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Joseph Stock


The Montpelier Examiner, December 27, 1913


Two of Fish Haven's citizens have narrowly escaped from accidental deaths within the week.  On Dec 20th Joseph Stock was returning in his gasoline launch from the southeast part of the lake, where he had been trapping and fishing.  When several miles out in the lake he sat down close to the gasoline engine and leaning over, drew his coat collar up and around his neck and ears and being a position where he could inhale the gasoline fumes, although not dreaming of danger, he was soon unconscious.

Had August and Charles Hildt not been on the launch with Stock, he would have perished.  Upon discovering him unconscious, they raced him to shore and sought the help of a doctor.

John Vaterlaus, a 17 year old lad was the next to meet with an accident which came near being fatal.  He had been in St Charles on business last Monday afternoon, going and returning on skates on the lake.  The ice was not thick enough to be safe for skating and what at "the point" on his return journey, the ice broke under his weight.  John was plunged into the deep water.  Henry Howell, who had also been to St Charles, had stopped at the home of his brother Charles, who lived at "the point" and while in the house he heard cries for help.

Grabbing a rope Mr. Howell quickly made his way to the lake shore.  Crawling out on the thin ice which swayed under his weight he reached the hole where the lad had gone through.  Howell was barely able to grasp a few hairs on John's head, by which he drew John closer.

With the help of Howell's son Edwin, they were able to bring the lad out of the water, who by this time was unconscious.  Clarence Booth who happened to be passing by, joined in the work and after a short time young Vaterlaus was restored to life.


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