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Bear Lake Marriages




Transcribed from LDS film



Lackey, Vera to Rudolph Anderson 17 June 1934 in Paris
Lackman, Joseph C to Mareta Sarbach 25 Feb 1913 in Paris
Lauridsen, Thomas to Annie Catharine Jensen 31 Mar 1886 in Montpelier
Lafluer, Josephine M to Frank King 26 Apr 1923 in Ovid
Laker, William O to Jane C Nelson 6 June 1904 in Bloomington
Lakey, Chris to Myrna Dietrick 21 Mar 1930 in Paris
Lakey, Jessie to Carl Steffenhagen 23 Oct 1926 in Paris
Lambert, Edmund to Ethel Annabell McIntosh 5 June 1912 in Montpelier
Lambert, Harley to Flora Shelby 22 Oct 1929 in Paris
Lancaster, Charles William to Susan Clark 6 July 1914 in Paris
Lancaster, Leo Albert to Phoebe Glenna Miles 5 June 1930 in Paris
Langford, John Leslie to Lucile Rising 3 Nov 1915 in Montpelier
Langford, Lionel D to Myrna George 9 Feb 1910 in Montpelier
Langford, Lutheria to Russell Allen White 21 July 1913 in Paris
Laretta, Bloomington to Edgar Poulsen 23 Oct 1915 in Bloomington
Larkin, Elma Elaine to George Albert Moffat 28 Nov 1925 in Paris
Larocco, James Oron to Lois Hannah Cook 26 Apr 1926 in Paris
Larocco, Joseph Edward to May Sparks Cook 20 Apr 1916 in Paris
Larsen, Alfred to Freda Linder 5 Nov 1913 in Montpelier
Larsen, Alavon to Roscoe Herzog 3 July 1933 in Paris
Larsen, Alice E to Orville W Reese 25 July 1909 in Paris   
Larsen, Andrew to Karen Nielsen 13 Feb 1918 in Montpelier
Larsen, Annie Maurine (of Montpelier) to George Wagner (of Montpelier) m-2 Sep 1922 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Gustav Lucas and Freda Berger; recorded 3pm 2 Sep 1922
Larsen, Elsie Rosella to Willard Peterson 19 Oct 1929 in Paris
Larsen, Hannah to Chester Burbank 19 May 1909 in Ovid
Larsen, Hyrum to Martha Jane Robison 23 Jan 1918 in Paris
Larsen, Hyrum K to Ella T Sorensen 14 Oct 1912 in Paris
Larsen, Joseph Raymond to Nancy Jensen 3 Oct 1917 in Paris
Larsen, Melvin Peter to Ruth Mary Wixom 15 Jan 1916 in Paris
Larsen, Naomi Martha to Robert C Snyder 5 July 1924 in Paris
Larsen, Olive to Samuel Lewis 29 Nov 1920 in Paris
Larsen, Sidney J to Sylvia J Bassett 28 Sep 1929 in Paris
Lashbrook, Annie to Carl E Stromberg 1 Feb 1910 in Paris
Lashbrook, Minnie to David Bishoff 1 Feb 1910 in Paris
Lasley, Charlotte V to Donald T Peterson 25 Jan 1930 in Paris
Laughter, Dora Lee Priscilla to Nathanial James Snyder 16 June 1922 in Paris
Laughter, Wesley E to Ruby Alleman 24 Oct 1934 in Paris
Laur, Grace to Jacob Kunzler 23 Nov 1903 in Montpelier
Laurenson, Charles to Melba Adele Bagley 6 May 1913 in Paris
Lauridsen, Merinda S to Karl A Horne 24 June 1919 in Montpelier
Law, Ira to Beatrice Williamson 30 Dec 1913 in St Charles
Law, Orrin to Gladys Ellis 22 Mar 1920 in Paris
Lawhorn, Jack E to Mary Berdean Meeks 8 Dec 1934 in Paris
Lawson, Deseret to John A Hancock Jr. 4 Jan 1905 in Paris
Layland, Charles to Nettie E Porter 17 July 1908 in Paris
Layland, Gladys to Lorenzo Bowen 16 Feb 1924 in Paris
Layland, Leroy to Mary Hazel McCoy 16 July 1917 in Paris
Layland, Lula Gertrude to Morris Bowen 23 Aug 1927 in Paris
Layland, Mattie May to Garrett William Somsen 17 Jan 1915 in Paris
Layland, Meletha to Isaac Vias 16 Oct 1923 in Paris
Layland, Nellie Edith to Alfred Reeves 29 Sep 1923 in Paris
Leatham, Leona to Weston Thomas Bridges 25 June 1925 in Paris
Leavitt, Alton to Arzell Thatcher 11 Mar 1929 in Paris
Leavitt, Luzell to Bertrand Heber Nelson 15 May 1914 in Paris
Lee, Aurilla to Jesse Haines 31 July 1920 in Paris
Lee, Delbert to Dorthy May Nichol 25 Feb 1928 in Paris
Lee, Don B to Evelyn Barbara Stock Rich 20 Apr 1934 in Paris
Lee, Iris to Heber Hermison 19 May 1919 in Paris
