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All marriage licenses are in the Courthouse in Paris



Cadarett, Alma to Fred Rediger 3 Oct 1901 in Montpelier
Cahill, Lula (of Green River Wyoming) to Charles G Johnson (of Green River Wyoming) m-14 July 1921 by Probate Judge W Smith Hoge in Paris in the presence of S H Rich & Stanley Howell; recorded 5pm 14 July
Calder, David to Ida Irene Merritt 19 July 1915 in Paris
Calder, Sarah L to Joseph W Wilcox 5 Jan 1910 in Paris
Calder, Thomas Clifford to Iola Brooker 23 Jan 1926 in Paris
Caldwell, Daniel to Hettie Dunn 18 July 1923 in Paris
Caldwell, Jessie H to Rev Irl V Maxey 5 Dec 1910 in Montpelier
Caldwell, Octava to J H Lovelace 25 Aug 1905 in Paris
Caldwell, Legrande to Iola Black 17 Nov 1930 in Paris
Caldwell, Sylvarius to Katherine Hall 31 Mar 1909 in Paris
Call, Emma E to Walter M Eggleston 17 July 1905 in Paris
Call, Joseph H to Margarete E Davis 23 June 1928 in Montpelier
Callas, William to Joan Reecado 2 Nov 1928 in Paris
Callison, James Henry to Anne Scott 30 Aug 1912 in Paris
Calloway, Hill H to Margaret Armstrong 28 Dec 1919 in Montpelier
Campbell, Ezra Delos to Beatrice Hood 17 May 1915 in Paris
Campbell, Ezra Tillie to Lovina Irene Lee 19 July 1917 in Paris
Campbell, Gertrude to Ethel Young 1 Oct 1906 in Paris
Campbell, Inis J to Clifford C Thornton 13 Jan 1912 in Paris
Campbell, James to Margaret Lindsay 30 June 1923 in Paris
Campbell, Leslie Frederick (of Fairview Wyoming) to Alice Tolman (of Fairview Wyoming) m-31 Aug 1922 by Probate Judge W Smith Hoge in Paris in the presence of W L Thornton and Inez Thornton; recorded 11am 31 Aug 1922
Campbell, Louise Elmina to Harold Ray Papworth 2 July 1923 in Paris
Campbell, Oren F to Nora Beckstrong 24 June 1920 in Montpelier
Campbell, William Lewis to Louisa Irene Christensen 6 Feb 1918 in Paris
Canning, Percy John to Mary Harriet Gomm 21 Jan 1916 in Paris
Capell, Bladen Ozro (of Pocatello) to Madge Elizabeth Crawford (of Paris) m-14 June 1921 by Probate Judge W Smith Hoge in Paris in the presence of R F Crawford & Rhoda B Crawford; recorded 2pm 14 June
Capbell, Rebecca to Vance Gunter 24 Apr 1930 in Paris
Capp, Aaron J to Margaret Emma Tolman 18 July 1912 in Paris
Cara, Earley to Amos Barker 22 June 1911 in Paris
Carlsen, Elma Victoria to George Christian Koford 7 Aug 1915 in Paris
Carlsen, Laura Marie to Allan Johannes Koford 8 Jan 1916 in Paris
Carlson, Charles F to Eva Peterson 2 Oct 1901 in Ovid
Carmen, Doris to Elvin J Halladay 11 Dec 1933 in Paris
Caro, Harry to Annie Altresko 29 Aug 1907 in Paris
Carpenter, Kathie A to Lorenzo Jensen 19 Oct 1904 in Paris
Carruth, Edna Elizabeth to Bernard Henry Ewer 30 May 1926 in Paris
Carson, John I to Elizabeth McNish 28 Oct 1912 in Paris
Carter, Tillie to August Clossner 31 July 1893 in Montpelier
