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Bear Lake Marriages





All marriage licenses are in the Courthouse in Paris and town listed is not necessarily the place of marriage.



Abrens, Edwin Jack to Lucille Welker 17 Aug 1925 in Paris
Ackers, Matt to Wanda Hammond 18 Aug 1933 in Paris
Ackers, Oma to Earl Minshew 18 Aug 1933 in Paris
Ackley, Preston H to Mary Nelson 7 Dec 1916
Adams, Amanda to Elijah Clark 23 Dec 1903 in Paris
Adams, Anna Louisa to Thomas Hobbs 6 May 1918 in Paris
Adams, Dolly Florence to Walter Howard Moore 10 Sep 1917 in Paris
Adams, Velma to Carl H Allenback 23 Nov 1923 in Paris
Aegelir, John Frederick to Lizzie Trussell 20 Feb 1902 in Paris
Aegerter, John Frederick to Marie Kohler in Montpelier
Aegerter, Mae Lucille (of Montpelier) to Joseph Odell McCart (of Montpelier) m-24 Aug 1922 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of D M Hymas and Mrs. J F Aegerter; recorded 11am 24 Aug 1922
Agner, Alexis to Gracieuse Etchebest 8 Sep 1903 in Montpelier
Ahlgren, Helen to Matthew Koski 15 Sep 1926 in Paris
Aitken, Charles to Mary L Lamberson 23 Dec 1899 in Montpelier
Akey, Nellie Luella to Berton E Chamberlain b-25 June 1924 in Montpelier
Aland, Alice E to Ralph K Forgean 13 Mar 1906 in Paris
Aland, Alta Holmes to George Milford Murphy 2 Mar 1916 in Paris
Aland, Clarence George to Harriet Ferguson Minich 4 Apr 1917 in Pegram
Aland, Fern to Leland Lavern Baxter 31 Dec 1931 in Montpelier
Aland, Mildred Clara to Ernest Payne 1 Nov 1911 in Bloomington
Albertson, Andrew to Stella Simmons 2 Dec 1914 in Paris
Albiston, Adella Ria to John Porritt 31 Dec 1912 in Paris
Albiston, Lucy to Charles Skinner 3 June 1912 in Paris
Alexander, Nellie to Nick Kolouos 30 Dec 1925 in Paris
Alleman, La Vay to Virgil L Dimick 1 Oct 1934 in Paris
Alleman, Ruby to Wesley E Laughter 24 Oct 1934 in Paris
Allen, Agriffa to Effie R Smith 11 Nov 1902 in Montpelier
Allen, Anna Laura to George Martin Barkdull 11 May 1911 in Paris
Allen, Ariel Francis to Edith Howell 2 Apr 1930 in Paris
Allen, Ella to Wilford Cazier 3 Aug 1923 in Paris
Allen, Fae Irene to William Edward Allen 30 June 1924 in Paris
Allen, Frances A to Mary I Putnam 15 Nov 1911 in Paris
Allen, Ida to Lee Heap 24 Aug 1916 in Paris
Allen, John Lavon to Thelma Nora Harrison 21 July 1928 in Paris
Allen, Joseph to Susie Tyresha Vail 12 July 1916 in Paris
Allen, Sarah Elvira to John James Brown 26 Aug 1918 in Paris
Allen, Ruby to De Verl Hess 23 July 1919 in Paris
Allenback, Carl H to Velma Adams 23 Nov 1923 in Paris
Alley, Willis D to Della Y Pugmire 12 Apr 1910 in Paris
Allisando, Jeanne to John Eraamouspe 19 July 1919 in Montpelier
Allred, Archie Darrell to Ellen Smith 24 June 1916 in Paris
Allred, Fred H to Winona Bosh 9 Apr 1934 in Paris
Allred, Fred Homer to Mary Whitley Thirkill 17 Nov 1913 in Paris
Allred, Gladys Orissa to Guy Leon Shumway 3 Jan 1927 in Paris
Allred, Leslie Edwin to Mabel Luella Nelson 12 June 1930 in Paris
Allred, Lois Angela to Louis Holbert Hale 8 Sep 1915 in Paris
Allred, Nora M to Joseph R Harrison 6 Sep 1909 in Paris
Allred, William R to Della M Scott 12 Aug 1912 in Montpelier
Alton, Marie to Henry W Nellen 29 July 1929 in Paris
Altreska, Annie to Harry Caro 29 Aug 1907 in Paris
Alveraz, Cyrul J to Vera Bedell 15 Oct 1920 in Montpelier
Amodor, Siblano to Josefina Estrada 1 Mar 1929 in Paris
Andereg, Emilie to Jake Nussbaum 15 Mar 1917 in Montpelier
Anderegg, Maria to Arthur Theodore William Warnkin 2 Apr 1915 in Paris
Anderson, Brigham J to Mary Estella Long 15 Dec 1904 in Paris
Anderson, Cariel to Vilate Florence Gardner 24 Feb 1924 in Paris
Anderson, Carl to Minnie Jensen 12 Oct 1905 in Paris
Anderson, Carl G to Lillian Ethel Grunig 24 Nov 1919 in Paris
Anderson, Carrie to Lester Jessop 10 Aug 1912 in Paris
Anderson, Dallas to Vern Armstrong 17 Aug 1934 in Paris
Anderson, Dean to Lula Harrison 31 May 1934 in Paris
Anderson, Glenna L to Earl Lloyd Bartschi 12 Mar 1932 in Montpelier