Lee, Lovina Irene to Ezra Tillie Campbell 19 July 1917 in Paris
Lee, Rozelin to Edward Sandberg 10 July 1923 in Paris
Lehmann, Anna to William Smith 25 July 1910 in Paris
Leighton, Nellie Sneddon to Anthony Best Dixon 24 June 1913 in Paris
Leissring, Edith to William Lyle Parslow 26 Nov 1934 in Paris
Leissring, Edward to Lucile Purketti 18 June 1934 in Montpelier
Lemm, Frederick Lew to Genevieve Gee 17 Mar 1909 in Montpelier
Lemmon, Lyle A to Martha Ruth Yeaman 14 May 1930 in Paris
Lentz, Onis James to Ida May Ulshoffer 30 Aug 1909 in Paris
Lepper, Joe D to Clara C Hogensen 4 Jan 1910 in Paris
Lewis, Arthur James to Emma Graf 29 Nov 1919 in Paris
Lewis, Blanche to Lamarr Vella 19 Apr 1934 in Paris
Lewis, Claude Shepherd (of Paris) to Margaret Innes (of Paris) m-8 June 1922 by Minster E S Stucki in Paris in the presence of Gertrude Ennes and A W Shepherd; recorded 5pm 10 June 1922
Lewis, Elmer to Margie Bunn 14 Apr 1925 in Paris
Lewis, Elzo Wayne to Leona Amy Palmer 3 June 1918 in Paris
Lewis, Ezra J to Druscilla Passey 1 Apr 1911 in Paris
Lewis, Flora M to Daniel E Severn 1 Sep 1908 in Montpelier
Lewis, Franklin Ralph to Martha Lucy Kaufman 4 Mar 1919 in Paris
Lewis, Glenn Eugene to Eileen Wilcox 16 Dec 1926 in Paris
Lewis, Joseph Benjamin to Lottie Eugenia Booth 11 Oct 1909 in Paris
Lewis, Lillian to Abraham Thorp 18 Apr 1913
Lewis, Lorenzo Charles to Pearl Louvernia Quinton 9 Feb 1923 in Bloomington
Lewis, Lorin Walter to Virginia Elizabeth Jacobson 13 Dec 1920 in Paris
Lewis, Mary to Joseph A Shepherd 10 Dec 1923 in Paris
Lewis, Parley Smedley to Elsie Bunn 6 Aug 1918 in Paris
Lewis, Pearl to Myron M Baker 1 July 1920 in Paris
Lewis, Reva Emeline to Ernest Jaussi 9 Sep 1919 in Paris
Lewis, Samuel to Olive Larsen 29 Nov 1920 in Paris
Lewis, Wilford Thomas to Fern Passey 6 June 1925 in Paris
Leyland, Thomas Gerald (of Paris) to Veda Myrtle Poulsen (of Paris) m-14 Apr 1921 by Bishop Morris D Low in Paris in the presence of Hyrum S Poulsen & Sarah A Poulsen; recorded 3pm 16 Apr 1921
Lick, Michael to Martha Behnke 4 Nov 1926 in Paris
Lilgerose, Emile Anderson to Harriet Emeline Den 13 Nov 1916 in Paris
Lilya, Clara to Charles Terry 18 July 1901 in Paris
Lindberg, Anna S to Anthony O Jensen 23 June 1909 in Paris
Lindberg, Alex Jusus to Laura Ethel Olson 25 Sep 1914 in Paris
Linder, Albert Joseph to Ada Loveland 31 July 1918 in Paris
Linder, Freda to Alfred Larsen 5 Nov 1913 in Montpelier
Linder, Cecelia Louise to Abe Morton Gootstein 26 Dec 1919 in Paris
Linder, Mae to Harry C Kuse 8 July 1930 in Paris
Linquist, Mabel to Leonard Bjorkman 6 July 1928 in Paris
Lindsay, Amanda to Albert G Richards 3 Aug 1904 in Bennington
Lindsay, Blanche (of Paris) to Melvin Whitehead (of Grace) m-8 May 1922 by LDS Elder Morris D Low in Paris in the presence of S J Athay and Paralee Athay; recorded 1pm 11 May 1922
Lindsay, Guy to Stella Barnes 16 July 1934 in Paris
Lindsay, Edna Imogene to William Short 19 May 1909 in Ovid
Lindsay, Joseph Franklin to Ralphene Bardull 31 July 1924 in Paris
Lindsay, Mabelle I to Peter Mollinet 11 May 1931 in Montpelier
Lindsay, Margaret to James Campbell 30 June 1923 in Paris
Lindsay, Mary Tabitha to William Thomas Irvin 3 Apr 1901 in Bennington
Lindsay, Priscilla M to Edgar T Burm 12 Mar 1910 in Paris
Lindsay, Rulon Beach to Varma Agnes Nelson 17 Dec 1927 in Bloomington
Lindsay, Willard to Deborah Mary Davis 17 Aug 1925 in Paris
Lindstrom, John to Leone Staley 21 Oct 1921 in Paris
Lindvall, Neva Lavon to Charles Hildt 14 June 1915 in Paris
Lindford, Deverl to Helen Grace Bagley 22 Nov 1934 in Paris
Lindford, Wilda to Vernal Taylor 14 Nov 1934 in Paris