Carver, Richard William to Irene Hannah Harris 9 June 1924 in Paris
Castagno, Joe Mae to Bertha Mae Mahoney 3 Aug 1918 in Paris
Cazier, Edgar L to Rozelia Wolfley 26 Mar 1926 in Paris
Cazier, Ethel to Ira Sparks 29 Apr 1925 in Paris
Cazier, Florence to Jesse Jensen 20 July 1925 in Paris
Cazier, Gladys Fern to Alvin R Perkins 22 Oct 1920 in Montpelier
Cazier, Minnie to David Williamson 30 Sep 1919 in Paris
Cazier, Pleasant (of Afton Wyoming) to Loran Jesse Perkins (of Montpelier) m-24 Aug 1922 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of R A Merrill and Vida Merrill; recorded 9am 25 Aug 1922
Cazier, Verda to Holt Fritchman 1 Mar 1934 in Paris
Cazier, Wilford to Ella Allen 3 Aug 1923 in Paris
Chaffin, Erwin to Eunice Skinner 20 Nov 1934 in Montpelier
Chaffin, Iris Fern to Oliver Shelby Penley 26 May 1915 in Paris
Chaffin, Ora to Thomas Grover Hays 15 Nov 1911 in Montpelier
Challman, Rueben Tegner to Anna Eunice Child 21 Oct 1916 in Paris
Chamberlain, Alward to South Williams 1 July 1905 in Montpelier
Chamberlain, Berton E to Nellie Luella Akey 25 June 1924 in Montpelier
Chandler, Lulu to John Hemmert 22 Mar 1927
Chapman, Annie B to Hayes R Groo 10 Feb 1902 in Montpelier
Chapman, Isabell to Clarence McIlvain 7 Apr 1901 in Montpelier
Chapman, Nora to Bert Gray 12 June 1905 in Paris
Charlston, Oscar Raymond to Pearl Charlston 13 Aug 1917 in Paris
Charlston, Pearl to Oscar Raymond Charlston 13 Aug 1917 in Paris
Chase, Ferron to Muriel Bennion 24 June 1930 in Paris
Chatterton, Leland L to Indra Elizabeth Nyborg 22 Dec 1921 in Paris
Chatterton, Meredith B to Carl D Booker 2 May 1925 in Paris
Chealey, Carroll Howard to Leona Stacey 17 May 1927 in Paris
Chellon, Mabel to Henry Hansen 28 Nov 1901 in Bennington
Cherry, Helen Smith to Elwood Mulica 14 Dec 1916 in Montpelier
Child, Anna Eunice to Rueben Tegner Challman 21 Oct 1916 in Paris
Christensen, Ada Lillian to Jonathan J Putmire 7 Oct 1911 in Paris
Christensen, Beatrice Irene to James Lawrence Welker 7 Oct 1909 in Bloomington
Christensen, Charles Lisle to Maud Moselle Williamson 31 Mar 1916 in Bloomington
Christensen, Cora to Joseph Wheelock 9 July 1903 in Montpelier
Christensen, Daniel to Vivian Barry 28 Oct 1933 in Paris
Christensen, Enza Fern to Lee Richard Williams 14 July 1926 in Bloomington
Christensen, Eudora to Lavern Nelson 5 Nov 1919 in Paris
Christensen, Eunice to Henry Van Slooten 4 Jan 1913 in Paris
Christensen, Gilbert J to Evelyn Williams 8 Mar 1935 in Montpelier
Christensen, Jarvis Wallace to Ireta Poulsen 14 July 1926 in Bloomington
Christensen, Lee to Winnie Hendrickson 28 Sep 1933 in Paris
Christensen, Leslie Jacob to Marguerite C Pugmire 29 Oct 1919
Christensen, Louisa Irene to William Lewis Campbell 6 Feb 1918 in Paris
Christensen, Mabel to Ben Merritt 19 June 1934 in Paris
Christensen, Myrtle Winifred to Ernest R Smith 15 Jan 1908 in Paris