Anderson, Harold A to Idella Heninger 3 July 1930 in Paris
Anderson, Harold Tennyson to Sarah Buhler 6 Dec 1915 in Paris
Anderson, Ida Charlotte to Samuel Elias Clark 8 Aug 1914 in Paris
Anderson, Iva to James Reuben Astle 5 Mar 1915 in Paris
Anderson, Khadra Jane to Hyrum Kingstonn Crannery 7 May 1928 in Paris
Anderson, Laura to Thomas Hicks 7 Aug 1933 in Paris
Anderson, Lillian Marie to Eric Smith Moore 15 Aug 1929 in Paris
Anderson, Lydia M to Gustav A Graff 7 Apr 1910 in Montpelier
Anderson, Mary J to W R Stoddard 10 Apr 1912 in Paris
Anderson, Melba Elvira to Elmo John Beyler 13 Nov 1933 in Paris
Anderson, Nellie to Jesse Skinner 2 Nov 1910 in Paris
Anderson, Roy Everett to Grace Bell Sharpless 11 Oct 1927 in Paris
Anderson, Rudolph to Vera Lackey 17 June 1934 in Paris
Andrews, Martha E to A A Briesse 18 May 1903 in Paris
Angeli, August Williams to Myrtle La Rue Bourne 16 Oct 1915 in Paris
Angelovic, Albert J to Kathryn E Erickson 11 Nov 1920 in Paris
Anglesey, Charles Raymond to Grace Annie Laker Hockason 20 Aug 1930 in Paris
Anglesey, Lavern to Idonna Wheller 6 Jan 1934 in Paris
Angwin, John to Sarah Licia Eubank 11 Sep 1925 in Montpelier
Ansell, Hannah (Mrs.) to John E Smith 11 Nov 1904 in Paris
Anstad, Robert C to Dora M Wilkes 18 Mar 1909 in Paris
Apocloca, Cora Lenore to Paul Glagovich 1 Sep 1930 in Paris
Archer, Linda Wood to Harold L Crape 21 Nov 1933 in Paris
Armalage, Samuel R to Zina Ruth Hayes 25 June 1902 in Paris
Armstrong, Margaret to Hill H Calloway 28 Dec 1919 in Montpelier
Armstrong, Samuel Jasper Claude to Violet Belle Weeks 22 Jan 1920 in Montpelier
Armstrong, Vern to Dallas Anderson 17 Aug 1934 in Paris
Arnell, Albert to Mary Michaelson 4 June 1901 in Paris
Arnell, Bertha to Leon Y Pugmire 10 Aug 1906 in Paris
Arnell, Bertha A to John W Bearver 17 Feb 1910 in Paris
Arnell, Eugene to Edna Pugmire 14 Nov 1919 in Paris
Arnell, Eugene Richard to Vivian Irene Pugmire 13 Jan 1916 in Paris
Arnell, Ralph to Aprilla Maxine Sims 6 July 1934 in Paris
Arnell, Thelma May to Raymond Wesley Windley 14 Nov 1917 in Paris
Arnold, Avis A to Lawrence T Roe 17 Nov 1912 in Montpelier
Arnold, Doris to William Barkdull 26 Mar 1924 in Paris
Arnold, Karl Nicholson to Florence Rose Bryson 15 Dec 1925 in Paris
Aschliman, Katherine Barbara to Elber Daniel Sizemore 30 June 1915 in Paris
Ashdown, Lizzie to Herman Hyde Jr. 10 July 1901 in Paris
Ashley, William Fowler to Leta Denise Smith 17 Oct 1934 in Paris
Astle, Arthur to Lizzie Wait 29 Aug 1902 in Montpelier
Astle, Henrietta to George Nathan Pryor 13 Apr 1916 in Paris
Astle, Henry to Mary L Jewitt 5 Oct 1908 in Montpelier
Astle, Henry to Mary L Astle 18 Feb 1914 in Paris
Astle, James Reuben to Iva Anderson 5 Mar 1915 in Paris
Astle, John Henry to Delone 17 Nov 1930 in Paris
Astle, Mary to Henry Astle 18 Feb 1914 in Paris
Astle, Mary Thelma to David L Moon 22 July 1918 in Montpelier
Astle, Sarah Anne to Henry Lewis Tippets 23 Dec 1915 in Paris
Astle, Sylvia to Le Roy Noffsinger 13 Nov 1915 in Montpelier
Aston, Alice to David M Melville 30 Oct 1926 in Paris
Athay, Genevieve to Robert O Wolfe 7 Mar 1919 in Montpelier
Athay, Gladys to Grover Cleveland 12 Dec 1928 in Paris
Atkins, Nora to Charles Doty 7 Oct 1910 in Paris
Augerter, Emma K to David M Roberts 4 Oct 1906 in Paris
Aumann, John Oscar to Anna Maud Bartlett 19 Mar 1901 in Paris
Austad, Casper R to Hannah May Farner 1 May 1912 in Paris
Austin, N F to Annie M Nelson 21 Oct 1891 in Dingle
Austin, Ray E to Abbie L Jenkins 1 July 1926 in Paris
Aye, Chas E (of Montpelier) to Nellie Gee (of Montpelier) m-5 June 1922 by ME Minister Otto G Penath in Montpelier in the presence of Albert M Thiel and Sherwood J Gee; recorded 2:40pm 6 June 1922

Bacon, Brigham Owen to Marie Leona Williams 3 Apr 1926 in Paris
Bacon, Chancy to Wilma Eignor 30 Oct 1930 in Paris
Bacon, Francis to Augusta Klein 3 Apr 1907 in Montpelier