Lintz, Fred to Freda Bucher 1 May 1905 in Montpelier
Linvall, Lillian to Frederick R Hildt 27 June 1925 in Paris
Linvall, Selma Lois to Ernest Hubschmid 21 Apr 1917 in Paris
Linzey, Wayne A to Ruth S Weedop 29 Jan 1934 in Paris
Lloyd, John A to Frances E Ross 21 May 1919 in Paris
Lloyd, Mary Elizabeth to Darrel Peter Nikol 17 June 1933 in Paris
Lockman, J A to Lucy Fred 7 Nov 1907 in Paris
Lockman, Louise to Fred W Irey 14 Mar 1934 in Montpelier
Lockman, Martha to Ernest Sommers Jr. 17 Oct 1917 in Paris
Long, Arthur D to Irene Edwards 1 July 1930 in Paris
Long, Elbert David to Frances Elizabeth Ray 29 June 1926 in Montpelier
Long, Mabel Celia to Earl Daniel Rowley 1 July 1915 in Paris
Long, Mary Estella to Brigham J Anderson 15 Dec 1904 in Paris
Long, Rill Hart to Hazel Mae King 27 Oct 1919 in Sharon
Longdan, Willis to Pearle Graham 18 Oct 1910 in Montpelier
Longhurst, Freda to Golden F Sorenson 23 Aug 1926 in Paris
Loughney, Clarence E to Mamie Fjelstead 25 Mar 1902 in Montpelier
Love, Margaret to David Edward Beck 17 Apr 1902 in Paris
Loveday, Ivor John to Myrtle May Sparks 5 Feb 1916 in Paris
Loveday, Margaret to Thomas Williams 17 June 1909 in Montpelier
Loveday, Margaret to George Lloyd Wyman 28 May 1928 in Paris
Lovelace, J H to Octava Caldwell 25 Aug 1905 in Paris
Loveland, Ada to Albert Joseph Linder 31 July 1918 in Paris
Loveland, Chloir to Joseph William Condir 1 July 1909 in Paris
Loveland, George B (of Fish Haven) to Ivora Nelson Loveland (of Fish Haven) m-13 Apr 1921 by LDS Bishop C C Shirley in Fish Haven in the presence of J L Nelson & G M Shirley; recorded 3pm 13 Apr 1921
Loveland, Ivora Nelson (of Fish Haven) to George B Loveland (of Fish Haven) m-13 Apr 1921 by LDS Bishop C C Shirley in Fish Haven in the presence of J L Nelson & G M Shirley; recorded 3pm 13 Apr 1921
Loveland, Lillian Elmina to Fred Vain Cummins 16 Sep 1914 in Paris
Loveland, Lovila to Irvin Wolf 5 Sep 1924 in Paris
Loveland, Melvin to Alla Welker 30 Nov 1899 in Bloomington
Loveland, Oscar to Juanita Hill 17 Sep 1923 in Paris
Loveland, Ruby May to Wm Frank Knutti 17 Aug 1920 in Paris
Loveland, Sidney to Frances May Jensen 28 July 1913 in Paris
Lovitt, Ferdinand H to Minna Garton 11 Apr 1929 in Paris
Lowe, James L to Emma Turner 19 Oct 1906 in Paris
Lowe, Thomas M to Rose Messerlie 28 Dec 1908 in Montpelier
Lucas, Clara to Charles C Kunze 16 Nov 1907 in Paris
Lucas, Emma Clara to David Richard Sarbach 15 Aug 1918 in Paris
Lucas, Gustave to Catherine Wagner 15 July 1919 in Paris
Lucas, Johanna to George Wagner 13 June 1918 in Paris
Luce, James Harvey to Shirley Betty Short 20 May 1934 in Paris
Lupher, Mostyn C to Allene Hamilton 11 Sep 1925 in Montpelier
Luthi, John Eldon to Ora Norrine Baty 23 Mar 1935 in Paris
Lutz, Afton M to David E Johnson 24 Feb 1910 in Paris
Lutz, Clara Barnes to Peter Augustus Hauck 3 Aug 1918 in Montpelier
Lutz, Cortell to Lenald K Geddes 1 Feb 1930 in Paris
Lutz, Eulalie to Albert Edward Mayne 31 Aug 1914 in Paris
Lutz, Ilah to Lester Milton Nelson 10 Jan 1919 in Paris
Lutz, Sadie to James Whiting 12 Nov 1902 in Paris
Lutz, Sidney to Jennie May Davis 28 May 1919 in Paris
Lyman, Frank Carlyle to Alice Loretta Bigler 3 Nov 1917 in Paris
Lyon, Hugh to Hortense Cook 10 May 1905 in Paris
Lyon, James to Jennie McClennan 19 Oct 1886 in Montpelier
Lyon, James Blaine to Sarah Jane Perkins 14 July 1914 in Montpelier
Lyon, Leona Elizabeth to William H Jones 9 June 1930 in Paris
Lyons, Leona Pearl (of Dingle) to Walter Alfred Sparks (of Dingle) m-16 Sep 1922 by Bishop Morris D Low in Paris in the presence of Roy Lyons and Edmund Sparks; recorded 1:30pm 20 Sep 1922