Christensen, Selina Mary Ann to Segil William Hall 28 May 1907 in Paris
Christensen, Vernon to Etta Jenson 17 Sep 1933 in Paris
Christoffersen, Martha to William Jenkins Barnes 9 Sep 1914 in Paris
Christofferson, Sarah to James B Doles 6 Aug 1911 in Montpelier
Chugg, Eliza to John Henry Schmidt 8 Apr 1915 in Paris
Chugg, Elizabeth to John Buckley 21 Oct 1907 in Paris
Chugg, Ethel May to Archibald Skinner 30 June 1908 in Paris
Chugg, Otis Victor to Waneta Peoples Vail 23 Mar 1931 in Paris
Chugg, Vern to Goldie Arillia Skinner 18 Dec 1930 in Paris
Chugg, William J to Louise Summers 16 Feb 1909 in Paris
Citero, Isabel to Basil Winiski 16 Oct 1927 in Paris
Clapp, Frank Charles to Rosanna Grunig 16 July 1913 in Paris
Clark, Abbie Elvira to Harry Ralph Scharthausen 21 Jan 1916 in Paris
Clark, Anna Laura to Earl Leander Mayfield 14 Mar 1931 in Montpelier
Clark, Bert F to Laurenea May Hastings 28 Dec 1927 in Paris
Clark, Della Vernice to Richard Riley Young 23 Oct 1914 in Paris
Clark, Elijah to Amanda Adams 23 Dec 1903 in Paris
Clark, Florence (of Hamburg New York) to Sylvester Bateman (of Evanston Wyoming) m-24 Aug 1921 by Police Judge W Smith Hoge in Paris in the presence of Silas L Wright & Robert G Harding; recorded 2:30pm 24 Aug
Clark, Floyd to Emma Ball 19 Oct 1928 in Bloomington
Clark, James M to Millie Watkins Thompson 21 May 1904 in Montpelier
Clark, Joseph Eugene (of St Charles) to Ruth Edith Hawks (of Fremont Idaho) m-8 Nov 1922 by Probate Judge W Smith Hoge in Paris in the presence of Ray Pugmire and Elva Pugmire; recorded 11:10am 13 Nov 1922
Clark, Kate to Benjamin S Filer 12 Apr 1912 in Paris
Clark, Martin F to Ivy Naomi Taggart 17 June 1929 in Paris
Clark, Samuel Elias to Ida Charlotte Anderson 8 Aug 1914 in Paris
Clark, Susie to Charles William Lancaster 6 July 1914 in Paris
Clayton, Arthur William to Iris Marie Peterson 25 Sep 1929 in Paris
Clayton, Marguerite to Frank Deverge Williams 31 Jan 1932 in Paris
Clayton, Ned L (of Paris) to Lillie Dunn (of Paris) m-21 Apr 1922 by Stake President William L Rich in Paris in the presence of James Dunn and Annie Clayton; recorded 3:30 pm 28 Apr 1922
Clayton, Susanna to Simpson Euzene Rice 11 June 1923
Clegg, Zelpha to Stephen Sleight 27 Feb 1908 in Paris
Cleveland, Elwood to Leola Lillian Pugmire 18 June 1932 in St Charles
Cleveland, Grover to Gladys Athay 12 Dec 1928 in Paris
Clifton, Harry E to Mildred I Brown 3 July 1905 in Montpelier
Clifton, John to Catherine Schmidlin 1 July 1901 in Paris
Clifton, John Henry to Elizabeth Jane Hoge 23 Jan 1889 in Paris
Clifton, William to Lubbie Hill 9 July 1907 in Paris
Cline, Fred to Ina Ella Davis 26 Aug 1928 in Paris
Closner, Edna to David W Smith 18 Dec 1907 in Paris
Closner, Edward F to Janet Shaw 12 June 1923 in Paris
Closner, Lillian to George Schmitt 16 Jan 1907 in Paris