Bacon, Ivy (of Nounan) to Archie Leroy Freeman (of Georgetown) m-4 May 1921 by LDS Stake President Edward C Rich in Montpelier in presence of Deborah Rich and Hariet Eliza Bacon; recorded 5pm 5 May
Bacon, Lillian to Clyde Monroe Phelps 9 Jan 1928 in Paris
Badley, Fred to Bess Newman 18 Jan 1930 in Paris
Bagley, Cyrenus Jackson to Jessie Van Scoyk 13 June 1927
Bagley, Edna to Frank W Burg 1 Feb 1928 in Paris
Bagley, George C to Mirinda Langford 29 Nov 1909
Bagley, George H to Ruth M Tubbs 22 Sep 1906
Bagley, Gladys Amelia to George Matthews Worton 27 Aug 1923 in Paris
Bagley, Helen Grace to Deverl Linford 22 Nov 1934 in Paris
Bagley, Joseph (26) to Esabel Young (18) 20 June 1893 in Montpelier
Bagley, June to Louis De Verl Booth 3 July 1933 in Paris
Bagley, Melba Adele to Charles Laurenson 6 May 1913 in Paris
Bagley, Mona Ione to Golden S Teuscher 17 Feb 1934 in Paris
Bagley, Owen Ellsworth to Evelyn Tuescher 25 July 1933 in Paris
Bagley, Sarah to Andy John Wells 12 June 1918 in Montpelier
Bagley, Wm to Eliza Godfrey 2 Oct 1890 in Montpelier
Bahem, William to Gladys Straley 19 June 1926 in Paris
Baker, Belle to Francis Hurd 18 Sep 1920 in Paris
Baker, Myron M to Pearl Lewis 1 July 1920 in Paris
Baker, Sarah M to Joseph A Johnson 9 June 1902 in Paris
Baldwin, Blanche to Newel Gardner 12 July 1928 in Paris
Baldwin, Sylvia to Glen Shatter 3 July 1911 in Montpelier
Ball, Arnold L to Annice M Stonebraker 7 Nov 1925 in Paris
Ball, Emma to Floyd Clark 19 Oct 1928 in Bloomington
Ball, Rebecca to James Wilkes 11 Nov 1903 in Bloomington
Ball, Rosella to Joseph S Cutler 16 June 1920 in Paris
Balls, Ardell James to Luella Barrus 5 Nov 1928 in Paris
Balma, Lucy to Dom Sandretto 16 May 1928 in Paris
Banke, Robert Ernest to Josephine Hunter 6 Nov 1916 in Paris
Banks, Ethel to Elmer J Shutt 30 Sep 1922 in Montpelier
Banks, Joseph Hyrum to Mrs. Annie Peterson 31 Dec 1918 in Montpelier
Barclay, Charles E to Flora M Lewis 7 June 1904 in Montpelier
Barkdull, Amelia to David Brauson 21 June 1910 in Paris
Barkdull, Florence to Harrison W Smith 30 Oct 1908 in Paris
Barkdull, George Martin to Anna Laura Allen 11 May 1911 in Paris
Barkdull, Lavon (of Montpelier) to Clifford Herbert Toomer (of Montpelier) m-27 Oct 1921 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Arville Smedley & Z C Nye; recorded 11:45 am 27 Oct
Barkdull, Mary E to James Rasmussen 5 Jan 1910 in Paris
Barkdull, Ralphine to Joseph Franklin Lindsay 31 July 1924 in Paris
Barkdull, William to Doris Arnold 26 Mar 1924 in Paris
Barker, Amos to Earley Cara 22 June 1911 in Paris
Barker, Clara L to Justin G Pugmire 16 Oct 1912 in Paris
Barker, George H to Charlotte A Wilkes 28 Nov 1904 in Paris
Barker, Joseph E to Rosetta Almeda Harmon 3 Sep 1904 in Paris
Barker, Mary to Henry Sorensen 1 Oct 1901 in Paris
Barker, Pearl to Marion Merrley 28 Nov 1904 in Paris
Barkhill, Ernest D to Edna Dunn 5 Mar 1917 in Paris
Barnes, Mary I to Lyle W Platts 31 Oct 1910 in Paris
Barnes, Stella to Guy Lindsay 16 July 1934 in Paris
Barnes, William Jenkins to Martha Christoffersen 9 Sep 1914 in Paris
Barrett, Amelia to Joseph F Smith 27 June 1906 in Montpelier
Barrett, Florence to Charles H Buck 8 June 1911 in Paris
Barrett, Jennie to Lorin S Merrill 25 Dec 1911 in Bennington
Barrett, John A to Irene Thomas 30 Sep 1907 in Montpelier
Barrett, John W to Bernice Ella Dewey 17 Oct 1914 in Montpelier
Barrus, B Harrison to Jessie Black 8 May 1926 in Paris
Barrus, Luella to Ardell James Ball 5 Nov 1928 in Paris
Barry, Vivian to Daniel Christensen 28 Oct 1933 in Paris
Bartell, Allen D to Ellen Slightam 26 Aug 1907 in Paris
Bartlett, Anna Maud to John Socar Aumann 19 Mar 1901 in Paris
Bartlome, Martha (of Montpelier) to Christian Baumann (of Montpelier) m-2 Feb 1921 by LDS Bishop Wm J Crockett in Montpelier in the presence of J F and Mrs. J F Aegerter; recorded 10:45 am 19 Feb
Bartschi, Earl Lloyd to Glenna L Anderson 12 Mar 1932 in Montpelier