Madsen, Anton Elmer to Sarah Nelson 28 Aug 1906 in Bloomington
Madsen, Hazel R to William C Piggett 5 Oct 1910 in Paris
Madsen, Martha to Alvin E Stevens 22 July 1910 in Paris
Madsen, William J to Matilda Murphy 11 July 1900 in Paris
Magnair, Gertrude to Harvey Perkins 19 Oct 1910 in Montpelier
Magnino, Gustina to John Naretta 10 Sep 1925 in Paris
Mahoney, Bertha Mae to Joe M Castagino 3 Aug 1918 in Paris
Maki, Kost to Anna Metsale 16 Oct 1924 in Paris
Mallory, George Lorenzo to Beatrice Katherine Crook 5 Sep 1931 in Paris
Mallsan, Ole to Harriett L Henderson 29 Nov 1910 in Paris
Malone, Laurence Ancel to Vernell Elnora Bridges 25 June 1917 in Paris
Malsbury, Leonard K to Minnie Hunter 3 Sep 1920 in Montpelier
Mani, Helen Magdalene to Arthur Hirschi 27 Dec 1919 in Paris
Mani, John to Bertha Gertrsch 24 May 1919 in Paris
Mani, Stella Lavon to Ed Williams 17 Dec 1917 in Paris
Mansfield, Roy to Daisey Peterite 16 June 1930 in Paris
Manske, Leo to Mayme Hacklin 24 Aug 1926 in Paris
Marks, George Eugene to Esther Alice Underwood 12 Mar 1907 in Montpelier
Marks, Gertrude H to John H Boehme 19 Mar 1910 in Montpelier
Marks, Louis L to Mary E Corry 19 July 1934 in Paris
Marocki, Frank Thomas to Katherine Alice Young 23 Oct 1924 in Paris
Marriott, Leonard to Wilma Gooch 15 July 1926 in Paris
Marshall, Clara to John Henry Hankins 8 Dec 1917 in Paris
Marshall, William to Mrs. Lollie D Purdy 10 Dec 1918 in Paris
Martin, Alice May to Soren C Peterson 8 Feb 1926 in Paris
Martin, Earl to Hazel Holden 16 June 1928 in Paris
Martin, John C to Lorene Grace Pugmire 1 Dec 1920 in Paris
Marvis, Lorinda McWilliams to Walt James 4 Mar 1935 in Paris
Marzek, Joseph to Josephine Herman 27 Apr 1931 in Paris
Massey, John to Ethel Nye 18 Jan 1908 in Paris
Massey, Wilmouth Sadie to M Lester Pratt 29 Nov 1906 in Montpelier
Matson, Ina to Henry Franklin Straley Jr. 19 June 1926 in Paris
Matti, Marie to Fredrick Bauman 10 Dec 1904 in Montpelier
Mattson, Andrew to Jessie McPherson 23 Oct 1905 in Paris
Mattson, Annie Marie to Parley Olson 28 Dec 1916 in Paris
Mattson, Carrie to William Fielding Floyd 4 Jan 1926 in Paris
Mattson, Chauncey L (of St Charles) to Myrtle M Bunderson (of St Charles) m-28 Dec 1922 by Stake President Roy A Welker in Paris in the presence of Myrlee Mattson and Lula Mattson; recorded 4pm 29 Dec 1922
Mattson, Lula to Ezra J Hoge 1 Feb 1924 in Paris
Mattson, Merrill W to Ireva Kunz 12 Nov 1928 in Montpelier
Maxey, Rev Irl V to Jessie H Caldwell 5 Dec 1910 in Montpelier
Messerly, Lucy to Charles L Smith 17 June 1911 in Paris
Maxwell, George Robert to Bessie Fay Bedell 8 Oct 1915 in Paris
Mayfield, Earl Leander to Anna Laura Clark 14 Mar 1931 in Montpelier
Mayne, Albert Edward to Eulalie Lutz 31 Aug 1914 in Paris
McArdle, Herbert Wesley to Klea M Welker 10 Oct 1928 in Paris
McCammon, Lilly to
Joseph McIlwain 31 July 1894 in Montpelier
McCammon, Emily to Parley G Smart 10 Apr 1911 in Paris
McCammon, John Calvin to Evelyn Olson 17 Mar 1933 in Montpelier
McCannGeorge S to Sophia Huilt 22 Dec 1903 in Paris
McCannHyrum David to Netty Kiddie 14 June 1915 in Paris
McCartMary to Jeremiah Horton 31 May 1886 in Paris
McCartJoseph Odell (of Montpelier) to Mae Lucille Aegerter (of Montpelier) m-24 Aug 1922 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of D M Hymas and Mrs. J P Aegerter; recorded 11am 24 Aug 1922
McCarthyLouise Webb to Thomas Brown 17 Oct 1917 in Paris
Lester Dean to Ruby Dessa Dewey 29 Aug 1934 in Montpelier
McClean, F to
Anna Willmarth 13 Aug 1934 in Paris
McClellan, Kenneth to
Zella Grace Panting 5 Oct 1920 in Paris
McClure, Peter to
Louise Flemming 16 Nov 1904 in Paris
McCoy, Don L to Mary Warren 20 Aug 1929 in Paris
McCoy, Mary Hazel to
Leroy Layland 16 June 1917 in Paris
Claire Erma to Orval Gray Flint 22 Sep 1914 in Montpelier
McDermott, Edith Gertrude to
Austin Peter Peay 12 June 1914 in Montpelier
McDermott, Sadie Irene to
Henry Joseph Cokayne 1 Mar 1916 in Paris
McDonald, Catherine to Dan Curran 20 Aug 1913 in Montpelier
Charles F to Gertrude M Haynes 25 Dec 1910 in Montpelier
McDonald, Jennie (of Montpelier) to Ray Alfred Parks (of Gooding Idaho) m-4 Mar 1921 by Probate Judge W Smith Hoge in Paris in the presence of M A Parks & Mrs. Maud Welker; recorded 10:35 am 4 Mar 1921
McDonald, Margaret to
Thomas Curran 30 Aug 1911 in Montpelier
McDonald, Mary Hannah to
Loran Traber Headlee 20 Oct 1914 in Paris
McElfish, Wesley to
Rose Ann Powell 21 Nov 1925 in Paris
McFarland, Opal (of Muskogee Oklahoma) to
Walter Thomas (of Muskogee Oklahoma) m-6 Apr 1922 by Probate Judge W Smith Hoge in Paris in the presence of Virginia Rich and Arvilla Smedley; recorded 9am 7 Apr 1922
McGavin, Charles Frederick to Maud Yeamans 16 Oct 1907 in Paris
McGillivray, John A (of Dunsmuir California) to
Chloe Perkins (of Montpelier) m-26 Dec 1921 by Stake President Edward C Rich in Montpelier in the presence of Jesse A Perkins & Deborah Rich; recorded 5pm 27 Dec 1921
McGiluray, Lattie to
James Redman 31 Jan 1901 in Montpelier
McGinnis, Frank Roy to
Isabella Stacey 5 July 1919 in Paris
David to Mary Elizabeth Reynolds 22 Aug 1894 in Montpelier
McGrew, John A to
Mary H Skinner 24 Nov 1909 in Paris
McIlvain, Clarence to
Isabelle Chapman 7 Apr 1901 in Montpelier
McIntosh, Jessie to
Oscar W Kelly 24 July 1902 in Montpelier
Ethel Annabell to Edmund Lambert 5 June 1912 in Montpelier
McIntosh, Constance Boyd to
Seymour Charles Everingham 15 Jan 1917 in Montpelier
McKee, Zelpha Lillian to Rulon Rao Bartschi 22 June 1934 in Paris
Ruth to Farrell G Bills 18 Oct 1933 in Paris
McClaine, John to
Frances May Julian 20 May 1924 in Paris
McLane, Florence to
A Hartman 22 Dec 1903 in Paris
McClean, Blanche to
Frank Subic 16 July 1927 in Paris
McClennan, Jessie K to
H Benton Roderick 7 Feb 1912 in Montpelier
McLean, Peter (of Cokeville Wyoming) to Cora Elizabeth Howe (of Kemmerer Wyoming) m-1 Oct 1922 by Bishop Morris D Low in Paris in the presence of Earl Caziah & Mrs. Ear Caziah; recorded 1pm 7 Oct 1922
McNabb, Esco to
Sarah Horsley 7 Mar 1911 in Montpelier
McNeel, Kathryn to
Levell G Eddins 1 Nov 1930 in Paris
McNish, Elizabeth to
John I Carson 28 Oct 1912 in Paris
Jessie to Andrew Mattson 23 Oct 1905 in Paris
McPhie, Darwin Earl to
Millie Jar 2 Feb 1925 in Bloomington
McPhie, Florence to
Raymond C Reeves 26 Jan 1925 in Paris
McQueary, Mary Frances to
Clyne Franklin Tolforth 1 Feb 1919 in Pegram
Andrew to Cora Verham 29 Sep 1914 in Montpelier
Meacham, Martha
to Parley Briggs Dunkley 28 Aug 1929 in Paris
Meacham, Ella to Henry Fuchs 11 June 1919 in Montpelier