Closner, Luella to James C Rich 17 Sep 1902 in Montpelier
Closner, Shirley Bernice to William Martin Graff 8 Sep 1917 in Paris
Closner, Stella Fayetta to Robert Roy Hayes 2 Sep 1911 in Paris
Closner, William Henry to Lillian Orchard 23 June 1915 in Paris
Cochran, Estella Thomas to Nymphus Jay Watkins 11 Apr 1914 in Paris
Cochran, Roy Charles to Edna Bertha Peterson 15 Oct 1927 in Montpelier
Coffey, Ernest H to Mildred Becker 14 Mar 1913 in Montpelier
Coffin, Edwin Chapin Jr. to Thelma Pearl Blessing 24 Aug 1927 in Paris
Coffman, Harriet Josephine to Joseph Smith Hayes 29 Mar 1930 in Paris
Cockayne, Henry Joseph to Sadie Irene McDermott 1 Mar 1916 in Paris
Cole, George W to Nora Budge 6 Sep 1910 in Paris
Cole, Louise to John Miller 12 Jan 1924 in Paris
Cole, Lucy Amelia to Tharger Johnson 14 Dec 1910 in Paris
Cole, Olive to Milton Webster Oliver 3 Nov 1924 in Paris
Coleman, Alvero to Laura Ellis 7 July 1903 in Montpelier
Collett, Charles Capper (of Taber Canada) to Christiana Weaver (of Bennington) m-18 Dec 1921 by Minister Silas L Wright in Montpelier in the presence of D H Perkins & Romina Perkins; recorded 9am 19 Nov
Collett, Roy to Millie Swenson 19 June 1906 in Montpelier
Collings, Joseph L to Irma Beck 22 Nov 1926 in Paris
Collings, Leah to Alondus L Pack 22 Oct 1928 in Paris
Collipriest, Margaret to Harvey Peterson 2 Dec 1925 in Paris
Comstock, Gladys to Edward L Smith 29 Nov 1924 in Paris
Condie, Shirley to Corpus S Hale 15 Oct 1934 in Paris
Condir, Joseph William to Chloir Loveland 1 July 1909 in Paris
Conley, Paul Findlay (of Fish Haven) to Beatrice Hill (of Fish Haven) m-4 Sep 1922 by Bishop Morris D Low in Paris in the presnece of Sarah E Hill and Annie Conley; recorded 10am 8 Sep 1922
Consoni, Agnes to George Briggs 5 Sep 1929 in Paris
Cook, Beatrice to Julius Jacobsen Jr. 12 Dec 1914 in Paris
Cook, Charlotte Bryson to Orlando Dickson 20 Oct 1914 in Paris
Cook, Henrietta to Raol Alonzo Palmer 14 Apr 1917 in Bloomington
Cook, Hortense to Hugh Lyons 10 May 1905 in Paris
Cook, John Woodruff to Hannah Catherine Peterson 4 Dec 1917 in Paris
Cook Joseph N to Julia A Dustin 14 Dec 1908 in Paris
Cook, Lois Hannah to James Oron Larocco 26 Apr 1926 in Paris
Cook, May Sparks to Joseph Edward Larocco 20 Apr 1916 in Paris
Cook, Nathell to Leo Robert Kunz 21 May 1932 in Montpelier
Cook, Parley to Mary Ann Dimmick 7 Dec 1907 in Paris
Cook, Phyllis to William Gertsch 27 Nov 1928 in Montpelier
Cook, Ruth to Eric Butger 13 Oct 1928 in Paris
Cook, Tressie to Charles john 14 June 1911 in Paris
Coon, James F to Mabel C Hiesrodt 5 Sep 1927 in Paris
Cooper, Annie to Alfred G Sims 18 Sep 1912 in Paris
Cooper, Mary Elizabeth to Stanley Burton Shepherd 16 Mar 1911 in Montpelier
Corless, Hazel to Charles S Hender 17 Jan 1910 in Paris
