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John F Perkins


The Montpelier Examiner, Thursday, October 1, 1909


John F Perkins died at his home in this city (Montpelier) Friday morning, Sep 24 after an illness of three weeks with pneumonia, followed with paralysis and blood poison.  While at no time after the first few days of his illness was there much hope entertained for his recovery, yet during his rational moments Mr. Perkins was cheerful and repeatedly expressed the belief that he would get well.

Soon after is right side became paralyzed, evidence of gangrene began to show itself in the right foot and as the only possible hope of saving his life his right leg was amputated on Tuesday of last week.

Not withstanding his weakened condition, he rallied from the effects of the operation and made a heroic fight against death, but the grim reaper had set his mark upon him and Friday morning the spirit of John Perkins took flight to its eternal home.


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