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Joseph and Eliza Lewis


Condense for the History of Bear Lake Pioneers by Donnetta Lewis Baker and Edith P Haddock


Joseph Lewis Sr. was born 1 July 1923 in Bath, England, the son of Benjamin and Jane (Caswell).  His father died when he was about 19 and in spite of his dislike for the shoe trade, he learned it well.  Joseph first heard of the gospel in 1842 when he was invited to visit the church with a friend.  He was baptized 1 July 1843 by Elder Thomas Smith.

He married Eliza Heath 11 Aug 1844 and as they both desired to gather to Zion, they worked hard to pay off their debts.  It was until 1856 that they were able to leave England and by this time they had six children. The arrived in Florence Nebraska and spent the winter.  Eliza died 17 Oct 1857. 

In 1859 Joseph met and married Ann King, a widow.  They were able to come to Salt Lake on 5 July 1861 and remained until they moved to Bear Lake in 1863, settling in Paris.  They settled on North Creek and planted crops but early frost destroyed them and Joseph found work in Hyde Park, Utah.

In June 1865 Joseph married Elizabeth Ann King, a niece of his wife, Ann.  They returned to Bear Lake with the John Hymas family and settled in Liberty.  He eventually purchased two lots in Paris and moved his house from Liberty to the lot.

Children of Joseph Lewis and Eliza Heath

1. Joseph Lewis b-July 1847 in Bristol England

Children of Joseph Lewis and Elizabeth Ann King

1. John David Lewis d-23 Mar 1948
2. Franklin William Lewis d-12 Feb 1929
3. Eliza Ann Lewis
4. Walter Henry Lewis b-27 May 1873; d-15 Feb 1972
5. George Albert Lewis b-13 Aug 1875 in Paris; d-1877
6. Arthur James Lewis b-6 Jan 1879 in Paris; d-13 Oct 1952
7. Fredrick Charles Lewis
8. Samuel Wilford Lewis d-6 May 1957

In 1887 Joseph broke his thigh and suffered much from this and never completely recovered.  He died 14 Mar 1900 and was buried in the Paris Cemetery.  His second wife Ann died 11 May 1905 and was buried also in the Paris Cemetery. Elizabeth Ann died 20 Oct 1929 and was buried in the Paris Cemetery.


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