Corry, Mary E to Louis S Marks 19 July 1934 in Paris
Corsi, Marie to Walter Hale 6 June 1924 in Paris
Corsi, Stella to Homer West 17 Sep 1923 in Paris
Corst, Ruby to Arlan Jensen 15 Nov 1930 in Paris
Corwin, Virgil Warren to Florence May Burton 16 Feb 1924 in Montpelier
Cottle, Annie J to Joseph P Stock 7 June 1902 in Paris
Cottrell, Harvey to Edna Henry 13 Nov 1928 in Paris
Couch, Francis Murphy to Emma Eliza Southerland 7 Nov 1917 in Paris
Cowley, Ann Louella to Oscar Lorenzo Schench 10 Apr 1907 in Paris
Cox, Fae to Joseph Edward Bloom 4 June 1934 in Paris
Coyle, Charles Bain to Eva Gortcinsky Scott 17 Sep 1926 in Montpelier
Coyte, Marie Lucille to John Ulrich Meyer 30 Sep 1920 in Paris
Cozzens, Earl L to Ruby Lucile Hoff 10 Aug 1909 in Paris
Cozzens, Flora to Russell Oliver Dayton 14 May 1927 in Paris
Cozzens, Mark to Ethel Watkins 17 Dec 1907 in Montpelier
Crandall, Merrill G to Gladys Young 18 July 1925 in Paris
Crane, Mahonri B to Mabel Merrill 19 Aug 1912 in Bennington
Crane, Maude Marie to Melvin R Huggins 16 Feb 1924 in Bennington
Cranney, Emma Ruth to Delmer C Richardson 21 Oct 1929 in Paris
Cranney, Hyrum Kinston to Khadra Jane Anderson 7 May 1928 in Paris
Crapp, Harold L to Linda Wood Archer 21 Nov 1933 in Paris
Crawford, Charles Ruel to Rhoda Bellis 10 Dec 1919 in Paris
Crawford, Edwin Chester to Grace Evelyn Henderson 27 Dec 1927 in Paris
Crawford, Elmer 16 Oct 1907 in Montpelier
Crawford, Madge Elizabeth (of Paris) to Bladen Ozro Capell (of Pocatello) m-14 June 1921 by Probate Judge W Smith Hoge in Paris in the presence of R F Crawford & Rhoda B Crawford; recorded 2pm 14 June
Crawford, Minnie (of Afton Wyoming) to Benjamin F Welch (of Afton Wyoming) m-8 Nov 1921 by LDS Elder Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Elisabeth Welch & Ciril D Cranney; recorded 9:55 am 8 Nov
Critchfield, William Frank to Jennie Eva Neal 23 Feb 1907 in Montpelier
Crockett, Edward to Lydia A Herrick 4 Sep 1907 in Paris
Croft, Marion to William H Hillstead 13 June 1928 in Paris
Croft, Mary to Everett Hale 19 June 1928 in Paris
Crompton, Georgina to Clyde Wilson 30 Nov 1928 in Paris
Croney, Anny to Henry Nativka 13 Jan 1919
Crook, Beatrice Katherine to George Lorenzo Mallory 15 Sep 1931 in Paris
Crook, Halea May to Albert Olson 16 Mar 1915 in Paris
Crook, Hyrum to Stella Bruce 22 Dec 1913 in Paris
Cross, Mildred Adaline to John Andrew Fraser 30 Nov 1914 in Montpelier
Crossley, Irene to Arthur Wells 21 Aug 1933 in Paris
Cruz, J Fred to Rhoda Williams 23 Oct 1922 in Paris
Cummings, Mary to Wilford H Struhs 7 Sep 1929 in Paris
Cummings, Naysmith Riddle to Janet Brennan 10 Aug 1914 in Montpelier
Cummins, Fred Vain to Lillian Elmina Loveland 16 Sep 1914 in Paris
Cummins, James Claude to Laura Edmina Nelson 27 Apr 1915 in Paris
Curless, Eugene D to Ella Annie Scheidegger 13 Aug 1919 in Montpelier