Meeks, David to Laura Dayton 6 July 1906 in Paris
Meeks, Mary Berdean to Jack E Lawhorn 8 Dec 1934 in Paris

Meeks, Pearl to
Edwin Henry Sparks 19 Oct 1914 in Paris
Meeks, Warren B to
Cecil Peugh 11 Apr 1931 in Paris
Meeks, Zella to Rudolph W Sutter 29 Nov 1924 in Paris
Meikle, John Lawford to
Eva Lorine Merritt 22 Dec 1926 in Paris
Melville, David M to
Alice Aston 30 Oct 1926 in Paris
Melvin, C E to
Clara Merrill 14 Dec 1923 in Paris
Mercer, John Forrest (of Garden City Ut) to Rosalie Tremelling (of Garden City Ut) m-28 June 1922 by Justice of the Peace Louis H Booth in St Charles in the presence of Solomon W Tremelling and Mrs. Buelah Sims; recorded 11am 30 June 1922
Jay Booth to Marjorie Cenith Staley 3 Mar 1919 in Montpelier
Merrett, Emma Eliza (of Bedford Wyoming) to
Thomas G Wheeler (of Bedford Wyoming) m-26 June 1922 by LDS Minister of Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of James Dunn and E L McClave; recorded 1pm 26 June 1922
Merrill, Ambrose to Estella Hansen 23 July 1901 in Bennington
Merrill, Clara to C E Melvin 14 Dec 1923 in Paris
Merrill, Francis M to Hannah Glaze 7 July 1903 in Paris
Merrill, Francis Marvin to Abigail Young 22 Oct 1907 in Paris