Bartschi, Golden Fielding to Wilda Lucille Williams 17 Apr 1926 in Montpelier
Bartschi, Laura Bertha to Le Roy Hoff 8 Nov 1915 in Paris
Bartschi, Rulon Rao to Zelpha Lillian McKee 22 June 1934 in Paris
Bartschi, Wilford Woodruff to Lillie Irene Nelson 17 Dec 1927 in Bloomington
Bassett, Essie Melton to Irene Smith 21 June 1926 in Paris
Bassett, Fern H to Joseph Lawrence Rador 11 Aug 1930 in Paris
Bassett, Fred Gordon (of Pocatello) to Avanelle Phelps (of Montpelier) m-22 Nov 1922 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Ella Philps and Amanda Bassett; recorded 4:14pm 22 Nov 1922
Bassett, Homer K to Thelma Rasmussen 7 Apr 1934 in Paris
Bassett, Sylvia J to Sidney J Larsen 28 Sep 1929 in Paris
Bassett, Wanda to Charley Bowden 8 Apr 1935 in Paris
Bateman, Blanche to Karl Sleight 23 Oct 1928 in Paris
Bateman, Lucy Mattie to Archie Young Pugmire 16 Nov 1911 in Paris
Bateman, Mabel Hortense to Johnny V Bunn 5 Nov 1919 in Paris
Bateman, Stephen W to Blanche B Innes 1 Apr 1912 in Paris
Bateman, Sylvester (of Evanston Wyoming) to Florence Clark (of Hamburg New York) m-24 Aug 1921 by Police Judge W Smith Hoge in Paris in the presence of Silas L Wright and Robert G Harding; recorded 2:30 pm 24 May
Bateman, William Henry to Vesta Maryette Thompson 14 July 1908 in Paris
Batty, Ora Norrine to John Eldon Luthi 23 Mar 1935 in Paris
Bauman, Frederick to Marie Matti 10 Dec 1904 in Montpelier
Bauman, John H to Rosette Hubschmid 21 Aug 1893 in Paris
Bauman, Mary to F E Sarbach 15 Feb 1906 in Paris
Baumann, Christian (of Montpelier) to Martha Bartlome (of Montpelier) m-2 Feb 1921 by Bishop Wm J Crockett in Montpelier in the presence of J F & Mrs. J F Aegerter; recorded 10:45 am 19 Feb
Baxter, Leland Lavern to Fern Aland 31 Dec 1931 in Montpelier
Baxter, Rachel to Ralph Sutton 1 June 1927 in Paris
Beachler, George Leroy to Bessie Hood 25 Aug 1928 in Paris
Beachler, Herbert to Mary Ann Riddle 23 June 1914 in Paris
Beal, Dave (of Salt Lake City) to Dorothy Faux (of Salt Lake City) m-11 Sep 1922 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of James Dunn and Arvilla Smedley; recorded 9:30am 11 Sep 1922
Beard, Helen F to Lee Thornock 6 June 1928 in Bloomington
Beargreen, Emma to V W Woolcott 1 Jan 1892 in Montpelier
Beaver, John W to Bertha A Arnell 17 Feb 1910 in Paris
Beck, David Edward to Margaret Love 17 Apr 1902 in Paris
Beck, Elizabeth Emma to Frank Lorenzo Thompson 30 Aug 1916 in Paris
Beck, Irma to Joseph L Collings 22 Nov 1926 in Paris
Beck, Joseph Peter to Marie Hoppert 2 Dec 1908 in Paris
Beck, Ralph M to Delila Welch Veigel 12 Aug 1934 in Paris
Beck, Raymond Jr. to Jean Gubler 29 May 1933 in Paris
Beckdolt, Herbert F to Edna L Smith 15 Aug 1926 in Montpelier
Becker, Mildred to Ernest H Coffey 14 Mar 1913 in Montpelier
Beckstron, Nora to Oren F Campbell 24 June 1920 in Montpelier
Beckwith, Bertha Emma to James Putnam Sullivan 18 June 1917 in Montpelier
Beckwith, Edward J to Christina Rohner 28 Mar 1912 in Montpelier
Beckwith, Lillian May to Elmo Lewis Egbert 14 Jan 1924 in Paris
Beckwith, Royal Frank to Mildred Alice Horsley 6 Nov 1916 in Paris
Bedell, Bessie Fay to George Robert Maxwell 8 Oct 1915 in Paris
Bedell, Gladys to Alfred H Schlottman 4 Apr 1923 in Montpelier
Bedell, Iva Floy to Frank R Preston 17 July1909 in Paris
Bedell, Loyd to Clarrise C Munford 7 June 1911 in Paris
Bedell, Nora Pearl to Benjamin C Proctor 20 Oct 1908 in Montpelier
Bedell, Vera to Cyrul J Alveraz 15 Oct 1920 in Montpelier
Bee, Johanna to Nelse Petersen 29 Man 1915 in Bloomington
Bee, Margaret G to Thomas Hayes 27 Mar 1905 in Bloomington
Behnke, Martha to Michael Lick 4 Nov 1926 in Paris
Beigle, Charley Jr. to Barbara Nield 14 Oct 1922 in Paris
Belford, Mike to Cora Peterson 16 Aug 1929 in Paris
Bellis, Rhoda to Charles Ruel Crawford 10 Dec 1919 in Paris
Bellis, Mary to Codie Elnie Warinner 20 Apr 1920 in Paris
Belnap, Ezra Leonard to Lina Mae Hansen 6 Oct 1927 in Paris