Curran, Dan to Catherine McDonald 20 Aug 1913 in Montpelier
Curran, Thomas to Margaret McDonald 30 Aug 1911 in Montpelier
Curtis, Charles to Effie Hansen 19 Aug 1934 in Paris
Curtis, Lillian Violet to Robert Bruce Parker 25 Sep 1916 in Paris
Curtis, Madrel to George Henry Mower 4 June 1918 in Paris
Curtis, Wallace Devere to Estella Schenck 17 Apr 1929 in Paris
Cushing, George Albert to Mrs. Ann Briggs 25 Jan 1915 in Paris
Cutler, Joseph S to Rosella Ball 16 June 1920 in Paris

Dabel, Ruth to Harvey Leroy Nelson 25 Apr 1931 in Paris
Dahlstrom, Edward Eugene to Lillian V Stoffers 25 Dec 1933 in Montpelier
Daines, Ruby to Harry Hyer Kemp 10 Aug 1934 in Paris
Dalrymple, Frank L (of Wardboro) to Eva Hayas Payne (of Georgetown) m-24 Aug 1921 by LDS Elder Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Virginia Rich & Henry Price; recorded 2pm 24 Aug
Dalrymple, Laura to Q B Kelly 30 Apr 1902 in Montpelier
Dalrymple, Mark A to Florence G Hansen 28 Feb 1910 in Paris
Dalrymple, Stanley to Gwendolyn Elizabeth Pugmire 28 Sep 1927 in Paris
Dalrymple, Stella Amelia to William G Harding 21 July 1920 in Montpelier
Dalton, Frank Heber to Myrtle Findlay 17 July 1913 in Paris
Dalton, Hila Elnora to Emmett Vance Brookshire 19 July 1911 in Montpelier
Dalton, John Henry to Arline Gundlock 3 Jan 1923 in Paris
Dalton, Retta to Albert W Jones Jr. 10 June 1905 in Montpelier
Dalton, Wilma to Randolph Jackson Eckloff 12 Sep 1914 in Paris
Dameron, Effie May to William Percy Williams 21 Aug 1903 in Paris
Dana, Caroline Grosjean to David Moroni Hymas 7 Nov 1923 in Paris
Dana, Frank to Lella Howard 26 July 1911 in Paris
Dana, Leroy Roberts to Gladys Evert 14 July 1927 in Paris
Dana, Melvina Geneva to Gilbert Ivie 10 Sep 1913 in Paris
Danks, Alfred to Agnes Loveday 17 Dec 1898 in Montpelier
Danks, Henrietta to George Spiers 21 Mar 1901 in Montpelier
Danks, Peter to Myrtle Jones 21 Mar 1909 in Montpelier
Darnell, Hazel Bella to John Albert Schwarz 12 July 1913 in Paris
Darney, L Alfred to Elizabeth Ester Blazzer 7 June 1893 in Dingle
Daugherty, Ray to Margaret Potter 19 Sep 1929 in Paris
Davis, Anna B to Lewis F Harrod 11 May 1914 in Montpelier
Davis, Catharine Lillian to Mundell Robinson Hampton 5 Oct 1914 in Montpelier
Davis, David W to Ada M Williams 30 Dec 1895 in Montpelier
Davis, Deborah Mary to Willard Lindsay 17 Aug 1925 in Paris
Davis, Elsie Laura to Leonard Leval Peterson 26 Aug 1928 in Paris
Davis, Henrietta to Guy Clinton Webster 5 Sep 1930 in Paris
Davis, Ina Ella to Fred Cline 26 Aug 1928 in Paris
Davis, Jennie May to Sidney Lutz 28 May 1919 in Paris
Davis, John Lyle to Marie Mabel Knutti 17 Apr 1915 in Paris
Davis, John W to Eunice Griffin 18 July 1929 in Paris
Davis, Lula Ruth to Frank Ludwig Jonley 6 Sep 1907 in Paris
Davis, Margaret E to Joseph H Call 23 June 1928 in Montpelier