Merrill, Kenneth to Helen Wood 21 Mar 1925 in Paris
Merrill, Lester H to Janiel Orvin Mitchell 28 Apr 1930 in Paris
Merrill, Lorin S to Jennie Barrett 25 Dec 1911 in Bennington
Merrill, Mabel to Mahonrie B Crane 19 Aug 1912 in Bennington
Merrill, Mary Jane to Charles A Jensen 28 Nov 1908 in Bennington
Merrill, Ruth to J Frank Spidell 12 Oct 1930 in Montpelier
Merritt, Ben to Mabel Christensen 19 June 1934 in Paris
Ida Irene to David Calder 19 July 1915 in Paris
Merritt, Samuel Harvey to
Coral Bullard 3 Oct 1917 in Bloomington
Merrley, Marion to Pearl Barker 28 Nov 1904 in Paris

Merron, Lina to
Rube Sutter 9 June 1903 in Paris
Messerley, Martha to
John W Howard 9 Jan 1911 in Montpelier
Messerli, Freida S to
Raynold Hirschi 17 Aug 1905 in Paris
Messerli, Robert to
Eliza Kunz 9 Mar 1905 in Paris
Messerli, Rose to
Thomas M Lowe 28 Dec 1908 in Montpelier
Messerly, John J to
Mary L Grimig 24 Nov 1909 in Paris
Messerly, Edwin Robert to
Ruth Bernice Nelson 26 Dec 1934 in Montpelier
Metsale, Anna to
Kost Maki 16 Oct 1924 in Paris
Meu?? Charles H
to Emma E Simmons 3 Sep 1909 in Paris
Meyer, John Ulrich to
Marie Lucile Coyte 30 Sep 1920 in Paris
Meyers, Dorothy Ann to
Hyrum Allen Wixon 29 Nov 1933 in Paris
Michaelson, Chauncey to Lavone Swa 24 Dec 1921 in Montpelier