Bennett, Cora to Clifford Smith 22 Aug 1924 in Paris
Bennett, Elmer E to Frances A King 6 Nov 1930 in Paris
Bennett, John R to Lena Gist 7 July 1928 in Paris
Bennett, Mabel to William Arthur Rockliff 4 Dec 1916 in Montpelier
Bennett, Martha to Hebert J Huckett 10 Sep 1927 in Paris
Bennion, Muriel to Ferron Chase 24 June 1930 in Paris
Benson, Nancy E to James W Jensen 21 Dec 1908 in Paris
Bentter, Albert W to Estella Bunn 16 Mar 1910 in Paris
Berger, Edward to Twilla Nelson 15 Aug 1934 in Paris
Berger, Fred to Bertha Taylor 1 June 1934 in Montpelier
Berger, John J to Prudence E Jones 29 Oct 1909 in Paris
Berger, Martha Marie (of Montpelier) to Grover C Slater (of Montpelier) m-29 May 1921 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Allen Linvell and Martha Scheidigger; recorded 10:35 am 31 May
Berger, Samuel to Margaret Graber 10 Mar 1902 in Paris
Bergman, Fred H to Maud E Jones 24 Apr 1912 in Paris
Bergman, Maud Ella to Robert Lester Hack 10 Feb 1917 in Paris
Bergreen, Loraine to Anna Kelley 2 Oct 1916 in Paris
Bergreen, Oscar to Irene Thelma Nate 25 Jan 1923 in Paris
Bergreen, Wendell J to Irene Horsley 6 Feb 1923 in Paris
Berka, Louis to Hazel Bresee 16 May 1908 in Paris
Bernecker, Lillian to Joe Patterson 14 July 1913 in Montpelier
Berrier, Julia to Ed T ____ 29 May 1927 in Paris
Berrier, Julia Gertrude to A Leroy Bosworth 5 Apr 1918 in Paris
Berrier, Lula I to Reuben N Eschler 8 May 1913 in Paris
Berrier, Minnie Blodwin (of Cumberland Wyoming) to Thomas Henry Robinson (of Cumberland Wyoming) m-2 Dec 1922 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Rebecca M Knudson and Otto Berrier; recorded 2pm 2 Dec 1922
Berrier, Otto Paul to Rebecca Matilda Knudson 16 May 1923 in Montpelier
Berrier, Virgie to Fred Hansen 9 June 1903 in Montpelier
Berry, Jennie Adeline to William Nicholas Shadell 26 July 1915 in Paris
Bertonsel, Andrew to Alnora Mouritsen 14 Nov 1931 in Bennington
Bertwistle, Louis to Emma Kunz 10 Nov 1919 in Paris
Bess, Frederick William to Elva Johnston 14 Mar 1914 in Paris
Bethel, William Wallace to Loretta Hill 4 Apr 1911 in Paris
Beus, Pearl to Fayette C Sizemore 3 Aug 1929 in Paris
Beutler, Alice W to Josiah Derricott 145 Nov 1904 in Paris
Beutler, Eugene to Amy H Romero 6 Feb 1911 in Paris
Beutler, Lucille to Carl Stock 2 July 1932 in Paris
Beutler, Merlin to Herman O Grunig 3 July 1901 in Montpelier
Beveridge, John M to Daisy Tayson 29 Dec 1910 in Montpelier
Bewelter, Winnie Winn to William Carl Sharp 21 July 1913 in Paris
Beyler, Elmo John to Melba Elvira Anderson 13 Nov 1933 in Paris
Bickett, Thomas N to Amy Peterson 22 Aug 1907 in Paris
Bienz, Alice to Emil Stoor 28 Nov1930 in Paris
Bienz, Emma to Roy Stewart Walters 24 Dec 1913 in Montpelier
Bienz, Hannah to William Henry Hughes 21 Oct 1913 in Paris
Bienz, Lillian to Marrinor M Perkins 5 June 1926 in Paris
Bigler, Alice Loretta to Frank Carlyle Lyman 3 Nov 1917 in Paris
Bigler, Arnold Burton to Luella Teuscher 4 Aug 1930 in Paris
Bigler, Iretta to Keith Hyde 6 June 1928 in Paris
Bigler, Nerlin to Nola Poulsen 17 July 1928 in Paris
Biles, Norine to Anthon Kunz 5 Sep 1931 in Paris
Bills, Farrell G to Ruth McKinlay 18 Oct 1933 in Paris
Birch, Clarence A to Edith M Bourne 16 May 1910 in Paris
Bird, Ada M to William J Weaver 9 June 1913 in Paris
Bird, Frank Stanley to Luella Pendrey 24 Dec 1917 in Paris
Bird, Ira to James E Homer 22 Nov 1912 in Paris
Bird, Roy to Natalia Hansen 10 Sep 1914 in Paris
Bird, Thaniel to Helen Settle 7 Jan 1933 in Paris
Bird, Thelma to William White 31 Jan 1924 in Paris
Birks, Edith Beverleigh (of Salt Lake City) to George E Bourne (of Cokeville Wyoming) m-11 July 1922 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Mercy P Kelsey and James Dunn; recorded 11 July 1922
Birtwhistle, Lenora to Robert Jonely 31 Dec 1913 in Paris
Bischoff, Amelia to Jesse E Haddock 7 Jan 1830 in Bloomington
Bischoff, David to Minnie Lashbrook 1 Feb 1910 in Paris
