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Johannes and Rosina Kunz


Johannes (John) I son of Jacob Kunz and ? and wife Rosina Knutti had a home in the Alps of Diemptigen, Canton, Bern.  While residing there Kunz's family members, as well as himself, were esteemed dairymen and members of their community and were recognized for these titles and tasks.

After a neighbor introduced John Kunz I family to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as well as being pressured from neighbors and the Swiss authorities, they made the decision to move to the United States. Upon their arrival they were met by LDS Church leaders including Brigham Young.  John Kunz II was slow to accept the gospel  Even though his parents, sisters, wife and son had joined, he was reluctant. Listening to his son John III bear his testimony of the gospel, his attitude became to change.  He was baptized 27 Feb 1869 in the Chiroll River and immigrated to America the next year.

Learning they were dairymen, Young suggested they move to the Bear Lake Valley doing so in 1871.

The first area they settled in was Ovid, where they were regarded with much kindness by the locals.  later they moved a bit north so that a greater pasture area was available for their cattle.  It was at this time there was land bought, residences built and the first dairy producing cheese factory started.  Due to the resemblance of their home in Switzerland, they chose the name of Bern for their community.

In the spring of 1874 the Kunz family built a cheese factory and made Swiss cheese, the first cheese in the Valley. In 1876 John hired Ephraim Jones to go to Bern to teach school and the students were the Kunz children.

Children of Johannes Kunz I and Rosina Knutti

1. Johannes Kunz II b-7 Feb 1844 in Switzerland; d-16 Jan 1918; m-Magdalena Sophia Straubhaar
2. Christian Kunz b-26 Dec 1846 in Switzerland; d-9 May 1931; m-Caroline Buehler; Christian found the mastodon's bones on his property.
3. Magdalena Kunz b-10 Nov 1839 in Switzerland; d-6 Feb 1920 in Bear Lake; m (1) Widmer (2) Linder
4. Rosina Kunz b-25 Nov 1836; d-18 May 1913; m-Morrell
5. Katharine Kunz m-Roberts

Children of Johannes Kunz II and Magdalena Sophia Straubhaar

1. William John Kunz b-14 Mar 1865; d-15 Mar 1952
2. Rose Kunz b-16 May 1867 in Switzerland; d-16 June 1944 in Salt Lake; br-Logan; m-Eschler
3. John Kunz III b-14 July 1869 in Switzerland; d-20 May 1945 in Bear Lake

Children of Christian Kunz and Caroline Elizabeth Buehler

1. John Moses b-10 May 1880; d-25 Sep 1936
2. William Walter b-19 Nov 1881; d-19 May 1902
3. Baby Girl Kunz b&d 5 Dec 1883
4. Henry Daniel b-30 May 1886; d-30 July 1930
5. George Warner b-23 Feb 1887; d-3 Feb 1903
Smith Arthur Kunz b-15 May 1896; d-19 July 1961
Anthony U Kunz b-22 Sep 1897; d-10 June 1989


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