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John Favre


The Paris Post, May 1914



A few days ago the government honored one of our war veterans who is also a member of the GAR, Mr. John Favre of Paris, by sending him two beautifully engraved medals.  One is for honorable service rendered during the civil war and the other for honorable service rendered fighting hostile Indians in Wyoming and Nebraska.

In discussing the matter with a representative of the Post Mr. Favre said: "The United States has honored me with two very handsome medals.  There is nothing strange in the gray ribbon.  On the contrary the Blue fought against the Gray and the Gray against the Blue with the distinction that the Gray receiving a licking.  The second medal I received was for Indian service in the Regular Army on the plains and hills of Wyoming and Nebraska when buffalo steak and antelope steak were very cheap and the high cost of living a a thing unknown.  I am one of the survivors of those who were smuggled across the Atlantic in a small sailing vessel from Switzerland. 

The civil war medal is a master piece of art upon the obverse finely presented the bust of Lincoln surrounded by his ever invulnerable sentiment, 'Malice towards none with charity for all'.  On the reverse side is the date, "Civil War 1861-1865" with in a wreath oak and olive branches.  The Indian war medal is also a thing of beauty.  The was given to me for fighting hostile Indians in Wyoming and Nebraska.

I greatly appreciate and will wear the medals for the rest of my life and will see that they accompany me to my last resting place when I am summoned to answer the last roll call and I am on the list."

John Favre died 16 July 1921 and was buried in the Paris Cemetery.


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