Bjorkman, Leonard to Mabel Lindq 6 July 1928 in Paris
Black, Ambrose to Alice Tippits 29 Dec 1909 in Paris
Black, Bernice to Harold Worth Kilgrow 8 Feb 1934 in Paris
Black, Delone to John Henry Astle 17 Nov 1930 in Paris
Black, Elizabeth Jane to James Brownlow Williams 15 July 1914 in Montpelier
Black, Emma Catharine to George C Tolman 31 May 1896 in Montpelier
Black, Iola to Samuel Legrande Caldwell 17 Nov 1930 in Paris
Black, Jessie to B Harris Barbus 8 May 1926 in Paris
Blade, Bennett George to Gladys to Mae Williams 16 Aug 1918 in Paris
Blade, Effie Josephine to George Wilkes 16 Dec 1908 in Paris
Blair, Louise to Eugene A Krauss 28 Sep 1933 in Paris
Blakesley, Lizzie McPhie to Andrew Horsburgh 7 Aug 1915 in Paris
Blank, William K to Blanch L Burke 21 Dec 1908 in Montpelier
Blaser, Edward to Bernice Day 28 Nov 1933 in Montpelier
Blaser, Ernest to Rose G Buhler 25 Nov 1905 in Montpelier
Blaser, John to Annie Sommers 25 Sep 1902 in Montpelier
Blechert, Eva to Alfred J Hirschi 31 Oct 1924 in Paris
Blessing, Thelma Pearl to Edwin Chapin Coffin Jr. 24 Aug 1927 in Paris
Bloomquist, Joseph Edward to Fae Cox 4 June 1934 in Paris
Blotter, Fred to Marie Zlinder 9 June 1902 in Montpelier
Bluit, Lizzie to Thomas J Harrison 21 June 1902 in Paris
Bodell, Ruby (of Harriman Ut) to Alonzo Skinner (of Paris) m-16 Aug 1922 by Probate Judge W Smith Hoge in Paris in the presence of Virginia Rich and J M Ward; recorded 11am 16 Aug 1922
Boehme, John H to Gertrude H Marks 19 Mar 1910 in Montpelier
Bollinger, Harold Orvill to Alice Frances Jones 3 July 1919 in Paris
Bolton, Beatrice L to Mark M Perry 30 Nov 1910 in Paris
Bolton, Clarence to Ilah C Briscoe 10 May 1920 in Bloomington
Bolton, Ella J to Ernest G Briggs 31 Dec 1908 in Paris
Bolton, Henry Thomas to Rose Marie Rosen 8 Apr 1908 in Paris
Booker, Carl D to Meredith B Chatterton 2 May 1925 in Paris
Books, William A to Annie A Thornton 17 Dec 1912 in Paris
Booth, Clarence Morrell to Verna Nicholls 30 June 1930 in Paris
Booth, Douglas to Beatrice Hayes 16 Aug 1924 in Paris
Booth, Elwin D to Maria Elizabeth Wells 1 June 1926 in Paris
Booth, Herbert to Kathryn Holfeldt 16 Apr 1935 in Paris
Booth, Lewis to Laura Sorensen 18 Jan 1904 in Montpelier
Booth, Lottie Eugenia to Joseph Benjamin Lewis 11 Oct 1909 in Paris
Booth, Louis De Verl to June Bagley 3 July 1933 in Paris
Booth, Oscar L to Selma Johnson 25 Sep 1905 in Paris
Bosco, Louis to Lily Scandella 15 Jan 1927 in Paris
Bosh, Winona to Fred H Allred 9 Apr 1934 in Paris
Boswoth, A Leroy to Julia Gertrude Berrier 5 Apr 1918 in Paris
Bott, Agnes to Donald T Kearns 28 June 1934 in Paris
Bouchard, Mabel to Bingham Nix 22 Sep 1934 in Paris
Bourne, Edith M to Clarence A Birch 16 May 1910 in Paris
Bourne, George E (of Cokeville Wyoming) to Edith Beverleight Birks (of Salt Lake City) m-11 July 1922 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Mercy P Kelsey and James Dunn; recorded 11 July 1922
Bourne, Jennie to Leroy A Woodward 17 Mary 1910 in Paris
Bourne, Myrtle La Rue to August Williams Angeli 16 Oct 1915 in Paris
Bourne, Norman C to Mary Welker 5 Sep 1906 in Paris
Bowcutt, Albert to Beatrice Irvin 19 July 1911 in Paris
Bowcutt, Delbertine to Rowland Booth 4 June 1918 in Paris
Bowcutt, Laura to William Edward Richard 5 Dec 1914 in Paris
Bowden, Charley to Wanda Bassett 8 Apr 1935 in Paris
Bowen, Edith to George William Simmons 7 May 1932 in Montpelier
Bowen, Lorenzo to Gladys Layland 16 Feb 1924 in Paris
Bowen, Morris to Lula Gertrude Layland 23 Aug 1927 in Paris
Bowler, Samuel C to Erma Jeppson 12 Oct 1927 in Paris
Bowles, Emmett Doyle to Jeanne Viva Graham 10 Oct 1929 in Paris
Bozovicar, Frances to Anton Dolence 2 June 1923 in Paris
Bradak, Marius to Alice Rowbottom 12 Aug 1912 in Paris
Bramis, Ella to Nick A Toyias 24 Mar 1931 in Paris
Brammer, Gladys Elsie to Vern B Dowell 22 Nov 1915 in Paris
