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Will of Jacob Stucki


In the name of God, Amen

I, Jacob Stucki, being feeble in health but sound in mind and realizing from my condition that death is apparent and wishing to do right an just and equitable between all the parties that may be interested in my estate, both real and personal, hereby make my last will and testament in regard to the disposition of my property and I do it voluntarily, freely and without any influence operating for or against me in the disposition of my effects.

Now, therefore know all men by these presence that on this the 23rd day of June 1888, I Jacob Stucki, of the town of Montpelier, County of Bear Lake and Territory of Idaho, do hereby bequeath will, give, transfer all and assign unto my beloved wife Susan Stucki of Nuphler?, County of Bear Lake and Territory of Idaho, one undivided half of all my property both real and personal and all the interest that I may have to any claim, demand, note or any other obligation due me to to become due me, here or hereafter in her right and name and to be used by her in such manner as she may direct.

2nd-I give and bequeath by these present to give and bequeath, sell, assign, transfer and give over all the rest and balance of my property both real and personal unto May Closner and to her children of their exclusive use and benefit to be used by them in such manner as they direct and this will is absolute unto them.

3rd-And I hereby appoint H H Hoff as an executor of this my last will and testament as far as relates to my wife Susan Stucki and Theodore Closner, as executor for and in behalf of May Closner and children, and request them to see that the conditions of this will are equitably and righteously settled.

4th-And I further request that my said executor shall see during my lifetime that I am properly cared for that all my wants shall be attended to and that my life be made as comfortable and easy as may be with a due regard to my health and circumstances, and in the event that I do not die all the provisions and conditions of this will shall be revoked.

5th-By the conditions of our understanding between my Brother Johannes Stucki, now deceased and myself all the property both real and personal that was then held in partnership between us as Stucki Brothers, the undivided on half portion of said property is hereby conveyed, bequeathed, sold, transferred and assigned unto May Closner and her children and for their exclusive use and benefit.

6th-Being this day of sound mind, but bodily in ill health and after having all matters duly explained to me in the presence of  H H Hoff, Joseph Jones, John Wilkes, Fred Buce, Theodore Closner, J C Rich and C L French and there having been no attempt on the part of anyone interested or otherwise to influence my action on this matter and the whole subject having been fully explained to me, I do here now, freely voluntarily and fully knowing the results of my acts at this time, sign in the presence of the above named witnesses, this my last will and testament, hereby working, countermanding and nullifying any other last will and testament, purported to be executed by me. Dated at Montpelier, this the 23rd day of June 1888 Bear Lake County, Idaho.

I request that my executors shall pay all just bills that may be presented against me and to defray all necessary expenses attending my last sickness and demise, and that my funeral be plain and decent, and the expenses of all this shall be taken from my property provisions to any distribution. Signed: Jacob Stucki

Attending Witnesses:
J C Rich, Montpelier
H H Hoff, Georgetown
Joseph Jones, Montpelier
J Wilkes, Star Valley Wyoming Territory
Fred Buce, Montpelier
C L French, Montpelier

Know all men by these present that Jacob Stucki, a resident of Montpelier and County of Bear Lake, Territory of Idaho, this day in my presence executed the foraging will and stated to me that he executed the same freely and voluntarily and without any inducement on the part of my own to influence him in regard thereto and that he fully interested and it was his which to make the disposition of the property in said and will described according to the tenor thereof.

In witnesses whereof I have hereunto set my hand and notarial seal this 23rd day of June 1888. Signed J C Rich; recorded 16 July 1888 at 5 pm.


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