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Dr. Anderson, Investor in Rich Hot Springs


Montpelier Examiner, April 21, 1911


Dr. Anderson of Salt Lake, who is one of the parties now heavily invested in the Rich Hot Springs, spent last week at the springs outlining the improvements that are to be made there this season.  Site for the new bath house was staked off and the survey made for the pipeline leading to it.

The bath house is to be 25X50 feet and will be constructed of concrete, with concrete plung.  It will be located about 500 feet south of the present bath house and about 50 years from the lake shore.  Work on the bath house will begin in the short time.  Over 300 shade trees will be set out along the beach this spring and Dr. Anderson stated that they contemplated the erection of a hotel soon, but that it would probably not be ready for occupancy until next season.

The bath house and hotel will be modern in every particular.  The doctor stated that he intends to spend most of the summer at the springs and will make it as comfortable as possible for visitors.


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