Branson, William Thomas of Cokeville Wyoming) to Cleo Pearl Hoopes (of Fairview Wyoming) m-2 Feb 1922 by Probate Judge W Smith Hoge in Paris in the presence of William R Taylor and May C Taylor; recorded 6:30 om 2 Feb 1922
Brauson, David to Amelia Bardull 21 June 1910 in Paris
Brennan, Agnes M to D Orr Poynter 5 June 1901 in Montpelier
Brennan, Catharine A to Russell Paul Groo 3 Nov 1919 in Montpelier
Brennan, Grover L to Louisa Jessop 1 June 1910 in Montpelier
Brennan, Janet to Naysmith R Cummings 10 Aug 1914 in Montpelier
Brennan, Maud to Jefferson Davis 7 June 1892 in Montpelier
Bresee, A A to Martha E Andrews 18 May 1903 in Paris
Bresee, Elsie to Christian P Nelson 30 July 1903 in Montpelier
Bresee, Hazel to Louis Berka 16 May 1908 in Paris
Brewer, John to Sarah Jensen 27 Sep 1905 in Paris
Brewer, Nina W to Thomas G Rich 18 Sep 1900 in St Charles
Brian, Minnie to Joseph Nicholls 16 Aug 1909 in Paris
Brickner, Grace C to Carl G Voelker 12 May 1933 in Paris
Bridges, Aldon Marclle to Evelyn Estell Nebeker 19 Dec 1927 in Paris
Bridges, Arthell Vilate to James Bryan 10 Oct 1916 in Paris
Bridges, Bert to Martha B Miller 2 Oct 1920 in Paris
Bridges, Ettie Lorenia to Raymond David Pugmire 15 June 1918 in Paris
Bridges, Henrietta (of Dingle) to Earl Jensen (of Montpelier) m-27 June 1921 b7 LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of C H Bridges and M E Bridges; recorded 3 pm 27 June
Bridges, Vernell Elnora to Lawrence Ancel Malone 25 June 1917 in Paris
Bridges, Virginia Lavon to Robert L Wallis 13 Sep 1929 in Paris
Bridges, Weston Thomas to Leona Leatham 25 June 1925 in Paris
Bridges, Winifred E to Howell J Gunn 13 Sep 1929 in Paris
Briggs, Anna (Mrs.) to George Albert Cushing 25 Jan 1915 in Paris
Briggs, Ernest G to Ella J Bolton 31 Dec 1908 in Paris
Briggs, George to Agnes Consoni 5 Sep 1929 in Paris
Briscoe, Ilah C to Clarence Bolton 10 May 1920 in Bloomington
Briscoe, Margaret A to Joseph B Payne 18 Jan 1907 in Bloomington
Briseve, Fredrick Henry to Carrie Elizabeth Thompson 5 Sep 1901 in Bloomington
Brooker, Iola to Thomas Clifford Calder 23 Jan 1926 in Paris
Brookshire, Emmett Vance to Hila Elnora Dalton 18 July 1911 in Montpelier
Brookshire, Frank to Lavern Hays 16 Dec 1932 in Paris
Broomhead, Una to Casper Hill 31 Oct 1923 in Paris
Brough, Ralph to Margarett Alenda Hawkins 20 Sep 1913 in Paris
Brough, Virginia June to Charles Clarence Wilson 17 Apr 1927 in Montpelier
Brower, Alta to William Deloss Sanderson 3 July 1924 in Paris
Brown, Amanda May to Andrew Soren Peterson 10 Feb 1928 in Paris
Brown, C A to Mabel Hays 15 Nov 1911 in Montpelier
Brown, Edna A to Lawrence Alexander Welch 11 June 1920 in Paris
Brown, Elmo Edward to Mary Elizabeth George 17 Mar 1917 in Paris
Brown, Ferguson to Laura M Holmes 29 Sep 1904 in Ovid
Brown, Francis E to Lotwick L Reese 18 Nov 1908 in Bloomington
Brown, George Methum to Gwendolyn Pearl Jarvis 14 Sep 1916 in Bloomington
Brown, James O (of Montpelier) to Lillian Trevorrow (of Montpelier) m-15 Nov 1921 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Jeanne Hanson & Amy Munk; recorded 10 am 15 Nov
Brown, John James to Sarah Elvira Allen 26 Aug 1918 in Paris
Brown, John R to Millie M Hansen 6 Aug 1904 in Montpelier
Brown, Mildred I to Harry E Clifton 3 July 1905 in Montpelier
Brown, Myrtle to Paul Edmund Trapier 26 Dec 1930 in Paris
Brown, Nettie (of Springville Ut) to James E Hoyle (of Springville Ut) m-3 June 1921 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of E W and Mrs. Brown; recorded 9:30 am 3 June
Brown, Thomas to Louise Webb McCarthy 17 Oct 1917 in Paris
Bruce, Annie E (Mrs.) to Nate B Mottett 23 Oct 1911 in Paris
Bruce, Ella Vietta to James Alfred Walton 19 Feb 1918 in Paris
Bruce, Fredric W to Nenetta Young 10 Dec 1902 in Montpelier
Bruce, George L to Winona Miller 23 July 1927 in Paris
Bruce, Ida B to James R Thompson 2 July 1902 in Montpelier
Bruce, Raymond Thomas to Lela Susanna Taylor 1 Sep 1928 in Paris
Bruce, Russell G to Emma Olson 22 Nov 1934 in Ovid