Davis, Mary Ellen to Charles E Stanton 9 Dec 1912 in Paris
Davis, Preston Hay to Florence Matilda Teuscher 27 Feb 1915 in Paris
Davis, William Edward to Fae Irene Allen 30 June 1924 in Paris
Daw, William to Emma Burbanks 29 Nov 1905 in Bennington
Day, Bernice to Edward Blaser 28 Nov 1933 in Montpelier
Day, Morris to Vivian L Kimball 28 June 1911 in Montpelier
Day, Morris R to Martha Wanda Mourtsen 17 May 1933 in Paris
Day, Riley to Florence Henderson 20 Feb 1905 in Paris
Dayley, Zetta Helia to Elmer Stoddert Haight 23 May 1916 in Paris
Dayton, Alice Charlotte to Horton Hansen 20 Mar 1919 in Paris
Dayton, Cyrel G (of Montpelier) to Myrtle Jane Tommer (of Lanark) m-10 Oct 1921 by LDS Elder Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Theodore Dayton & Lucy Dayton; recorded 3pm 10 Oct
Dayton, Edith to Clinton V Hanson 9 Dec 1933 in Montpelier
Dayton, Helen to Sherman Dunn 2 May 1933 in Paris
Dayton, Laura to David Meeks 6 July 1906 in Paris
Dayton, Russell Oliver to Flora Cozzens 14 May 1927 in Paris
Dean, Clara to Milford Nelson 8 July 1920 in Paris
Dean, Roscoe P (of Bridgeport Nebraska) to Eldora George (of Montpelier) m-18 Nov 1921 by Police Judge W Smith Hoge in Paris in the presence of F W Chestnut & Iva M Chestnut; recorded 3pm 18 Nov
Dean, William Thornton to Louie Thomas 26 Mar 1919 in Paris
Del Gardner, Martha to Desmond Lavern Miles 10 Aug 1929 in Paris
Dennis, Harriet Emeline to Emile Anderson Ligerose 13 Nov 1916 in Paris
Denson, Harold L to Anna M Uram 5 Sep 1924 in Paris
Depeal, Alonzo Lewis to Nancy Roella Stephens 28 June 1919 in Paris
Derricott, Josiah to Alice W Beutler 15 Nov 1904 in Paris
Detton, Clarence to Mabel Richards Morse 3 Sep 1913 in Paris
Dewey, Bernice Ella to John W Barrett 17 Oct 1914 in Montpelier
Dewey, Hallie Laura to Chester J Quinn 12 Feb 1920 in Paris
Dewey, Martha to Charles August Schmid 1 Jan 1916 in Paris
Dewey, Myra (of Montpelier) to Perry Senter (of Nampa) m-17 Nov 1921 by LDS Elder Silas L Wright in Montpelier in the presence of Mrs. Chas Schmid & Mrs. Mike Knutti; recorded 9am 18 Nov
Dewey, Ruby Dessa to Lester Dean McCarty 29 Aug 1934 in Montpelier
Dick, Marie to James H Nelson 1 July 1930 in Paris
Dickson, Orlando to Charlotte Bryson Cook 20 Oct 1914 in Paris
Dieffenbach, Johanna K to Herman G Schwarz 4 Mar 1909 in Paris
Dietrick, Myrna to Chris Lakey 21 Mar 1930 in Paris
Dimick, Evelyn to Herbert Horsley 18 Jan 1928 in Paris
Dimick, Macy Hazel to Marvin Joseph Sparks 21 Jan 1915 in Paris
Dimick, Mary Ann to Parley Cook 7 Dec 1907 in Paris
Dimick, Virgil L to La Vay Alleman 1 Oct 1934 in Paris
Dingboom, Margaret Katherine to Edwin Whitney Toomer 14 Dec 1914 in Paris
Dixon, Anthony Best to Nellie Sneddon Leighton 24 June 1913 in Paris
Dixon, Charles A to Matilda Trill 11 Apr 1908 in Paris
Dixon, Mary Ann to Alan Felger Smith 17 Oct 1925 in Paris
