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Public Library


The Montpelier Examiner, January 14, 1910


Through the efforts of two or three businessmen, who were interested in seeing the free public library kept up, a sufficient donation has been subscribed by the merchants and a few other citizens to pay the rent of the library rooms for one year and leave a little surplus for the purchase of new books.

This is a most commendable act upon the part of those who subscribed the small sum of 50 cents a month and the only surprising thing is that any businessman should have refused to help along such a worthy institution.

The Montpelier Examiner, January 6, 1911

The public library room has been thoroughly cleaned and since the walls have been calcimined the room presents a much more inviting appearance.

The library is increasing in popularity with the public, especially with the young people.  Last Saturday 150 books were given out during the afternoon.

The Montpelier Examiner, January 21, 1937

The library is in need of immediate help, so we are asking all who can to donate children's books or adult books.  You can get in touch with Mrs. A E Thiel, Mrs. F W Sorgatz or the librarian Mrs. O H Groo and they will find a way to have them taken to the library.

The Montpelier Examiner, February 18, 1937

The Montpelier City Library is badly in need of help from the public of funds or books, according to Mrs. O H Groo.  The city administration has been unable to give this year and the supply of books is depleted while those in use are old and worn.

In an effort to help remedy this situation Mayor F M Williams will set aside a week early in March to be known as "Library Week".  During this period Boy Scouts will gather the books anyone wishes to donate to the library.  Also during this week one day will be set aside as a tag day, when tags will be for sale and the funds will go to the library.


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