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Hezekiah and Elizabeth Duffin


Information comes from Luann Duffin Gillette in the History of Bear Lake Pioneers


Hezekiah Duffin was born a twin, 25 July 1832 in East Crompton, England to James Duffin and Margaret Glemael.  He worked as a youth in the cotton mills.  He joined the Mormon Church with his family in 1844 and came to America.  He made the trek from Winter Quarters to Utah in 1849 with the Parley P Pratt Company.  His already widowed mother and sister died of cholera and he buried them on the plains.

Brigham Young called him to aid in the settlement of Cache Valley.  In Wellsville Utah he helped construct a fort for protection from the Indians.  He married his first wife, Elizabeth Brown 17 Nov 1862 in Salt Lake City, and both were part of the original group, lead by Elder Charles C Rich, that settled the Bear Lake Valley in 1863.  Their first campsite was on Paris Creek and Hezekiah claimed he was the first to pitch his tent. It always tickled him that he beat Apostle Rich.

In February 1864, William Harmonson and Hezekiah went over the mountains to Franklin to get some violin strings.  They were compelled to camp in the mountains for three nights without proper food and bedding, but they made it through.  The play and music brought much pleasure to those first pioneers.

Elizabeth was a fine pioneer and a helpmate to him and they did not have any children.  On 21 Nov 1870 Hezekiah married Louanna Brewer, born 15 Feb 1852 in Newton England, the daughter of John Brewer and Louisa Hereford.  Together they had six sons and one girl who died as a baby.  When she gave birth to a second daughter, Louanna died nine days later on 21 June 1885 in Ogden Utah.  She was buried in the Paris Cemetery.  Hezekiah named this child Louanna after her.  Elizabeth raised these children.  On 1 Aug 1889 Hezekiah married Jane Maria Barker, who bore him two sons and two daughters.  She was born 10 June 1871.  Several sons served missions for the Church and on son, Arthur, a marine was killed in WWI.

Children of Hezekiah Duffin and Louanna Brewer

1. Hezekiah Charles Duffin b-15 Jan 1872 in Paris; d-16 Apr 1953 in Jerome Idaho
2. James William Duffin b-2 Dec 1874 in Paris; d-29 Oct 1939 in Salt Lake City
3. Anna Sophia Duffin b-13 June 1876 in Paris; d-Dec 1877 in Paris
4. Isaac Edward Duffin b-21 July 1877 in Paris; d-8 Dec 1934 in Salt Lake City
5. Richard Henry Duffin b-22 Nov 1879 in Paris; d-27 Feb 1955
6. Alma Chambers Duffin b-18 Dec 1883 in Paris; d-13 July 1960 in Rupert Idaho
7. Louanna Duffin b-12 June 1885 in Odgen;

Children of Hezkiah Duffin and Jane Maria Barker

1. Edna Marie Duffin b-26 July 1890 in Paris; d-5 Apr 1953 in Los Angeles California
2. Eugene Hezekiah Duffin b-25 Dec 1892 in Paris; d-31 July 1943 in Greenville Alabama
3. Margaret Irene Duffin b-13 Dec 1894 in Paris; d-6 Dec 1972
4. Arthur Thomas Duffin b-1 Sep 1896 in Paris; d-17 July 1918

The Duffin farm land was located southeast of Paris and his had considerable acreage.  Hezekiah was a hard worker and a successful farmer. He raised a variety of livestock and was on of the main stockholders in the creamery.  He owned the Paris Mercantile for a few years and did freighting between Paris and Evanston.  He was appointed to the Bear Lake Stake High Council in 1877 and was appointed a director of the United Order.  He sent money to England to bring a family named Robins over and when Mr. Robins died he supported this family for some time.

Elizabeth Brown Duffin died 7 Mar 1905 in Paris and was buried in the Paris Cemetery.  Maria Jane Barker Duffin died 17 June 1899 in Paris and was buried in the Paris Cemetery.  When in his seventies Hezekiah sold out in Paris and lived in Ogden and Salt Lake City.  He hold his grandson, Jess that it had been prophesied that if he lived the gospel, he would not have any wrinkles.  He died 4 Jan 1919 in Salt Lake and was buried in the Paris Cemetery.


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