Michaelson, George A to Annie A Williamson 20 Oct 1902 in Paris
Michaelson, Hyrum to Catherine Isabella Stack 21 Dec 1904 in Paris
Michaelson, Mary to
Albert Arnell 4 June 1901 in Paris
Emma to Jacob Perry Hess 5 Jan 1928 in Paris
Milenoss, Doichn to
Edna Hilber 16 Feb 1924 in Paris
Miles, Angus to Vesta E Thompson 29 Dec 1910 in Paris
Miles, Desmond Lavere to Martha Del Gardner 10 Aug 1929 in Paris

Miles, Estella E to John Leo Irving 14 June 1913 in Paris
Miles, Frank to Caroline Belinda Bybee 28 June 1928 in Paris
Miles, Fred to Zina Miles 22 Nov 1910 in Paris
Miles, Leroy to Ruth E Wallentine 5 July 1929 in Paris
Miles, Owen Laverl to Nellie Lauretta Redford 19 May 1934 in Paris
Miles, Phoebe Glenna to Leo Albert Lancaster 5 June 1930 in Paris
Miles, Rachel to Thomas E Hale 7 Nov 1914 in Paris

Miles, Zina to
Fred Miles 22 Nov 1910 in Paris
George (of Big Piney Wyoming) to Lillian Parker (of Big Piney Wyoming) m-15 Nov 1921 by LDS Elder Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Daisy Curtis & Myrtle Davidson; recorded 9:30 am 18 Nov 1921
Miller, Alexander to Emma Leone Hincks 7 May 1928 in Paris
Miller, Dan to Adelia A Harding 3 Jan 1910 in Paris
Miller, David P to Maude L Parker 7 Oct 1926 in Bloomington
Miller, Eleanor Lou to Ray Boyd Saltzgiver 2 July 1927 in Paris
Miller, Frank to Olive Offray 18 Jan 1914 in Paris
Miller, Herbert Orland to Neta Eddins 19 Feb 1914 in Paris
Miller, John to Louise Cole 12 Jan 1924 in Paris
Miller, Julia A to Perry W Hendricks 1 Nov 1905 in Paris
Miller, Martha B to Bert Bridges 2 Oct 1920 in Paris
Miller, Nellie Mahala to Nick Hidalgo 9 Aug 1928 in Paris
Miller, Ronald to Georgia Tueller 24 Dec 1931 in Paris

Winona to George L Bruce 23 July 1927 in Paris
Margaret Mowe to Alfred Fran 24 Aug 1916 in Paris
Millikin, Marriett to
Ronald Wesley Montanadon 5 Aug 1929 in Paris
Mills, Tillie to
James T Horne 4 Sep 1908 in Paris
Millsaps, Dollie (of Pocatello) to
Chris D O'Neil (of Pocatello) m-28 July 1922 by LDS Minister Silas L Wright in Paris inthe presence of N J Nelson and Jennie Nelson; recorded 9am 29 July 1922
Milward, Faun Weaver to George Quinney 21 Feb 1931 in Paris
Millward, Lionel H to
Mary Johns 11 Nov 1910 in Montpelier
Minich, Harriet Ferguson to
Clarence George Aland 4 Apr 1917 in Pegram
Minnig, Louise to
Paul Carl Jensen 23 Dec 1913 in Paris
Minshew, Earl to
Oma Ackers 18 Aug 1933 in Paris
Miswall, Henry F to
Fannie Wright 13 Jan 1907 in Montpelier
Mitchell, Janiel Orvin to
Lester H Merrill 28 Apr 1930 in Paris
Ina Rose to Allison Moffat Kearl 19 June 1934 in Paris
Moffat, Claricy to Cleo E Graham 18 Mar 1919 in Paris
offat, George Albert to Elma Elaine Larkin 28 Nov 1925 in Paris
Moffat, John Kay to
Hannah Ro 21 Sep 1910 in Paris
Jennett L to Seymour H Thornock 24 May 1913 in Paris
Moffat, Norman D to
Florence Eggleston 3 June 1913 in Paris
Mogg, Ortensia A to Frank King 17 July 1927 Ovid