Dixon, May to Darwin Turner 13 Oct 1930 in Paris
Doan, Merle Everett to Ina Mary Fleming 23 Dec 1933 in Paris
Dodge, Wesley to Cora May Shrope 30 Jan 1918 in Paris
Dolence, Anton to Frances Bozovicar 2 June 1923 in Paris
Doles, James B to Sarah Christofferson 6 Aug 1911 in Montpelier
Donaldson, Max A to Erma Beatrice Burton 17 Nov 1934 in Montpelier
Dorney, Gladys E to Carl E Hirschi 13 Mar 1935 in Paris
Doty, Charles to Nora Atkins 7 Oct 1910 in Paris
Douglas, Irene Gertrude to Ralph Robinson Hampton 4 Nov 1907 in Montpelier
Douglas, Joseph G to Laura Elizabeth Linvall 30 Jan 1888 in Paris
Douglass, Shirley L to Olive G Rann 9 Feb 1920 in Paris
Dowell, Vern B to Gladys Elsie Brammer 22 Nov 1915 in Paris
Dowling, Frederick to Garnett Thomas 5 Sep 1926 in Paris
Downing, Edith to William L Perkins 9 June 1909 in Montpelier
Downing, Irene Georgia to Paul George Richelson 26 Dec 1913 in Montpelier
Draney, Elma to U Welker 14 June 1911 in Montpelier
Draney, Ethel May to Joseph Cowley Jacobsen 21 Oct 1918 in Bloomington
Draney, Eva Evangeline to Harold Lorenzo Warren 9 May 1930 in Paris
Draney, Israel Vern to Mary Luzon Welker 21 Oct 1918 in Bloomington
Droubay, George Robert to Ethel Jones 8 July 1913 in Paris
Duke, John T to Mrs. W H Hunter 9 Oct 1920 in Bennington
Duncan, William Alfred to Helen Sommers 1 Nov 1920 in Paris
Dunford, Alma Teller to Thelma Evelyn Tueller 14 Mar 1919 in Paris
Dunford, Hazel to Don Carlos Haddock 27 Mar 1917 in Bloomington
Dunkley, Parley Briggs to Martha Meacham 28 Aug 1929 in Paris
Dunlap, Evelyn R to F W Grant 26 July 1911 in Paris
Dunn, Edra to Ernest D Barkhill 5 Mar 1917 in Paris
Dunn, Everett to Ella Vivian Murphy 25 Sep 1927 in Montpelier
Dunn, Hettie to Daniel Caldwell 18 July 1923
Dunn, James Weldon to Iola Mary Ann Esterholdt 3 July 1933 in Bloomington
Dunn, Jesse to Elizabeth Williams 19 Aug 1903 in Montpelier
Dunn, Lillie (of Paris) to Ned L Clayton (of Paris) m-21 Apr 1922 by Stake President William L Rich in Paris in the presence of James Dunn and Annie Clayton; recorded 3:30 pm 28 Apr 1922
Dunn, Mark Alvin to Creva King 23 Aug 1924 in Paris
Dunn, Nellie to John Titmus 17 May 1918 in Montpelier
Dunn, Nina to Wendell George Floyd 3 July 1925 in Paris
Dunn, Sherman to Helen Dayton 2 May 1933 in Paris
Dureny, Retha to Earl E Ellsworth 17 Dec 1923 in Paris
Dureny, Sophia to Willis E Schrock 21 Aug 1926 in Paris
Dustin, James to Byrna Hansen 4 Sep 1912 in Paris
Dustin, Julia A to Joseph N Cook 14 Dec 1908 in Paris
Dustin, Letta to Joseph E Sorenson 1 Jan 1929 in Montpelier
Dustin, Oliver George to Effie Ellen Nelson 25 July 1924 in Paris
Dustin, Seth to Nina Mortinsen 6 Mar 1907 in Paris
Duston, Selena Peaerl to Mayle Lorence Hebden 19 Sep 1916 in Paris


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