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Jesse Dunn


The Montpelier Examiner, June 6, 1935

Jesse Dunn, who was appointed chief of police on the resignation of Jack Hillier, took over his new job on the first of the month.  Jesse is not wholly without experience in police matters, having been deputy game warden in this county for 12 years up to 1930.

He will be assisted in the policing of the city by Ray Pugmire, who has been night man for many years.  Police Chief Dunn says the dumping of ashes and cans and other trash in the alleys and along certain streets will not be permitted and those who do so will be liable to arrest for placing obstructions on public highways, and provided by ordinance.

Either the stuff must be taken to the dump ground or disposed of in some other way.

The Montpelier Examiner, November 18, 1937

Last week, Jesse Dunn, chief of police and Ray Pugmire, night officer, appeared in attractive new police uniforms purchased from the Lilly Ames Company, a uniform concern in Columbus Ohio.

The new costumes are oxford gray whipcord and consist of trouser, coat and cap.  It was upon the suggestion of the Montpelier businesses, Rotary Club and Commercial Club that they were purchased.


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