Mohar, Stanley to
Mary Vecochnick 13 July 1924 in Montpelier
Mollinet, Peter to
Mabelle I Lindsay 11 May 1931 in Montpelier
Orlando E to Hazel Audrey Thomas 19 Aug 1927
Ronald Wesley to Harriett Millikin 5 Aug 1929 in Paris
Monteer, Alleene to
George Williams 16 Jan 1928 in Paris
Moon, David L to
Mary Thelma Astle 22 July 1918 in Montpelier
Mooney, Michael J to
Vera Winters 31 Mar 1928 in Montpelier
Moore, Walter Howard to
Dolly Florence Adams 10 Sep 1917 in Paris
Moore, Agnes Larue to
Henry Goddard 23 Oct 1924 in Paris
Moore, Elizabeth Leona to
Stephen Hunter 23 Oct 1924 in Paris
Moore, Eric Smith to
Lillian Marie Anderson 15 Aug 1929 in Paris
Moore, Richard Dubios to Winifred Satterthwaite 11 Feb 1926 in Paris
Morgage, Mary to
Charles Haun 18 Sep 1929 in Paris
Morgan, Arthel to
Walter A Stevens 1 Jan 1927 in Montpelier
Morris, Mary Ann to
Edward Sutton 28 Dec 1901 in Montpelier
Morris, Myrtle H to
John R Rasmussen 22 Feb 1905 in Montpelier
Morrow, Howard Fred to
Charlotte Isabelle Ryburn 26 Nov 1930 in Paris
Morse, Mabel Richards to
Clarence Detton 3 Sep 1913 in Paris
Mortensen, Adelia to
Arthur H Wilcox 7 Apr 1911 in Paris
Mortensen, Alice C to
John H Jensen 1 June 1911 in Paris
Mortensen, Nina to
Seth Dustin 6 Mar 1907 Paris
Moser, Martha to
Philemon Titensor 5 Nov 1908 in Paris
Moser, Erwin H to
Lovina Hepworth 12 May 1930 in Paris
Mosiman, Maria to Christian Wuthrich 9 June 1904 in Paris
Moss, Belva Beal to
Thomas Leonard Garrard 12 Aug 1929 in Paris
Mott, J D to Lottie Smith
19 Dec 1906 in Paris
Mottet, Leander to
Rose Gomm 19 Aug 1911 in Paris
Mottett, Nate B to
Mrs. Annie E Bruce 23 Oct 1911 in Paris
Mouritsen, Alnora to
Andrew Bertonsel 14 Nov 1931 in Bennington
Mouritsen, David to
Emeline E Scheidegger 13 Aug 1919 in Montpelier
Mouritsen, Gwendolyn to Nathan Herbert Pitcher 28 Nov 1917 in Bennington
Mouritsen, Vina to
Wilson Weaver 8 Feb 1919 in Paris
Mournsten, Ruby to
Isaac Walters Speirs 17 Aug 1916 in Bennington
Mourtsen, Lajune to
Wendell S Guyon 17 Sep 1934 in Paris
Mourtsen, Martha Wanda to Morris R Day 17 May 1933 in Paris
Mower, George Henry to Madrel Curtis 4 June 1918 in Paris
Mulica, Elwood to
Helen Smith Cherry 14 Dec 1916 in Montpelier
Mullene, Ivy Marguerite to
John Allen Miller 14 May 1916 in Paris
Muller, Edward to
Anna Nussbaun 7 Mar 1912 in Paris
Mullin, Jas T (of Superior Wyoming) to
Helen Noble (of Superior Wyoming) m-5 Sep 1921 by LDS Elder Silas L Wright in Paris in the presence of Alfred J Wells & Mary Wells; recorded 9am 6 Sep 1921
Mumford, Clarence Leroy to
Elizabeth Zumbrunnen 2 Nov 1914 in Paris
Mumford, Clarisse C to Lloyd Bedell 7 June 1911 in Paris
Mungiven, Wilbur J to
Dolores Harrily 21 Mar 1927 in Paris
Munns, Georgia to
Alvin F Gould 20 Mar 1911 in Paris
Munro, Alice to John William Thirkill 16 Dec 1926 in Montpelier
Munro, Alvin Alonzo to Madaline Vearl Skinner 4 June 1917 in Paris
Munro, Elizabeth A to
David H Skinner 18 Sep 1906 in Paris
Munro, Ellen Ethel to Lee L Simmons 22 May 1911 in Paris
Munro, Oren to
Janett H Skinner 20 Dec 1910 in Paris
Murphy, Ella Vivian to Everett Dunn 25 Sep 1927 in Montpelier
Murphy, George Milford to Alta Holmes Aland 2 Mar 1916 in Paris

Murphy, Jennie Adell to Chauncey Richard Roberts 19 Oct 1929 in Paris
Murphy, John Lewis to Emeline Seewer 25 June 1917 in Paris

Vida Edith to Fred Sommers 17 Apr 1918 in Paris
Notrie P to Orpha Vickrey 19 Aug 1912 in Paris
Myers, Austin Nelson to Edna Iva Jensen 20 Aug 1917 in Paris
Myers, Elaine to Vernone Smith 10 Oct 1931 in Paris
Myers, George E to Mary E Horricks 31 May 1934 in Paris

John Nicholas to Mary May Horton 22 Apr 1911 in Montpelier
Myers, Louise to
George R Nicholls 17 June 1913 in Paris
Walter C to Fay Follick 3 July 1934 in Montpelier

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