family # Name Relationship Age Occupation Place of Birth
109 Barkdull, A   46 Farmer Ohio
  Barkdull, Emma Wife 39 Keeping house Iowa
  Barkdull, John M Son 16 at home Utah
  Barkull, David L Son 12 at home Utah
  Barkdull, Riley A Son 10 at home Utah
110 Hoff, Charles   28 Farmer Penn
  Hoff, Celestia A Wife 25 Keeping house Utah
  Hoff, Katey C Daughter 3   Idaho
  Hoff, Grace E Daughter 5/12 (Nov)   Idaho
111 Bacon, Francis Ed   29 Laborer Illinois
  Bacon, Mary A Wife 21 Keeping house Utah
  Bacon, Edmund D Son 1   Utah
112 Hayes, Alma   38 Farmer Illinois
  Hayes, Ancelena Wife 27 Keeping house Missouri
  Hayes, Mary Elizabeth Daughter 11 at school Utah
  Hayes, John Riley Son 9   Utah
  Hayes, Joseph S Son 6   Utah
  Hayes, Alma H Son 5   Utah
  Hayes, Catherine Daughter 3   Utah
  Hayes, Louisa J Daughter 3   Utah
  Hayes, Walter H Son 4   Idaho
  Hayes, Mary Jane Daughter 3   Idaho
  Hayes, Thomas Son 10/12 (July)   Idaho
113 Hess, David W   21 Farmer Utah
  Hess, Eliza Jane Wife 19 Keeping house Utah
  Hess, Edna May Daughter 6/12 (Nov)   Idaho
114 Hess, David   43 Farmer Missouri
  Hess, Jane Ann Wife 39 Keeping house Illinois
  Hess, Mary E Daughter 19 at home Utah
  Hess, Amand J Daughter 16 at school Utah
  Hess, Gladus A Daughter 14 at school Utah
  Hess, Sarah E Daughter 12 at school Utah
  Hess, Seymour G Son 5   Utah
  Hess, Artentia E Daughter 2   Idaho
  Hess, Harriet Daughter 5/12 (Aug)   Idaho
  Hess, Elizabeth Wife 36   Illinois
  Hess, Alma Son 8   Idaho
  Hess, Charles Son 2   Idaho
  Clark, Joseph   26 Farmer Utah
  Clark, Lucy M Wife 23 Keeping house Utah
  Clark, Lucy A Daughter 3   Idaho
  Clark, Joseph S Son 1   Idaho
  Clark, Milford W Brother 17 at home Utah
  Robesen, Anne M Sister-in-law 10 at school Utah
116 Robesen, Albert   29 Farmer Utah
  Robesen, Elizabeth Wife 24 Keeping house Utah
  Robesen, John A Son 5   Utah
  Robesen, Guv B Son 3   Idaho
  Robesen, Louia A Daughter 4/12 (Feb)   Idaho
  Homes, Mary Sister-in-law 18 at service Utah
117 Robesen, Solon   35 Farmer Illinois
  Robesen, Lydia Wife 33 Keeping house Illinois
  Robesen, Lydia L Daughter 10 at home Utah
  Robesen, Estella Daughter 7 at school Utah
  Robesen, Joseph R Son 2   Utah
118 Paine, Chauncey   42 Farmer Wisconsin
  Paine, Mary L Wife 26 Keeping house Wisconsin
  Paine, Vennetta Daughter 4   Idaho
  Paine, William Z Son 2   Idaho
  Paine, Richard Son 2/12 (Apr)   Idaho
  Tredwell, Sarah Mother-in-law at home   Illinois
119 Lewis, Henry A   41 Farmer England
  Lewis, Mary Ann Wife 35 Keeping house England
120 White, Robert   44 Farmer Ohio
  White, Amy Wife 20 Keeping house Wales
  White, Robert J Son 3   Utah
  White, William H Son 10/12 (Apr)   Idaho
121 Stoddard, M L   29 Rancher Utah
  Stoddard, Harriet C Wife 24 Keeping house Utah
  Stoddard, Effa Daughter 6   Idaho
  Stoddard, Lulu Daughter 2   Idaho
122 Rice, Leonard B   30 Farmer  
  Rice, Jane Wife 27 Keeping house  
  Rice, Riley Son 5    
  Rice, Scott Son 3    
  Rice, Augustus Son 9/12 (Mar)    
123 Evans, Rich O   62 Farmer Wales
  Evans, Clarisa R Wife 45 Keeping house Wales
  Evans, Lincoln Son 16 at home Wales
  Evans, Clara Daughter 14 at home Wales
  Evans, Grant Son 12 at home Wales
  Evans, Eunice Daughter 8 at home Wales
124 Hess, John H   30 Farmer Utah
  Hess, Susan A Wife 27 Keeping house Penn
  Hess, Minard W Son 4   Utah
  Hess, Gilbert T Son 1   Idaho
125 Earl, Milton   30 Farmer Utah
  Earl, Sophrina Wife 23 Keeping house Utah
  Earl, Wilson Son 4   Utah
  Earl, Chauncey Son 3   Utah
  Earl, Minney Daughter 10/12 (Aug)   Idaho
126 Latham, James B   42 Well digger England
  Latham, Lydia Wife 24 Keeping house Wales
  Latham, Lizzie Daughter 10 at home Utah
  Latham, Mary Lydia Daughter 4   Utah
  Latham, Tabitha Daughter 1   Idaho
127 Smith, Henry J   22 Gardner Utah
  Smith, Lizzie Wife 22 Keeping house Utah
  Smith, Lucy Daughter 1   Idaho
128 Skinner, Jno A   23 Laborer Atlantic Ocean
  Skinner, Sylvia Wife 21 Keeping house Utah
  Skinner, Jno A Son 2    
129 Skinner, Wm H   21 Farmer New York
  Skinner, Mary Ann Wife 21 Keeping house Denmark
  Skinner, Mary Ann Daughter 2   Idaho
  Skinner, Wm H Son 1   Idaho
130 Skinner, John   57 Farmer England
  Skinner, Jane Wife 48 Farmer's wife England
  Skinner, Mary Jane Daughter 19 at home New York
  Skinner, Elizabeth A Daughter 17 at home New York
  Skinner, Harriet E Daughter 15 at home New York
  Skinner, Emily E Daughter 13 at home New York
  Skinner, Joseph A Son 11 at home Utah
  Skinner, Alice Daughter 8   Utah
  Skinner, Nephi A Son 3   Idaho
131 Skinner, Brigham   25 Farmer England
  Skinner, Lucy A Wife 23 Keeping house England
  Skinner, Rhoda Daughter 8   Utah
  Skinner, Brigham Son 3   Idaho
  Skinner, Lucy J Daughter 10/12 (Aug)   Idaho
132 Skinner, Hyrum   29 Farmer England
  Skinner, Mary J Wife 27 at home England
  Skinner, Lair Daughter 7   Utah
  Skinner, Sarah Daughter 5   Utah
  Skinner, Estella Daughter 1   Idaho
133 Bacon, Francis   50 Farmer New York
  Bacon, Elizabeth Wife 45 Keeping house England
  Bacon, Franklin Son 37 at home Utah
  Bacon, Chauncey S Son 18 at home Utah
  Bacon, Ellen Daughter 15 at school Utah
  Bacon, Lorenzo Son 12 at school Utah
  Bacon, Albert Son 10   Utah
  Bacon, Lawrence Son 6   Idaho


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