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James Heber and Nancy Marinda Dimick


Information comes from Olive Passey Lewis in the History of Bear Lake Pioneers.


James Heber Dimick was born 18 July 1839 in Morgan Co Illinois, the son of Thomas Jefferson Dimick and Mary Ann Gates. Nancy Marinda Wamsley was born 11 Dec 1839 in Lancashire, England, the daughter of Thomas Wamsley and Ann Elizabeth Hodgkinson. Nancy's mother was the first woman to be baptized in the Mormon Church in England.  Nancy came with her parents to the United States in 1842 settling in Missouri where they shared the persecutions of those trying days.  Marinda, only a small child, remembered seeing the Prophet Joseph and hearing him speak.  She never forgot the testimony he bore.  She and her mother were living in Carthage at the time the prophet was martyred and saw the jail where he was killed. In 1849 they came to Utah and settled in Salt Lake.

James Dimickand Nancy Marinda Wamsley were married 1 Aug 1858 at Salt Lake City and were among the first settlers in Cache Valley.  They were later called to help settle Bear Lake Valley.  They were led by Charles C Rich along with other families who made a permanent settlement at Paris in the fall of 1863.  Their two oldest children, Thomas and James came with them. Their third child, Albert William was born 5 Mar 1864 in Paris.  They later moved to Bloomington where they lived until 1883, when they moved to Wardboro, where they spend the remaining years of their lives.

James was a farmer and was very particular in his work.  He had a place fore everything and wanted everything kept in its place.  He and his wife were very active in church work.  She was a counselor in the Primary and an officer in the Relief Society working among the sick and was especially gifted as a nurse.

Children of James Heber Dimick and Nancy Marinda Wamsley

1. Thomas Jefferson Dimick b-27 Sep 1859 in Mill Creek UT; d-21 Mar 1893 in Wardboro
2. James Heber Dimick b-18 Oct 1861 in Smithfield UT; d-4 Apr 1930 in Kemmerer WY
3. Albert William Dimick b-5 Mar 1864 in Paris; d-4 Feb 1932 in Cokeville WY
4. Rhoda Ann Dimick b-4 Feb 1866 in Spanish Fork UT;d-22 Oct 1928 in Oakland CA
5. Merinda Vilate Dimick b-23 Jan 1868 in Bloomington; d-10 Nov 1895 in Blackfoot
6. Lydia Ann Dimick b-22 Nov 1869 in Bloomington; d-20 Dec 1869 in Bloomington
7. Francis Alma Dimick b-8 Dec 1870 in Bloomington; d-27 Dec 1948 in Cokeville
8. Mary Jane Dimick b-7 June 1873 in Bloomington; d-26 Oct 1942 in Montpelier
9. Rachel Dimick b-10 Apr 1876 in Bloomington; d-18 Apr 1961 in Wendell ID
10. Alice Marsha Dimick b-13 Oct 1878 in Bloomington; d-10 Sep 1962
11. Ephraim John Dimick b-7 Jan 1881 in Bloomington; d-14 July 1969
12. Isaac Surrey Dimick b-25 Aug 1884 in Wardboro; d-16 Nov 1889

James Dimick died 10 Oct 1913 at Wardboro.  The following year Marinda broke her leg and for nine years was unable to do her usual work because she was confined to her room.  Although she endured much pain, she was patient and cheerful and showed her thanks to those who cared for her.  She died at the home of her daughter, Mary Jane Bergreen at Wardboro, on 30 Mar 1922.


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