Bruce, Stella to Hyrum Crook 22 Dec 1913 in Paris
Bryan, Emma to Eugene D Smith 9 June 1908 in Paris
Bryan, George W to Anona Seua? 13 Dec 1921 in Montpelier
Bryan, Iva L to George Joseph Esterholdt 26 Nov 1915 in Paris
Bryan, James to Arthell Vilate Bridges 10 Oct 1916 in Paris
Bryden, Dorothy Wynnefred to Wright Osmond Welker 29 Dec 1930 in Paris
Bryson, Florence Rose to Karl Nicholson Arnold 15 Dec 1925 in Paris
Bryson, Merna to Edgar Devar Nebeker 1 Aug 1928 in Paris
Bucher, Edward Victor to Magdalena Burva 13 Aug 1914 in Paris
Bucher, Ferdinand to Kate Short 18 July 1906 in Paris
Bucher, Freda to Fred Lintz 1 May1905 in Montpelier
Bucher, Otto to Mary Sorensen 22 Sep 1906 in Paris
Buck, Charles H to Florence Barrett 8 June 1911 in Paris
Buck, Harry William to Selma Swenson 25 May 1916 in Paris
Buckley, Chris to Mary Hunger 16 Feb 1906 in Bennington
Buckley, John to Elizabeth Chugg 21 Oct 1907 in Paris
Buckley, Mary to John Peter Hunter 6 Oct 1913 in Paris
Budd, William Henry to Thelma Louise Vickery 16 Sep 1929 in Paris
Budge, Nora to George W Cole 6 Sep 1910 in Paris
Buffi, Barney to Lucy Louise Regony 8 July 1926 in Paris
Buhler, Harold to Zylpha Harris 21 Mar 1929 in Paris
Buhler, Rose G to Ernest Blaser 25 Nov 1905 in Montpelier
Buhler, Sarah to Harold Tennyson Anderson 6 Dec 1915 in Paris
Bullard, Coral to Samuel Harvey Merritt 3 Oct 1917 in Bloomington
Bumr, Edgar T to Priscilla M Lindsay 12 Mar 1910 in Paris
Bunderson, Myrtle M (of St Charles) to Chauncey L Mattson (of St Charles)
m-28 Dec 1922 by Stake President Roy A Welker in Paris in the presence of Myrlee Mattson and Lula Mattson; recorded 4pm 29 Dec 1922
Bunderson, Nephi to Anne M Floyd 16 Sep 1903 in Bloomington
Bunn, Agnes I to George Elmer Wilcox 6 July 1901 in Paris
Bunn, Elsie to Parley Smedley Lewis 6 Aug 1918 in Paris
Bunn, Estella to Albert W Bentter 16 Mar 1910 in Paris
Bunn, J Elmo to Alice Velma Johnston 28 July 1928 in Paris
Bunn, Johnny V to Mabel Hortense Bateman 5 Nov 1919 in Paris
Bunn, Leona to Smith Gertsch 12 June 1923 in Paris
Bunn, Margie to Elmer Lewis 14 Apr 1925 in Paris
Bunn, Ozma to Howard E Panting 2 Aug 1944 in Montpelier
Bunn, Rena to Royal James Rasmussen 3 July 1931 in Paris
Bunzel, Alma Eva to Edward Harvey Fitzgibbons 20 Nov 1914 in Paris
Burbank, Chester to Hannah Larsen 19 May 1909 in Ovid
Burbank, Dortha L to William R Sparks 13 Aug 1910 in Paris
Burbank, Lester L to Percy J Tibbets 12 Feb 1912 in Bennington
Burbanks, Emma to William Daw 29 Nov 1905 in Bennington
Burg, Frank W to Edna Bagley 1 Feb 1928 in Paris
Burk, Pearlee Adell to Raymond Cottle Negus 8 July 1926 in Paris
Burke, Arthur to Gertrude Pugmire 5 Dec 1906 in Paris
Burke, Blanch L to William K Blank 21 Dec 1908 in Montpelier
Burke, Effie M to Edwin F Guyon 18 May 1903 in Montpelier
Burney, Annie to Winfield G Staley 5 Jan 1908 in Montpelier
Burningham, Mary Jane to David A Kendall 16 Sep 1902 in Paris
Burnside, E C to Myrtle Colvin Gamboni 18 Dec 1933 in Paris
Burnside, George I to Rosana Margarete Westfall 18 June 1902 in Montpelier
Burt, Dora to Jesse Oleen Wagstaff 7 Sep 1928 in Paris
Burton, Erma Beatrice to Max A Donaldson 17 Nov 1934 in Montpelier
Burton, Florence May to Virgil Warren Corwin 16 Feb 1924 in Montpelier
Burton, Franklin Geo to Luella Arnold Rich 22 July 1913 in Paris
Burton, Gladys Irene to Edwin P Suiter Jr. 2 Aug 1919 in Paris
Burwell, Maurice F to Harriet Stewart 13 Aug 1920 in Paris
Burya, Magdalena to Edward Victor Bucher 13 Aug 1914 in Paris
Busarello, Sarfen Frank to Lillian Kemmerer Webster 29 Sep 1914 in Paris
Butcher, Gladys Marie to Ivan Claude Jensen 6 Apr 1919 in Paris
Bybee, Caroline Belinda to Frank Miles 28 June 1928 in Paris
Bynn, Elton Nye to Daisy Mary Jarvis 23 Nov 1915 in Paris
Byrne, W H to Edda M Putman 23 Mar 1892 in Montpelier
Byrnes, Michael J to Hettie M Pearce 16 Jan 1902 in Montpelier


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